British Soap Awards – Sexiest Male Nominees


Day four of hecklerspray and‘s British Soap Awards nominee list. And today is a day for the ladies, because we’re looking at the Sexiest Male list.

Soap blokes are a notoriously sexy bunch of men. Take Ian Beale. Did you see him the other week flushing his head down the toilet? Woooargh! What a sexy bastard. And don’t get us started on Fat Alan from Emmerdale, either. He’s a whole heap of man!

Brace yourself, girls…

The nominees, and their current odds are:

Nigel HarmanDen in Eastenders. Not Dirty Den, Clean Den. Because incest is SEXY! Current odds – 8/21

Bill Ward – the evil builder in Coronation Street. Because psychologically abusing your girlfriend is SEXY! Current odds – 5/1

Shane Ritchie – Cheeky cockney Alfie Moon from Eastenders. Because being a former presenter of children’s gameshow Run The Risk is SEXY! Current odds – 7/1

Joe Swash – plays dodgy dealer Mickey Miller in Eastenders. Because having a voice like a 93 year-old barber is SEXY! Current odds – 9/1

Marcus Patric – one of the conveyor-belt Hollyoaks preening girlie-man. Because being prone to bouts of swaggering immaturity is SEXY! Current odds – 13/1

Danny Young – Bland wannabe football player from Coronation Street. Because being a bland wannabe football player from Coronation Street is SEXY! Current odds – 15/1

Ryan Thomas – plays a young Coronation Street builder by the name of Grimshaw. Because almost going for tea round Michael Jackson‘s house is SEXY! Current odds – 17/1

Ben FreemanEmmerdale love rat. Because taking advantage of a mentally ill woman and making her is SEXY! Current odds – 17/1

As always, there are a lot of other nominees, all probably about as sexy as having a scab pulled off. To see the whole list, click on the ‘Special Bets’ section of Then you can put some money down, and sort of own a little bit of their sexy souls.

[story by Stuart Heritage]