Blake Lively Without Makeup

Blake Lively Looking Good

It?s always fun to find a perfect-looking celebrity looking like shit. Especially if the celebrity is the fantastically gorgeous, if colossally bitchy-looking, new bride of Ryan Reynolds. Actress Blake Lively, 25, best known as Serena on Gossip Girl, is perhaps not as talented an actress as Reynolds? first wife, Scarlet Johansson, but she?s definitely hot and definitely way younger than Sandra Bullock.

As expected, Blake Lively without makeup still looks maddeningly good. It?s nice to imagine that youth, success, and the after-glow of being with the Green Lantern would agree with anyone, but seriously, she?s pretty close to being a goddess.

Blake Lively Without Makeup

The first photo, taken in July of this year while she was spending time with her family and then-boyfriend/now-husband in New York, is not terribly becoming. Her hair is damp and stringy, and she?s making an unflattering face. Despite the odds against her, Blake Lively without makeup still manages to be lovely. Bitchy-looking, like she?s berating an underling or just someone not so naturally gorgeous, but who wouldn?t be if they looked like that? And the polka-dot one-piece is a very demure and appropriate choice for time for family time. Well done.

In the next photo, the erstwhile Mrs. Reynolds looks pretty irritated. Oh sorry! Are we invading your privacy? Crankiness aside, she?s still very beautiful, even bare-faced.

Blake Lively Without Makeup

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