Britney Spears Brings Expert Lip-Syncing Skills To Vegas

Britney spearsOver nine years since the quickie marriage that put Kim K’s 72 days to shame, Britney Spears is returning to the scene of the crime.

Although this time it’s to do her job rather than throw on her favourite trucker hat and promise to love a childhood friend for at least two days. Brit’s reportedly inked a two year residency deal in Vegas, which is a long time to run around a stage in your underpants lip-syncing to ‘I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman.’ I spent most last weekend doing the same, where’s my million dollar deal?

The proverbial cat was let out of the bag this week, when Britney went to talk to the judge in charge of her conservatorship about the deal – she’s still under the court’s thumb since she caught a touch of the crazies way back in 2008.

britney spears vegas show

The above photo is a screen grab from her video for ‘Everytime’ – the one where she comes back from her Vegas show, gets in a fight with Stephen Dorff and then overdoses in a bathtub, as you do.

Hopefully life won’t imitate art, because it’s about time she made her comeback with a new album. Between Gaga’s various attempts to revolutionize the music industry, Justin Bieber being a precocious little shit, and One Direction just existing in general, it’s about time we got some of the legends back to show these whippersnappers how it’s done.

Britney spears on stage

The Las Vegas Sun?are saying that Planet Hollywood is even knocking down it’s entire theatre to make room for Britney, all for the bargain-bucket cost of around $20 million.

The renovation should be finished in time for the New Years Eve kick off, and sources are reporting that she’ll perform for several weeks at a time then have a few weeks off to shuffle around the house in Ugg boots, stuffing her face with cheesy Doritos.


  1. Matt says

    Lets show them who’s boss Brit Brit. I am tired of Lady Gaga and fans saying she is the new Queen just because of record and download sales. Show them having 6 world records over 100 album and womanizer videos, RIAA certified, alone, may make you Queen but even with all that Madonna will always be Queen. And Britney, the Crowned Princess Heir to the Throne. So all you pretenders get out of her way and let her do her thing. Welcome back Britney!!!!!