Britney Spears and Team Up To Make Horrible Music

Britney and Will.i.amThe music video for Britney Spears and’s horrible new single “Scream & Shout” debuted?Thursday night on The X Factor to riotous applause from the crowd. One can only imagine that the applause was an tender-hearted attempt, probably coordinated by that old softie Mario Lopez, to keep sweet Britney from learning the truth and possibly risk?teetering over the edge into another head-shaving/umbrella-jousting depression.

The?truth is that the video, directed by Ben Mor, was destined to failure because the song itself is such tired auto-tuned crap. The only redeeming feature of both the song and video is?the “Britney bitch” sample from Britney’s 2007 single “Gimme More,” which is interjected at three points in the song.?It’s almost good enough to forgive the faux-British, Madonna-esque accent that Britney affects throughout the song.

Despite having some cool images, the video has no real punch. I appreciate a music video that doesn’t bother with a story, because they generally seem rushed and lame, but for a song that’s nearly five minutes long, you need more than just a series of images or at least a little more skin in order not to bore the audience to death. There are the requisite party scenes, a fancy car that explodes, Will and Brit are cloned and it’s all pretty cool …?but not enough.

Britney Spear Scream & Shout

For her part,?Britney, who turns 31 tomorrow (December 2nd), actually looks quite demure in this video compared to her usual costumes. Her hair is big, her skirt is tight, and her belly is on display. What more do you want? At one point, she wears a gold and black, feathery, spangley corset-type thing while holding two burning disco balls. Overall, she looks pretty great, if a bit lethargic.

Will shows off a bunch of pointless accessories including a Burberry print camera and a baseball cap fitted with a gold crown that dubs him KING. Britney and Will are not on screen together much, though they do repeat together ad nauseum: “I wanna scream, and shout, and let it all out.” Perhaps the intention is to?make the audience so insane with irritation over the repetitiousness that they will also want to scream and shout and let it all out. Then it’s very circular and self-fulfilling. And so so awful.


  1. Kate says

    Such a horrible article! It’s will I ams song so if you don’t like it blame him. Don’t see why your so nasty about britney!

  2. Roy says

    The Internet secretly agrees with this article, but fears the wrath of those who demand we ignore the truth about celebritneys. We must all pretend the pretenders are truly as great as they claim to be. Feeling sorry for Britney is not the same as being a fan. She had one good song many years ago and that’s it. I wish she was not a train wreck, but wishes and rainbows will not change the fact that her act is not interesting anymore. I have never understood the appeal of the repetitive lyrics by either. He seems like a decent guy, but in maybe 10 years I doubt anyone will remember who.he.was.