Borat 2: Coming Soon… Naaaht

Borat Sequel 2 Rupert Murdoch 20th Century FoxThe massive critical and commercial success of the Borat movie has meant that everyone is loopy for a Borat sequel – especially Rupert Murdoch, who announced one yesterday and then started backpedalling wildly because he was completely wrong.

During an conference with journalists yesterday, Rupert Murdoch announced a Borat sequel by claiming that Sacha Baron Cohen has signed up to make another movie based on the Kazakh reporter who everyone thinks they can impersonate even though they very clearly can't. But spokespeople for 20th Century Fox have been quick to step in saying that although a Borat sequel is a possibility, nothing has been confirmed yet – especially since Borat is now such a well-known figure that a Borat sequel might have to be a more traditional scripted effort, and everyone remembers Ali G Indahouse too well to ever let that happen again.

Despite annoying everyone from the Kazakhstan government to the American government to a bunch of Romanian villagers with fist-shaped dildos instead of arms, Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan has been a sensation. Sacha Baron Cohen won a Golden Globe – and a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar nod – for Borat, and Borat's box office success speaks for itself; it's made close to $250 million from an $18 million budget and has the third-highest screen averages of all time. Plus Borat split Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock up, which is no mean feat.

So far the bulk of Borat's success has landed firmly at Sacha Baron Cohen's door – as well as the awards he also sold film rights to a Bruno movie to Universal for $42.5 million and gets to sing in Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd film – but yesterday Rupert Murdoch announced to a group of journalists at a news conference that Borat 2 was in the works, saying:

"He's signed up to do a sequel for us."

But almost immediately after this, talk of a Borat sequel was downplayed by everyone else from 20th Century Fox, as Reuters reports:

Hours after News Corp. Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch told reporters on Thursday that British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen had signed a deal to make a sequel to his hit movie "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan," a studio spokesman said the idea was merely under consideration. "We're eager to work with Sacha again, and we've had casual discussions about a sequel, which we'd love to do, but at this point, it remains too preliminary to discuss," said Chris Petrikin, a spokesman for News Corp.-owned 20th Century Fox.

The tricky thing about making a Borat sequel, though, is that everybody knows who Borat is now, so a similarly-shot mockmentary movie might be impossible. So, in the name of fair play, here are three ways to make a Borat movie that 20th Century Fox can have for free:

1) Borat 2 to be a traditional scripted movie, even though Ali G Indahouse and Talladega Nights proved that Sacha Baron Cohen isn't so good at actually acting like a real actor.

2) Borat 2 to be filmed in a place where nobody knows who Borat is. This is the most likely option for a Borat sequel, even though the only people who don't know who Borat is are all blind elderly wheelchair-bound tribesmen stroke victims from the middle of Africa – fortunately the only social group that Borat didn't manage to offend first time round.

3) Borat 2 to just be a slowed-down clip of that bloke beating him up in a New York bar. We'd watch that.

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    I am Jonny the Monkey – #1 celebrity in all Kazakhstan (Borat #4.. but soon maybe #3 after great success of movie)…

    I good friend Borat, but not sure he do more movie… I think he concentrate manage his son Bilak’s movie career – Bilak just finish doing Telletubbies porno that also star Jonny the Monkey! Borat also kicks start Bilak career when hey showing photos of him in Borat movie. Now hope Bilak become big star too.

    Jonny just wish Borat was at ceremony accept Goldens Globe Award – but instead, dirty Sanchez Baron Cohen took award! It make me so mad, Jonny throw poop at TV screen! (Borat is Kazak reporter on Sanchez Cohen’s “Ali G” televisions show).

    I look forward read your future Borat posts, and will leak news to you if good friend Borat reveal plans to Jonny! :-)

    * NOTE: this comment was ‘hand signed’ to Jonny the Monkey’s gypsy assistant Batyr, who then translated his words into English and transcribed them here.