Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb Has A Completely Normal And Incredibly Boring Marriage, Okay?

There’s been rumours knocking around that one of the Bee Gees likes to have sex with people who aren’t his wife. This came about after Robin Gibb fathered a child with his housekeeper.

It wasn’t helped by the fact that, back in the ’90s, Gibb proudly crowed about how much he liked having threesomes with his wife on the Howard Stern Show. To clarify, they didn’t indulge in threesomes while on the show. Okay?

Anyway, Gibb is playing down these rumours of an open marriage, now saying that he and wife Dwina are more “conservative” than most couples.

Apparently, all that was a big wheeze and he was only joking with Stern when he said that he enjoys a sexually liberated relationship.

He said to the Daily Mail:

“It wasn’t a serious interview. Howard Stern was making up stories about his wife and other women, so I plugged into the joke. I was having fun in his world.

“We’ve never really said we have an open marriage. People like to imagine you’ve got a certain lifestyle, but it’s not quite like that at all… We actually have a very conservative relationship – more so than the average couple. We don’t drink or smoke. We’re not partying all the time. My idea of a good time is creating something and reading a good book.

Doesn’t matter though does it?

That’s because you’re now thinking of Robin Gibb’s sinewy old body writhing around in a bed between two women, looking very much like a sliver of overcooked bacon between to floury baps.

Aren’t you?

All the time, he was talking about being allowed out of the house occasionally to go and have a nice time doing boring things.

“Look, we’re not stuffed shirts. We have a free relationship. We give each other time and space to pursue activities – that doesn’t mean other people. But people have got to see it in terms of freedom of sex, because that’s the way they think. The average person can’t get it into their head that you don’t have to be talking about the physical the whole time. You can have individual freedom of space without that.”

So there you have it. You’re all perverts for thinking about Robin Gibb having sex. You dirty, dirty people. He was playing badminton while you lot were thinking about his erect member.

You make us sick.

Although, he did have it away with his housekeeper.

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  1. Sally says

    Dwina puts up with Robin for the same reason she had Robin John years before Robin to agree to marry Dwina a few years later. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY ! She had a child so she could secure herself financially. Many women would do the same thing. Robin has been rich his entire adult life. Whatever Robin Gibb wants, Robin gets. If his wife doesn’t like it, she can leave the castle. Since they are legally married…Dwina will get a lot of $$ either way. She was far from wealthy when she met Robin. She made bean bag chairs for a living! In my opinion Dwina is stranger than Robin.
    They make a odd couple, Robin is very thin, Dwina is quite large although she hides behind scarfs and layers of clothes. Dwina is an artist and writer. We could all be the writers if we had access to Robin’s bank account. Dwina was most likely upset with the birth of Snow Robin because Robin will be required to support his baby. Dwina’s son will have to share Robins wealth with one more of Robins children.

    Robin is so talented. If he wants to live in a way that other view strange, remember Robin, like Michael Jackson, never lived a “normal” childhood. Robin has many good quailities and his singing voice is like no other. As long as Robin continues to create beautiful songs, let him live his personal life the way he wishes. He has worked hard to achieve great success.

  2. Ashley Johnson says

    I agree with the comment made by Sally. Dwina is on the weird side. She loves Robin but large sums of cash helps to maintain her marriage. Robin is like any famous Rock Star, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons…It doesn’t matter how old these men are or what they look like…Famous men never have a shortage of women. Robin has lived the same lifestyle for decades. Dwina shuts up and puts up, no matter what, or who Robin sleeps with. Heck, I would do the same. I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to live the good life. Making bean bags could not have been any where near the lifestyle she has by marring a Bee Gee. Dwina calls their meeting destiny, I call it prearranged by Dwina’s cousin whom worked for Robin in 1980.
    Just my opinion…

  3. Lennie says

    Couldn’t agree more with Sally and Ashley Johnson! Moreover, I think that Dwina has a very bad influence on Robin – with all these Brahma stories, eating habits, pretentious and snobbish “charity events”, pushing promotion of her desperately untalented son RJ, etc…
    Robin has obviously changed a lot, both physically and mentally during the last 10-12 years and the change was not for better, unfortunately… Poor Robin constantly becomes victim of inappropriate women.

  4. Linda says

    I don’t think anyone has the right to judge another person’s lifestyle or marriage, unless the person referred to is doing harm in some way to another.

    Obviously, Robin and Dwina worked it out somehow. And she should get his $$$$. It seems like she had to put up with a lot, including his having a baby with the housekeeper. Just sayin…