Clay Aiken Fights A Girl On A Plane, Sort Of

Clay Aiken Plane Spat Woman armrests American IdolWhen it comes to failed American Idol contestants from four years ago, Clay Aiken is probably the biggest name around – so big that he seems to think he can go around putting his feet on the armrests of other plane passengers willy-nilly.

You wouldn't think it to look at his infuriatingly wet, Jesusy face, but under Clay Aiken's simpering, smarmy skin beats the heart of a rebel. The sort of rebel who doesn't think twice when it comes to getting on an aeroplane and putting his feet on someone else's armrest. Of course, Clay Aiken's rebellious nature loses a bit of credibility when it emerges that Clay Aiken only puts his feet on armrests belong to a girl, and the girl gets so angry that she pushes Clay around enough for the FBI to get involved, but the important thing is that Clay Aiken doesn't care about rules. No, wait, what are we talking about? The most important thing is that Clay Aiken got shoved around by a girl on a plane.

As much as we laugh about the stalled careers of British talent-show contestants like Shayne Ward and Leona Lewis, at least we're happy enough to admit that it isn't just a British problem, as waves and waves of American Idol contestants are happy to prove. Sexy vegetarian girl aside, and what have you got? Nobody has heard of Taylor Hicks since that awful Doobie Brothers single he released, Kelly Clarkson is in the middle of a career meltdown and we're buggered if we can even remember the names of any other American Idol contestants, which probably says a lot. Sure, Jennifer Hudson may have won an Oscar, but there are only so many 'overweight singer' movie roles in the world, so we wonder how long her acting career will actually last.

And then there's Clay Aiken, who lost American Idol in 2003. People like Clay Aiken because he's so painfully inoffensive that he barely exists. Put Clay Aiken next to a puppy dressed as a ballerina and his endless cutesy bumbling would make it look like a snarling blood-hungry wolf. Clay Aiken is the sort of person who writes inspirational books with titles like Learning To Sing: Hearing The Music In Your Life – titles that make us want to puke blood on a nun's hat. However, there's more to Clay Aiken than just being mild-mannered to the extent that people actually find him creepy, because Clay Aiken is also able to get in very inconsequential spats with plane passengers about his feet, as Forbes reports:

Singer Clay Aiken apparently got into a dispute with a woman during a flight to Tulsa, drawing some scrutiny from FBI agents but no charges, a newspaper reported. FBI Special Agent Gary Johnson told the Tulsa World there was a dispute between a male passenger and a woman on the flight. He said the man was a former "American Idol" contestant but did not give his name. Johnson said the dispute was over the male passenger's foot resting on the woman's armrest. He said there was an allegation the woman gave the male passenger a "minor shove" during the argument. "At that point the flight crew was able to resolve the situation," Johnson said.

See, other American Idol contestants – this is how you stay famous. All you have to do is follow Clay Aiken's lead. Not by being all Jesusy and irritating, obviously, but by getting into the most insignificant scrapes you can on public transport. We're sure we'd be talking about Ruben Studdard more if he dropped a newspaper on a bus and refused to pick it up, and Fantasia Burrino would be the most famous woman in the world if she did more guffs in packed trams, of that we're sure.

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  1. Busty says

    What a nasty, untalented queen ClayAnne is. Has-been…or should I write, “Never Was.”

  2. twat says

    You moron. leona’s career is not being stalled. Its getting proper treatment in the United States..takes tme to launch a major solo artist. didnt you know that? idiot

  3. PHAT says

    At least Aiken could fit on the plane. Morbidly obese, even he says so now, Studdard couldn’t fit and never showed up at his concert and left many of his fans now ex-fans hanging and fuming. Woman must have been a Studdard fan upset that no matter how much the few Studdard fans that remain and live to follow and trash Aiken online, Aiken still sells more CDs. Studdard fans need to start up that campaign again to send Studdard’s CD to the troop which was revealed as nothing more then a power buying campaign to boost Studdard’s low sales. Studdard’s lawsuits against his neighbors and his godfather doesn’t even rate the attention given to Aiken’s feet. LMAO
    Hudson is a one act pony, Fantasia should have gotten the part.

  4. carol says

    This is just such old news, I’d think people would start to get it straight! Clay was SLEEPING, for heaven’s sake, when his foot accidentally touched some
    woman’s armrest sitting in front of him. He’ 6’1″ and has some big size 13 feet. This scenario isn’t hard to imagine in a tight airplane condition. Then some woman
    attacked him,screaming and hitting him! He could have had the nutcase arrested, but let it go, being the nice guy he is! THIS WAS ASSAULT! What the hell is
    wrong with the media not telling the whole story and making Clay look bad. Millions of fans would love the chance to be near this guy and HIS FEET! Sign me up!

  5. jessica says

    There are written statements by passengers who say he was sleeping. Were you there?

  6. Mia says

    honestly, were any of you there? and the fact that you all are feeding into the attention of a spat between a random overracting woman and a loser-american-idol’s feet, is quite sad dont you think? but for the record, i think carol, you most prob werent there. and jessica, though there may have been wrtten reports of the mouse sleeping, was he really”assault[ed]”?