Cher Lloyd Makes Instantly Forgettable But Inevitable No.1 Called ‘With Ur Love’

After ‘Swagger Jagger’ saw release, everyone with ears hooted in derision. Cher Lloyd was the latest in a long line of pop stars showcasing the fact that, we as a species, have finally run dry of melodies.

However, against all the odds, flying in the face of decency, the track went to number one, making Crosby Stills & Nash fans cry into their morning hemp flakes.

And now Cher Lloyd is going to do it all over again with a song called ‘With Ur Love’. Sadly, the ‘Ur’ doesn’t stand of Underground Resistance. Jarring promotional video is over the jump.

Once upon a time, we would’ve ‘DECODED’ this video, but so little happens – both in image terms and musical – that it would be futile to even try.

Basically, this track – featuring Mike Posner – is a aimless gambol through some noise, and free inside, you get a bunch of faux-street posturing.

In the case of Posner, he pulls one face throughout which makes him look like he’s got a thousand wasp stings in his gums. With attitude, natch.

Cher Lloyd meanwhile, fortunately, looks more comfortable on camera than she did in huge chunks of the woeful ‘Swagger Jagger’. Alas, she’s still singing those same, instantly forgettable songs.

Just wait ’til you hear the intro and outro.


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  1. Tony Dhansak says

    The really sad thing about X Factor is that that cunt Cowell’s deprived some other loveable rogue of the dehumanising, brutal face-fucking he could have claimed from this piece of shit, no talent, oxygen thief in return for the fast track to meaningless ‘success’ she’s had dropped into her otherwise pointless life.