Cindy Crawford Admits Getting Her Face Injected A Lot

Cindy Crawford Beauty skin face cosmetic surgery botoxCindy Crawford was once the most desirable woman in the world, what with her athletic figure and her lovely thick hair and that mole that she'd take off and flick into people's soup at important dinner parties.

But when it comes to skincare, Cindy Crawford has been living a lie. Even though she's earnt piles of cash promoting her 'look at my brilliant skin' beauty products, Cindy Crawford has recently admitted to going to have her face filled up with Botox, vitamins and collagen quite a lot over the years. Cuh – and we just thought she was naturally emotionless!

Seriously, who'd be a supermodel? Sure, the perks are pretty good – like getting paid millions of quid to stand around looking miserable in some nice clothes, but things have a nasty habit of turning sour. Naomi Campbell keeps getting accused of injuring her staff with telephones, for instance, while Christie Brinkley's husband ran off with a child and Kate Moss has to kiss that dirty singer all the time. For a while it looked like the worst it was going to get for Cindy Crawford was starring in Fair Game – and to be fair that's bad enough for anyone – but now Cindy Crawford is dropping something of a bombshell; she's been keeping young-looking with Botox injections and that.

"What's wrong with that?" you're probably asking, "After all, Anne Robinson uses Botox a lot and she's just as sexy as ever." And that's completely true – ahem – but Cindy Crawford is in hot water because in the past she's put her lovely Botoxy skin down to constant use of her range of Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty products that she promotes at any given opportunity. Cindy Crawford says of her Meaningful Beauty range:

"I believe Meaningful Beauty is the best skin care available, and soon you will be able to discover the difference yourself. They treat your skin in a meaningful way now for more beautiful, younger-looking skin tomorrow."

Yeah, well, that and going to a cosmetic surgeon all the time and letting him stab naturally-occurring poisonous toxins into her face all the time. Cindy Crawford told Gala magazine:

"I'm not going to lie to myself. Past a certain age, creams work on the texture of your skin but, in order to restore elasticity, all I can really count on is vitamin injections, Botox and collagen… I have a very simple, healthy life, which works miracles. I drink a lot of water, watch what I eat and exercise. But I owe the quality of my skin to my cosmetic surgeon."

All these revelations of Cindy Crawford's cosmetic surgery will no doubt upset the hard-working women who have spent the last 11 years shelling out on expensive Cindy Crawford skincreams, as they've now discovered they've been going about trying to look like Cindy Crawford completely the wrong way, and jeopardising their chances of getting married to Richard Gere, wearing fur coats a lot and making really fucking dreadful erotic thrillers with one of the more identikit Baldwin brothers as a result.

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[story by Stuart Heritage] 


  1. mel says

    Meaningful Beauty is DANGEROUS..It is a shame that Cindy Crawford endorsed such a poor and harmful product. Not that I thought my skin would change to “Cindy’s skin” which has been greatly improved due to plastic surgery, but I thought it might be a good skin care system because a TOP SUPERMODEL is standing by it. So I tried it because I wanted a good system that is good for my skin and will keep my skin healthy. Not only did some of the products(mainly eye cream) BURN when applied, but after using it for 4 days I noticed DRYNESS and a few blisters forming. I DO NOT have sensitive skin at all. I do not even have problem skin. I just wanted a system that was healthy for my skin. I foolishly believed this FRENCH MELON would be a healthy thing. Silly me! THis product is far from natural! It is harsh and abrasive and made my skin worse off then before! I have never had dry skin. I can not even wear foundation or makeup because of all the dryness and blistering. I am so upset how I got scammed. And from what I am reading….many others too. I just hope my refund comes to me sooner then later. My brother works for BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU so I will open a case against Meaningful Beauty regardless if I get my refund. Stay away from this HORRIBLE product.

  2. Suzanne says

    Thank you very much for that advice. I see her on the tv in early hours of the morning advertising this product but have been dubious because her families skin does not look that nice. You have saved me heaps of money.

  3. pak31 says

    Anyone who believes a skin cream is going to erase wrinkles is dreaming. You can tell that CC looks different and not because she is older now. She smiles and her forehead never moves…or wrinkles up…that isn’t normal, especially for an over 40 human being.

  4. Keri says

    I am so confused. Does nobody have anything good to say about this product? My boss came in one day and her skin looked amazing! I noticed right away! (I don’t see her on a regular basis)She told me what she was using and guess what it was………Meaningful Beauty! So what is the real deal?

  5. Meaningful Beauty is a Meaningless Scam says

    Well here is something true of Meaningless Beauty. It’s supposed to contain something from this exotic melon called SOD (or superoxide dismutase) which is a protein also found in the melons of a good ole cantaloupe. It’s what helps them stay fresh when uncut. It is also found and formed by the human body within the mitochondria and cytoplasm of cells. An overexpression of one of the types of SOD in the human body is linked to Down’s syndrome (even notice even adults with Down’s look like children in the face?). Apparently copper and zinc are responsible for the building of SOD in the human body. It is also found in the plastids of plants (like the cantaloupe). The problem is that it starts to break down as soon as it’s exposed to oxygen – in other words, it “oxidizes” very quickly. The only way to somewhat preserve it would be to have it within a glass, air-tight container immediately after cutting open the melon, though even then it would have at that point, already started to break down. In other words, you cannot extract it, bottle it, and still have SOD from this melon in a beneficial form. Even if you could, just as soon as you would apply it to your skin, it would have already started to oxidize, which means that Meaningless Beauty’s claim is 100% false. Quickest way to refund women’s money and show the commercial beauty industry to stand behind their seeming claims? Start a class action suit. Period.

    As far as Cindy Crawford is concerned? It doesn’t surprise me to hear she was using botox or fillers, nor to hear she’s was supposedly using botox since 29. I always thought in the last 15 years that she had the plainest, most expressionless face I have ever seen, especially when she’s speaking. Kind of creepy, in fact. When she talks it’s as if it’s just a robot spitting out the words … no expression on her face whatsoever. At least she isn’t a real actress, because her career would have been dead at 29 due to her inability to move anything but her eyelids. It almost seems in the last year or so she has laid off the crap. Restylane is still an unproven way to go, but seems relatively harmless compared to botox. Botox works by paralyzing the musculature in one’s face and the human face has (both major and minor) roughly 52 different muscles. When you consider how one injections can affect a bunch of muscles, it stands to reason why some botoxed faces look more frozen than others. And yet still, it explains why the human face ages as it does and also why some people’s faces age differently. You can definitely seem in some folks who have been carrying around a little too much stress – because it shows!! Just like laugh lines – you can also tell which have spent a good bit of their lives smiling. Which would you rather?

    And as far as women’s faces aging …. Women have fat pads across their faces and eyes that with hormonal changes and time, both shift and lessen in plumpness. This is why women’s faces look rounder and fuller when they’re younger. A woman does not need to lose weight to lose the plump face, so accusing aging actresses of starving themselves does not always hold water. Skin plumpers are more ideal for to lessen the appearance of aging than anything. That, and consuming large amounts of calcium, as bone loss can attribute to the sagging faces, believe it or not. And people with wider faces and higher cheekbones like many Asian and Polynesian women will age the best. The best aging supermodel out there, hands down, is Christie Brinkley and that is for two reasons: 1) she’s aging naturally and uninjected and 2) she has an incredibly wide face with extremely high cheekbones. Nature has treated her very kindly.

    Cindy Crawford? At least now she’s honest about her botox and fillers though she should stop pushing a very dishonest and falsified product onto unassuming women trying to slow down the aging process. My advice for them? Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, walk everyday, and stay happy.

  6. Tiffany says

    The product made my face a little bit sensitive but it wasn’t bad at all, after a week it didn’t feel sensitive at all. However, I’m thinking about canceling my order due to the customer service, they are idiots, I had recently moved and I called them three times to confirm that the next shipment was going to my new address. All three reps I spoke to confirmed the correct address, however, when I haven’t received the products I called again and the fourth person I spoke to said they had my new address down only as the billing address not the shipping. I use to work in customer service as a tech supporter it is not that hard to push a radial button from billing to shipping.

  7. sue says

    I didn’t find this until after I ordered and tried the product. I had a similar experience that you did, especially the eye cream. I received the products on Christmas Eve. I think, and at first my skin looked better. However, it did not look to bad to begin with. I just thought it would be a preventative measure. After a few days, the eye cream started to burn. Then by Jan 6th, I woke up and my face felt and looked horrible. I had red marks under my eyes, my face felt tight, and it created more and bigger wrinkles than I had before. I am in my thirties, and I really didn’t have a big problem with wrinkles, in fact I always looked several years longer. My question to you is did your face go back to normal, and what did you do to fix it?

  8. Helen Anne says

    mmmm where is her conscience? from the beginning, she must have known this would some day be discovered, how come it took so long? This is so annoying when there are small companies with genuine products that get no exposure. I am nearly 50 and look 30. No botox no fillers etc
    I use a natural cream containing seven anti-oxidants, also packed with 30+ natural ingredients and no chemicals and it works, but I know my stuff, so when i see celebrities promoting something just because of their name and people pay out of trust it makes me so cross.

  9. snowmoonelk says

    ” use a natural cream containing seven anti-oxidants, also packed with 30+ natural ingredients and no chemicals ”

    Can you tell us what this cream is please?

  10. C Cafe says

    I am on the line with Meaningful Beauty, as I write this ALERT, waiting to talk to another Rep ( Rep number 3) as they are saying they didn’t receive my “product return” in time and there would be no refund issued.

    Sequence of events:

    Ordered product with money back guarantee.
    – Used product.
    – Liked product very much.
    – BUT soon products were burning my face, and thus after trying my best to get product to agree with me, called for my refund.
    – Got “return postage label” a month and 5 days after my original call in bogus non labeled envelope ( as original Rep had warned me would happen ).
    – Gathered up unused/ used products and sent them back to company.
    – Months later, still waiting for refund!
    – Called company – and was told NO refund would be coming because they didn’t receive my product return until 2 month after I had mailed it with their “postage paid label.”
    – Sitting here writing this while I wait for a Supervisor to call me as all supervisors were tied up ( hmm… wonder why! )!

    UPDATE! Acct supervisor just called and she is supposed to be issuing me the refund that should have come “months” ago. I will post again if I do not get the expected refund in the next few days as I was told.

    But the bottom line is – do NOT be taken in by bogus company guarantees. Contact your State Attorney General’s Office and Better Business Bureau to report scam guarantees. Other sources for action on scams and billing issues are the FTC and the FCC.

    Hope this helps!

  11. KL Loveland says

    Cindy Crawford, she was such a nice girl that everyone liked.

    I ordered this CC productfor my wife as a xmas present and never received anything. Maybe I was lucky from the comments that I have read.

    CC certainly took the payment out of my account but several calls to the customer service number stated that they had no record on the sale or the payment that paid for the order.

    Sometimes fraudulent products and presentations go much deeper. It would have been so easy to just send an order and research it out later. My experience has been that there is never a single instaace on this particular complaint.

    As I recall the presentation on TV was prime time and about a half- hour in lenght and there were specific questions about helping the products with injections, from the audiance. It makes me wondew if they oversold their product inventory and it was too costly to manufacture more for orders like mine.

    I like CC as a person but believe that she may have ruiuned her reputation, that was golden for so many years. All I can say is keep my money but get rid of the people who surround you now.


  12. Helen Anne says

    Hi snowmoonelk. the website is If you click on the ingredients page you will see all the ingredients. the testimonies page has some good write ups as well. hope this helps.

  13. ANDY says

    Well, its great she’s finally admitted the Botox, etc… but isn’t it after years of denying it?

    The ‘I look as good as I do, cos I exercise, eat properly, avoid alcohol, do yoga & pilates, and use a fabulous skincare brand’, crap is sooo boring.

    Lets face it, all these ‘stars’ are lying idiots about all this. But who is really more stupid, the stars for saying it or the ‘sheep-like, I’ll believe anything cos I read it in a glossy mag’, public?

    They only give a toss about making themselves more money… (oh, but yeah, they love their fans!)

    Yeah right.

  14. Tallulah says

    Hi, Helen Ann
    I clicked on the website that you wrote and it didn’t get me anywhere. ? Is is wrong? Another scam? What? I’m 25 and I would like to keep my skin nice and was hoping to get Meaningful Beauty – but then saw what you wrote and wanted to try that. Hope to find out what it is…. thanks

  15. Yuraina says

    aloha helen anne,
    I realize you wrote awhile ago. I only discovered this website. Can you tell me what product you use? I’m 48 and not complaining because I get alot of compliments that I look like I’m in my 30’s. But I still want to be proactive with my skin. I’ve tried many different products and yet, still looking for the one that I would stay with and really see and feel the difference. Please let me know what you use. Mahalo and hope to hear from you.

  16. kerry says

    Give me a break…so what you had a bad experience….doesn’t mean that everyone will…grow up.

  17. Julie says

    That goes to show that you really don’t know much about juvederm or botox.
    First of all Christie has had Juvederm injections in her cheeks. And botox around
    her eyes her cheeks look plump and her eyes have a softer look to them. And look
    she can actually smile and look natural not plastic. Now if you get to many botox
    units in your face you look fake and plastic. Now the doctor is at wrong if he is
    injecting a woman with more than 8 to 11 units of botox per eye . My doctor refuses to give any woman more than 20 units of botox in the eye area. Botox is
    not plastic surgery it will cost you no more then 160 to 200 every 4 months at 10
    dollars a unit. Juverderm will run you 1100-1200 per syringe that also is not plastic
    surgery. If you look at Melanie Griffiths face and compare it to Cindy’s or Christies
    there is a huge difference. Also using a new skincare product on your face if your skin is not use to it like vitamin A for example will give you a retnoid reaction causing redness, peeling and sensitivity. You have to give your skin sometime to adjust to actually see the results. You skin will always get worse before it gets better
    one last thing to all of you that are complaining about Cindy and how she should be
    a shamed be because she had a few injections done. What about Angelina Jolie? yes her lips are naturally big and beautiful but she gets a little help from a friend she gets her lips injected with juvederm. Come on you really believe her lips are going to stay big and plump as she ages lips deflate as you get older. OMG and she is a UN embassador shame on her to. Please get a life! leave these women alone perhaps try a little botox yourself.

  18. D says

    I have been thoroughly disappointed that Cindy Crawford would put her name to this product. I cancelled after they shipped my second order ( I was too late for the first one) and somehow they have scammed me and continue to take payments off my credit card

    Once I contacted them, they indicated that while your first order was a certain one time opportunity low price, the remaining is covered over equal payments.


  19. Camille says

    Hey Helen Anne, i am glad i didnt buy it have been contemplating for 5 months now about meaningful beauty but wasnt sure, but i was hoping u mention what product u use to help u with wrinkles, please tell, i will really appreciate it thank you

  20. Josie says

    I found this product to be greasy. I didn’t have any of the redness problems or anything. I did not see any reduction in wrinkles or pores. I think I’d be better off eating more food with antioxidants than trying to apply it to my skin. I now lightly apply olive oil at night.

  21. melanie says

    Thanks for the information, I did look up sod, You explained well, I also was looking at Cindy’s face while she was talking you are right no facial expression just stiff. I don’t believe most things on TV, she almost made me believe. The fruit looks like a cantaloupe anyway.


  22. Helen Anne says

    Hi Yuraina, Camille, snowmoonelk, Tallulah,
    Sorry for non reply, but i forgot i’d posted here and just found my post again. Unfortunately the company stopped selling the cream not long after my posts above because they couldn’t afford to make it any more, as they were just a small family company and needed so much money to get it off the ground. I was really upset because i thought i would never find anything as good, but i did more research for natural skin care creams and found out how to make all my own anti-aging creams, lotions and potions that work really well…. and it’s a lot cheaper.

  23. Angela says

    Oh please. Cindy emphatically states that Meaningful Beauty is ALL she uses. Nice big lie right there. Anyone who believes that there is some mysterious cantaloupe that magically makes signs of aging vanish and that this Sebagh guy had to be begged to let Cindy peddle his product so he could make millions deserves what they get.

    There are NO creams you can use that will make a 40+ woman look 28. Only surgical intervention or injections can do that. There is no magic.

  24. Constanta Duna says

    Some time a go i se this add with the cantelope from south of France been sead from personal life i sed to make my self a gift and i order the cream and after one month i see bad changes become darckesh ,i was born a brunet bath no like cioclat!!! Is funny i want to mentain mi elastisity of my face i use 45%from the cream i stopet because i become uglier!!! Iam sad i skrab in a shouer, i avoid the son to dont get btonze on top of that they promist 29,99 the price wech was much biger!!!???CINDY NEED MORE MONNEY??

  25. gloria says

    would you be able to share what the name of your cream is the one you are speaking of. thank you for shareing

  26. Vanessa says

    I have used CC product before and in my experienced it was great. I did not have any problems with the products, and the wrinkles did go away. But I do have to say that in order to stay wrinkly free a person must keep on using her products. I am not using it now but I do recommend it. Now lets be realistic evryone has some type of botox, CC is a celebrity what does everyone expect?????? If I would have money I would for sure do botox.

  27. Hazel Brown says

    Please share your ingredients you use. I’m looking for non chemical, natural productd. Currently I use vitamin E oil. I remove my makeup with olive oil. To add your ingredients to my collection would be wonderful. Thank you.

  28. Cindy says

    Anne Austin, you sound like a teenage brat. Everyone is using abbreviations and improper grammer. What’s that got to do with the topic of this discussion. If you are so concerned about using proper English, I’m sure there are some inner city kids that could use your help. In fact, I think we’d all be better off doing something like that than wasting our time talking about face cream. I’ve just decided I’m going to age naturally and, hopefully, gracefully.

  29. cal says

    You all are fucking idiots to listen to someone who spells and pronounces earned as “earnt” and uses the term “cuh” regularly. Find a new job because you do not know how to write, Stuart Heritage.

  30. JjJacoolk says

    I tried this line a few years ago. I loved it. I was really impressed by the product for the first time ever. I Didnt continue because it’s just too expensive for me. I am thinking to get more but…hoping the price has changed but no..I still think this is too much for me.

  31. Vscott says

    Thank you for all the information . It has kept me from making the mistake of ordering this product and making a huge mistake! Thanks again !

  32. Marlene Parker says

    Used this product for years…I think I got more wrinkles from it! What a waste of money. She may have not had plastic surgery, but she has had botox and other skincare regimens in the last 20 yrs…It is to me false advertising and she should be ashamed of herself for endorsing a product that clearly does not make you or keep you 20 yrs younger. If you told me that this product is all she has EVER used since she was 20, then it would be more believable..

  33. Wednesday says

    Christie, Cindy etc… are defending people that make money off of their looks and cannot afford to look *their age.* Models back in the day, careers ended at 25, especially if they had no big contracts with cosmetic companies. However, you have a few that were able to go a few years more. The ones that are able to trek into their 30’s, 40’s etc…are getting for all intent and purposes, *Tweaked.* Buying into these beauty products, you are an idiot. A poster noted the best advise:

    ‘Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, walk everyday, and stay happy.”

    Agreed. I use Oil of Olay, for years. Face it, you will age, it’s part of life. Get use to it.

  34. MAG says

    Stay away from any and all skin care lotions and potions made by companies and people who are just out to get rich. Read labels before you buy anything. If you can’t pronounce or make out the ingredients you will know its not a good product to be using on your skin. There are so many chemicals that are not good for you and even dangerous. Remember, your skin also absorbs everything you apply into your bloodstream. I used to suffer from cystic acne. I tried and used all kinds of products. Sometimes they cleared up my skin, for a time, but in the end I ended up worse. I now only use natural items. I wash my skin with pure Castile liquid soap and I moisturize with aloe vera/neem leaf gel followed by jojoba oil and a few drops of camomile oil. I’m 45, but people think I’m in my early 30’s. And best of all, I don’t have cystic acne anymore.

  35. Lil says

    The difference between Cindy Crawford and Angelina Jolie, you imbecile, is that Angelina isnt going on tv endorsing her lip plumping product. Its a personal choice of hers that doesn’t affect her work as a UN Ambassador. There’s no shame in personal choice you dimwitted fool. Don’t talk about people that not only cares for children thats not her own but is a honest philanthropist. Cindy Crawford shouldn’t be telling people to buy something she CLAIMS is the reason for her “beauty” when really its due to botox or juvederm. I dont care what she uses or if her face look plastic, you. Are missing the whole point of everyones anger. This is so dense of you that Im angry enough to reply even though its been years.

  36. Lil says

    You grow up, she’s kind enough to share her experience to prevent someone else from going through the same thing. While your selfish, petty, and useless comments can be kept to yourself. Obviously you need more than products like this to fix your personality.

  37. Lanna Jo Neal says

    I ordered from the TV commercial, supposed to cost $39.95, didn’t have a “magic phrase” so it cost $49.95. THEN, I received a huge package from them. Called customer service ASAP and the rep. said if I had read what it stated online, I was agreeing to an every 90 day shipment. Nothing about that online, and after some heated words, she said I could send it back and they would remove that charge from my credit card account. I told her I would be alerting my credit card company, if anything from Something Beautiful was attempting to debit any amount, it was unauthorized. Returned package and paid for insurance so the package could be tracked. Products are not bad, but why would Cindy Crawford need to be involved in a business scam? Just nutty that companies make untrue statements. No special doctor, marketed by Gunther “something” a huge marketing company.