Beyonce and Jay-Z Let the World Know It’s All Good


After the insanity that was Solange’s post-MEATBall (as I like to call it) elevator beat down on Jay-Z, I assumed it would be a while until these two were seen together. However, Beyonce, being Beyonce, could not allow to have her life to look anything but perfect so you KNOW that after forcing them to release apology statements, she had to get a loving family photo as well for the world to see.?

The above pic was taken in New Orleans, where Solange lives, and I am truly amazed that Jay-Z was willing to step on Solange’s turf. If she beat his ass on his home base, imagine what she’d do on hers. This is some crips vs. bloods style shit and Jay-Z knows it, hence his choice to sport all blue in this photo.

This past Thursday, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Solange released this joint statement that gave us no real insight into what happened in that elevator:

As a result of the public release of the elevator security footage from Monday, May 5th, there has been a great deal of speculation about what triggered the unfortunate incident. But the most important thing is that our family has worked through it. Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what has occurred. They both acknowledge their role in this private matter that has played out in the public. They both have apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family.

So, basically bitches are over it and they aren’t going to let us know what really happened. Ugh.

They say a picture it worth a thousand words, and I guess Beyonce is hoping all these loving pics of her and Solange together say “My sister is not crazy. I am not afraid of her. Everyone is really happy. OK?!”

I’m sorry, Beyonce, but the world does not work like that. As Jonah Hill’s character said to Dave Franco’s character in “Superbad” upon reminding him of the time he peed his pants in grade 4: “People don’t forget.” I will not forget the sight of Solange beating down Jay-Z like a lunatic. Not even your sexy, star-studded, fake movie promo for your tour will help erase those visuals. But in case some of you want to try: