Dancing On Ice Betting Odds: Zaraah To Win?

Dancing On Ice betting odds Zaraah AbrahamsYou know what we’re slowly coming to realise? That Dancing On Ice is only really about one thing.

And that’s Holly Willoughby‘s knockers. Seriously, everything else about Dancing On Ice is by the by. Steve Backley could burst into flames on the ice and nobody would ever notice because the entire world would be too preoccupied with Holly Willoughby’s tits. And everyone on Dancing On Ice seems to know it, too – on Sunday’s show Holly Willoughby didn’t even bother brushing her hair or doing her make up properly, and nobody noticed because she had two-thirds of her boobs hanging out.

Anyway, who’ll win Dancing On Ice? Here are the Dancing On Ice betting odds for Zaraah Abrahams, with help from Paddy Power

Zaraah Abrahams – Zaraah Abrahams is a Dancing On Ice champion, but for three points: 1) she’s a fortnight behind everyone else in training, 2) she’s yet to paint her face like a wonky clown and gurn through Timewarp like that tit from Hollyoaks, and 3) her name is full of needless letters that’ll bewilder text voters. But, judging by her Dancing On Ice routine to Diamonds And Pearls, that might change. While Chris and Suzanne’s routines are pathetically try-hard, Zaraah’s are poised and effortless. We’d quite like Zaraah to win Dancing On Ice actually. But only if she changes her hair on this Sunday’s show. Last time it looked like someone had spunked in it. SCORE – 22.5Current Dancing On Ice betting odds – 8/1

Tomorrow: Dancing On Ice betting odds for Suzanne Shaw and Gareth Gates. But if that’s too long to wait – or you feel like making more money than you know what to do with – head right over to the Paddy Power Dancing On Ice betting odds page to see the latest, and best, betting odds.