Cat Deeley Without Makeup

Cat Deeley Looking Good

So You Think You Can Dance? is arguably one of the most annoying shows on television: the?judges are obnoxious, the dancers are petulant, and the whole concept is tired. I think we can all agree that the only?reason anyone tolerates that show anymore is Cat Deeley’s legs.

The show’s ratings have tanked since the 35-year old former model began hosting the show in 2006, but it’s clearly not her fault. I have two genius proposals for how to save the show.?#1:?Replace Nigel and Mary with celebrities, like, I don’t know, JLo and Stephen Tyler are free now, right? and then convert the show from dancing to singing and they’ll be all set for a successful tenth season. Done. Or #2:?include pole dancing. Even better. Short of those two solutions, the show will soon be put out of its misery, and it appears to be taking its toll on poor?Cat. She?is lovely … big teeth and all … but Cat Deeley without makeup looks weary.

Cat Deeley Without Makeup

The first photo of the television host without her makeup on was taken in Los Angeles in?July 2010. The photo is grainy, but it is possible to make out some pretty distinct bags under those eyes. The former model admits to taking simple steps to improve her appearance so she doesn’t have to wear makeup, such as having her eyelashes tinted, but, based on?this photo, it seems that what she really needs is just a good night’s rest.

In the next photo, Cat looks a bit silly with that hat, but she truly is gorgeous. She could be Blake Lively’s very young English-accented mother, or older sister. She may have a very slight bit of makeup on here, but you can still see the tired eyes. It must weigh heavily knowing that your show is awful.

Cat Deeley Without Makeup



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