Chris Brown’s New Tattoo Can’t Hide His Lack Of Shame

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The tattoo in questionI take it you’ve seen Chris Brown’s new tattoo? The one that’s a Mexican sugar skull. Well, at least that’s what he is trying to pass it off as. It also looks a lot like a woman who has been beaten up. Oh yeah, Chris Brown beat the shit out of his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. The violent neck tattoo has nothing to do with that incident, apparently. 

You’d think that if you’d been charged with assault, you would avoid having the beaten face of a woman tattooed on your face, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, I digress. In all honestly, I don’t care what he was going for with the tattoo. What I do care about is how much of a fucking dick he is; and how his consistently terrible behaviour has been rewarded by the music industry and his stupid fucking fans.

I would feel different about Chris Brown if he acted like less of an asshole. Since the 2009 ‘incident’ with Rihanna, he has shown no public remorse for his actions. How are we supposed to forgive him (for what is essentially an unforgivable act) if he doesn’t own up to his mistakes? In fact, when he was asked about the subject on Good Morning America last year, he described it as not a “big deal” and proceeded to throw a tantrum in his dressing room. He then headed to Twitter to tell his idiotic followers that “I’m so over people bring this past shit up!!” Yes, Chris. When you beat the shit out of someone, then act like you’ve not done anything wrong, people are going to have opinions. They are going to think you are a piece of shit, and you’ll have to choose whether to accept that or finally apologise for your actions.

He doesn’t have to apologise though; as he has been welcomed back into the music industry with open arms. Initially, it was thought that Brown’s career would be dead in the water. He lost a number of big endorsement deals and was slaughtered in the press. Mere months after his arrest, however, his appropriately-titled single ‘I Can Transform Ya’ broke the Top 20 in the Billboard Hot 100. He promoted the song with a number of television interviews, during which the elephant in the room was never mentioned. He was somehow managing to climb his way back to the top

Since then, he has gone on to even more success. His 2011 album F.A.M.E. went to number one and spawned five hit singles. He has also signed a number of new endorsement deals, as well as starring in the 2012 romantic comedy Think Like a Man. Worse still, his latest album, Fortune, has been just as successful as his previous effort. The latest cut from his album is called ‘Don’t Judge Me’. You can’t tell me what to do, Chris.

It’s not all happiness and roses for Brown. Earlier this year, he got into a heated altercation with rapper and Rihanna-collaborator Drake. Nobody really knows what the two fought over, though its assumed that the Bajan songstress had something to do with it. Drake was said to have instigated the fight, which left Brown with a nasty chin wound. I don’t believe that violence is the answer in any circumstances, but I was tempted to make this picture my screensaver.

Chris Brown's bloody chin

Look, I’m not saying that Chris Brown should be shunned for the rest of his life. I do think he should publicly state that his actions, both during the 2009 incident and in interviews following it, have been shitty and that he is genuinely sorry. Maybe then, all of the people who think he’s scum (including myself) may be less repulsed by him

P.S. Whoever went to their local HMV and put these stickers on Chris Brown’s new album deserve some kind of medal:

Chris Brown sticker


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  1. krisssss says

    “How are we supposed to forgive him?”

    Please, the only person that should be asking that question is Rihanna and her family. Sadly, abuse happens every day and is not reported because men/women who beat their partners are immediately forgiven. It’s pathetic how people like you think that Chris Brown owes something to the rest of the world. Once he goes around beating up random citizens, then you can talk.

  2. Please says

    “How are we supposed to forgive him?”

    Please, the only person that should be asking that question is Rihanna and her family. Sadly, abuse happens every day and is not reported because men/women who beat their partners are immediately forgiven. It’s pathetic how people like you think that Chris Brown owes something to the rest of the world. Once he goes around beating up random citizens, then you can talk.

  3. Dominic says

    He only beat 1 woman 1 time. So now he beats all women. wow your intelligent.

    And anyone that can beat another human while driving 85 mph on the freeway and drunk and in a sports car is a bad ass muthafucka.Word

  4. Barack Maurice Kardashian says

    You sound like you’re harboring a lot of hate. And it doesn’t look good since its toward someone you don’t know much about. Let’s remember you only know what the media allows you to know, so don’t go making assumptions about someone’s character THAT YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT! And are you kidding me? You think someone whose slandering Chris Brown like that by putting those stickers on those albums deserves an AWARD? Lemme ask you a question… Do you support bullying? Cause if you don’t, you look like one hell of a hypocrite right now. Imagine how Chris feels when he reads this kinda thing. Its been four years, man. I’m not condoning his actions nor am I saying everybody should forget about it. But I think we should take this as a lesson.
    And one last thing, as for this bad guy you’re trying to portray him as… I’ll have you know that Chris has been working with multiple charities, and domestic violence centers the last two years, AND has also been forgiven by Rihanna and her family. Like I said, its been four years… No other violent incidents have happened with him since then. Well except for that Drake incident, but the bottle was thrown at him and his party. He didn’t hurt anyone. Think about how you would feel if you were receiving hate constantly and regularly for more than 3 years. Do you think you’d like it?
    Forgiveness is something I value. And I think, with this particular situation, its something Chris deserves. There’s only so many things he can take before he, too, becomes a victim. Yeah, that sounds a little much. But think about it. How would you feel if you sent hate to Chris and he ended up committing suicide? Huh?
    Think about what you’re teaching younger generations when you’re unleashing this negativity and animosity towards Chris. Just think.

  5. Lisa says

    Chris Brown does not owe us anything. I can not stand when other people who probably could give a shit less about his music tells him what he needs to do for them to forgive him. It is not up to you to forgive and yet you think you are entitled to forgive someone. He has one person that he needs to worry about getting forgiveness from. You are human. You have no right to tell someone whether or not they have been forgiven. That is one of my biggest pet peeves is when others try to tell others about their life. What Chris does is none of your concern, if he has a tattoo symbolizing Rihanna, who cares? Move on with your life, worry about your own before you worry about others. I agree with him. Let shit go that does not pertain to you. “How are we suppose to forgive him” sit down somewhere other than in front of your computer screen. That is about the dumbest statement I’ve heard in a while. Once again it is NOT up to us to forgive him, he does not owe us shit. If he wants to keep acting the way he does, then so be it. He will get served his, God will not be mocked.

  6. Mystery says

    You’re kidding me, right. People who beat women and other stuff like that without showing remorse are scum, I’ll grant you that. Even so, people who not only mind other people’s business but also live to ruin someone’s life is worse than scum. Plus he does show remorse, idiot. Didn’t you see him at Jenesse?

  7. Anonymous says

    He doesn’t beat women, moron. He beat ONE woman and never did it again. If people are going to insult someone they should at least have a straight story.

  8. Steph says

    He has apologized many time publicly and is genuinley sorry. I don’t know if the tattoo is about Rihanna or not but i know that what he did is going to forever scar him. I don’t like the fact that he is called a women beater as if he’s done it so many women. He only hit Rihanna once and yes it is hard to forgive something like that but it was obviously a mistake that happened one where he lost his anger.He shouldn’t be hated for the rest of his life. If you listen to some of his songs they are kind of sad. Try listening to Don’t Judge Me & 4 Years Old.

  9. Steph says

    Seriously look up Chris Brown caught being a nice guy on tmz. Why is everyone demanding him to do things he doesn’t owe anybody anything except the people he’s hurt with his actions which is Rihanna and his fans who have kept by him and continued to make him successful in life. That’s why he is always thanking TeamBreezy always. People think TeamBreezy are just a bunch of idiot girls that like him cause he’s cute and can sing but we’re not. I was very disappointed in 2009 when heard about him and Rihanna and actually cried he is my idol and it was just sad to see that happen but he’s apologized many times and he shouldnt have beat her but i dont think we know the whole story about rihanna has done also because nobody just bursts out like that for no reason. I am proud that he has picked himself up and has come back from this which is hard with alot of people hating him. I want to meet hime 1 day and for some strange reason that i dont even understand I want to be friends with him. <3

  10. Marissa says

    Wow, people are actually defending him? I don’t think he deserves any of the fame or fortune that he now has. His career should have ended when he laid his hands on another human being.

  11. Marilyn says

    Seriously move on people no one in this world is perfect just learn from your mistakes and live your life we are no one to judge others is thruth he did wrong but let’s forgive and forget if Rihanna who was the victim already did why are we still talking about that Smh..

  12. Renniks says

    @Barack Maurice Kardashian:
    You say “How would you feel if you sent hate to Chris and he ended up committing suicide? Huh?”

    I’d say that would be a result

  13. Meg says

    Ok, just because these two people are celebrities doesn’t make it any bigger than any other domestic violence or abuse case in the world, this happened and 2009, and people are STILL arguing over it….still bringing it up repeatedly. My best friend’s dad is abusive to him and his mom, do you see that all over the news? in the papers? tabloids? no? i didn’t think so either. i love Chris Brown’s MUSIC, and i love Rihanna’s MUSIC, and that’s what it should be about….the music. not the artist, and their social standings. stop wasting your time looking into a tattoo and slandering Chris Brown, and advocating for people putting up nasty stickers on cd’s and think about the people that are beat every single day and no one ever hears about it.

  14. Forgiveness says

    The boy is sorry, he has to deal with this mistake for the rest of his life. He’s probably harder on himself about the incident than people think, this tattoo proves how he has to look at himself everyday and remember what he did to her. He know what he did was wrong and he does not need people constantly throwing it in his face. hell when a lot of people were 18 or 19 they probably did things that they now think about and say what the hell was I thinking? Leave the boy alone! That does not mean he has to pay for it for the rest of his life! Even Rih forgave him! Everybody act like they are soo perfect!

  15. says

    Leave Chris Brown alone.How can you hate someone you know so little about? He’s done so much good in his life but I guess you guys don’t see his charity work? Or when he helps out at the homeless shelters etc..& I’m not saying what he done all them years ago was right coz it wasn’t & we all including chris know that! but what happened , happened and can’t be erased.Get Over It.I Swear People Wanna preach about ‘Forgive & Forget’ But you live in the past and can’t seem to forgive Chris for a situation which didn’t even include you? Furthermore Chris doesn’t care..he has TeamBreezy his friends & family and he is living life Regardless.&He know’s at the end of the day only God’s Judgement will be the important one … so yeah. Good day ,God Bless,go cop FORTUNE & Remember to love in spite of! :)

  16. Ghost says

    don’t sit here & act like u never put ur hands on another human being. what the fuck what makes u so perfect that u have the right judge anybody else. he doesn’t owe anything 2 nobody. he paid his debt 2 society & apologized many times. its jackasses like u who give people a hard time in life. grow the fuck up & look in the mirror before u judge someone u dont know

  17. Ghost says

    what the fuck makes u so damn perfect that u can judge anyone. he doesn’t owe anybody a damn thing. if she wants 2 forgive em, y the fuck do u have a problem w/ it.

  18. Douglas says

    Chris Brown has sold lots of records so it’s okay if he beats one women. You just hate him because your jealous. You’ve probably spent your whole life wishing you were a successful R&B artist with a silly tattoo on his neck!

    You seem to hate him but you don’t know anything about him. I bet you also hate Hitler too, but you probably don’t know much about the genocidal Nazi leader either.

    Chris Brown and Rihanna are celebrities and famous because people like you and I continue to buy their albums and go to their concerts. They are therefore out with the judgement of you, you mere human being! When Chris Brown dies, his music will live forever and be remembered with the same fondness as we remember the music of the Beatles and Elvis, and he will be judged by which ever god happens to be in fashion at the time. Then absolutely nothing will happen to him because he’s dead.

    To conclude, leave Chris Brown past felonies alone. The real crime here is his music…and that he’ll just keep producing it. Keep up the good work, Ross!

  19. lily says

    Chris Brown comes from a culture where beating women is apparently no big deal.Women with no self esteem are quick to defend the indefensible. I’ve seen where they have written on other sites that they would be happy to have CB beat them….how sick!

    The UK will not allow him in the country..good for them. Thus far CB has suffered no consequences for his actions, other than a slap on the wrist. His anger management therapy certainly didn’t work, given his tantrum on GMA & recent bar fight. This won’t be the end of his thug like behavior until there are meaningful consequences. His fans are doing him no favors by giving him a pass.

  20. Brie says

    P.S. Chris Browns Mistakes, are perfections in my book!

  21. Mangosta says

    It’s hard not to picture an angry wedge of semi-sentient cheese with rudimentary arms formed of rind hammering away at their keyboard with the Caps lock on when reading this.

  22. JT says

    People like you disgust me. Grow up, don’t add flames to the fire. Your the type of person that doesn’t think before they act or say…THINK ABOUT IT, I MEAN REALLY THINK ABOUT IT. If you were to beat up your partner out of some rage for whatever reason, do you want or even think you deserve to be Hated and castes out. Imagine it was for whatever reasons, nd your neighborhood heard about it and started egging your house because they want you gone..You really are a piece of work..It wasn’t like it was purposely done, he didn’t plan on bringing Rihanna into the car and beat her. The guy actually went to the police station and TURNED HIMSELF IN!!! That’s a good conscious and decision as any, any good person would do the same thing in that position. God blessed, as I’m writing this I get more angry at you I swear. Next time put yourself in the position of the aftermath of physically hurting your loved one. Idiot. The guy is sorry, his community service charity and apologies prove it! GOT DAYUM

  23. Mangosta says

    The top three funniest things in the world as verified by MATHS: 3: A fat man on a trampoline. 2: Angry, drooling nutters on the interweb. 1: Kitten pictures with misspelled text.

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