Cheryl Cole Without Makeup

cheryl cole

A former member of female pop ensemble, “Girls Aloud”, Cheryl Cole went on to have a successful solo recording career.

The talented stunner also served as a judge on both the UK and US iterations of “The X-Factor”.? She got her surname, “Cole”, from a four year marriage to a professional Footballer for the England National Team.

So, it hardly seems fair that Cheryl Cole still looks good, even without makeup on.

Cheryl Cole Without Makeup

It defies logic that Cheryl Cole could still be so utterly breathtaking when she looks as if she has just come from a workout or a day of skiing. It begs the question if her DNA has been passed down from Angels and Greek Gods; her natural glow is blinding. This woman makes it clear that the secret to looking good is simply good genes.

cheryl cole with no makeup

It is usually an eye-opener to see what our favorite celebs look like stripped down: they look tired and crappy, just like us! Most stars are truly just like anyone else, but are forced to hide behind a mask of foundation and concealer. So, when you see photos of your favorite (or lease favorite) celebrity bare-faced in their off-time, it’s a great relief to know that what?you see in the mirror every day, isn’t so bad after all.

However, in this particular instance, it is a little disheartening to see that someone as talented and beautiful as Cheryl Cole is still talented and beautiful when all is said and done. If her ethereal glow wasn’t so mesmerizing, it would be hard to root for someone so successful. So far, the only other example of this phenomenon is the awesome, Olivia Wilde. Perhaps the two could form a new Pop Duo that spans the American and European continents with the eventual goal of hypnotizing the world with their hotness.

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