Lindsay Lohan Has Possibly Reached A New Low

Lindsay Lohan OWN ShowLindsay Lohan has done a lot of terrible things like stealing people’s shit, ruining any progress the fake tanning community had made, and making that crap titled I Know Who Killed Me.  Add those things to her inability to be responsible or follow through on anything, and it’s all basically made her a joke of an actress.

Her reality show on OWN was supposed to change our opinion of her, but all it has really done is reinforce that we are all correct in thinking she is a total fucking waste.  And now in her final episode, she’s quite possibly gone from pathetic to horrible with one questionable confession.

James Franco Takes Criticism Really Well

James Franco CigaretteOh poor James Franco.  Life is just sooooo hard for him.  Trying to be both the token funny stoner and taken seriously as an actor at the same time is like, totally rough.  And people just don’t give him the credit he so rightfully deserves.

Franco is currently on Broadway and is pissed off that everyone isn’t bowing at his feet to tell him how awesome he is.  And in true New Yorker fashion, he’s calling out a reviewer who is too stupid to see the awesomeness that is James Franco.

Lindsay Lohan’s Bang List is Real, So Says Lindsay Lohan


Remember a while back when every gossip site and tabloid (myself included) was talking about Lindsay Lohan’s alleged celebrity bang list? At first, I was doubtful that the damn thing was even real, but, according to Lohan herself, the list IS real! And who better to trust than Lindsay Lohan, right?

Lohan appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” the other night to pimp out the finale of her dismally rated “reality” docu-series, and during a session of “Plead the Fifth” she admitted that yes, she did write the list and did actually bang all those people.

Future and Kanye West Rap Most Romantic Love Song of All Time


Ciara and Kim Kardashian must be feeling like the luckiest ladies in the world this weekend, because their respective baby-daddys, Future and Kanye West, got together and wrote them a rap song that is basically the epitome of romance. The video for “I Won” dropped yesterday, and let me tell you, it’s a real treat.

The song mostly features Future, who has maybe one of the most annoying voices ever, but Kanye makes a brilliant appearance rapping a verse about Kim that would make any girls heart melt. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Tom Cruise Keeps it in the Scientology Family with Laura Prepon


I’m going to go ahead and file this under: I hope this shit isn’t true. Rumors have been swirling since November that Scientology’s golden boy, Tom Cruise, has been trying to negotiate a relationship contract with fellow Xenu lover, Laura Prepon. The rumors died down for a bit earlier this year, but guess what? Now they’re back!

After a series of high-profile relationships that ended terribly (because bitches be terrified of L. Ron Hubbard followers), I guess Tom finally decided his best bet would be to try and date someone who is into the same crazy shit he is. It’s like a sadist dating a masochist: it just makes sense!

It’s A Bitchfest Behind The Doors Of Glee

Lea Michele Naya RIvera FuedBecause FOX hasn’t made enough money off of a crappy show featuring terrible song covers and pitiful storylines, Glee still has another full season to go after this one ends.  And while all the kids seem to be such besties (most of the time) on-screen, it turns out that isn’t so much the truth behind the scenes. 

This is especially for stars Lea Michele and Naya Rivera, who are trying to scratch each other’s eyes with their acrylics and causing massive fights on the set.  Oh to be a prancing teenage extra in the background of this shitshow.

5 Sexy Celebs That Are Hardly Celebs Anymore


Hollywood has been jam packed with young, sexy celebrities who hit the scene, quickly become It Girls and Heart throbs, dominate bullshit magazines like Seventeen, then hit their late 20s/early 30s and basically become completely insignificant, because, let’s face it, you were never that talented, just new, young, and sexy.

I mean, remember when Megan Fox was huge and like the biggest sex symbol in the world? Now who gives a fuck about her? Hashtag no one. She’s hot, but has the acting range of my great grandmother (my great grandmother is dead). You can say that all you need to make it in Hollywood is a pretty face and hot bod, but these five celebs prove that looking good sure doesn’t lead to a long career.

Ice Cube Is A Cold Hearted Bitch

Ice CubeAt one point in history, Ice Cube was a scary ass gangsta rapper who would probably shoot you in the face if you looked at him the wrong way.  Now though, he stars in movies that involve him getting in whacky antics with children on long car rides and crap.  It’s a major step down in the toughness department.

Maybe this explains why Ice felt the need to be such a dick and take the MTV Movie Awards way too seriously this past weekend.  But I gotta say, puffing up your chest about losing an award from a show where the highlight was Zac Efron taking his shirt off doesn’t exactly scream “hard” to me.

Johnny Weir Forgives His Husband For The Birkin

Johnny Weir Victor VoronovJohnny Weir and his husband are giving me such a major case of the disappointments.   After beginning what was shaping up to be the glitteriest bitch fest of a divorce ever, the two have decided to try and give their marriage another ol college try.  Ugh, all that promise of ridiculousness just wasted.

Thankfully, they haven’t totally abandoned their drama, because they are starting off their reconciliation with a totally off the wall post nuptial agreement.  Me thinks it may not be exactly smooth sailing from here on out.

Aaron Carter Chose A Paycheck Over Nick’s Wedding

Aaron and Nick CarterIn their quest to continue to make me feel old as hell, the Baby Spice of the Backstreet Boys got married this weekend.  Nick Carter became legally bound to some “fitness expert/actress” (Funny, I don’t see that option on my tax forms) on Saturday, and in true stunt fashion, they had it paid for in return for filming.

But the real side eye comes from the fact that Nick’s worse for wear in the face younger brother Aaron, aka MR HILARY DUFF 4 LYFE, was missing from the nuptials.  It seems someone actually wanted to pay Aaron to perform, and this wasn’t at a Betty Ford clinic.