Creased or Folded? hecklerspray Tells You the Way it is

27 dresses creased foldedWhat’s been cheering us up and ticking us off respectively this week.


  • 27 Dresses (featuring Katherine Heigl’s chest and an audience full of sexist males and girlie females)
  • Cheap X-Files DVDs (get them on eBay before the new film comes out on 25th July; that’s when you sell them again)
  • Michelle Ryan’s accent in Bionic Woman (awful show, but the ex-EastEnder really nailed that nasal American drawl. Deary me, all that work for nothing)


  • Gamestation (how can a shop this overpriced still be packed out during school holidays?)
  • Brahma beer (why doesn’t this taste of bananas? It looks like it should taste of bananas)
  • Loose Women (cleavage 'milfs' occasionally featuring Jane McDonald)
  • Bionic Woman (feel sorry for the great Miguel Ferrer – he was dizzy the day he signed on for this slop)


  1. carmela says

    i looooved 27 dresses! so predictable but really gud fun… and its got james marsden in it. yuuummmmm!!!