Daft Punk’s New Album Better Be Brilliant to Justify the Absurdly Sneaky Marketing

daft-punk-random-access-memoriesDaft Punk … the?French?EDM duo known for their addictive?music and stupid robot heads … finally released enough bizarre, circuitous hints to?confirm, with moderate-to-high certainty,?that they will in fact debut a new album very soon.

The album, titled “Random Access Memories,” has been a source of speculation for ages, with rumors swirling about collaborations?with people like Nile Rodgers, Julian Casablancas, and Pharrell Williams. But instead of?being clear about it … maybe issuing a statement like normal celebs … they’ve been carefully?leaking unsubstantiated tidbits … cool enough to excite, yet vague enough to infuriate …?so when the news was finally confirmed,?it was more than a little underwhelming. The album better be fucking great.

Of course, they’re debuting the album in a characteristically bizarre way …?in Wee Waa, Australia, of all the fucking obscure places. Wee Waa … which according to a 2006 census?had a population of less than 1,700?people … is centrally located in the middle of fucking nowhere New South Wales, but it does host an awesome-sounding agricultural fair with?”a pet show, showgirl competition, cross cut saw competition, fireworks and much more.”

The actual Daft Punk boys are not necessarily going to be in Wee Waa themselves, but the album will be played there?in its entirety for the first time … and there are rumors (unsubstantiated, of course, because why would anyone want?clear facts?) that the debut will be streamed live (based on the face that Sony bought the domain name daftpunkweewaa.com, which, presumably,?is not otherwise in great demand).

In keeping with the convoluted marketing scheme, the concept behind the album … discussed in various short video interviews with the collaborators called “The Creator’s Project”?…?would be?intriguing if it weren’t so fucking ambiguous. Essentially, if I’m interpreting this bullshit correctly, they tried to recreate what they usually do with technology with people. Unlike a lot of artists who AutoTune human voices, they are HumanTuning?robotic voices. Something like that. With some added funk.

The highest praise for the album comes from Pharrell, who says that it’s?so good, you don’t even need drugs to enjoy it.

“You don’t need MDMA for this music, because it’s so incredibly vivid.”

Let’s just hear the fucking album already.