Creased or Folded? hecklerspray Tells You the Way it is

CreasedIn C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigation the acronym B.F.T (Blunt Force Trauma) is often referred to, which means something very bad (Creased). Here at hecklerspray we prefer the acronym B.L.T (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato), which is something much nicer (Folded).


  • Paul McCartney (for his elderly co-ordination hi-jinks. Trapdoor indeed. What a banana)
  • Bugatti Veyron (the best part of two tonnes it may be, but 1000 BHP and no speed limiter equals concussion on wheels. Stunning)
  • The X Factor (you laugh like we all laugh. Priceless Cowell)
  • Revolver (a film this bad has gotta be good)
  • Cold sunny days (ah…fresh)


  • Cocaine (Lila Grace will be so proud one day, Kate. Allegedly of course)
  • Live 8 (is there anybody left who doesn’t think it was a complete fucking waste of time and money?)
  • Coldplay (band of the year? You just don’t get it do you, GQ? It’s all the same song!)
  • Avenue of the Stars50 Years of ITV (50 years of shite TV rhymes rather nicely)
  • Kronenberg White Beer (like downing a pint of liquefied Weetabix)

Movie quote stuff now. Last week’s was another Al Pacino movie, 1997’s Donnie Brasco (DVDs) – so jolly well done ‘NN‘.

Try this one, brainbox:

"This is the guy behind the guy behind the guy."