Daniel Radcliffe’s Penis Pushed Harry Potter Back Eight Months

daniel radcliffe harry potter 6 the half blood prince pushed back eight months nudity equusDaniel Radcliffe may well be the face of Harry Potter, but he’s already made great headway towards getting away from being pigeonholed.

The way he went about this was to go on stage and get his penis out. It’s a classic technique, and one we’ve surely all practiced at some point in our lives. If we have the necessary equipment, of course.

But what happens when you’re pottering about (PUN!) getting your bits out on stage around the same time that the new chapter in a kids film, in which you star, is coming out? Well, kids, Harry Potter 6 gets pushed back eight months, if the wild, rampant and ker-azy speculation is to be believed.

Yes kids – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince isn’t coming out because of Daniel Radcliffe‘s penis. That is one of the greatest sentences we’ve ever had to write, even if it isn’t actually definitely true.

It would appear to be a tale of tail that rings somewhere in the realms of believability, with the original release date for the new Potter film falling smack-dab in the middle of Radcliffe’s run on stage in Equus. Which is, of course, the stage play in which he gets his knob out and has sex.

While it probably isn’t a proper porno – we don’t want to say for definite, we haven’t seen it – it still doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that Warner Bros. would want to associate with the actor on Harry Potter‘s release. So it would make sense that this the reason why the film has been put back.

That is along, of course, with the ridiculous money-grabbing notions of the company, who clearly know they can get more money from a summertime cinema release when the kids are off school, bored and parents don’t want to be endlessly pestered so they’ll give them anything – even money for the cinema – to shut them up. The crafty studio berks.

So basically, Harry Potter fans are being shafted non-stop with all these reasons as to why they have to wait for the next installment of the kids film-cum-thing that grown idiots love. Just as there’s some horse-shafting in Daniel Radcliffe‘s play. Doesn’t it just make you angry?

At least it means the armies of insane Potter fans have somewhere tangible to aim their anger – right in the face of Radcliffe, though to be honest it’s not really his fault. But we do like to blame people, so let’s all go and burn down his house.

Actually, don’t go burn down his house. We don’t want him running naked through the streets, and that would probably push the release of the film back even further.

But, of course, the main reason for the delay is still clearly money, and it’s one that should make the most ardent fans awaiting Harry Potter 6 want to vomit fire in the faces of the studio execs that made the decision. So, yes – go and do that. That would be something funny to fill hecklerspray‘s day.


  1. Travis says

    OK….but who cares about H.P. (Daniel)??? What MOST OF US WANT TO SEE is…HERMIONE (Emma Watson) naked as a jaybird in those Potter films…drool!!!!!

  2. Kenny Baker says

    It was my understanding that Daniel walked on stage nude BEFORE filming of the “Half-Blood Prince” ever started. What is the big deal? Maggie Smith, Emma Thompson, Fiona Shaw, and Julie Walters (to name just a few of the cast members) have ALL appeared in the nude throughout their acting careers. He is of age. I’ve just read a press conference release from the Warner Bros spokesman that the reason for the delay is because of the writers’ strike. So what’s the real reason?

  3. says

    The guy before is just nasty and wrong!
    this is about opinions toward the being of the movie, not who we can see naked!

    Also, this buzz appears to be anonymous
    therefore, i would take this article with a “grain of salt”

    I highly doubt that the premier date will be changed and by the amount of negative feedback that they would get by doing this would just be too overwhelming!

    but like i said, take this story with a “grain of salt”

    Please and Thanks,

  4. Brandon says

    I say that everyone should boycot all Warner Brother films until they release “The Half Blood Prince” I know that I wont be be seeing “The Clone Wars” and I won’t be taking the kids either. Think of the money I’ll save.


  5. The Dread Pirate Sausage! says

    What?!? Hermione doing a horse would NOT… be…*zip*…uh…would…ugghh….oh…..*muttering*…no fun at a- OH!! Where was I?

    Right! Hermione’s no horse!!

  6. TreeofLife says

    He’s getting a lot of mileage out of that thing. I wonder when it’s going to peter out.

  7. says

    please, don’t insult my favorite artist, I really want to tell him that “no matter what they say, you’ll still my favorite”.

  8. says

    Why the hell couldn’t it of been Draco… T_T
    I’m more of an dark side fan. but forgive me for i know i will rant and go off topic.

    But who cares if he wants to get nekked?
    I mean, the play is tasteful, and the nudity is
    supposed to be artistically protrayed. So
    Why does everyone have their panties in a bunch over
    potter’s penis?

    People need to chill out and accept the fact that nudity is natural. Look at Adam and Eve… they basked in their glory. The only reason they wore fig leaves after they were banished from Eden was because they were ashamed anyway. Clothing are necessities but we don’t really need them. We can adapt just as well without, there is a little thing called evolution.

    The society we live in today… look at Miley Cyrus. A little back shown and everyone’s freaking out like it’s the fucking apocalypse. Then Daniel exposes himself and though as much coverage as it has gotten, he hasn’t been as castrised as she has. Though I hate her with a passion, its not like teenagers don’t have sex. And just because they are a little underage and people freak out about their naked glory dosn’t make that fact any less true. Back to Miss Cyrus. She is after all… dating a underwear model. And I doubt that a 20 year old has enough patience to keep it in his pants forever. Especially when she can’t afford anything but skimpy outfits like *gasp* a bed sheet that covers everything except her back! So much sexual innuendo!

    Come on people. Don’t be naiive.