Britney Spears Might Write a Book. LOL.

Britney Spears Is HappyWell, this should be fun. There are just so many questions. Will it be paint-by-number or pop-up? Will Kevin Federline write the forward? And, most importantly, who knew Britney Spears was literate? Okay, that last question was rhetorical.

All jokes aside, pop star Britney Spears is supposedly in talks to ink a book deal that would likely be a memoir of her life thus far. But don’t be too impressed?Snooki did the same thing. But hey, it could be an interesting read, especially if there are pictures. And you know there will be pictures.

On Tuesday, the Hollywood Reporter reported:

“That?s right, Britney Spears is close to signing a book deal … with plans to write a novel…. The story would incorporate fictionalized versions of her own experiences.”

Britney is in talks with publisher It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins, to write a novel about her life and the many interesting things that have happened in it. Like that time she thought her knees looked like boobs.

Britney’s rep confirmed the rumor.

It Books has published a variety of musician memoirs, including autobiographies from Sammy Hagar, Slash and Motley Crue. A rep for the company didn’t confirm the news, but Brit’s rep says they’re in “discussions.”

According to Hollywood Reporter, Britney would write the book as if it were fiction. Like The Hills star Lauren Conrad’s bestseller, L.A. Candy, it would be a fictionalized tale of her real-life drama. I foresee a character named Shmustin Shmimberlake.

Conrad’s series somehow became New York Times bestseller, so there’s a chance that Britney could very well be added to that prestigious list of real writers.

Meanwhile, Britney also made headlines this week for something a little more Britney-ish: her bad manners.

The X-Factor threw a party this week for its finalists?I’m guessing a vain attempt to remind us all that the show still exists and there are, indeed, still finalists. At any rate, Britney showed up with a bad red carpet habit that’s apparently become her staple: chewing gum.

Britney Spears Used to be hot

The Huffington Post reported:

“Britney Spears is a serial offender when it comes to snapping the stuff while posing for paparazzi on the red carpet. The ‘X Factor’ judge may have stepped up her step-and-repeat ensembles as of late, but we have to say that this flavorful accessory may have brought her back to square one.”

Oh, come on. Even I gotta give Britney a break on this one. As long as she’s not driving with her kid on her lap or wielding umbrellas as weapons?I say, big deal.

Between this new potential book deal and her lawsuit dismissal, Britney’s having a pretty damn good month.

You go, girl. Ride that crazy train for all its worth.