Carey Mulligan Without Makeup

Carey Mulligan looking glamorous

Carey Mulligan is the talented English actress who first garnered global attention for her role in An Education. As a Bafta award winner and an Oscar nominated actress, Carey has earned her acting stripes whilst her sweet disposition has made her a fan favorite.

Mulligan is the poster girl for classic beauty and grace. She’s the type of lady that women are convinced guys want to wife, the type of lady that women adore for seeming down to earth and drama free, and the type they envy for looking naturally beautiful in minimal makeup. Wearing little makeup is miles different to wearing no makeup though and Carey Mulligan without makeup is suddenly more normal looking.

Carey Mulligan without makeup

Mulligan is tired looking with slight eye bags as she waits at an airport in Sydney. However her skin is plump with an even complexion. The biggest travesty in the photo is actually her bed head hair. This is basically the roughest I have ever seen Carey look and she doesn’t even look rough.

Next, in a closer look at Mulligan’s makeup free face, it is clear that her flawless skin has no need for any cover up. She probably had bed head hair again but this time had the sense to hide it in a hat. I refuse to believe she wore that hat for fashion purposes anyway. She does look a lot plainer without makeup. Walking past her you, you would never know that you had just walked past the chick who made out with both Ryan Gosling and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Carey Mulligan no makeup

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  1. Ali says

    She’s beautiful and was Perfect as Daisy. I went to see The Great Gatsby FOUR times in the past 4 weeks. Amazing movie!

  2. Cheryl says

    Did Carey Mulligan make a video with Ryan Gosling ? The video was Drive from
    The Cars. Fantastic video, just love them together.

  3. pg says

    Bad lighting, bad angles, and crappy amateur photography with a super-zoom lens can make ANYONE look bad.

    I’m pretty certain the people who write this trash aren’t particularly attractive — on the inside *or* outside.

    I mean, it’s obvious that the obsession to show celebrities without their makeup and then tear them apart stems from profound insecurity and self-loathing. You really don’t strike me as the type of person who cares about artistic authenticity or integrity and is protesting the “superficiality” of Hollywood….

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