Christina Hendricks Didn’t Realise Her Mammoth Boobs Were Different

Christina Hendricks is fooling no one, the cheeky strumpet. Christina is on the cover of New York magazine’s latest issue. More specifically, her milkmaid-sized comedy breasts are falling out of a too-tight corset on the cover of New York magazine.

Putting her on the cover dressed like that is a foolish move on the part of the publication. Foolish because distributing hard copies of this magazine could lead to multi-buys on a scale never seen before. Store shelves could be stripped bare. People would be wrestling each other for issues. Blood may be spilled in the aisles – the horror.

There wouldn’t be paper or ink enough to keep up with the demand. Supply of all of the aforementioned would be exhausted. Your children’s children will be writing with sticks in the mud, after the world is stripped of vital supplies; they’ll have her to thank.

Where were we? Oh yes. Christina the red-headed milkmaid, graces the cover of a fancy magazine. She poses in clothes, says things, and may mention the cure for cancer somewhere in her interview. But it doesn’t really matter. No one is paying attention to anything the poor woman says.

From New York magazine:

Christina Hendricks thinks all the talk about her body is a little embarrassing. It?s not as if she has an extra limb, after all. She just has an especially attractive version of the same thing women have had forever?curves?but she happens to have them in a profession where women haven?t for quite some time. ?It kind of hurt my feelings at first,? she says. ?Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous, you get really self-conscious. I was working my butt off on the show, and then all anyone was talking about was my body!?

From what I inferred from her interview, she fulfilled her own stereotypes and just talked about her body for a good chunk of her time. She shoehorns something in there about Mad Men – but we at hecklerspray are too busy watching Rex The Runt re-runs online to tear ourselves away and watch proper grown up television.

The grown up actress, of a grown up show tried to give a grown up interview. However, she was cajoled into talking about her cleavage in the world’s longest interview:

You can see why all the focus on how big the chest, how narrow the waist, how round the hips could drive an actor?anyone?insane, but people were only noticing Christina Hendricks?s body because they were finally noticing Christina Hendricks. ?It might sound silly,? she says, ?but I didn?t realize I was so different. I was just oblivious. Sometimes I would go on an audition and someone would say something like, Girl, you?re refreshing! That was it.?

This was a guest blog by Amy Grindhouse. By jimminy, she’s wonderful

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  1. hoohaahee says

    What an absolute beauty.

    Great to see a woman in the media who isn’t a size zero talentless fuckwit (like cheryl cole for example).

    Also, apparentley Christina Hendricks is a natural blonde. /swoon.