Buy Jennifer Aniston’s Love Letters

LoveyounoteYou’d have thought Jennifer Aniston had enough on her plate, what with her career being on the wane, and her husband running off with Lara Croft. But things can only get better, right?

Well, not exactly. As if she hadn’t been given enough kickings lately, you can now buy Jennifer Aniston’s old love letters. Her teenage sweetheart is predictably flogging them on eBay.

During the summer of 1984, Jennifer Aniston (DVDs) and Michael Baroni were
young and in love. They did all the things that young couples do –
kissing, hugging, writing birthday cards on scraps of bog roll – and
all was right with the world.

But, typically, things turned sour. Jennifer Aniston started getting
paid millions of dollars for having a nice haircut in Friends, and
Michael Baroni… well, Michael Baroni hoarded all the letters he’d
written to her, waiting for the right time.

And that time is now. Michael is hawking his wares around the
American entertainment channels, trying to drum up publicity for his letters.
Speaking to Access Hollywood, he said "I contacted her agents on a couple of occasions and said ‘Hey, I found
this memorabilia and I found a love letter and some notes and things
like that’ and said ‘Just tell Jennifer if she sees them or wants a
copy of them, I’ll send them to her,’ and I never heard back."

Baroni is peddling all kinds of Aniston nonsense, including…

A piece of paper with Jennifer’s name and telephone number written in lipstick

A love letter to Jennifer written in red pen

Some toilet paper with a birthday message to Jennifer written on it

A page from Baroni’s little black book containing Jennifer’s contact information

A picture of Jennifer with Baroni superimposed onto it

Read that last one again. He’s superimposed himself onto a picture of Jennifer Aniston. Classy.

Interested? There’s good news and bad news. Good news – there have
been no bids on the items so far. Bad news – Michael Baroni wants
$25,000 for them. The auction closes on July 29.

Immensely rich weirdos can bid on the Jennifer Aniston memorabilia here

[story by Stuart Heritage]