7 Silly Celebrity Alter Egos That Were Kinda Dumb

Jo Calderone Or Lady GagaRemember Lady Gaga’s transgendered counterpart, Jo Calderone? Not only was it stupid, it reeked of trying way too hard. It was slightly less obnoxious than a meat dress, however.

But Gaga isn’t the first celebrity to attempt an alter ego?not by fair. From Ziggy Stardust to Sasha Fierce, here are just a few celebrity multiple personalities.

David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust

Ziggy Stardust in Spandex

He might be a legend, but that doesn’t give him a pass. David Bowie’s dumb doppleganger, Ziggy Stardust, made his debut in 1972. It was basically an excuse for Bowie to don a mullet and wear glitter.

Beyonce Knowles/Sasha Fierce

Beyonce As Sasha Fierce

Sometimes women want to be slutty, but they don’t want to have to live with their sluttiness after the moment has passed, you know what I mean? Beyonce does. For her more lewd onstage acts, she used to channel someone named “Sasha Fierce.” And Sasha Fierce was a totally hussy. Beyonce says she created Fierce as “this alter ego?that kind of protects me and who I really am.” Since 2010, Fierce has been discontinued. Beyonce told Allure magazine: “I didn’t need Sasha Fierce anymore, because I’ve grown and now I’m able to merge the two.”

Mariah Carey/Mimi

Mariah Carey Fuck You

Mariah Carey went nuts back in the day and released her tenth studio album “The Emancipation of Mimi.”

“This is the fun side, the real me, and not that image and baggage that comes with the whole ‘Mariah Carey’ thing.”

It was probably the first time in music history that a star’s alter ego was more responsible than the star herself.

Justin Bieber/Shawty Mane

Justin Bieber and his dumb glasses

When it comes to stupid celebrity alter egos, Shawty Mane takes the cake. I didn’t think Justin Bieber could get any more annoying, but upon transforming into a MC named Shawty Mane, I was surprised at the level of obnoxious he had reached. Shawty Mane rapped on “Ladies Love Me” from Chris Brown’s mixtape “Boy In Detention.”

Courtney Love/Cherry Kookoo

Courtney Love WTF is going on with her lips

I’m not sure why you need an alter ego when you’re regular personality will do anything and everything, but whatever. Love took to Myspace to announce that she’d adopted a crazy alter ego named Cherry Kookoo.

Jennifer Lopez/Lola

Jennifer Lopez as Lola

In 2009, Lopez debuted her new alter ego via Twitter: “Lola here. What’s my deal? Well, wouldn’t you like to know?”

I dunno, does it have anything to do with dating someone young enough to be your son? Because you’ve pretty much already got that covered?

Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines

Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines

After making a name for himself as a respectable country star, Garth Brooks decided he wanted to be a badass and channel his inner rocker. Hence the birth of “Chris Gaines.” The public wasn’t too crazy about the transformation.


  1. WarbVIII says

    Disagree about Ziggy,he was and is the template for an alter ego,also for him it was a short lived concept jettisoned way before it got old and stale. He also kinda did it as performance art,and th songs still rock, you can’t say that about anyone else on your list.