Creased or Folded? hecklerspray Tells You the Way it is

Creased Folded ClockyYou say Creased, we say Folded. And Creased.


  • Reign Over Me on DVD 20th August (moving, funny drama with Adam Sandler. Yes, Adam Sandler)
  • Clocky (an alarm clock that drives away when you hit ‘Snooze’. Great if you wake up dead, like us)
  • Raging Bull (back in cinemas on the 17th. Yes, it is a trifle overrated, but it’s still more cracking than a Brazil nut sundae)
  • Knocked Up (not as funny as all the hype? Wrong)


  • High waisted, skinny, wide leg, low flare… (welcome to the world of women’s fashion. If you had to buy a pair of jeans for a lady friend, which style would you choose? Get it wrong and her friends will laugh, she will lose her job and she will kill you)
  • Stubby wallets (to put your cigarette butts in. So you smell like a mobile ashtray. Just find a bin)
  • The birth scene in Knocked Up (that’s not nice, that’s not nice at all)
  • Summer sales (you can’t go far without seeing one at the moment. “Wow, 4% off at Clinton cards – I’m there!”)
  • Chernobyl (not much for the wildlife, no matter what some lobotomised members of the scientific community might tell you)