Cameron Diaz Without Makeup

cameron diaz looking good

Cameron Diaz, the actress best known for using Ben Stiller’s special “hair gel” in There’s Something About Mary and shaking her booty in Charlie?s Angels, recently turned 40. Cameron’s lack of recent successful leading lady movie roles, and her apparent replacement?by the considerably younger, though equally annoying?and talentless Zooey Deschanel, as the ditzy, wide-eyed, every-guy’s-dreamgirl/best-friend, makes one wonder if Hollywood has finally realized that?she has always been wildly over-rated as an actress.

Over the years, Cameron has had her moments in the?beauty department. Sometimes she looks great; other times, kind of rough. She has a reputation for being beachy and outdoorsy, so the sight of Cameron Diaz without makeup should not be terribly distressing … until you see these photos.

Cameron Diaz Without Makeup

In this photo from 2011, she looks completely insane. Or perhaps it?s rage from being caught on camera without makeup. Regardless, Cameron Diaz without makeup still looks moderately pretty and we?re all happy that she covered up that borderline man-ish body that she?s always flaunting.

In the second photo, Cameron is bundled up in a scarf and looks like she is experiencing some strange combination of horror and maybe flu symptoms. Lacking her trademark smile and with the addition of some pretty wretched acne, the actress has looked better to put it mildly.

Cameron Diaz Without Makeup


  1. john says

    Bit unfair on Cameron Diaz. Just because she is totally makeup free..doesnt give you the right to ridicule the least she has the confidence to put herself out there without the fakery. ..full marks to you Cameron you get my vote keep up the good work

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