Britney Spears Goes All “Mean Girls” On Lindsay Lohan


In the famous words of Gretchen Weiner: “You can’t sit with us!” Which is apparently exactly what Britney Spears is saying to her old pal Lindsay Lohan. Tons of trashy celebs like Miley and Paris are posting pics of themselves at Britney’s new Las Vegas show, but it seems one trashy celeb is banned from even buying VIP tickets to the show. And who might that celebrity be? Well, you read the title of the article, it’s Lindsay Lohan!

Apparently Daddy Spears, who is still running my beloved Britney’s Ativan induced life, doesn’t want that hot mess Lohan coming around and pulling her bad influence shit on his money maker. That’s right: Britney Spears, a 32-year-old mother of two, has been told by her daddy that she can’t hang out with that Lohan girl because she’s a bad egg.

hotmessexpressThere was once a beautiful point in time (aka 2005-2006) when Britney, Lindsay, Paris, and Nicole Richie ran the tabloids with their party girl shit. They were flashing vaginas, skinnier than Kate Moss circa 1994, constantly drunk, sporting bad spray tans, and basically taking hot mess to a whole nutha level. But since then, Britney has cut back on her partying and has (kind of) gotten her life and career back on track. Sure, she seems dead on the inside now, but at least she’s calmed the fuck down. Nicole put on a bit of weight, had two kids and got married. Paris is still a herpes twat in my eyes, but at least she’s been laying low and seems to have knocked off the whole coked out party girl thing. And then you have Lindsay Lohan. Yeah…

A source says of the whole “You’re kid can’t come to my kid’s birthday party” situation:

Lindsay has always been a big fan of Britney and would love to attend a show. But there’s no way she would ever get on the VIP list, because Brit’s dad has a strict ‘No Lindsay’ rule.

I have a friend named Lindsay who really liked Britney Spears, but I guess she’s screwed now.

It’s not that I don’t agree with Papa Spears. Lohan is a forever hot mess and I wouldn’t want my kid hanging out with her either, even if my kid is in her thirties.

So while the likes of Miley, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, and whoever are partying up at the Britney Spears Vegas show, I guess Lohan can do what I do and watch old Britney glory days videos on YouTube. I guess her karma for destroying Regina George has finally come back to bite her in the ass. Sorry Linds, you’re gonna have to go party with the other has-beens. Maybe you can get tickets to an Ashlee Simpson concert?!