Brad Pitt: Probably the Most Handsome Boring Person Alive

brad-pitt-esquire-1The whole Angie-versus-Jen debate is tired to say the least, but the man behind the fantasy cat fight, Mr. Brad Pitt himself, has thrust it back in our faces with comments he made in a new interview in Esquire Magazine.

In the interview, Brad suggests that he was a great big pothead around the time of his marriage to Jennifer Aniston. He began feeling “burnt out,” the poor thing,?and then his life was transformed by?”an epiphany ? a decision not to squander?[his] opportunities” … by which he clearly means his opportunities to nail Angelina Jolie.

We all know the story: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, yada yada, and here they are a hundred kids later. Keep in mind, Angie was still pretty dirty at that time. Freshly divorced from Billy Bob, only one?kid,?and not yet the savior of all the world’s people. Friends was still a primetime network hit and Jennifer/Rachel was the world’s sexy/perky darling with the hair-style that launched a thousand ships.

By all accounts, Brad and Angie are an amazing couple, completely wild about each other, and?Brad told Esquire?that he has never “known life to be happier.”?So it seems clear that he made the correct choice. The reason it’s?impossible for the rest of the world to accept?this, even after all these years, is the Fun Factor.

Angie does not seem fun. She seems earnest and exhausting. Jen seems fun. Hanging out with six kids does not sound fun. Vacationing in Cabo with Jimmy Kimmel sounds fun.


Angelina is clearly a good person, good heart, good intentions, all around do-gooder, terrifically brave with the medical issues … I could go?on and on with the accolades and ass-kissing for days. She and her accomplishments are extremely admirable. But she?s probably a bore and a half to hang out with.

The final straw, sealing disapproval of?Brad and Angelina’s?apparently healthy and loving relationship,?is the acknowledgement?that Brad will not?do?onscreen sex scenes anymore out of respect for Angelina. Well, you just lost any last straggling supporters of your relationship there, Brad. We all know if our hearts that it’s good, but we need it to end. The sooner the better.



  1. Natasha says

    He fell in love with someone. Jen and Brad were a “Hollywood couple”. As much as people do not like that he was married when he started to be with Angie, he seems to love being a dad and doing other things besides going to parties. I remember when Jen received some award and thank Brad. I remember thinking that that must be some great pot she was smoking. I was right.

    Jen is true Hollywood. Brad and Angie are a family. If that is boring, than maybe we need more boring people in this world. I would rather sit down and talk with him than Paris, Kim, or any person that sits at the IVY front deck and than bitches because they can’t have lunch alone.

  2. Pema says

    She is so tedious. She looks good for her age just like Sharon Stone. But even Sharon Stone is a betterr actress. I saw that bit with the Friends reunion on Ellen. It was pretty Bad. Ellen and her wife was a better actor then Jen.

  3. CNJ says

    You’ve got to be kidding. Jennifer Aniston seems like fun? She’s one of the most boring actresses in Hollywood. I can’t even remember her last movie or TV show. I don’t know why Courtney Cox is her friend unless it’s out of pity because Courtney continues to be successful and when she smiles, you know she’s having a good time; Jennifer Aniston smiles and she looks like she just had a cramp.

    I agree that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are likely boring. It’s hard to be exciting when you have six kids – even if you do have several nannies. As for no longer doing the sex scenes, even porn stars do this when they are in relationships. It may limit your money, but it won’t limit your love life.

  4. t says

    LOL Angie is a bood sucking idiot. No on no one changes their spots that fast. I think they are both deserving of each other.