Britney Spears Being Sectioned

Britney Spears Sectioned hospital suicideBritney Spears has just been sectioned after apparently trying to kill herself.

In scenes eerily reminiscent of the last time she was carted off to hospital after a meltdown, ambulances, helicopters and police cars all recently descended onto the home of Britney Spears to keep her detained in hospital for at least 72 hours.

Even for Britney Spears, these last few days have been incredibly dramatic, with her manager Sam Lutfi's claims that Britney is mentally ill apparently sparking off a public roadside nervous breakdown that led to ugly squabbles between Britney Spears, her family, her manager and her boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.

According to reports, Britney Spears has been taken to UCLA Medical Centre where she'll be observed for 72 hours, with the stay extended for up to two weeks should she refuse to take her medication. The sectioning comes amid reports that Britney Spears hasn't slept since Saturday. Although rumours are circulating about an alleged suicide attempt, nothing has been made official yet.

More on this one as we get it. 

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  1. Melanie says

    All those cops? There wasn’t something more pressing for them to attend to in a big city like LA? They could’ve split up that squad of cops into 3 or 4 teams to go help 3 or 4 other more deserving suicidal people instead. What a waste of limited resources.

  2. sara says

    Wow, Britney, you’ve really out-dumbed yourself. What next? ACTUAL SUICIDE? *gasp*

    or should I say

    *sigh of relief*?