Creased or Folded? hecklerspray Tells You The Way It Is

Justified or Unjustified?



  • Animals – There are cute animals that roll around when you scratch their bellies and then there are these bastards.
  • David Cameron – He’s like ‘animals being dicks’ only he’s a person being a dick. “The police should be applauded,” [whispering] “Well, actually, the police got it completely wrong.” Sod off.
  • BenefitsA petition calling for rioters to lose their benefits will be considered in parliament. George Osborne is said to have had a massive, uncontrollable orgasm at the idea. Finally! An excuse to cut the poor!
  • The Scottish National Party – Let’s score political points out of something that affects all of society, not just those of us that like Braveheart. Oh, wait…
  • Braveheart – Terrible film. That’s… all we have.