Brigitte Bardot Back Being A Mental Old Racist Again

Brigitte Bardot is living proof that not only do pretty girls eventually lose their looks, but they also go a bit batty and racist sometimes as well.

That’s because dear old Brigitte Bardot, the woman who entranced the world with her earthy sensuality all those years ago, has just been convicted for provoking discrimination and racial hatred for the fifth time in 11 years, after she published a letter claiming that Muslims are destroying France because they don’t kill sheep properly.

Brigitte Bardot, you’ll remember, was the star of the 1958 movie And God Created Women, a movie that’s soon to be re-released to DVD with the title And God Created One Specific Woman Although He Sort Of Regrets It Every Time She Opens Her Shrapnel-Filled Gob, The Witchy Old Nutter.

It’s often said that beautiful people don’t have to develop personalities because their lovely faces mean they don’t have to try as hard as the rest of us. But Brigitte Bardot is clearly the exception to the rule – she’s developed quite a strong personality. Admittedly it’s the personality of a loopy old reactionary racist who surrounds herself with animals but, hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

And make no mistake – Brigitte Bardot does love animals. Whenever the time calls for any sort of animal rights activism, be it Canadian seal hunting or people eating horses, Bardot can always be found at the fore, trying to change the world with her political ideals and her violently yellow teeth.

In fact, Brigitte Bardot loves all of Earth’s creatures. Unless they happen to be, you know, brown. Because Brigitte Bardot enjoys nothing more than to wail angrily about them until she’s been repeatedly convicted of inciting racial hatred. Which, by chance, has just happened again.

It’s all to do with sheep, you see. Brigitte Bardot was conviced for provoking discrimination and racial hatred and fined 15,000 Euros for publishing a letter she wrote to Nicholas Sarkozy that was all “I’ve had it with these Muslims coming over here, taking all our jobs and slaughtering our sheep in accordance with their own religious beliefs.” E! Online reports:

“I’ve had enough of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts.” Bardot, a longtime and ardent animal rights advocate, was particularly referring to the Muslim feast of Aid el-Kebir, which is celebrated by slaughtering sheep. In her letter, she argued that Muslims should stun the animals before slaughtering them. The 73-year-old singer-actress sent the letter to Sarkozy back in December 2006 and subsequently published it in her foundation’s quarterly journal.

So that’s that. Brigitte Bardot has been convicted and fined – she was spared the two months in jail that she could have received – and she’s definitely learned her lesson once and for all. For around 2.2 years, anyway, which is the next time she’s scheduled to be racially dubious to an illegal degree.

Still, let’s not be completely down on Brigitte Bardot – she still has an awful lot going for her. For instance, she’s easily one of the easiest racists to masturbate to, along with Tintin and the bloke out of Seinfeld.

And what she said wasn’t that bad, really – it’s not as if she wore a racist scarf during a doughnut commercial, was it? They’re the bastards we should really go after.


  1. David Bryden says

    Excuse, me, does Ms. Bardot’s letter mention RACE at all? I can’t find the full text online (not speaking French), but the juicy bits that people quote don’t contain ANY mention of race. She targets Muslims – which could mean white Muslims, black Muslims, or tall gorgeous hot blonde Muslims.

    The point that you’re completely missing here is that France’s “anti-racial law” protects RELIGIONS as well as races.

    So if you (say) denounce the followers of Baal for their habit of sacrificing live babies in furnaces; the French can prosecute you. Because it’s RELIGION, see?

  2. Joke Police says

    Oooh, controversial;
    It’s Race Day at Hecklerspray
    All the site needs now

    Is a Haiku with
    Too many syllables; and
    Then the world will implode

  3. gir says

    You’re right, she wasn’t talking about Muslim immigrants; why would we even THINK that given her history of not talking about Muslim immigrants?

    Thanks for introducing that oh-so-germane distinction, Dave, as well as introducing that COMPLETELY AT RANDOM Ba’al parallel, you passive-aggressive little faggot.

  4. gir says


  5. David Bryden says

    So let me get this straight, ‘gir’; you interpret peoples’ statements based on other things they’ve said in the past? The actual words in the statement don’t count very much?

    Could you quote what she actually said, or is that too much like actual debating?

  6. gir says

    “…my country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims.”

    Why bother? You’re still going to be a sissy little twat about with his panties all in a bunch about your high-n-mighty distinction between race and religion. Although, since apparently historical context is unimportant….

    David Bryden Says:
    June 4th, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    …I…completely miss [the point]…as well as…sacrific[e] live babies in furnaces

  7. nostromo says

    Where does it say that followers of Ba’al were prone to sacrificing babies? Ba’al worship was fairly widespread throughout the middle east during the remote period of history and I had the impression that it was quite a charming religion.

  8. David Bryden says

    Dear gir;

    [1] Race and religion are two… oh why bother, you’re either an idiot or a troll. And you spell too properly for an idiot.

  9. Briony says

    I’m guessing your really ugly and hate beautiful people because your ugly.
    It doesn’t seem like she’s racist. She doesn’t like how muslims kill sheep and she doesn’t like that they come to France practising their religious things which she doesn’t like. She said nothing about Race, she doesn’t hate people because their black or asian, she just doesn’t like them killing France’s sheep.

  10. Janey says

    Killing in the ‘halal’ way is cruel and inhumane, period. No excuses, the Western world is sick of these practices, but we have to put up with the shit cos of the PC brigade.

    I don’t think the streets of Dubai would take kindly to Western women walking round in shorts and bikini tops, when in Rome springs to mind

  11. Lee says

    You really are a f***ing retard. B. B. is simply standing up for the existence of our European heartland, without which the world will not be worth living in. If you want to be drowned in a sea of Muslim shit, then do us all a favor, convert to Islam, and move to Saudia Arabia. Let’s see how long you last before they start chopping you into bits, you moron.

    P.S. have a nice day.

  12. Maree says

    Ms Bardot is simply stating the truth. If someone, regardless of race, creed or religion chooses to live in another country then they must abide by that country’s laws. Muslims would expect (demand in fact) that foreigners respected their rules. Whenever a white person asks for that same respect we are called “racist”…Bardot’s statement was more about inhumane practises than anything else and she has every right to be angry – why should innocent animals who know NOTHING of religion or race be brutally slaughtered in a country that has more humane methods just because we all have to be soooo “P.C”?

  13. shahd says

    let me say this. you cant judge a religion by its people, period. everyone is different, and they act differently. saying that muslims act brutally and inhumanely, is judging all the people to be the same, but thats wrong because everyone acts differently. saying that slaughtering sheeps is brutal and cruel, is an opinion stated by a person, that doesnt mean that this statement is correct. every religion has its own rules that people must abide by them. has anyone ever argued against christians slaughtering pigs?? muslims slaughter sheeps, christians slaughter pigs, its part of a religion. now to some people slughtering animals may seem cruel to them, but when you think about it, its a faster way to kill animals, than paining them and torturing them to death, like most christians do, by electrifying animals. dont you think that this is more cruel and inhumane to the animal than just slicing their neck off like muslims do? now to many of the people here being against islam and muslims, let me make this clear to you, going by the name muslim, and being muslim from your heart are two different things. some people who call themeselves muslims dont abide by the religion itself, doing things that islam never stated, and doing wrong and thinking its okay like terrorism. in islam god never said to do these things and act this way, people who think themeselves as muslims who dont abide by the rules of islam think its okay and thats what the religion said and stated, but its not and theyre wrong. being a real muslim is abiding to the rules of islam and doing good like god said, some people who call themeselves muslims but their really not dont abide to the religion itself. that doesnt make them muslims. islam is a religion, some people abide to it, and believe in god from their hearts, and some dont and just go by the name “muslims” and dont really believe in god from their hearts and do everything bad that god never said was correct. people are different, act differently and have different personalities. everyone has a whole different personality. therefore, you cant judge all the people to be the same, and act the same, and judge people by their religion because that is wrong. we all have to believe in god.

  14. Maree says

    Well Shahd, we dont all “have to believe in God” as you stated. I certainly do not. But I respect your beliefs and everyone elses. I have absolutely no problem with Islam, I simply have a problem with Madame Bardot being labled racist because she wants animals to be slaughtered according to her own country’s law. Just as a westerner in a Muslim society would have to adhere to the laws of Islam. Any time anyone says anything at all about ethnicity or religion these days, they are labeled racist. Everyone needs to seriously chill out a little…

  15. shahd says

    i respect te fact that you respect my beliefs, but anyone arguing against religion or ethnicity, is simply called racist, thats the meaning of racism.

  16. Biffa Bacon says

    Shahd. Criticism is not racism. No group should be beyond criticism and debate. Racism is about negativity – debate and criticism is not negative but the heartbeat of Democracy.

  17. Juku says

    Brigitte is no way expressing any racism about Muslims; she didn’t say anything about color, she talked about their religion. She is talking about their inhumane ways of killing sheep and I agree. I still adore you BB.

  18. ummm says

    5th time…. are you sure it isnt the 10th time?

    Who cares….. she is a blonde.
    Uneducated ppl tend to be racist.
    There is always gonna be ppl who lack knowledge..
    there is always gonna be ppl who don’t experience other cultures
    there is always gonna be close minded ppl
    Not everyone wants to have the luxury to travel to different ppl’s and learn about other cultures.
    She is old.. and she is not gonna live that long .Leave this poor old lady alone.

  19. Kandace says

    How are people ruining a country by killing sheep? She is unknowledgable in quite a few areas. However idk how she can be a racist when islam is a religion….

  20. Ghada says

    I just odn’t get it… why are you people against Islam and muslims, why all this hate towards us?? I agree that Osama Bin Ladin IS a terrorist, but not all muslims are like him.. We are not terrotists.. The conflict bwtween Islam and other religions in France is just unbearable.. I;m an Egypian Muslim, and almost half of the people that I work with anf friends with are christians and jews, and I’m totally fine with it.. Religion is somwthin between you and God, no one else should be interfering or complaining about it..
    We’re really not what you think we are..

  21. jaz says

    well jaipal, at least they dont worship them… i mean who in their right mind would want a cow as a god??

  22. jaz says

    hi… thought b.b was stunning until i read her ignorant and spiteful comments. It just goes to show how ugly one gets when they open their mouths. It is none of her business how Muslims decide they want to slaughter a sheep? If she is so French…she should concentrate on stopping her so called fellow countrymen killing innoccent frogs for their legs…. silly old woman!!

  23. Clare Buxton says

    I became so angry reading this. Despite Bridgette Bardot’s previous histories, she states a valid point in this specific letter and I think it’s atrocious she was fined. I am an animal lover and a vegan and the pain and suffering animals endure for the sake of food is sickening enough but the barbaric (and illegal) slaughtering of animals for religious reasons is disgraceful. This has nothing to do with race, she only mentions religion. This is an out dated practice, as are all religions in my opinion , but if we are to move into the future and become more accepting of all races it is vital that be embrace change in all areas of life including religion, this applies to all religions also.

  24. Nisha says

    Why the distinction concerning the Muslim ritual of slaughter? If inhuman animal killing really was the problem, then Ms Bardot should have had a problem with every slaughterhouse in town, Muslim or not. Her comment was certainly bigoted. No matter how you do it, killing is killing. Whether you slit their throats or cut their heads off. The Muslims are not doing this to torture the animals for the fun of it. They do it for food, like the rest of us omnivores.

  25. Helen rose says

    Clare I totally agree with you and miss Bardot animals are beautiful and should be protected by these dumb muslims

  26. John says

    For all this people who think she is not racist…replace Jews with muslims in her statements and she would be thrown in jail. I am sorry but as I have learned from vegitarians there is no humane way to kill an animal.

    And when she talks about invasion its not like France invaded all of Europe and put their laws and way of life when Napoleon ruled. Seriously should stop smoking the crack pipe

  27. BBlick says

    For someone who claims to be so upset about others not respecting the laws of her beautiful country, why can’t she practice what she preaches and respect the laws in France that protect others against inciting racial hatred and hate speach like she’s been doing and warned against for years?

    People are just in complete denial of the way animals die for food, fur, or leather in every country. The Muslim way (which in Judaism is considered “Kosher”) is no worse than being electrocuted and schocked (sometimes repeatedly) until they die, by a bolt gun to the head, or being sliced in half while still alive. She is a hypocrite, since as an animal activist I highly doubt she is not aware of how animals live, are treated, and are killed for food even in France. I hate the argument that animals don’t suffer while being killed. It’s an oxymoron. It’s always easier to point the finger at the other guy while patting yourself on the back while eating a steak.

    She chose to focus on the way Muslims kill sheep because she hates them. Period. Read all the other comments she’s made about “being led by the nose” and France being “invaded” by them and you’ll see what I mean.

    Generally I hate old tarts who were only known for being bimbos generations ago giving idiotic, racist opinions. She has been fined ACCORDING TO THE LAW in France for a reason. As a vegetarian and an animal activist, I resent this idiot hijaking important issues by being so discriminatory instead of pointing out the mass suffering of animals in the food idustry IN EVERY COUNTRY BY ALL METHODS OF KILLING. Do some research people. There is currently no “humane” way to kill animals. They suffer their entire lives until they die. Period.

  28. BBlick says

    Because people have a tendency to stereotype others and the media slant towards “bad” news has made the rotten apples like Bin Laden all a lot of Westerners have been exposed to about Muslims.

    Unfortunately, if you look at human history, pretty much every race, religion, and ethnicity has been persecuted and vilified at one point or another. We are just a spiteful bunch, humans.

  29. BBlick says

    Exactly! In fact Jewish Kosher killing is done the same way. France also invaded a lot of Africa, and parts of Asia and America. So why the sudden sensitivity to “invaders” and immigrants just because it’s another group doing the settling? The woman is irrelevant now that her looks are gone and she needs to get the memo.

  30. Raxo says

    I think B.B. likes animals. But muslims? She hates them of course she is a old crazy and ugly woman. She supports Marine le Pen (another french racist) because she doesnt want strangers to come in france. France is number one in tourism, and strangers are very important for a country (i dont like consanguinity) Brigitte bardot was beautiful. Now she is just good to be raped by muslims i think. She supports animal cause but the human one, she doesnt give a shit about it.
    I’d like to see her fucked by a muslim ahahahahh.
    Raxo, ex fan of brigitte.

  31. karl novoselic says

    Religious intolerance is different from racism, they are even given different definitions. with in the context of what she had said, how was she wrong?

  32. zinia says

    This artical is full of paump and arrogance and not quite “right in the head accusations”. I’m not saying her racist ideations aren’t in itself bothersome, but this sounds as opinionated as the one you cast a finger at. Stupid is as stupid does. Misinterpret that i’m a racist by feeling that this artical is aswell off a notch. That is simpe thing to do/ say.

  33. says

    @Raxo, you are truly an ignorant person. For you to wish that Brigitte Bardot be raped by a Muslim or anyone for that matter, proves you are a twisted and violent misogynist. Why do you feel threatened by her?
    To call her “old, crazy and ugly” is pathetically immature. You too will be old one day, sooner than you think.

  34. Veitas says

    All religious groups, races and ethnic groups need to play by the same rules in regard to animal cruelty. Slit throating sheep is cruelty to animals and it is not good. That is not the only cruel matter humans impose on animals by any means. People need to be as humane as possible or some that means no animals should be eaten and for others it means more humane methods of killing. Humane methods of killing is a bit of an oxymoron. The comments about Bardot at the end, shwo extreme sexism which is prohibited in Christianity. I guess according to you, they are _________.

  35. Veitas says

    What I mean by “you” in the comment just above, also written by me is the person who wrote the beginning article on this website, Mister Heritage. To each his own and I am glad you have clearly expressed your opinion.

  36. David C. says

    So what’s the problem? Islam sucks. She has the balls to say it. Good for her. Let me ask you… At what point do you start getting offended or upset with with a religious group coming into your city and crying foul every time you don’t bend to their will? If you don’t, you will all be following islamic law before you know it. That’s kinda how they do it. Are you that weak minded or are you just afraid? If you’re afraid it’s okay. Don’t be ashamed. Not everyone can be tough and there is no dishonor in that, but when those who do have the guts to stand up to tyranny do… YOU need to stay the fuck out of their way. muslims are nothing to be afraid of. They are sheep that follow the loudest fellow muslim around. You make me sad. What happened to the stoic English? The English used to be so strong and courageous. Now, I DO understand I’m responding to a journalist, and you are most likely a limp-wristed, liberal douche bag that probably works no more that 10 hours a week and thinks he actually contributes something to the world. Let me tell you who I admire over there. Prince Harry. He goes to war, kills the bad guy, doesn’t trip about it and comes back all smiles. Good man. Try to be more like him and less of a homo.

  37. PleasantVille says

    Helen, just say “I am a hypocritical rascist who points fingers at the scary Muslims for killing animals for food just like we do”. I am sure you eat meat. I am sure the meat your eat was once a beautiful animal who died a painful death so you could enjoy their meat. Because, ‘ya know, you have to experience some sort of trauma in order to die. Despite what you and other ignorant, has been, irrelevant old hags want to believe.

  38. PleasantVille says

    Because she is a racist. Her multipe tirades against Muslims and foreigners through the years are proof of this.

  39. Sebastien says

    Are you subnormal or something?

    p.s. This is NOT a rhetorical question…but a question nonetheless

  40. Joni says

    Wow, might as well go live in a cage and eat yourself to death. Shallow minded people like you don’t deserve anything.