Chris Brown and Drake Are Total Besties Now


They say that a picture is worth 1000 words, and the case of this picture of Drake and Chris Brown, those words probably start off with something like: “We’re both over Rihanna’s smoked out pussy, so let’s make some sweet jams together, bro.” Yep, that’s right, the man who beat up Rihanna and the man whose heart Rihanna beat up have officially made up and might be making music together.

In the world of celebrity, every Instagram post is pretty contrived (or in the world of fucking everybody), so I don’t think this is just a casual shot of two buds in the studio. Nope, these two are clearly trying to make a point, and I can only assume that point is: Fuck Rihanna, we are total bff now.

These two have been fighting each other for years, but most notably since their night club brawl back in 2012, so I was surprised to see them in a picture together. I mean, not as surprised as I was to see Kim Kardashian in a picture with Anna Wintour, but surprised nonetheless.

Drake is like the vanilla ice cream of the hip hop community and Chris Brown is like jalape?o popper (I don’t like jalape?o poppers. I think they taste gross and are pretty nasty, but for some reason a lot of people still like them). Either way, they don’t make a whole lot of sense as friends since Drake is like Captain Sensitivity and Chris Brown…well…Chris Brown beat a woman up.

Both performers have been off and on with Rihanna’s fine ass for years now, Drake was hitting that just earlier this year, but I guess he’s decided that Rihanna needs to pull a Backstreet Boys and quit playing games with his heart and that he’s over that shit. And what better way to prove to a woman that you’re over her than by going into the recording studio with the guy who beat her senseless, got back together with her, cheated on her, got back together with her again, then picked another girl over her again. Goddammit Drake, you’re supposed to be classy! Didn’t playing Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi for seven years teach you anything?!

Anyway, Chris is in the recording studio with Drake, and he’s still dating the chick he dumped Rihanna for (the super sexy, Karrueche Tran), and Rihanna? Well, she’s still kicked off Instagram. How he is winning in this battle of the exes is fucking beyond me.