Dear Beyonce, Your Ratchet Has Nothing On Rihanna

Beyonce PartitionBeyonc? has really been bringing the raunchy out for her latest album.? She’s singing songs about getting sloppy and horny all over a dishwasher, she’s wearing even less clothing than a Brazilian swimsuit model, and she’s really upped the amount of curse words in her songs.? And now in her latest music video, she acts like a red-light district hooker.

All in all, it’s kind of sexy, but kind of grimy.? It feels a little like Beyonc? is trying to?not only keep up, but outdo the younger broads. ?It’s also definitely?a major departure from her whole “ROAR feminism!” thing she was rocking for a few years.

So Beyonc? has released the video to her newest single from her Beyonc? album, and it’s called “Partition.”? It’s basically another song about sex, this time with references to blow jobs, semen, and wasting a perfectly good outfit because of messy sex.?? The song in and of itself is pretty dirty, which seems par for the course with most of the songs from this album.? A lot of that spoken rhythm rap thing Bey is doing a ton lately.

In the video, Beyonc? pretends to be?a cheap French prostitute from Moulin Rouge.? She does a naked downward facing dog dancing, lets her hands do a little self loving.? At one point, she is putting on a show for a man and they start getting it on in the backseat of a limo.? From the description you think, “Damn B, where did your class go?”? and you start comparing her to the current reigning queens of itchy crotches and hood, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.? Except that once you reallllllly look at the video, it’s kind of hard to compare her to them.

For example, the whole hooker get up??That shit is unreal, literally.? Her shit is way too fancy looking and put together.? Her eyeliner is perfect and there are no salty looking stains all over the chest of her corsets.? It’s too pretty to be authentic.? You don’t feel like she smells like a dead piece of Atlantic salmon.? Also, the dancing is actually GOOD.? A little scandalous, but good.

We have all seen Miley twerk, it’s pathetic.? And while Rihanna can actually shake her ass, there is something innately ghetto about it.? Oh, and that man copping a feel on her thigh that Beyonc? wants to go down on?? It’s Jay Z.? That’s right, Beyonc? has her real life husband play her dude in her videos now.? Ain’t that love.

So no matter how hard she seems to be trying to bring herself down to the skank level?(which let’s be real seems really hard)?Beyonc? just still has too much class.? She really needs to draw it back in a little though before it just becomes sad.


  1. Kii says

    I don’t know about cheap though. More like high class escort service … but what’s new, really?

  2. 3sha says

    People praise rihanna when she does mess things like this…and lets get it straight riri maybe ghetto but she is a #wannabe thug…more like a #instagramthug tbh…Anyway beyonce is showing the other queens how its really done and I like it actually she was too closed off and private for me now she is opening up ( literally) lol