Brad Pitt’s New Furniture Collection Is Absolutely Hideous and Really Expensive

Brad Pitt Looking SmugNext week, heartthrob actor, Brad Pitt, will?introduce a line of furniture that he designed with respected furniture craftsman and designer, Frank Pollaro. The pieces in Pitt’s collection,?which to my pedestrian eye resemble high-end Ikea, will?debut exclusively in New York City November 13th through 15th, and?include a marble bathtub for two, that looks like a butt imprint, and a fucked-up looking side table with a twisted base that looks like a stretched-out Slinky (though it’s actually made of 24-karat gold).

Evidently?Brad collects modernist and contemporary furniture, and … when he?s not busy?making movies or painfully?pretentious perfume commercials, taking care of his 400 kids,?building houses in New Orleans, or?nailing that Angelina … he likes to sketch his own furniture designs.

Brad and his co-designer, Frank, first began collaborating after Frank went to Brad’s home to install a custom-made desk and?whoopsie! he happened upon a sketchbook filled with Brad-original furniture designs. Weird that such a notebook would be just casually laying out when?a furniture designer?comes over?… one would think the Jolie-Pitt’s would have a better cleaning staff.

Thus began a?dream partnership in which?the two men apparently had marathon meetings, lasting up to ten hours, to bask in each other’s pretentiousness and share fascinating conversations “about design, about materials, about craftsmanship, about classicism, about modernism.?

brad pitt furniture

Do you remember the old days when Brad was awesome and not such a douche? He’s still a talented actor and I can’t criticize his civic-mindedness, but he seems to take himself way too seriously these days. My theory is that Angelina reverse-Lady Gaga-ed him. A few years ago, Lady Gaga postulated that her creativity was drained through her vagina when she had sex. I suspect that Angelina sucks Brad’s personality out of him through her vagina. That seems like the only reasonable explanation.

In addition to the bathtub and Slinky table, Brad’s collection also?features a bed, a dining table, club chairs,?a cocktail table, and more side tables. The furniture prices have not been disclosed, but they are guaranteed to be way up there, with?Frank suggesting that a chair could go for $45,000. However,?the prices could be reduced if there’s enough interest. Then, according to Frank,?”the same chair we charge $45,000 for might sell for a fraction of that.” While it would be kind of them to cater to the masses, in my humble opinion, even one/one-thousandth of $45,000 is way too fucking much for a chair, no matter how steeped in Brad Pitt’s creative ardor.

Maybe some celebrity-obsessed and perverted rich?person?would be willing to spend such an outrageous amount of money on a piece of furniture if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?had sex on it first and documented it with photos, or better yet a video.?That still doesn’t?sound reasonable or?appealing, but I bet someone would do it.

Mostly I wish?Edward Norton?would show up at the furniture opening, punch Brad in his fucking nose, and wake him up out this ostentacious reverie.


  1. Reality Bites says

    I thought the bed and the wood dining room table was an amazing design. If I had the money I would buy it.. but I feel that about most over priced modern furniture.

  2. alessa says

    I agree with this article. Forgive him, he started to “design” in his 90’s “pot years”.
    Now he wants us to believe that he changed?. This furniture shows something different. And if some artists are more creative with pot, Pitt is experimenting a different drug.

  3. Roy says

    I laughed so hard when I read this that I could not breathe. Brad has lost his mojo. He has always tried to look scraggly for some reason, I guess to be taken seriously and not considered just a pretty face. Now he looks scraggly without even trying. He is getting more and more desperate to be taken seriously at something.

  4. Meka says

    This article is so bias that it’s laughable. Posters Alessa and Roy are talking about drugs Pitt did years ago. So obvious your opinions are tainted. What I can’t understand is why can’t people move on-why do you keep giving a 7 year old divorce so much of your energy. If Pitt designs are so bad why make a thread featuring his designs? Ignoring him would be a better choice but givining him attention make him more popular. People divorce all the time so why are you Jen fans so devastated 7 years later to point of trying to ruin anything he touch? People move on with your lives already.

  5. Bitterhag says

    So anyone with with a negative opinion of brad is bitter about something that happened to someonelse? Please explan to me how I can express my negative opinion on ridiculously overpriced furniture without sound like a bitter hag.

  6. manuel says

    The table looks pretty decent I’d pay $25 for that… take the gold off first, of course… use aluminum or stainless steel and you are set…