Cameron Diaz Has Stank Pits

Cameron DiazYou just have to love it when totally unqualified celebrities take it upon themselves to educate the masses about science and shit.? At first, Cameron Diaz’s whole “Let me teach you are your vagina” shtick was kind of amusing.? Now, however, it is just starting to get annoying and is veering slowly towards Jenny McCarthy-type of stupid land.

I don’t know what it is about fame that makes so many think they suddenly are experts in things like science, or history, or politics.? Newsflash actors and actresses- portraying someone intelligent on the big screen does not make you a MENSA member.?

For whatever reason, a couple of years ago Cameron Diaz decided to make it her personal mission to educate us simple minded women about our bodies.? It started with a few comments here and there, and suddenly some publisher decided to?let her write a book because money and fame can basically get you whatever you want.?? Now, there are quite a few funny and actually useful bits in her book, so I can’t totally hate there.

While doing promotional work for her new movie The Other Woman (Alternate title- John Tucker Must Die For 30 Year Olds), Diaz revealed another tid bit of body knowledge.? She doesn’t wear deodorant, and hasn’t for over 20 years.? You know, there have been rumors about Cameron’s stank before, but I just attributed it to the massive amount of weed she smoked.?? Basically every ganja smoking hippie I have ever met has smelled like ass and thrift stores, so it would be pretty hard to determine the difference between that and B.O.

But of course, Cameron couldn’t just say she keeps her pits au natural because she prefers it.? She had to go making claims that it’s going to kill you (Newsflash DEUX- everything is going to kill you).

?I don?t believe in antiperspirant.?It?s really bad for you. I haven?t used it for almost 20 years. You?re stinky, because you use antiperspirant. It keeps all the stink in.?

Meh, I think that’s okay.? I’ll stick with my Dove because that shit makes me silky smooth under there, and I find the baby powder scent oddly comforting.?? Also, before your boyfriend asks “BUT WHAT ABOUT ME CAMERON?!”?she has the 411 for you too.

?Let it go and just trim your armpit hair so it doesn?t hold onto the scent.?

Well, if Dr. Diaz says it, it must be true.? Because why wouldn’t you believe in a woman who eats all organic grass fed free range chicken, is anti diet soda, and pro playing with your labia??Besides for the fact that while she may try to come off so crunchy that bitch is burnt, she is also the same woman who does all this while also saying that smoking cigarettes here or there is totally okay and won’t hurt you.? Riiiiight.