Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx Really Want to Channing All Over Your Tatum

channing-tatumLast night Jimmy Kimmel?premiered a charmingly pervy new music video called??(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum,??featuring … take a guess … Channing Tatum, rapping badly but looking handsome, along with Jamie Foxx.

In case you’re having difficulty unpacking the title’s sophisticated euphemism, allow Channing to explain in his own words:

“Channing Tatum on the mike. I know you’re kinda confused. We all be singing out my name, making sexual moves. But if you’re gonna go Channing you better be warned. Going Channing on the Tatum makes the babies be born.”

Miley Cyrus?makes an appearance in the video, being heroically rescued from beneath a fallen vending machine by Jimmy Kimmel … who is then given the green light to Channing all over Miley’s Tatum. Olivia Munn and Gabourey Sidibe also have cameos, and Matt Damon even pops up quickly.

It isn’t hysterical … it’s no Dick in a Box … but it is nice when heart-throbby types have a sense of humor about themselves. It would only have been better if Tatum O’Neal had made a cameo.?Channing could have put on a old school tennis outfit and sweatband, ? la John McEnroe, and it would have been brilliant.