Creased or Folded? hecklerspray Tells You the Way it is

Goin? up and goin? down.


  • Toy Story 3 (a great couple of weeks for great movies)
  • Colourful socks (Jon Snow gets away with it)
  • 19 Things you already knew about Star Wars (geek)
  • Watch the backing dancers at around 1.20 (best thing EVER)
  • Comic Con (ignore the generic superhero movies, hope you bump into this guy instead. He?s become a generic superhero movie)


  • School holidays have started (which means more traffic, more moody teenagers in city centres and more crap T4 telly)
  • Cupcake shops (there?s altogether too many of them in London)
  • Tom Cruise?s perfectly round hair (it?s disconcerting)
  • Paying to read stuff on the internet (good luck with that The Times)
  • Two cokes, one cup (what happens when old people use Facebook to sell stuff)

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