David Beckham: Tom Cruise Doesn’t Choke Me On Scientology

Tom Cruise David Beckham Scientology ForceWe've all been there – you move into a house, the neighbours introduce themselves and invite you round for dinner, then next thing you know they're yelling at you about E-Meters and the threat of Xenu stealing your body-thetans.

Most people would have expected David Beckham to know this more than anyone, because his neighbour is Tom Cruise. However, in a new interview David Beckham has gone to huge lengths to make it clear that Tom Cruise absolutely doesn't shove his Scientology beliefs down David Beckham's throat and, although David Beckham respects Tom Cruise's religion, neither Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes have ever tried to force him into Scientology. Unless you'd count burning the phrase 'JOIN US' in giant letters onto David Beckham's lawn as 'forcing', of course. Which we're legally entitled to point out is something that Tom Cruise has never done, by the way, although he might want to think about it if he's serious about getting David Beckham to join this Scientology lark.

Of all the unlikely friendships we've ever encountered, the relationship between Tom Cruise and David Beckham must rank as one of the weirdest. Something tells us that David Beckham's sparkling wit wasn't what made Tom Cruise decide to introduce him to baby Suri, and David didn't rush to Los Angeles at Tom Cruise's behest for the down-to-earth normality his new friend would provide. So what is it? Some have suggested that Tom Cruise and David Beckham were able to bond because they're both insanely wealthy publicity magnets, while others have guessed that Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes are the real friends and that Tom and David are merely a by-product of that.

And then there's Scientology. As the Jesus of Scientology, people expect that Tom Cruise has a responsibility to recruit as many high-profile names to the religion as he can. If this is the case, then there aren't many bigger figures globally than David Beckham. And you could argue that if Tom Cruise ever managed to recruit David Beckham to Scientology then the religion would be swamped by millions of youngsters who idolise Beckham enough to follow his every move, even the one that charges them thousands of dollars to believe stories about alien souls getting dropped into volcanoes. It'd also explain why Tom Cruise threw a party for David Beckham on his arrival to Los Angeles and why he also wants them to hook up for some fun soon.

But, in a staggering turn of events, David Beckham has said that Tom Cruise has never tried to make him join Scientology at all. David told Arena:

"We respect their religion. We respect everything they do and believe in. But they have never turned around to us and said, 'You have to be a part of this', because that's not what they're about. It's never been about that. There's been nothing shoved down our throats because friends don't do things like that. They are amazing people who are just so positive about life and they have been great to us."

 That means… that means David Beckham and Tom Cruise are friends with each other because they simply enjoy each other's company? Ugh, that's weirder than the religion thing.

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  1. Terryeo says

    Two, athletic, fit men are frequently in the public eye. How many peers do you have at that level? Who do you kick back with when everyone wants a bit of your money, or a bit of your publicity, or a bit of your attention? Hey, what is weird about friendship?

  2. euclid says

    “Two, athletic, fit men…” sounds like the beginning of a nasty joke.
    “Hey what’s weird about friendship?”

    Um…the fact that they are both
    extremely good-looking but witless freaks?

    Perhaps I am mistaken and they are merely poorly
    programmed androids.

    I was trying to imagine the conversation
    between them, and then realised that
    refrigerator hum is about as close as I could get.
    Or maybe a leaky faucet.

  3. says

    Beckham is fine – sure, if Cruise is not attacking directly, for sure scientologists are “doing things like that” – particularly to their friends and families! It’s no suprise if the cruises, the travoltas, and many other stars, have spoken of their cult to people like President Sarkozy, to Princes of Whales and Princess Diana, to deputies and senators, to the mayors of New-York, and to lots of Mayors of towns and cities.
    So, Beckham has probably partly preserved because “better later than never”: Posh has been critical of the cult when they arrived in USA, so, the ice must be first broken before getting on step two: scientology is….!