Creased Or Folded? hecklerspray Tells You The Way It Is

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  • McFly Air Mags – No, not the rubbish popstrels. Marty McFly’s trainers from Back To The Future II EXIST.
  • Fictional Products – In response to Marty’s Air Mags, Editor Mof has laid down the gauntlet to our readers, asking you what you’d like to see made reality.
  • DeVitomon! – Ever wondered what Danny DeVito would look like as Pikachu??Don’t panic…
  • Zero Punctuation – This week, The Escapist’s resident ranter shouts at Deus Ex: Human Revolution which is bloody wonderful.
  • hecklerspray on Vimeo – Forgive us for blowing our own trumpet but we’ve finally got our act together and got our arses onto Vimeo. So, every time we make a stupid little video of some guy with an attitude problem or a fat hipster pretending to kick the bucket, you can see it there.