Brody Jenner Gives a Big “Eff You” to Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian and Brody Jenner are both giant reality television whores who die for playing out their “real” lives on camera, so, you’d think as step-brother and sister they’d get along just swimmingly. Well, apparently that’s not the case, as people have been assuming there was tension between them since Brody didn’t attend Kim’s over the top wedding to Kanye West in May.

However, Brody being the shameless whore he is, decided to one up his diss towards Kim. You see, even though he skipped his step-sister of 20 plus year’s wedding, he did manage to attend her ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush’s, wedding this past weekend and post pics of it all over the internet. Check and mate.

Brody decided to take his sibling feud with Kim to Instagram, which is basically Kardashian home turf, and also kind of the perfect place to burn her.

Back in May, Brody couldn’t be bothered to join the rest of his family in France and Italy while they live Instagrammed Kim’s big day, but when Kim’s major ex, Reggie, who she dated off and on for years, got married, Brody was there and Instagram ready, posting this pic to his account:


Word on the street (who fucking knows what street I’m referring to) is that Brody ditched Kim’s wedding because she said he couldn’t bring his girlfriend of six months (Kim and Kanye wanted a really private ceremony between close friends, family, and the camera from E!), whereas Reggie, who became good friends with Brody while he dated Kim, was all like “sure you can bring your girlfriend! I don’t give a shit!” So Brody decided he’d actually attend that wedding.

Do I kind of get why Brody didn’t attend Kim’s wedding? Sure, I guess. But do I think it’s kind of childish to not attend your long-time step-sister’s wedding because she said you can’t bring the girl you’ve been barebacking for a few months, then very publicly attend her exes wedding (who is kind of marrying a chick that looks just like your step-sis)? Yeah, I do, but this is some classic Kardashian/Jenner bullshit.

All of their battles are fought via passive-aggressive Instagram posts, so I can’t really say I’m surprised by the way Brody sent an “Eff You” to Kim.