Creased or Folded? hecklerspray Tells You the Way it is

This week?s hot and cold.


  • Giant Gummi (could this be the bestest birthday ?cake? ever?)
  • Michael Crichton books in summer (nothing better than gene splicing a sexual harassment suit with some dinosaurs for a rollicking July read)
  • Semi-funny Star Wars vid filmed on a subway (great costumes)
  • Portas brings the light entertainment (and it was good)
  • Inception (it?s not easy, but the best things never are. Right?)


  • World Cup blues (not because it?s over, but because it was underpants)
  • Harvey Pekar gone (though there?s a fair chance you won?t have the faintest idea who he was)
  • Ice suit (bit warm a few days ago, wasn?t it? Bet you wish you?d had this stupid invention to keep you cool, eh?)
  • New Blu-ray Predator is too shiny for its own good (so don?t buy it. Let’s stop this before it gets out of hand)
  • Remember when you thought hair gel was the coolest stuff in the world? (yeah, well it wasn?t)


  1. says

    Pekar will be missed. Had the opportunity to be immersed in his work via my ex-hubby, who is a comic book shop owner. I could identify with Harvey, because I hate everyone almost as much as he did. Wait, I mean ‘sort of dislike, usually’. Whatever.