The Block Isn’t So Keen on Jenny Anymore


I’m pretty sure no singer or celebrity on the face on the planet has used where they came from to make a few dolla billz quite like Jennifer Lopez has. Bitch has been talking about the Bronx since day one and acting like she was the goddamn queen of that fucking place.

Jenny from the block recently returned to the Bronx for what was supposed to be a big, epic homecoming concert, but the block wasn’t having any of Jenny and instead the whole thing was just an epic fail. For a broad that claims to be all about the Bronx, this was actually her first ever concert there, so coloured me not surprised that there turned out to be a huge fucking backlash.

Queen of the Bronx, J.Lo, had hoped that all her years of pimping out her life story about growing up in the Bronx would mean the locals there would fucking love her and gladly show up to her mega concert. In fact, as a “present” to her former homies, she gave out 25,000 free tickets.

However, the good people of the Bronx basically think J.Lo is a two-bit hypocrite sell-out and not even half the people who got free tickets showed up.

Sources are saying the people of the Bronx are pissed that J.Lo has been selling this Bronx tale shit for years, but when she comes to New York she’s a diva bitch who does nothing for the community and doesn’t even STAY in the Bronx when she’s in town, because, let’s be real, she’s way too good for that shit now. Homegirl probably wouldn’t even stay in Brooklyn because it’s beneath her and her diamond incrusted panda hair eyelashes might get robbed.

A bunch of locals told the “New York Post” that Jenny needs to STFU about the block, because they have no time for her shit anymore.

Local, Matthew McNally said:

She?s been making all this money on [the Bronx] but she doesn?t even help out the neighbourhood. Most people I know think she’s a sell-out.

A lot of people were also pissed that for someone who talks a lot about the Bronx, it sure took her a long fucking time to actually perform there.

Listen, J.Lo, I get it. If I got rich and famous I’d get the fuck out of my hometown and never look back, too, but stop acting like you’re all about your former community when you wouldn’t even take a dump there now. Get with the program, girl.