Catherine Zeta-Jones Without Makeup

Catherine Zeta-Jones Looking Good

If you?re married to a man 25 years older than you, you don?t need to do much to keep yourself up for your husband. His eyesight is probably weak and, in his memory, you?re still a bombshell. This seems to be the philosophy of Oscar-winning actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Given her age (43 on September 25th of this year), Catherine Zeta-Jones without makeup doesn?t look terrible. But compared to other 43-year old stars, such as Jennifers Lopez and Aniston, she looks pretty rough. It does lead one to suspect that Ms. Zeta-Jones has lied about her age, but we?ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that her appearance has been damaged by the strain of her husband?s battle with cancer, her own struggle with bipolar disorder, and the rigors of parenthood.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Without Makeup

In the first photo, she looks like she?s on her way to audition for Marian the Librarian. She?s naturally very pretty, but she?s aging and not putting enough effort into it. She needs to take good long nap, let free that gorgeous hair, and put in some contact lenses.

In the next photo, her natural beauty shines through, but she definitely looks a bit puffy and more masculine than she used to. My worry is that she?s morphing into a beast-version of herself a la Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas? paramour in 1984?s Romancing the Stone. Maybe he has that effect on women (Sharon Stone). Someone ought to check in on his ex-wife and see how she?s faring.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Without Makeup

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