Celebrity Big Brother Betting Odds: Jade Vs Shilpa! To The Death!

Celebrity Big Brother betting odds Shilpa Shetty Jade Goody Remember when Celebrity Big Brother was fun? Remember when Ken Russell spluttered dribbly cracker all down him while screaming "Servants! SERVANTS!" like a nutjob – seems like a different Celebrity Big Brother altogether, doesn't it?

Now, though, Celebrity Big Brother is all about two things; 1) the possibly racist, probably bullying battle between Bollywood queen Shilpa Shetty and cement-mixer voiced moron Jade Goody and 2) watching Dermot O'Leary and Russell Brand fumble their way through their E4 Celebrity Big Brother shows all ashen-faced and teary-eyed knowing that they've indirectly kicked off a genuine international diplomatic furore. One of these things is fun, and one of them is probably sort of a bit disturbing if we're honest with you.

So today's Celebrity Big Brother betting odds is a Jade Goody Vs Shilpa Shetty head-to-head battle to the death. To the death! Or, if not actual death, a week and a bit in the Celebrity Big Brother house with that bloke from The A Team and Michael Jackson's brother.

So – now that we don't have to care about any of those other wankers – who's gonna win Celebrity Big Brother: Jade Goody or Shilpa Shetty? Here are today's Celebrity Big Brother betting odds with a bundle of help from wonderful wonderful Paddy Power… 

Jade Goody – Jade Goody probably thought that the worst Big Brother could throw at her was some slaphead fellatio and a few people screaming "Burn the pig!" at her for a while. But during this series of Celebrity Big Brother, things have escalated completely beyond reason. Thanks to a raw chicken and an Oxo cube, Jade Goody has now been exposed as the biggest racist since Adolf Hitler and as such everyone in India has been handed their very own Jade Goody Celebrity Big Brother wicker effigy to burn as they see fit. Is Jade Goody a racist? God knows – as last night's Celebrity Big Brother fight hit fever pitch Jade started to make the sound of a four-foot mosquito being taunted by a toddler behind a double-glazed patio door, and was thus rendered incomprehensible. There's speculation now that, after Big Brother made her famous, Celebrity Big Brother will cast her out into obscurity again. She'll be on the cover of Heat for sure, but only with the headline Oh Shit It's That's Racist Pikey From Celebrity Big Brother – No Not Maxwell From 2005, The Other One. Current Celebrity Big Brother betting odds – 16/1

Shilpa Shetty – Shilpa Shetty, on the other hand, has got it bloody well made. Reports say she got paid more than anyone else to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, and now she's emerging as the favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother. And, really, what's 24 days of unrelenting sobbing misery compared to the brief empty thrill of winning a low-rent celebrity-based reality TV show? The entire planet seems to have got behind Shilpa Shetty thanks to the racist-seeming onslaught she's faced from Jade, Jo and Danielle – but Shilpa's ice cool poise looks close to shattering, and a full-scale retaliation will surely damage her chances. After all, a racist attacking a racist by being racist just creates another racist, and Shilpa's already bubbling under; slagging off Jade for being on Big Brother and muttering about the state of the UK. Still though, at the moment Shilpa Shetty is the favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother, and we hope the obligatory Celebrity Big Brother winner's prize of hosting one episode of The Friday Night Project will make up for all the hassle. Current Celebrity Big Brother betting odds – 5/4

Tomorrow Celebrity Big Brother betting odds for an eviction, probably. But if that's too long to wait – or you feel like making more money than you know what to do with – head right over to the Paddy Power Celebrity Big Brother betting odds page to see the latest, and best, betting odds. 


  1. Pedro says

    Another excellent article. I can’t wait for Friday – presuming that Jade gets evicted – to see if Davina tries to gloss it all over with jokes (and get called a lightweight interviewer for doing so) or attempt a hard-hitting accusationary interview (and get condemned for stoking the crowd into a racist frenzy.) Or if she’ll hide in her shed until Frbruary. I’d go for the latter

  2. shahanara says

    hello there, the on slaught against shilpa is digusting. i think big brother should get jade, danielle and Jo OUT of the BB house. everybody at the moments feels jade is a discrace to the british public and has lost all respect from many including me
    she is presenting a bad image i think the treatment towards her is so unfair. she hasnt done anything at all to them and they are just doing it to get on her nerves and just to make good tv but it aint workin and we want their fat asses out of the building and if this injustice is not stopped then
    i will be commenting again and again and again and again until my point is put across.
    i know u might think im being rude and inappropriate but this is EXACTLY how i feel
    SHILPA TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and from jahed amy gemma and the rest of da filton crew xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WE WANT LIL MISS PIGGY OUT NOW!!!

  3. says

    shilpa should not be treated the way she is being treated. she does not deserve to be treated like that. Shilpa has come from a VERY high standard place
    where she gets alot of respect. How jade,danielle and Jo are treating Shilpa is completely out of order. The have no right what so ever to treat her like dirt.
    All three of them are basicly jelous of who Shilpa is. They cannot face the fact that she is more famous than all of them. I think all three of them
    should be evicted from the house as soon as possible. if neither of them do not know how to treat people with respect they should not have been put in
    the big brother house in the first place. There are groups forming, that is completely out of order. They have not been put in the house to form silly
    and childish groups so that they can take the mickey out of the other housemates. End of the day all of them are just jelous of shilpa.

  4. kam says

    i think whats happening on big brother it’s disgusting and mortifiying. that jade goodie needs a old beating. poor shilpa is containing herself and those racist bitches
    are provocking her. i think it’s really sad that bigbrother hadn’t cone anything about this. if anything their jelouse because shilpa has class, styles, manners,respect,
    dignity not that they have any. she is elegant and they cant take it.they want to be like her and cannot achieve that. to think their celebrities who should be role
    models to the society and cant even fulifill that. if anything they’ve ruiened their careers shilpa has more to go back to. 2 b honest the only real celeb is shilpa
    i aint even heard of da otha ppl hu da hell r they?????? n jade to b honest is a really ugly piece of trash n she mings man honestly somebody plz bury her n do
    society a massive jade-size favour. to think u big brotha cud hav made a much more attractive n nice person famous rather than the obscenity that is jade goody
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! nuff sed oh yes and get rid of the piglet

  5. Allison says

    I think Jade, Jo and Danielle should all go on Friday. Jade cannot be to blame for all the arguements with Shilpa just because she is stupid enough to tell Shilpa
    what she thinks of her. Jo and Danielle are manipulating Jade and encouraging her. They are rude and disrespectful by sitting and laughing blatantly in front of
    Shilpa while Jade is shouting her abuse. However, i do not believe in this to be RACIST. I am in a position to comment on racism. JADE has NOT made racist
    comments. Jermaine Jackson called Jade and her family White Trash!!!!!! Did you see the white british people complain and make death threats to his family…..No.
    Racism NO, Bullying YES. Bullying is what it is and we should stick to the point. Jade, Jo and Danielle are all guilty of Bullying and should be ashamed of
    themselves as we are of them. Get all three out and bring new, well deserving celebrities in.

  6. gurdeep says

    i am discraced in the way shilpa has been (ATTACKED) by 3 of the other members of the group!!, they have no right in discriminating shilpa for her social statious and culture!.
    some people say its racisum going on, and some dissagree!,but having watcheed the show…i think there is all sorts of abuce going on in the house! an its all aimed at shilpa!
    i hope the 3 witches of eastwick get what thay deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. pauline says

    I think its a distgrace that big brother is letting Jade,Jo and Danille are behaving like they are .I think they all should be booted out of big brother and 3 more put in.

  8. Rob says

    To Allison above, do you really think Danielle is intelligent enough to manipulate anyone!?!?!? Although I think the rest of what Allison has said is pretty much spot on. Racism is just another form of bullying after all. As there is a term for racism (which is an attack on someones appearance) why is there not a legally recognised view for ‘fattism’ or ‘uglyism’ or anything else which is in essence the same as racism!?!?!??!

    At the end of the day the social divide is overly apparent, in my opionion Shilpa places herself too highly and the other 3 have placed themselves somewhere in the murky depths of, well, in want of a better word yobbishness!!!!!

    The fact that governments (both nuclear armed) are becoming involved and it coming in time of such racial tension though is slightly worrying. Hopefully just another thing blown out of all proportions by the media.

    Could you imagine if Jade started World War 3 ??!!

  9. Lesley Mullaney says

    Big Brother is an absolute disgrace! It should be taken off aif (for good) and Jade, Jo & Danielle should all be arrested when leaving the house for inciting racial hatred.
    At last the public has seen Jade ‘Goody’ for what she really is ………….. a jealous, scheming, racist big mouth who is really going to set a good example to her two lovely little boy’s.

  10. Chandni says

    Well done grdeep i agree with you! One of the witches said about Shilpa that she can’t even speed English properly but i think that her english is 100% better then any of them. They should understand tht
    her brought up is very cultured and that is the way she is but what can they do she is the only Beautifull girl in the house that is why they are getting a bit upset :)

  11. Stuart Heritage says


    I had exactly the same thought last night. Imagine telling your grandchildren that a big percentage of the world’s population was wiped out because Jade Goody and one of S Club 7 used too many stock cubes and sparked off a chain of events that contributed to the build-up of a world war.

    Really, what I’m most afraid of is that – 90 years from now – a Scottish indie band will call itself Jade Goody.

  12. says

    i am discrased the way the shilpa is attacked by other female housemates, they need to kickedoff in tomorrow friday, shilpa need to be wis on friday

  13. kelly says

    I dont think there is any racial behaviour in this at all, jade is very loud and does seem to go over bored on some occasions but i also think that shilpa is just as bad in respect of she knows how to wind jade up so sometimes she does it on purpose. I think shilpa has got another side to her, but you try imagining living in one house for such a long time with the same people. Sparks are going to fly and tempers rageing so please stop all this talk about rascism because its just not right.

  14. Pani says

    I think its disgusting the way shilpa is being treated I really feel for her, I hate rascism and bullying. I literally feel sick seeing they way the three of those cows have made her life hell no one deserves that. And I hope Shilpa wins cbb. I think Jo is sly shes not really getting mentioned too much as most people are focussing on jade, but shes evil. I hope there lives are hell when they get out and doubt they’ll get much work and I’ll enjoy seeing that and shilpa will be laughing discreetly.

  15. Rob says

    This debate is hilarious though – everyone is saying about racism which to me is a very real but at the same time very overused term, and in the same sentence saying hope Shilpa wins big brother!!!
    If you really are worried about racist bullying then surely the outcome of who is kicked off / stays in / wins Big Brother really should have no bearing!?!?

  16. Alerico Rodriguez says

    What a disgrace!
    This vile trio are showing us up as a country. How embarrasing!
    Shilpa is someone to look up to she holds class, personality and charm- Oh? who do we have representing us… A nobody model who seriosly is nothing too special and a mouth to make you vomit, a sheep and an idot-jo! Lets not forget the ring leader what a twit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jade you are so over. A trio of bullies. Makes me sad. Makes me ashamed.

  17. naz says

    so telling shilpa to f*** off back home and Jack calling her a f****** p*** is not racist? er ithink some ppl should look in to this and then say that its not racist

  18. Famz says

    Firstly, I wuld lik to say that it actualy makes me cry 2 see Shilpa suffering like this n i really feel for HER due to the fact that she is being treatd very badly by ‘THE THREE UNEDUCATED WITCEHS FRM THE WEST’… I use to repect Jade, bt now her true colours are comin out. LOOK at this people its so obvious all they do is take the piss out of EVERYTHING SHILPA does, For example when she went to flush the stew down the toilet WHY ddnt they say anything to her…BEACUSE they wnted something eles to take the piss out of. SIMPLY AS PEOPLE. Also i remeber someone mentioning something about SHILPA’s spoken english, I agree 110% that her spoken english is better then ‘ALL THE WITCHES’..The 3 GAls cant speak englsih them selves and they ahve proved it very much. I agree that there is
    Racial abuse happening as well as BULLYING..Hw can Shilpa be a princess if shez cooking and cleaning for the pigs. Y dont they cook them selves thst wt i dnt understand..! Another thing that is awful is that the other members of the house dont stick up 2 her, just pulling her away to teh bedroom, why not stick up to the pigs. However i do understnd how hard it can be for the other members of the house against a pig such as JADE, a Dum chicken such as Daniell n a UGLY TART such as JO!!
    Last words: Sori for the verbal abuse i have used, its just this is the way it has made me feel, wen i first saw Shilpa goin into the house i started to watch it even more. So I hope either SHILPA, JAMAINE, CLEO, H OR DIRK WINS BIG BROTHER!!! FIRSTLY, get the 3 witches OUT!! PEACE-xx

  19. Carole says

    Has anyone heard that there’s a company offering a whopping £10,000 to anyone who can get a custard pie in the face of either Jade, Jo or Danielle when they leave the house. Hoorah! Let’s hope someone can do it. The company’s name is gottabet and it’s on their website. I really hope someone’s able to get in there or at least get them in the street!

  20. naz says

    yeh y wont any of them cook? shilpa has done all d cooking and they moan they dont appreciate what she does for them instead they criticise

  21. johnner says

    In Dublin we have Sky News as a terrestrial channel,this issue has been given blanket coverage by this channel.CBB’s sponsor Carphone Warehouse has now revoked it’s sponsorship deal,and certain retailers around Britain are no longer stocking Jade’s perfume,I wonder if this was all orchestrated by C4? The show’s dull,the ratings were bad, why not kick start the controversy?

  22. says

    I don’t think Jade, Danielle and Jo can spell racist. They’re merely dim fishwives. I do however, think it’s mortifying for the nation, that the rest of the world now thinks that they are what we consider to be celebrities….

  23. sean nos says

    shilpa to win…as an irish man watching the uk from the outside all my life via the wonders of television, this treatment by the ugly sisters is no great surprise.
    there is a tendency among our english second-cousins-twice-removed, from the house of lords to jade goody to view EVERYTHING through the prism of their class systems, which pretty much covers accent, where you live, how you dress, and yes….race. Ms Shetty has crossed all of these borders and so has excited the moronic hate of englands front line (jade, jo, danielle and their like) against people and those who spaeak their language better than they, are too ‘posh’ (in this case) or ‘common’, etc etc ad nauseum. Still, its comforting to be able to switch off and go to bed safe in the knowledge its only a game.

    cmon shilpa, do it for India! (and Ireland, while yer at it…)

    is mise le meas


  24. pp says

    sorry gotta say that i agree with salaryman absoloutley no reacism in it. jus jade danielle and jo being idiots. they feel inferior to shilpa and so they fight with her but i can’t help but feel sorry for Jade when she comes out and wonder what the rest of the world is going to think of Britain. Are we going to become known as a biggoted and racist nation, it can’t be good for any international affairs. Poor Shilpa, appart from the two Americans the only other person in the house who has been treating her respectable is H. I do want her or Jemaine or H to win, purely because I think they are the nicets people in there. Shilpa acts like a real lady and has some great decourom. Jemaine seems far to nice to put up with anything as horrible as BB politics, and H is fantastically sweet.

  25. indian says

    I don’t think this is not a matter of racism, those 3 bitches are jealous, especially Miss England Danielle. You can see Shilpa is very very pretty and the most paid inmate of the house. Those girls doesn’t want to say they are jealous. So they are trying different ways to insult her in front of others. I really hate those dirty bitches.

  26. martyn says

    This has been blown way out of proportion, there was no racist comment as far as I and everyone I have spoken to are concerned, if it had been anyone of just about any other race this would not have been an issue. as for the prat who let the last message, go away grow up, its prats like you we can all do without, and Jade ( although the mouth engauges before the brain!) should not have to be publicly humilliated, and worry for her famillys welfare, because of touchy morrons! I am a welshman and have been called a sheepshagger……………..etc, and laughed, and call a fat man a fat man a black man a blacK man……..etc, without offending any body, if someone cuts me up when I’m driving I call them a useless old, fat………….what ever so what, is’nt it sad that everyone these days are so insecure that they cant call or be called this that or whatever, this nonsence has gone to far, so I leave you with this F***ING GROW UP! this is a very cosmopoliton counrty with many races, and over populated and we still extend the hand to help others, so is it really worth giving Jade such a hard time………………………….dont think so.

  27. mchaggisbasher says

    being scottish do you think i would be offended if someone not remebering my second name called me craig mcfuckinhaggisbasher or kiltycuntyburnsbumheid mabye this has gotten a wee bit out of hand the only winners are endemol and channel four they could retire on the back of this and buy a nice palace in delhi or somewhere nice . sorry if that last jibe offended you i am scottish and prone calling a spade a spade oops ive done it again better shut up before i have to check my car every mornin for an ira bomb or nail bomb in the post, keep it real folks and remember we are all jock tamsons weans aye that means you tae oh aye by the way jesus was a fuckin hippy get a hair cut you jew maybe ive taken it too far noo im outta here