Christina Aguilera Without Makeup

Once upon a time, in the land of pop not so far away, Christina Aguilera was the friendly(ish) foe of Britney Spears. But, now that Britney’s music has become increasingly crap in recent years and she’s now telling people their singing is crap on The X Factor, that’s one less hurdle for Christina Aguilera.

Often seen with layer upon layer of gunk on her face, it’s refreshing to see Christina Aguilera without makeup. Looking at the first picture, who would have thought that underneath the slap was this lovely, peachy skin?

Considering the messy, streaky-tanned days of Christina’s ‘Stripped’ era, you’d be forgiven for getting that she really didn’t have skin the same color as a steak fresh off George Foreman’s grill.

The second photo of the ‘Candy Man’ singer comes from October 2010, as Christina was chilling out on her hotel balcony in Hawaii. The absence of makeup makes her even younger than she is. Why, you’d almost give her a pacifier.


  1. GagasLittleHelper says

    She’s ugly as fuck still. Her nose is giant and witchy. She looks like an old aging pig. Gaga on her worst day looks much prettier this tranny.

  2. abby says

    i think that she is really pretty without makeup because its different than seeing her with heavy loads of makeup :)! She looks younger without it and her face looks fresh! any person who doesn’t wear makeup every once in awhile is beautiful with out it

  3. Jason says

    Are you kidding? Lady Gaga looks ugly everyday. And her nose is bigger than Christina’s! Get some glasses or at least an unbiased perspective smart ass. BTW gaga is destroying music, thanks for supporting her, turd.

  4. Chris says

    your all wierdos i mean sureley youve got better things to do than perv on some celebrities! and critisice i mean how shallow is your life that you have to barrate the people that made something of themselves because you CANT !!!!!!!

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