Batman 3: Johnny Depp Definitely The Riddler, But Probably Not

The Batman 3 casting rumours have so far been numerous and vague, but at least one thing’s for certain – Johnny Depp will definitely play The Riddler.

That’s a stone cold fact. You heard it here first. Why are we so sure that Johnny Depp will play The Riddler in Batman 3? Because Johnny Depp recently briefly mumbled something desperately ambiguous about it possibly being quite fun to maybe play The Riddler during a local radio interview with his band.

See? That’s means Johnny Depp is definitely going to be The Riddler in Batman 3, which is why we’ve already started to manufacture a set of Johnny Depp Batman 3 Riddler action figures. OK, admittedly we just got a load of unsold Pirates Of The Caribbean action figures and Tippexed question marks onto their backs but – face it – that’s probably what he’ll be like in the film anyway.

We know this is a bit premature, but we’re absolutely confident that Batman 3 is going to be the best film ever made. Seriously, ever.

Look at how Dark Knight ended, with Batman living in fear as a supposed criminal vigilante. Batman 3 is going to have the same feeling of doomy paranoia and creeping dread, but it’ll also have Cher titting around in a rubber doily too. There’s something for everyone there, provided that you’re a manic depressive comicbook fan or a stereotypical homosexual.

But what if you want more from The Dark Knight‘s sequel than a fed-up Batman and a terrifyingly expressionless pensionable Catwoman who keeps getting her old lady minge out? What if, for instance, you want to see The Riddler in Batman 3?

Well, frankly, if that’s the case you’re an idiot. The Riddler is rubbish. He’s basically The Joker but with a green hat and a thing for Sudoku. He’s Henry Kelly from Going For Gold with a bee in his bonnet. He’s rubbish. Don’t argue, we’re right. He’s rubbish.

But none of that fierce logic is washing with Christopher Nolan. It’s long been rumoured that he’d like to cast Johnny Depp as The Riddler in Batman 3. So far Johnny Depp has kept quiet over the reports, but during a local radio interview recently, he decided to share his thoughts on the matter:

Host: Hey Johnny, a listener called in earlier said you have to ask about the rumors on the internet of you doing the Riddler.
Depp: Oh yeah, I heard about that. Not that I know of.
Host: You’d be a good choice.
Depp: It seems like it’d be a fun gig for a while, yeah.

“It seems like it’d be a fun gig for a while, yeah.” If that’s not official confirmation of the casting, we don’t know what is. But you know what this means?

It’s obvious. Cher as Catwoman and Sweeney Todd‘s Johnny Depp as The Riddler? Batman 3 is going to be a musical!

That’s excellent news, and we’d like to take this opportunity to offer Christopher Nolan our specially-composed pieces I’m Just A Lonely Millionaire With A Creepy Bat Fixation, Butla Rapp and Don’t Kiss Me Catwoman (You Have A Moustache Like My Gran). Don’t be stealing our ideas, Nolan.

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  1. says

    i find the news about Batman 7, yes thats rite, 7 batman films, so premature. Nolan is on holiday and hasnt talked with the producers about the next installment. So any talk about the next film is rubbish, as only the writer and producer have any clues as to what nolan wants to do

  2. Batgirl says

    I know this is a saracastic site, but the rap on JD that he plays the same character in every role is a bad rap: none of his other roles are Jack Sparrow; just because he uses an English accent went approp (Sweeney Todd is English) doesn’t mean he’s playing the Pirates role again. Personally, I hope he doesn’t play the Riddler.

  3. Desdenova says

    Dear author of this site,

    As both a Batman and Johnny Depp fan I feel compelled to tell you that your an idiot who is so desperate to be sarcastically witty that its sad.

  4. bill talkein says

    so something is “stone cold fact” when someone “ambiguously mumbles” it?

    i heard this 3 weeks ago anyway, so this wouldn’t be the first place to display it. i also heard angelina jolie would be catwoman.

  5. Rhawk187 says

    I like Johnny Depp, but I liked the fan made poster I saw of Deavid Tennant as The Riddler. He’s a helluvan actor too, and I’d love to see him land a role in what would realistically have to be one of the most anticipated films of all time after Dark Knight being such a success.

  6. jack says

    thats all a load or rubbish nolan said after the dark knight came out that he was bored with batman and may not do another although he would b a great choice it is way to early to call

  7. bah says

    is this like a tabloid or something?
    you take him saying it would be fun for “stone cold fact”


  8. dude says

    dude… how bout we say fuck riddler…and have harley quinn? aka, the female spin off of the joker…theres a story to it that would fit the movie perfectly. and if they dont do it, their on crack.

  9. Geoff says

    I don’t think you can say that the third movie will be the best ever if the second was a hit. It’s only cause of Heath Ledger’s great performance (and also his last) that the movie made so much money. Otherwise, it probably would have done the same as the last movie. I’m expecting the same for the third.

  10. omega says

    dude whoever published this article should be fired. the only stone cold fact here is the author is a geek.

  11. says

    When all these people say riddler is just these joker and a thing for sudoku is an idiot.
    Joker is a homicidel maniac with really no peticular motive. He dosnt even hate people he just kills. Riddler is cocky and obbsesed with himself. Who is a master crimminal who wants to be caught and challenges batman to solve his riddles. I bet 100% you are just basing the riddler on the old stupid tv show,and the stupid Jim kerry version. you are an idiot my friend.

  12. Musicman says

    Methinks,and please tell me if any of you think this is a good or bad idea, since Chris Nolan seems to be going for YOUNG actors to play his Batman villains, Elijah Wood as the Riddler. he is a fantastic actors who has, in his life, played a vampire, cannibal, exploitive scientist, pickpocket etc.

  13. amazon says

    Who cares it? Just want to date a rich man on Ri chkis So many certified millionaires there. I’m also a quality single. Let me meet a real millionaire. LOL.

  14. JOKER4BATMAN3 says



    IS THAT?



  15. jackson says

    yea ummmm a musical? really? wha is happening to the world, no musical…no catwoman…riddler sounds cool i guess, if anything replace the joker…no one will ever eveer play it as good as heath but can’t hurt to try, so no musical no catwoman, it would so stupid it really would

  16. John says

    This article is rubbish. Seriously, it’s completely non-sensical. Is it satire? Is it just sarcastic? Or is it supposed to be delightfully genuine? Who knows? I sure as hell don’t!

  17. melinda says

    JD playing Riddler?
    No sh*t he could do it.
    He’d be great.

    No. No. and No. Not Cher as Catwoman!
    You’ve got to be kidding me. There HAS to be a better actress for Catwoman. There’s got to be. And the solution is NOT Angelina Jolie. Another serious mistake. Just because she looks like a catwoman, does not make her the the great catwoman. Could you honestly see her and Christopher Bale making great chemistry?

  18. Talia says

    I had read that Cher is not going to play Catwoman, they want to give that character to Angelina Jolie, well, that’s what I read, ‘cuz Cher is a little bit old for Bale.

  19. Chris says

    This is like the worst journalist ever. i wouldn’t even call him/her that.

    “It seems like it’d be a fun gig for a while, yeah.” If that’s not official confirmation of the casting, we don’t know what is’

    You’re an asshole. and to be so sure and state your opinion as a universal truth? Get the fuck out.
    Shame, lame.

  20. gir says

    Wow, Chris is pretty angry about being born without a sense of humor.

    Don’t be angry with hecklerspray, Chris, be angry with God.

  21. Chris'sgay says

    hey ughh chris man, your really fucking gay eh? gir was right, you big goon show, grow the fuck up and get a sense of humor, batman can fuck cher’s tight grandma ass all he wants just because you dont like that shit, fuck off.

  22. Lance says

    It makes me laugh that a supposed sarcastic journalist cant really tell the difference from a joke and a serious comment. With all the amazing things Chris Nolan has done with the batman franchise do people really think we would want Cher as catwoman I mean come on. Any one who believes that would have to be an idiot. And as for Johnny Depp as the riddler wouldnt be bad. When I first her Heath as the Joke I laughed thought it was the worst idea ever. But when I saw him I knew I was wrong. If Nolan decides to direct a 3rd batman movie I think we can expect nothing but greatness.

  23. Amber says

    I could totally see JD playing the Riddler that would be awesome!!! AND CHER AS CATWOMAN WHOEVER THOUGHT OF THAT IS AN IDIOT THAT WOULD RUIN THE WHOLE MOVIE!!!!!! I like Cher don’t get me wrong, but i personally think that this would be a wrong role for her. But Johnny Depp absolutely needs to play the riddler.

  24. says

    Listen, i think everyone knows that there are not many actors that can compare to Heath Ledgers Roll as the joker i mean come on its part of the reason he died, BUT there are only so many actors in this lifetime that can get into a roll as much as he did. Johnny Depp is definitely one of the actors. POTC speaks for itself, Sweeny Todd sucked, but depps acting was still flawless. He could, should, and if the chance is giving i think will take the Riddler roll because he is very talented when it comes to dark parts.

  25. says

    I’m going to argue with you on your view of the Riddler. When you try to explain the Riddler to someone that is only familiar with the Joker character, it will always sound like you’re just describing a green-clad Joker.
    Whenever you SEE the Riddler in film or animation, you NEVER make the association. Frank Gorshin played a great Riddler and set an interesting, all be it campy, standard.
    Chris Nolan has a perfect record so far, or sculpting and revamping Batman characters into a more realistic light, and making them WAY cooler than we have EVER seen them outside of the comics. Basically, It’s Chris Nolan. I’m not worried.

  26. angel says

    angelina jolie is going to be catwoman… oh my god.. nobody would do a better catwoman as she would.. i can’t wait for to see the passion scenes between christian bale and angelina jolie.. because the eternal love of batman is catwoman..

  27. Jay P says

    The Joker is in the next film or else there won’t be a next film. That’s the way I see it. The script would be ruined if they cut out the Joker. It was so clear that he was going to be in the next film. He will be in the next film.

    Paul Bettany, Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio are the best ideas I have heard around the web. I say Paul Bettany because he was one of the auditions already so it wouldn’t be as hard for him to get into the role.

    Helena Bonham Carter, Chrsitina Ricci and Kristen Bell have been the ideas for Harley Quinn. Bell is a little young for the job but Ricci and Carter could both do wonders.

    If the Pneguin is casted, it will be Philip Seymour Hoffman, but I don’t think the Penguin is happening.

    I am on the Coleman Reese = Riddler boat. However, if I am wrong, Neil Patrick Harris, David Hyde Pierce and Ryan Gosling would be great. All of them would have something different to bring to the table.

    The best options for other Batman villains are Victor Zsasz, Victor Freeze, Rupert Thorne, Selina Kyle, Floyd Lawton or Bane.


  28. dude 2 says

    barnabus has no room to talk about anyone being an idiot, i can’t even mention all the errors in that paragraph. and the joker is a sociopath. this article screams sarcasm, and gets lost in the irony of sarcasm being subtle. cher isn’t going to be in it. most likely not johnny depp. what a waste of time.

  29. Natan says

    I would love Hugo Weaving to play The Riddler rather than Johnny Depp. The problem with Johnny Depp is HE’S TOO HOLLYWOOD. he’s probably funny at times, but he’d definitely ruin the movie for us. and we’ll eventually go see it because Johnny Depp is in it rather than just wanting to know WHAT HAPPENED NEXT. Lets focus on the story, not the actors. otherwise it’ll be a failure, just like BATMAN & ROBIN (1997) because it was full of Hollywood stars. For me, MIICHAEL KEATON is still the best BATMAN of all. and by the way, just look at the way Hugo Weaving’s great performance in V FOR VENDETTA. He’s a true candidate. He does not have to be funny. We need someone like Hannibal Lecter in the SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Some psychopath, leaving traces all over GOTHAM CITY, and letting BATMAN solve the riddles to it. This would be just fine, plus, it would be the first actual time we’ll see BATMAN become the true detective he is.

  30. Dane says

    So im thinkin that Mila Kunis would make a good Catwoman( if chosen as a villian for the 7th movie). she would need to do alot of preparin, but i think she could def do it.

  31. says

    Are you a F*** up batgirl! Johnny Depp should so totally play the riddler. I mean duh! The film would be hopless without him. PS I love you Johnny!

  32. says

    He should play Victor Freeze not Riddler I mean look at Mr.Freeze’s origin in the animated series he’s perfect!
    I seriously think people are forgetting about another villain MAN BAT! I mean he could get Batman blamed for every one he kills making things worse.

  33. MaRk says

    this whole article is fake, its only a rumor if it were 100% true, then christian nolan whould announce tht johnny who play the ridder. Another thing at one point the article says rubbish like 3 times? liek how many times can u say the same word in one paragraph its liek they’re just trying to make a lengthy paragraph hah. and to respond to someone elses comment, u can have another film without the joker. Heath Ledger was amazing and i think they should retire the title of joker for him, it just would b too wierd watching sum1 else play the joker. Two face is not dead either. and ridder as johnny depp wouldn’t b tht bad, if this is all true…..

  34. teeter says

    hey, the riddler is my favorite batman villan next to the joker so i am amped for this one! i really want johnny to take this part.
    ps cher will not be catwoman.

  35. says


  36. Merv says

    The Riddler and Joker are nothing alike. People who don’t know what they’re talking about just assume they are because the names are similar.

    Depp would be a good Riddler. He’s a very talented character actor and I think he’d enjoy playing a villain. He’d make the role his own, whereas most actors would either play it straight or make him another lunatic (which he is not.)

    Please God, no Robin! And no Catwoman either. They spent half of the first movie explaining why Batman dresses up in a costume. Catwoman would undo all that. And Robin would just take the “Dark” out of “Dark Knight.” Also villains like Mr. Freeze and Solomon Grundy don’t belong in this version of Batman either. They’ve established rules to this Gotham that I hope the studio doesn’t force them to break.

    One more thing…

    I read a theory about Talia al Ghul being one of the villains. That would make sense. It would tie the films together nicely, while bringing in a new female lead.

  37. says

    i would much rather see the riddler then talia al ghul and yes i agree no catwomen she is a horrible villian to bring in to the 3rd batman and i do like the robin but he is unrealistic batman in the dark knight movies wouldnt allow a teenager to follow him around in gotham city.
    I think jonny depp would make a really good riddler by the way.

  38. says

    I love Johnny Depp. He is one of my favourite actors. The way he acts in his roles is very interesting and original. And the way he look, oh dear GOD! He is very handsome although he is not that young anymore.

  39. lor says

    Ok. I love Johnny, but I have to say this ; I can’t see him making a good Riddler. Just I can’t see him as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, those roles by him make me think of hi Willy Wonka. Creepy, fruity and just plain stupid. Nolan has created a great Batman universe, dark and realistic. I have to say I’m a bit skeptical about Catwoman, too. I mean come on, we’re forgetting that Bruce Wayne was completely in love with Rachel Dawes, and I don’t know for sure but I never heard of her character before Batman Begins. I just don’t see Nolan’s Bruce falling in love again… he’s not the same as the other Bruce’s from previous movies.. or even in the cartoons.
    I read somewhere though that they might bring in R’as Al Gols daughter.. i think that’s interesting idea. She wouldn’t know that he killed her dad. Not to mention it would tie the two sequels to the first movie.
    But I’m a bit worried for these rumors, because of the way The Dark Knight ended. He’s a criminal to the citizens of Gotham. Only Gordon knows he’s innocent.. and Alfred, maybe Lucius too. So they should make a movie about Batman regaining his title as Gotham’s Dark Knight, with a few obstacles in the way… But that sounds a bit boring compared to TDK.
    And when I picture the next movie… I see it really goofy.
    Well that was quite the rant.
    By the way,
    whoever wrote this needs to get some better sources… and perhaps some better writing skills………. or maybe just stop writing in general 8|

  40. amarella says

    ps if they do put in Riddler they should also use catwoman and use hush as a basis for their relantionship and a bit of year one and catwoman her sisters keeper.

  41. says

    by putting hush all of them together, there’s a cool chance to regain that knight title in fifteen minutes. ANIWAYYY… I ‘m just flattered for all the comments but I didn’t quiet catch what is wrong with a all hag like Cher. I mean she is probably one a of the womwn who knows how to take care of her body well enough to bring an experience nasty cat women and again when I heard about mila kunis I said yeAh!
    Johnny Depp is good to be a true riddle
    Another thing . I think htey should consider Jackie Earle haley for one of the villains characters.
    PS. Bring Harley Quinn

  42. says

    Problem solved. See for yourself. Two words: Brett Rickaby. erokentertainment, the Brett Rickaby Fan Club Page,,, youtube Brett Rickaby IS the RIDDLER!!! & MtVistaMediaworx. People are under the unfortunate delusion that the “suits” are rarely wrong. The truth is that they are rarely right. My man comes with Frank Gorshins’ blessing, and is the Riddler in the most recent TRUE episode starring the original characters! You don’t have to take MY word for it — go see …

  43. Lil-Miss-Massacre says

    I really don’t want Depp to play Riddler. I personally think David Tennant would be great for the role (if they have Riddler at all). He has that unique style of acting and quirkiness that Riddler requires. I also have total faith in Nolan finding a villain and making him realistic and completely different to Joker.

  44. Ray says

    Just because Mr. Depp says he would liek to play it doesnt mean he will. Mr Nolan has to cast him 1st, and thus far Mr Nolan has said he doesnt even know if hell be making a 3rd film. premature indeed.

  45. haribo says


  46. DarKnight says

    Who wants to hear the truth about batman 3.

    It hasnt even been disscussed yet. There

    There is no batman 3 as of right now.

    No villain

    No director

    No movie

    Thats the truth.

  47. jason_smitherman says

    i also would like to see jim carrey return as the riddler.. ONLY if he could keep up with how serious the new batman movies are.

    & please carrey… no pink hair.
    i think “the number 23” look, would be a good look for the riddler.

  48. jason_smitherman says

    but perhaps that look would sorta take away from how fantastic heath looked as the joker in the last movie.

    ….so nevermind.

  49. switchfootluver says

    I agree with The Joker that they would have to cast Catwoman right. I think Bryce Dallas Howard would be great. I’m guessing no one has ever heard of her, but she’s a great actress especially in The Village, Lady in the Water, and Spiderman 3. And for all you Bale fans if you haven’t seen Equilibrium, WATCH IT!!! It’s a great movie, just don’t stop it after the first half hour.

  50. Chuck says

    Yea let me go ahead and call your dumbass out on something. First off, your an idiot. Catwoman or any of the other costumed characters except for the obvious ones like doctor freeze or poison ivy (because they are superhuman) because of the second movie. The batman imatators at the beginning and the joker himself were all in costume in the new gotham because as the joker put it he “changed things.” This statement opens the door for almost any of batman’s nemeses to step up to the plate. Personally I wish they had saved two face for this one, but I think bringing him back would be stupid.

  51. Stabby McGee says

    Chuck, that may well be the most abysmal piece of prose I have ever read. Well done, I can tell you were really trying.

  52. Jay says

    Chuck, wow, has the educational system failed you.



    Titles and names are capitalized

    Firefox has a built-in spell checker

    Et Cetera

  53. Steven says

    I would like to see Johnny Depp play the Riddler, and Angelina Jolie plays as Catwoman. Please DO NOT GET FUCKEN CHER. Chris Nolan, Who is going to play as the Joker now? I think Sean Penn wound be a good pick.

    The Dark Knight was a great success because of Heath Ledger. That was his greatest performance ever. He took a BIG SHIT on JACK NICOLSON.

  54. Elessar says

    Well, considering christian bale is contracted for another 2-3 movies…id say 99% chance another batman is made.

    Both have been a huge success. No doubt in my mind they will succeed again.

  55. Elessar says

    Cher..any1 that believes cher will be casted in any big budget movie let alone a batman movie…please get off the drugs.

    Casting like previously said, has not even been considered at this stage…

  56. AJ says

    Supposibly there are 3 new villains, Catwomen, The Riddler, and Harley Quinn, but some have even rumored that Mark Hammil, who played luke skywalker, will play and aged joker but a basic cameo in the movie.

  57. says

    wow, what a great read! hilarious! i don’t know what was funnier, the article or the responses. these people wouldn’t know sarcasm and mockery if it hit them with a hockey stick! ……wait! when is arnold’s stint as governor going to be finished??? i can see it now, Batman III, Mr. Freeze Returns!

  58. BravoTango says

    I would go see it just for Megan Fox. That would be a perfect catwoman. Angelina would be good too.

  59. Brian says

    If Cher was in batman 3, I would make sure to see it 3 times because it would be incredibly hilarious.
    I think the Riddler is a joke character, they need to do a movie with The Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy. I would say Harley Quinn would be awesome, but now that the Joker is gone there is no way to bring her in… :(
    And Poison Ivy is unrealistic. The Penguin is amazing, and Catwoman sucks, they should definitely not bring her into Batman 3. She already had her own movie and it failed.

  60. Anne Gwish says

    As the Riddler is one of my favorite characters, and not because of who plays him, I’d have to say your analysis of him is Rubbish. The Riddler is portrayed as a good bad guy who is freaky intelligent and proves it by solving mysterious cases, kind of like L in Death Note but with a lousy sence of righteousness.
    And Johhny Depp is an incredible actor. I loved him in Nightmare on Elm Street and Finding Neverland.

  61. Kevin says

    How can you say that the Riddler is essentially a green Joker? They are very differant. For one the Joker only cared about causing mayhem and trying to proove everyone can be as crazy as he was. While the Riddler is a Narcissist, he kills and causes destruction all the while leaving clues to who he is and who he is targeting. He wants people to know it’s him he longs for attention and will go to the utmost extremes to let everyone in Gotham know its him. He is the exact opposite of the Joker, he wants to show that he is special and that no one is like him. Plus if Johnny Depp signs on it would be friggen awesome to have him figure out who Batman really is and use that as one of his Riddles for the public.

  62. John says

    False. JD will not be playing the Riddler. IMDB has confirmed that Sylvester Stallone will be playing him. Don’t ask me, I don’t get it, but as previous casting that at one point didn’t seem to make sense has proven, it should be interesting. come on, how did you REALLY feel when you first found out a couple years ago that pretty boy heath ledger was playing the joker? and look how that turned out!

  63. Movie Watcher says

    Actually… the casting page for the 2nd “Dark Knight” , third Bale batman movie…. states that Depp is being considered for the part of the Mad Hatter… and that the character of the Riddler will probably not surface within the next two movies as they already have rough scripts… Two-Face/Mad Hatter in the next movie, Mr. Freeze and possibly Penguin in the movie after that… That is of course if Bale signs on to do another movie after his three movie contract.

  64. Aaron hartman says

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm ok whos ass am i going to treat today mm how about the next bitch that says jonny or eddie sucks at acting and that you dont want to see them in another movie well guess wat i dont fucking care about your lectures on the actors playing batman3 sit back fucking relax and let chris do his fucking movie you little basterds you all dont make any sence listen,oh i dont like jonny so i think hes going to suck at acting wtf and just because he sucked at acting in one movie doesnt mean that he’ll suck in all the other movies.wille wonka was not his fault it was the fucking script for crying out loud pluse hes a better actor then youre bitch ass and i understand you saying that you dont think the riddler and the catwomen,mr freze,robin isnt a good villian to be in the next movie its just your ass saying shit about the actors that is pissing me off and if you think you can go on the batman script and be a charector and let me treet the shit out of you and youll see out it feels to have someone say you suck at acting alright bitches oh and to all who say that chris hasent even signed the next movie or says that let chris do his job your cool

  65. Crazycat says

    The Dark Knight was so marvelous. The plot makes almost every villain believable to be in the next movie.

    Crime leaders are gone – Penguin
    Batman and the principles grayed, the cat reference – Catwoman
    Batman being hunted and Reese blackmailing – Riddler
    And the rest, more basic assassins and different versions of people above.

    Maybe there will be 3 or even more villains in the next movie.
    Maybe some are still hidden and only subtly referenced again. Penguin is ruling the crime while Catwoman and Riddler have small parts.

    I’m actually interested in seeing the actor of Mr Reese playing the Riddler. If possible, don’t recast anyone and keep it believable.

  66. katie says

    depp could never be the riddler and besides, they’ve already cast david hyde pierce. this post is stupid

  67. Nick says

    Why isn’t anyone seeing what will they do about the Joker in the next film? He has to be in the next film.
    Did you not watch The Dark Knight?
    I believe it may be over if they haven’t already filmed part of Batman 3 with Ledger before his death.

  68. Heath casanova says

    youre not the first one to publish it
    this is what i heard
    angelina jolie – catwoman
    phillip seymoure hoffman – penguin
    johnny depp – riddler

  69. Aaron hartman says

    alright i agree with kate listen to the fucking post jonny depp defenetly the riddler but probably not wtf didnt they just say that he was defenetly going to be acting as the riddler but then they say that he might not be wtf this whole thing is bullshit ill say again like others before me chris hasnt even signed to do this movie this was probably a teen or adult that randomly say that he herd that depp was going to be acting as the riddler and he probably liked depp as an actor and wanted it to be true i think its all shit oh and everyone is finally listening about saying that the actors suck thanx that really makes me feel better untill a stupid fag thinks that hes all badass and comes on this website and makes fun of an actor just to piss me off and i hope he comes and looks at this website again so he can see all the stuff im going to fucking say to him

  70. bob dole says

    the only person that has officially signed on for another batman movie is christian bale. there has been no one else that has been officially signed as of now. i think that they should find a role for daniel day lewis. HALEY JOEL OSMENT AS ROBIN HAHAHA

  71. gark says

    Thought they chose Eddie Murphy to be the riddler. That’s what the majority of websites say. Even national newspaper websites

  72. BradAce says

    Ive also heard rumors of them recasting the joker. If that happens I think Depp would be more fitting to reprise that role than the riddler.

  73. BradAce says

    yes…Depp for the joker, Hugh Laurie or David Hyde Pierce as the riddler and Phillip seymour hoffman as the penguin.

  74. tom says

    dont mess up batman by puting eddie muryphy as the riddler. alot of batman fans will not like that. but johnny depp will fit the part.will there be a catwomen in batman 3 or any outher villins

  75. dumb asses says

    u r all dick heads of cours eddie murphy can do it so can depp they both r great actors P.Si love all of u hot chicks

  76. haters says

    dude you poeple who are hating on Johnny are just jelous that you can’t play the part and make as much money as he does

    I think Johnny will od an AMAZING job as the riddle b/c he is good at those masterious roles

    I LOVE Johnny Depp

  77. says

    If they cast Cher as catwoman i would be dearly disappointed!! No offence but she is too old to play that part. Why not cast someone that looks more like the original catwoman from the tv series. Anne hathaway perhaps.

  78. CP3 = MVP says

    One of my favorite actors is Jim Carrey, and I think without him Batman Forever would have failed because he was HUGE in it. I doubt they will use Carrey or even Riddler.

    In all of the Batman movies the villains make or break the film. And after the take off of the Joker then the next villain has a lot of work to do, but the movie should be successful anyways.

    Jim Carrey for Riddler!!!

  79. Jenn says

    While Depp as the Riddler could be very good if he does an English accent again I will never go to another movie of his again. That would be just too trite. Also wish there was someone who could say one way or the other what is actually happening because I’m now finding myself bursting the bubbles of 15 yr olds who swear Depp will be the Riddler. Nothing is set in stone and it’s all speculative garbage! As to the Catwoman issue. Those that say Jolie would be a mistake as that character are spot on! She’s got the look but it would never work. I prefer the rumour that Maggie Gyllenhall is coming back as the Catwoman. Now THAT would be awesome! She’s a strong actress and they have already proven that she and Bale have chemistry. Look at her work in Secretary and you will see just how much sex she can ooze.
    I will believe in the casting of characters for this movie when I actually see it. Not before.

  80. out of control says

    hey, first of all a few of u are getting a little out of control with this whole thing. Don’t take everything so seriously dudes! Also I think that some guy up there is right, they should do a Harley Quinn villian. I love the batman franchise, but I’m tired of the same old cliche villians. that’s y I loved that they had the scarecrow in Batman Begins. I was a little nervous for the cliche Joker to be the villian in The Dark Knight but Ledger played it so uniquley and uncliche that he was amazing. (no Nicholson here, though he was a great joker) Harley Quinn is an unknown villian to the general public and I think with Nolan’s directing her could put a real different but great and genuine spin on the character of Harley.

  81. bob the builder says

    yea johnny depp sould be the riddler and angelina jolie sould be as catwoman. she’d look hot! if johnny depp is not going to be riddler, im going to be fucking pissed!

  82. AnythingButOrdinary says

    Omg, I no nothing has been confirmed etc. But Johnny Depp as Riddler will be amazing. as well as the penguin and catwoman thing with Philip Hoffman and Angelina Jolie!!

    I do hope there is a third and anyway the idea cant have come out of nowhere, something must have been said..

  83. zach says

    well honestly anybody can make the riddler good but i honestly never wanted harvey two face to be used for TDK they wasted two face damnit! but i hope if they do bring joker back into the sereis they could use maybe carrot top or some other crazy guy
    johnny depp would be alright but he can make any role good anyway
    if catwoman is used for the movie then they should get angalena jolie definetly
    they should also try to use maybe killer croc mr freeze or clayface
    but if there are 7 movies it should all tie up to where all the villians work together like in lego batman (which will probably never happen)

  84. Elliot says

    I think the best character they should do is Hush. He is like Batman but in a sick ad twisted way. His background is like bruce’s except he hated his parents and he killed his parents and one was saved by Thomas Wayne. Hush blames Bruce since his childhood (they were best of friends) and wants to kill him. That would make the next batman very chilling and very tragic.

  85. joker is best says

    come on. better than the dark knight. WRONG! The dark knight will always be the best batman film.

  86. Primetime says

    I think you are all forgetting who was in the Dark Night. Yes Depp would be what i think would be a better role than Ledgers…and yes this Joker was great but you cant forget the performance that Jack gave it was the best Joker….as fo the riddler…Jim Carey was a great riddler….better than the tv Riddler….who was probably the best riddler…But lets not forget the Joker didnt Die in the Movie…and neither did DENT….also at the begining of the movie the ScareCrow…..i believe that it was a foreshadow for the third Batman…why introduce catwoman.You have to remember the Tv show had posion Ivey first not catwoman. With this said i believe that the Villians will be …..DENT, SCARECROW, and the Riddler…with a possible new Joker introduced…..but if you all watch The Dark Knight again there is a mobster that is a cop….Watch his scenes…he taps and throws his cane up in the air with a twril like the orig. Riddler he could be a possiblity as a Riddler…. let me know what you all think….

  87. krys says

    It does not automatically mean that he is going to play The Riddler or that there is even a hint of another Batman with The Riddler. In a real context, he said that he had heard the rumors and that it would be fun to do, not that he is. There are a lot of actors/actresses that have said once or twice in their lifetime how they would probably like to play a certain role, but that doesn’t automatically mean they are.

    And Primetime…watch The Dark Knight again…Dent did die at the very end.

  88. harry potter says

    i promise to you that the guy was trying to be funny when he said that it would be a musical. honestly.
    johnny depp would probably be great, but over all i think the whole thing will feel rather anti-climax after the dark knight. all of the best batman vs. human nemesis scenearios were most likely put in the dark knight. another movie about batman vs. another similar foe would feel like a regurgitation of the 2nd.

  89. owais says

    i think that depp would probably do the role for joker(if he makes a return in the 3rd part)….cause the riddler’s role has already been given to eddie murphy…n rachel wiesz is doin catwoman…n shia lebeuf is playin robin….and lastly shillip hoffman as penguin…or maybe depp isnt even gonna be there in the 3rd….he might come as joker maybe in the 4th installment…

  90. says

    johnny depp would make the best riddler 0ut of allll the actors in the worldd! you gutys obviously dont no shit about acting so you should all just shut the fuck uppp.he makes the most money out of all actors anyway. hes been in some of this worlds best movies. so when i see one of you jack asses making as much money as he does get backt o me. i odnt care if hes in every othermovie ever made for ever. he would be the best part for them anyway. this article sucks and makes no sense. even though i would have loved for him to be confirmed for batman 3. no one is. it hasnt even been annouced yet. so all of u haters stfu. you dont know jack shit about acting if you dont think johnny depp is goodn for the role.
    johnny depp<33333

  91. says

    go on as long as robin is not in the movie. I don’t mind if Johnny Depp is playing the Joker’s role. Johnny Depp is the one and only replaceable into the Joker

  92. Someone says

    i can see the riddler as being a good villain in the Batman series, but i really want a villain that has some sort of mutation or powers like clayface or poison ivy or mr.freeze. : )

  93. Someone Else says

    I personally think that Johnny is one of the best actors around at the moment. And anyways, Im a fan of both Johnny and The Riddler, so fuck catwoman, thats so overdone.

    This website (as said above) sucks ass.

  94. Tyler says

    Host: Hey Johnny, a listener called in earlier said you have to ask about the rumors on the internet of you doing the Riddler.
    Depp: Oh yeah, I heard about that. Not that I know of.
    Host: You’dd be a good choice.
    Depp: It seems like it’d be a fun gig for a while, yeah.

    How the hell is that a “official confirmation of the casting”?
    Official would be Warner Bros. telling everyone. Or a flat out “Yes I am playing the Riddler.” You really have to learn to understand the meaning of “official” because I don’t think you have any clue.

    On a side note… Cher!? Seriously? I hope not! I’m a huge batman fan. Saw both in the the theater but, I’ll refuse to go to the movie if she’s cat woman.

  95. smc7779 says

    uhm, wow. seriously? you really think this is fact? i could see Johnny Depp as Ridler, but Cher? who do you take us for!? CHER!? SERIOUSLY!? here’s a tip. next time you have a fantastic and brilliant revelation such as this, keep it to yourself. you’re obviously a failed reporter who’s been up too late on those saturday nights. people, please, go to a credible source.

  96. Aper Son says

    Uhm.. It sounds like he’s saying it’d be fun to be the Riddler. Not that he IS the Riddler..

    Not so much you guys suck ass, your just way overreacting.. or just paranoid. Either or. :]

  97. diana says

    i think jim carry should come out as the riddler againhe aint too old for the movie he could still act the part of the riddler!!!!!
    i want jim carry as the riddler!!!!!!!

  98. jessica says

    stupid stupid stupid uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  99. Michael says

    You guys need to stop taking this so serious…it’s obviously a joke and the author of the article is probably STILL laughing his ass off after 6 months because people STILL come on here (after SIX months) and complain about something that is obviously untrue.

  100. PJ says

    nvr bring up the idea of evr making the joker a character again.
    Heath ledger was the best JOKER ever and in respect he should nvr have to be immitated by anybody.
    and eddie murphy as the riddler is the stupidest idea ever

  101. NickFrost says

    Wow, you must be a special kind of retard dude.

    This article is obviously (for people who aren’t mentally challenged and/or brain dead) written in a satirical sense.
    And well written at that.

    For the most part, I think it’s brilliant. I had a good laugh at it, and didn’t take too much away from it with regards to actual facts.

    I know for a fact that none of this is certain; Chris Nolan is a smart guy, I think he’d put a lot of thought into how he wants to approach the next film after the succes of The Dark Knight.

    So guys, just relax, enjoy this article for it’s humorous worth (brilliant!) and just wait and see what happens.

    And as for you Tyler, YOU really have to understand the humorous device called: Sarcasm. Harsh or bitter derision or irony.

    Practice in front of a mirror.


  102. Liam says

    that was Joel Shumacher’s idea when he was making a fifth one called DarKnight, my idea: Riddle me this: Who makes a joke that isnt funny?

    The Riddler

    Heres another: What Joker aint called the joker but remains a villain?

    H__ley _ui__

  103. Liam says


  104. Babs says

    I dont like the idea of eddie murphy as the Riddler. I love johhny depp but they have to be careful to make him a seperate character then the other similar roles he has done. Cher is just rediculous, that cant be serious. Batman and catwoman have this romantic sort of relationship so they have to have someone Christian Bale wouldnt look rediculous with. Im curious if they are bringing in Robin. Thats a role that will have to be really carefully cast. Maybe Shia LaBeouf, maybe, or possibly a new face would do well in the role.

  105. grhamthev says

    hey everyone,
    i just wanted to comment on this because i found a pattern of characters in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Batman TV series on Kids WB. so The Batman TV series is a kids TV show on cartoon network and kids wb. its very different than the dark knight and batman begins. one big difference is the bad guys. The Batman TV series does not have scarecrow, two-face, ras al ghul, or any mob leaders. batman begins and the dark knight have those characters. the only bad guy the two movies and The Batman tv show have in commmon is the joker. but how could you have a batman tv series or movie series without the joker, right? but the jokers in both batman begins and the dark knight and The Batman tv series are completely. most of the characters in The Batman Tv series look way different than the bad guys in the batman comics. Because of all this, my theory is that most of the characters they did not include in The Batman Tv series will appear in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, or “batman 3”. so i partly disagree that the riddler will be in the next batman movie.

  106. WOW says

    Wow are u serious is heath ledger going to be in batman 3….you might as well get punched in te face.

  107. Jimmy Johnson says

    Jim Carrey should be the riddler. He did an excellent job in the previous series and saved that movie. Bring him back!!!

  108. lycan73 says

    The previous Batman movies were “comic” movies. There was nothing serious about them and, honestly, it was more like they were made for kids. The present series, however, has all the elements a Batman movie should have – the dark, depressing backdrop, the crimes, the killings, and the psychopaths as psychopaths should be – demented and murderous. Heath Ledger excellently portrayed how a Batman villain should be, and I hope the next villain(s) is cast on the same lines. Jim Carrey’s good as a comedian, but I don’t think he’d do well in a movie of a serious nature as this.

  109. Tyler says

    Nick Frost, you are such a joke. Try out for the part of joker. That would be cool. And when you’re in front of a mirror, put a smile on your face.

  110. underling says


    Heath Ledger is a perfectly decent actor. You may not like him, but i’m sure he can pull off being the riddler.

  111. Jaded says

    All right. I really don’t care for any of this. Yes good movies. Good actors. Good ideas… kinda… but if you people are going to be heartless enough to come on here, or anywhere for that fact and start cracking jokes about Heath Ledger then you are seriously screwed up. Hate the game, respect the players. Please get over yourself and your sick jokes and back off Ledger. Pick someone that is alive to pick on if you have to be stupid.

  112. lycan73 says

    @ Underling:

    Maybe you didn’t read what I wrote. HEATH LEDGER IS DEAD! Etch that in your mind.

  113. lycan73 says


    And by wanting him to pull of being the Riddler, you’re in a way ridiculing him. Please have respect for the dead.

  114. woot! says

    okayyyy, this doesnt make much sense to me
    i think whoever wrote this had a lot of wishful thinking
    he says “not that i know of” when it comes to the movie
    but you spend your time publishing a whole article on the lines where it says it could be fun
    hmmm …. no
    sorry lady i dont think he’ll do it

  115. Eli says

    No way will it be the Riddler, if you didn’t pay attention in the film, here’s what was said “we talking rottweilers or chihuahuas?”, “should do fine against cats” – luscious. He says that when they’re looking at his new suit. If that’s not obvious then I don’t know what is.

  116. says

    i sayit would be awsome to see Depp as Riddler but what im really concerned is of whom is going to be the NEW JOKER i heard a rumor tht the guy who played ‘IT’ the clown is going to be th Joker hmmm

  117. Genius says

    ok ya’ll have way to much time to worry about bullshit on who’s gona play who and for one there not going to have another joker heath died you fck head and nolan doesnt want to recast the perfict joker and ruin it.. and its not going to be cat women just cause luacuious said it would hold up against cats he was implying that he shouldn’t get into any major brawls with large dogs or guns…. use u damn mind u freak he wasn’t reviling the next villian by using that line and its going to be the riddler depp or no depp some one is going to play the riddler

  118. polyjuciepotion says

    ok first, apparently theres been 8 pages of the script leaked, dont know if its real but in it one of the chars is noted as “nigma” any one who has any knowledge of batman, or DC for that matter, knows that the riddlers real name is edward nigma, therefore, shoulr the pages turn out to be real,the riddler is expected. now, depp would be the best choice for the part, and unfortunatly the joker will return eventually, ledger was the best, nicholson was good. when the joker returns theyll likely use a double and create heaths voice from old sound bites, its been done before. as for cher as catwoman ewww thats nasty, if they have to have her bring back hally berry she did a pretty good job, tho catwoman was white with blonde hair and blue eyes. they wont use penguin, freeze and harley in the same movie. ive always loved harley quinn. any btw, where’s ivey in all this talk. i think they should put ivey and harley in a movie like they were in the cartoon. anne hathaway as ivey would be cool, with anna paquin as harley. and screw jolie, her big lipped face needs to stay away from comic book movies.

  119. polyjuciepotion says

    oh and side bar, the sequal is not always alluded to in previous installments, the cats thing could have been a coincedence. and catwoman wasnt a villian she was an anit-hero. ther is a difference, if you dont believe me google it, or ask your english teacher.

  120. polyjuciepotion says

    sry another side bar, i was pissed when they cst maggie as rachel, shes really not that pretty, i mean she could be, but in TDK she looked old. katie holmes made a really good rachel. but shes dead so she wont be back.

  121. byrd says

    I’m not familaur of any directors names but if I have to wait 6 yrs for the director
    Of the last to batman movies I will. Also Depp would be a great riddler only one problem
    With that is he would remind everyone of joker cause he’s so fucking funny, so if it was
    Up to me I would keep him ass riddler but make the role more serious. Well let me know what u think

  122. Noah says

    How about the Penguin? It seems pretty clear from The Dark Knight that the guy in the car accident with Two Face will be the Penguin. He has the suit, limp, and cane.

  123. bd says

    Are you serious about the penguin guy. The guy in the car wreck is maroni. The penguins name is Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot. I won’t get excited until I hear a release date for the movie. Probably summer 2010 or maybe even 2011. Just enjoy the Dark Knight for a while…

  124. Jasperrikki says

    You fucking twit, Johnny Depp isn’t dead, Heath Ledger is. Christ you’re pathetic

  125. lycan73 says

    Remember to read the post carefully and the context in which it’s been written before you decide on making a comment, you fucking imbecile! I know Heath Ledger’s dead, and I know Johnny Depp’s alive. If you’d bothered to read properly (if only your intellectual level would have permitted it), you’d have surely found out that I was responding to Underling’s post where he’d stated Heath Ledger could definitely pull off being the Riddler. If there’s anybody that’s pathetic here, you dumbass moron, it’s you.

  126. Spider-Clown says

    I think Andy Serkis should be Penguin…dude that played Golum and King Kong, the real person behind both CGI characters. It’s 2009, if anyone reads this I don’t think Cher is in it. Depp maybe. But Riddler has been done just fine by Carrey, despite how bad that movie was. Let Deathstroke or Killer Crok take stage, even if there just henchman. Just bring back 2face and Scarecrow along with a new villian. Catwoman is actually a great fit for the batman saga due to his dead girlfriend rachael. Whatever I’m just bored. Maybe Bencio Del Torro can play the voice of Baine and That Giant Wrestler from Get Smart can be the Person with a Cool mask. And let’s not forget about the Raz Al Goul Legacy still up in the air from the first. We don’t need a reboot of Batman Forever. Dark Knight was the best anyway, so maybe ending the batmovies with that is the best way to go out.

  127. Spider-Clown says

    Oh yeah and Depp shouldn’t be Riddler. It’s just to close to somany of his past chracters. Okay, he can walk like Sparrow, should talk like Hunter Tompson from Fear and Loathing, dress like Wonka and Dillinger, and wear his hair like….the guy in know that scumbagish long hair. I would preffer he should be like the dude from Blow…his best performance. Actually Guy Pierce could play Riddler. And what i said about who should play penguin: If Hoffman doesn’t play him…because Phillip Hoffman would be the best person to become a real Ozwalt Cobblepot. Cobblepot should be less like Devito and more like a Con-man/Rich-man. You know what i mean, let’s get real. After such a choatic event where no more gangsters rule, only a rich shady conman like cobblepot could take over a certain Gotham. Were talking weapons dealer like Nolan Originally wanted. Why else would Villians go to the Penguin. Okay Now I’m done.

  128. Darkchild says

    @Eli, I too caught Luscious’ comment regarding “cats” and am hopeful that Catwoman will be in the upcoming sequel. I just hope that whoever plays her will be able to pull it off like Michelle Pfeiffer; she was the greatest Catwoman ever!
    And Halle Berry was the worst Catwoman to ever slink across the screen

  129. johnny depp says

    if u r wondering I am the real johnny deep and u pepole suck monkey butts1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. question mark says

    i think johnny deep will be good at playing riddler also i think they should not have cher as catwoman some one more better like Sienna Miller or Kristin Kreuk but what if nolan doesn’t go for riddler hemay go for some other character like Mr.Freeze, Bane, Killer Croc, Clayface, Pennguin, Hush, Poison Ivy Or Arnold Wesker & Scarface so who knows

  131. Darq Phoenix says

    ((((Hahahahahah)))) @ “…I am the real johnny deep…” For those of you who were “wondering”, you can stop now. “Deep”?!? ((Hahaha) Who the heck is Johnny Deep?

  132. riddler says

    It should be an unknown actor playing the riddler, someone around 20 years old long dark hair, skinny. Should be played similar to the joker but instead of complete chaos everything is planned and thought out.. Johnny depp would be good but I think it should be a young naive character.

  133. Donavon Bray says

    Why do people like you always have to make with the big fucking words and perfect grammar on the internet?
    Showing that you have a fourth grade education is in no way impressive.
    Anyone can type properly if they feel like it.
    Quit using it as a defense mechanism, faggot.
    By the way, I’m going to forget what faggoty little website this even is when I’m done here, so go ahead and respond.
    While you’re at it, you can go fuck your boyfriend Heath Ledger who you are so adamant about defending.
    You didn’t know him. He wasn’t your friend.
    Are you going to tell me to fuck off if I say Bea Arthur probably had a penis, just because she died?
    Well, Bea Arthur probably had a penis, my friend.

  134. Clarkekentyboy says

    I don’t know what’s funnier, the article or the number of people who think its serious.

  135. Donavon Bray says

    That mediocre Heath Ledger was NOT the perfect Joker. If anyone deserved all the attention for that movie, it was Aaron Eckhart. He proved to be more talented than that old stiff Heath, and Christian “I have throat cancer” Bale put together.
    The Dark Knight is probably the most overrated movie of our time, and to even imply that the Joker must never be used again out of respect for an actor that everyone ridiculed prior to the movie’s release is self important bullshit.
    If you want the perfect Joker, read “Arkham Asylum” or watch the old animated series. Fuck, even play the new game coming out.
    I saw nothing of the Joker in Heath Ledger’s performance.
    The Joker is not some kind of “hey, I’m such a charming guy I’ll just waltz over here and talk people into doing shit for me then I’ll kill them”.
    He basically was nothing more than a cliched mobster with green hair.
    Every one of you people bitched and cried over the choice of Heath Ledger as the Joker. Then all of a sudden they make a bunch of fucking shirts at Hot Topic and a few posters at Wal Mart and he’s the new fucking Jesus.
    Tell me, did you obsess over him in Ten Things I Hate About You? Or A Knight’s Tale? Or The Brother’s Grimm?
    Or…..oh, what’s that? Can’t think of another movie he was in? That’s cause he fucking sucked.

  136. Robert says

    Bam Margera from Viva La Bam would make a great Riddler if he really learned how to act. They will never find anyone able to play the Joker as well as Ledger and should just leave that character alone.

  137. Murphy says

    There is a rumor that they got Eddie Murphy to be the Riddler! How bad would that suck!

  138. underling says

    No.. I’m certain Heath Ledger can play the part of riddler. He’s got the talent.

  139. Darkrose says

    That mediocre comment was the perfect JOKE.If anyone deserved any attention for a i-wanna-stand-out-from-the-crowd opinion, it is DONOVANDONKEY BRAYED.You proved to have a more-than-hormonal crush on Aaron Eckhart by hollering that shit.Yeah,he was good but no1 went to TDK and came out sayin “God,if AARON wasnt there it wouldnt have complimented that joker guys style and what-was-this-movie.”
    To every1 out there if you want the perfect example of a DC comic fuckin nerd its this ballbrain above me.If Heath had played the comic-kind Joker then i’m sure your prior comment that TDK was ‘mediocre’ wudve worked out.The reason he and the movie stood out was coz he wasnt the stereotypical mobster.Maybe supposedly ‘intellectual’ morons like u shud take a break reading comics n graphic novels stop n livin in your make-believe DC worlds.
    Your ‘mechanism’ of wantin to be unique only works out in a fucked up way.

  140. Darkrose says

    Yeah the riddler is basically the joker except that he actuallt plans and plots meticulously while the joker had a Jackspparowish plan-as-i-go-along and chaotic style.Well, it wont help Johnny depp.

  141. zeus says

    If there is going to be any villain it should be maxie zeus. i mean he is the perfect villain and if u havent already heard of him google maxie zeus. he is a crazed criminal who thinks he is the derect descendant of the god zeus. he is not to unrealistic and a perfect villain for the job of deafeting batman. he is also many peoples favourite. he is definantly my all time favourite villain.
    he wears a greek toga and looks much like zeus but with black hair and a black beard. he also carrys a large lightning bolt shaped weapon he sometimes uses.
    Go Maxie zeus!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. famliy guy says

    I know me too!! That whole article was just speculation and there was no truth to it. It’s just the media just trying to get us pumped about the third edition to the new batman series. In case yall havent noticed, the directors and producers are taking batman on a whole new level, meaning changing the way the vilians act in this movie. Heath was an OUTSTANDING joker based on what I saw but thats just my opinion and other people need to respect other’s opinions as well. Most of us are adults and we should remain that way even on here. So what if you think Heath sucked or was awesome, and so what if you think Johnny shouldnt be the Riddler, the PROFESSIONALS will make that call and will do a damn good job at it. Each movie has been twice as good as the one before it and this will continue as well. This website isnt for the morons out there to run their mouths about stupid shit. Be MATURE about it and just simply state what yall have to say in the correct manner. I’m only 20 years old and its really pathetic for me to have to say all of this. This new series of batman has been such a worldwide success that ANYONE would want to play a role in the next movie. Have faith people, you will not be disappointed. I’m not going to lie I like the passion that we all share about what is going on here, but just think about what you are going to say thats all. Like many times before, we ALL speculated about who was going to play who and we were wrong almost 100% of the time so dont waste yalls time arguing over something as small like who is going to be the riddler. Yall be safe and God bless all of you.

  143. famliy guy says

    I like your creativity but to me honest that wont happen, not even a consideration untill maybe they start coming up with new things when we all think that batman has decided to stop saving gothom when the streets are stripped free of crime. Here’s a thought for you all, when is Robin and Batgirl going to show up? If we can all recall, Batgirl and Robin were there at the end of Batman Forever, when the riddler was also introduced in that movie. There are so many options and that’s why I cannot wait untill offical reports come out to the public!!

  144. NightOwl says

    Ok, I’m just gonna say this one thing and then I’m gonna keep my mouth shut. The Penguin, was the LAMEST villian ever consieved, Mr. Freeze the 2nd lamest, and Clayface a close 3rd. The real terror is the fear you create for yourself, Scarecrow is still at large and spreading his fear toxin like LSD through the city! A simple plan that causes psychotic breaks in the minds of simple citizens, creating new “Jokers” every day. Never underestimate the power of a twisted mind over people who weren’t expcting it.

  145. that one guy says

    i seriously couldn’t care less about all this “johnny depp is going to be be the riddler stuff” and how every one keeps ranting on and on about miss spelled words… mis spelld wurds happen peepol! kuit making a big deel abaut it! but seriously, it’s just down right ignorant to not know heath is dead… anyway, what i was here to say is SMOKIN HOT MEGAN FOX AS CATWOMAN!! couldn’t care less if you don’t agree =D isn’t shia lebeauf going to be robin anyway? (just in case, i don’t care how u spell shia’s name… get over it)

  146. Jim says

    I am bit worried about the future of Batman 3, because it seem that people are more interested in who the villain is going to be then the continuation of the story. Also, the involvement of David S. Goyer has me worried as well. I am worried that David would bring down Batman as he did with Blade. I think the reason that the Dark Knight was so good in the first place is because of his lack of involvement. Even the original film would not as great if Christopher Nolan hadn’t co-written the script.

  147. ben says

    The joker is not dead, and they can’t just have him sitting in arkham. Johnny depp is the only actor in the world that could play the joker.

  148. Robert says

    I’m not sure if Depp would want to fill those shoes. Ledger won an Academy Award playing the Joker in the Dark Knight. It was Ledgers performance not the caracter that made the Joker great. He was perfect for the part. There are plenty of other characters to beat up on Batman, including the Riddler. One of the things that brought down the other Batman series was having multiple actors playing the same character, such as Batman himself.

    Another thing that brought it down was the use of over used actors. Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Mr. Freeze was just not very magical, especially when he was wearing bunny slippers and watching cartoons in the movie. Neither was Jim Carey as the Riddler. They need a relatively unknown actor to play the role. Someone like the kid from Viva La Bam, Bam Margera.

  149. Jackdude2 says

    STFU, you stupid fucking idiot, seriously, wtf is your problem, just cause you didnt like Heather Ledger as the Joker doesnt make the world wrong, he got amazing acclaim for the role, and no its isnt because he got some posters made in cheap crappy super marker that everyone loved his performance, its because he was a fucking fantastic actor in the fim. And yes the Joker was a manipulative person, who tricked people into doing his bidding, its one of his traits, he was the CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME, clowns do tricks, and he did tricks with crime. And all of those films you listed are amazing, i enjoyed everyone of them. SO STFU you stupid fuck and GTFO.

  150. Bonkers says

    well this place seems hostile, but ill but my 2 cents in anyway. Im hoping for the best for the batman movie they really have to make this one good to surpass the dark knight. Which I doubt they will. Ledger was an amazing joker and made him so good as the joker is that he made the character of the joker and made it his own. Was dissapointed that two face was killed off wouldve liked to more of him. If the joker return in the future whoever is taking the role has some big shoes to fill. kudos to whoever mentioned deathstroke and killer croc i hope they will add them in sometime in the future before they get to the batman beyond bullshit. also i would like to see one of the clay faces in a upcoming batman movie. dont really care for cat women. but the character in the upcoming movie is i belive supposed to be called black cat i believe or blakc shadow or some shit (the one with the white hair). I think i dont know so dont get all pissed saying im wrong. i hope they dont bring back scarecrow i felt he was really weak in the last batman film. If they bring him back more stronger and badass hell yeah bring him back if not dont even think about it.

    ooo this is way off topic but those thinking about seeing x-men orgins:wolverine in theaters i recommend you don’t. It wasnt all that great it was ok but i wanted to see it because of gambit and the blobl and deadpool but you dont see much of them i suggest waiting for it on dvd

    also off topic some superhero movies coming out

  151. Alotta Fagina says

    I really really hope they dont have Zack Effron as robin. i heard a rumor about it. Which the rumor is most likely not true but that would suck. how gay would that be. He would jump around and dance his enemies to death. And then tell them “I’M GOIN BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL!”
    Plus ya the killer croc should be there and the riddler is questionable on who plays him. Johnny depp would be interesting, Jim carrey would be funny (but its not a comedy movie its action). Bane should definately be in it. Ivy could be in it. catwomen should be played by someone hot like Kate beckonsale, but i dont know if she would be good at it. She was amazing in the underworld movies and i guess she never got taught how to hold a gun and she holds it perfectly (according the one of the producers of underworld). plus kate beckonsale already looks good in black leather. The penguin was dumb. i didnt even like him in the comics he was just dumb (but thats just me).
    Heath Ledger did an awesome job as the joker. Nicholson looked too old for it and i thinked he did a lame job of it.

    Also i love how now a days people expect marval movies to be the exact same as the comics. look at xmen for exampe. Cyclops, charles, and jean died,(charles does come back through some other guys body at the end of the credits of the 3rd xmen) but they dont die. Wolverine dies when they go into the future and see just his skeleton.
    Spider-man: from what i remember, harry doesnt die. He becomes a menice but not back to his friend and then death.

  152. Alotta Fagina says

    basically you cant count on marvel movies to be the exact same as the comics. They should be but they arent. so we cant really expect and know whats gonna happen.

  153. freeze says

    No disrespect to Zeus but a guy running around in a toga is a horrible villain. If they do not want to the riddler because it is too much like the joker than I think they should bring back Mr. Freeze. Nolan could do great things with the Freeze story line. Arnold sucked as Mr. Freeze, he was corny and his lack of acting talent really showed in that movie. BRING BACK THE FREEZE!!!!

  154. uguysrdumb says

    o my fuckin god will u all quuit ur bitchin?! i was lookin at this site to see if anyone had any insight into the next batman movie, but instead i read all these dumbass arguements about shit that doesnt matter. i just want 2 say 1 thing tho, heath ledger did a damn good job as the joker and anyone who says otherwise id like 2 see u b a better joker u guys probly rnt even funny. u all make me laugh. put a smile on that face of yours hahahahahahahahahahaha

  155. Jim says

    I know that some people believe that the Joker could be returning in the next film, but I don’t see that happening. Christopher Nolan has stated during the making of “The Dark Knight” that he wasn’t interested in duplicating the experience of Batman Begins. I think having the Joker appear would only undermine the experience, since he played such a big role in the last film. Furthermore, I think it may be too soon for any actor to compete with Heath Ledger performance. I think the fans should expect a completely different movie and not a copy of The Dark Knight

  156. spongebob says

    Heath wuz asome. And Jhonny iz going 2 b the riddler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  157. JDlover says

    wow all u guys are freakin hilarious and yes heath was great and as for the JD i love johnny depp and he would play nicely as the riddler though i highly doubt it. i luv johnny depp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. JDlover says

    i seriosly agree with you. well the villain part all of them are awesome. im 14 but still watch cartoons and i watch the new batman “the brave and the bold” and im not sure if the gentleman ghost is new but i find him pretty cool. he’s in my top ten villain list now.

  159. Harvey Dent says

    I just hope they can make a good part 3.I loved TDK,it was flawless,here hoping the sequel will follow suit and carry on strongly

  160. redmask says

    i think it wud b cool if they did poison ivy, like with scarecrow and the joker they gave them a more realistic story in the movie, less supernatural and more beleivable i think they cud do this easily with the ridler and Ivy, but the killer croc wud b shite it wudnt fit inot how christopher nolan has portrayed the villians in his movies so far. and a catwoman wud b great, sum1 to suppass the mental unstability that phieffer brought to batman.

  161. SKUMBAG says

    I just wanted to see who was playing in Batman 3. Instead I see a bunch of 36 year old virgins, living in there parents basment reading comic books arguing about this character and this character. I just gotta say Heath did an incredible part as the joker. That was the best acting I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! The best two face, and I think Johnny Depp will be a great Riddler!

  162. erobinson says

    i really want casey affleck to play the riddler, i reckon he could make a really cool, eerie, placid character

  163. theothertomhanks says

    I am one of the many Tom Hankses and I don’t care who plays who, because I know that I’m gonna love the third movie no mater what. They could have a woman play the riddler. Well maybe not Harley is the main female bad guy, excuse me, girl that I am dieing to see.

    Tom Hanks

  164. You need lives says

    your all faggots, haha faggots. literally omg who gives a flying fuck?

  165. julepp says

    I’m fine with Johnny Depp as the Riddler, but CHER!? Wtf. Please find someone else better to cast as Catwoman.

  166. who gives a fuck says

    this article was posted on September 2, 2008…so gives a shit what this website says!!!

    Youre all fucking retarded!!!

  167. Izer49 says

    I agree with ‘bonkers’, this place does seem very hostile…. But I am still gonna contribute my thoughts…..

    Depp will will obviously be a good riddler, simply…. He is just that kind of actor!
    I think the following should be the cast for Batman 3:

  168. Buff says

    You were right, your getting hostile feedback for that. Robin, penguin, and the Joker? WTF. Thank god your not writing Batman 3. Robin is gay, the penguin is weak, and the Joker would not be the same with out Heath Ledger. He would suck. Lets hope that the Riddler rocks like Ledger’s Joker did.

  169. CJ says

    “out o the box” picks for any new Batman characters –
    DAVID KRUMHOLTZ for ROBIN (Not too “Pretty Boy”, can act)
    RACHEL HURD-WOOD would make a nice POISON IVY
    PINK for CATWOMAN(Yea I know, but despite losin some chest hair with the decision she’s a good fit)

  170. Jon says

    I think JD as The Riddler would make an awesome end to Nolan’s trilogy, Jim carey played the part really well but that doesn’t mean Riddler shouldn’t be in another movie. Two-face and Joker were pulled off Brilliantly in Nolan’s Gotham, and the Last Villain that would really fit is E. Nigma. As for the Catwoman, i think Nolan could pull it off. So long as he keeps Halle Berry far enough away during auditions.

  171. ThePenguin says

    I reckon the Depp would make a mediocre appearance as the Riddler. But I reckon that they should have done the Penguin as the last villain to the trilogy. Andy Serkis + The Penguin = a must see movie. Brilliant Smeagol (Gollum), brilliant King Kong, probably brilliant Penguin.

  172. Gotham says

    I bet that they include some sort of thransition into Batman Beyond at the of the movie. Hopefully, it’s not with that gay Robin character though, and is instead like the cartoon Batman Bayond character.

  173. CDDICKEY says

    I’ll keep it short. Riddler is not another joker. Joker represents chaos. Riddler isn’t the same at all. Riddler was designed with an obsession for puzzles and traps. Think Jigsaw from the Saw series. There are huge differences between Riddler and Jigsaw, but it would be a better comparison than Riddler and Joker. The whole idea of riddler is that you pose the world’s greatest detective against the worlds greatest mystery maker.

  174. I says

    Let me squash the debate concerning the Penguin. Nolan, the director stated prior to The Dark Knight that he’d NEVER use a character he considered unrealistic. So Penguin, scratch it. There is also rumor’s spreading about the introduction of Robin, suicidal for this Batman saga. Supposely played by Shia LeBeouf. Seeing how Robin was voted to kill off in the comics in 1980. Rachel Weisz is now the accused choice for Catwoman, not old ass Cher. All of this speculation of course.

    The Riddler would be an excellent villian contrary to popular belief. I think the real issue is that if he’s casted (Johnny Depp) He’d over shadow Heath’s work as the Joker. People seem to be emotional of Heaths role, all inspired by his death. I agree, when I watched Dark Knight I kept waiting to see Joker. Exciting character but what you are missing is he’s been wrote off. Gone, poof! Time for the new guy to step up. Sure as fuck won’t be penguin. Now before I go all bow your heads and pray for NO Robin.

  175. *Film idea for batman 3 leaked* says

    Christopher Nolan decided now that batman is on the run, Bruce Wayne decides to reside in a remote island off the coast of puerto rico. On his island he opens a theme park full of extinct exotic creatures, but his park gets bad reviews so Bruce invites Gotham City’s best and brightest to show the lack of danger to his park. Little did Bruce know Robbin would betray him by stealing the DNA for his creatures and turn off the security to his park. Bruce Waynes creatures run loose and wreak havoc amongst his invited guests , now every man and woman and child must fear for there lives. Now Bruce Wayne realizes that Bruce Wayne is unnecessary and the people still need batman so now the dark knight must endure and be the symbol he once was and retake the park.

    Im very excited for this film to come out, I find Christopher Nolan very inspiring with his originality as he once again brings life back to the silver screen!

  176. pDOS says

    let me put a smile in that gay ass fucked up ugly retarted face.

  177. Bonkers says

    I had to post in here again.
    well lets see here.
    when i seen the first batman movie. The part when all the prisoners is escaping and they show that guy with the bald head if you dont know what i am talking about watch the first dark knight movie again and pay close attention. That blad man was zsasz a derranged serial killer that was a villian in one of the comic book series, dont know which one but i knew this because of the tally marks on his neck. There you go i revealed one of the villians he was portrayed as a hitman then a serial killer in the movie. When he was under the influence of the toxins and tried to get racheal dawes and that little kid. Batman stopped him and the other dudes that was with him but he was still remained at large im just going on this theory that they might throw him into the mix with the joker and its very possible especially if you look at it they would work really well together the riddler and mr. zsasz. also forevers comment about clayface. clayface would make a badass villiand to put on the silver screen because not only could he destroy shit. One of his skills was shapeshifting so that would make clayface very deceitful.
    a couple other villians that woyld be cool how about black mask was forced to be good friends with bruce waynes because of his parents. the shit he did in the comics was badass taking wayne enterprises executives and putting masks on them that carried deadly toxins. You dont need another actor to relace the joker how about another character but when hell bent on revenge. this is like two characters in one 2 face and the joker but joker was more crazy and a better villian it wouldnt hurt throwing him in the mix with a good headlining villian. how about deadshot he was a good villian because he is not a scared of death he welcomes it especailly being a part of the suicide squad. I have heard from a very good source that there will be deffly a riddler but its blantly obvious.
    and by the way the dark knight movies made scarecrow look like a little bitch in the comics he was more badass, but nolan wants that realistic touch to the dark knight series, but i feel scarecrow couldve looked more badass and over the top. The dark knight series i feel wont end wont end on the third installment well depending on well it does there is honestly too many good villians that they could use. same as the spiderman movie which i feel the next installment will be the last one just because with the villians they are bringing in are fuckn badass. Carnage is going to be in it mysterio and the lizard. but then again i also heard that kraven the hunter was supposed to be in it. their is so many good villians like shocker, the rhino, scorpion, morlun would be the best villian to fight spiderman though.
    but thats the story for every superhero movie their is so many badass villians out there that need to be on the big screen.
    but for sure the riddler will be in the next batman obviously but the other spots are up for grabs really well alot of specualtion of the catwomen but dont count the other villians out yet you might be suprised :]

  178. Bonkers says

    i just read the first pages of the script so i am going to clear the air right now expect to see catwomen expect to see the riddler expect to see a brand new joker and see harly quinn in batman 4 because their is a subplot with them and in the movie of batman 3 their will be a joker gang and joker will get busted out of jail so they will be bringing back joker yes believe it, but the way the script goes so far they are already setting it up for another batman but ill leave the rest for you to discuss, but they do throw another villian in the mix but youll have to talk about it amongst yourhelves
    good day to all

  179. Shadowind says

    Johny Dept is not going to be riddler! Mr.Reece from the Dark Night is going to be riddler in the next movie. Mr.Reece and mysteries sound alike! You got the whole thing wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Jon says

    The Riddlers name is Edward Nigma, You got the whole thing wrong!!!!!!!!

    And i highly doubt robin will feature in the next movie, Batman’s on the run and introducing a small boy into that would be a bit silly. And although it is a long shot, The small boy in the first film was given one of batmans gadgets, perhaps a hint that that very same boy grows up to be robin?

  181. King says

    I have to disagree with you there Jon. The boy that was given teh gadget, well his mother and father were shouting and screaming which is the total opposite of Robin’s childhood family that was so giddy and oh one other thing…DID IT SEEM LIKE THEY WERE IN THE CIRCUS TO YOU! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NARROWS I DONT THINK SO

  182. Andrew Schindemeier says

    The little boy ran away, went to the circus…bla bla bla
    And with the little gadget…

  183. Dakota Forrester says

    Well, yeah the riddler is going to have to be johnny, but the little boy, was given the gadget and your saying his parents were perfect and in the circus, but, if you remember who was it that killed batman’s Parents, hm, and also Harvey dent got his over exaggerated scare from coffee, and that changed, so things can change slightly!!!

  184. Dakota Forrester says

    Also, the person in the very fist movies to kill batmans parents by the way, was the joker!!, then later changed to joe chill!! im pretty sure!!!

  185. The Dude says

    I have a feeling they are going to screw up this movie. If they bring cat woman and Robin out in this one, I am done. You can do the joker and the riddler and keep with the more realistic feel the first movie had. With the joker it worked. If you pop in some gay side kick and an over acting woman, you will just screw the whole thing up. Johnny Depp could play the role of the riddler and pull it off….. I think. Maybe they should just keep it at two. I can see this being Terminator 3 rise of the machines all over again.

  186. Kerrs Girl says

    God i hope they don’t get depp to play the riddeler. He would so sux and make the whole movie bad. Plus if they get cher i am done, this combo just won’t work. Maybe they should bring in Harley! That would be kick ass. But using Johnny, it would be like willie wanka in a green suit with more of a Jack sparrow sweny todd personality mixed with a bit of Edward siccorhands dim wittedness. Not a good combo but now that i say that it does seem as though his career path has been leading him to this point! Lol. And what he said really wasn’t comformation, he was no doubt high and whar have you.
    Chow Bellas!

  187. M says

    Mr. Reece as the Riddler come on Johnny Depp is the best person to play the role hands down and to the people that are talking about the boy who batman gave the gadget too. He is not going to be the Robin i agree with King Robin was born and raised in the Circus life he wasnt in the bad section of gotham when he was little he was in the circus his entire life.

  188. Jim says

    I can understand not being able picture Robin in the next film, because he may only work in the comics. However, I don

  189. M says

    Are you really kidding me with what you said as the joker being the most unrealtistic character Jim. Look at catwomen she is a person who is in love with cats and somehow just by magic or vodoo or something she gets 9 lifes like a cat does. At least in the jokers case the falling into a acid pit could have made him crazy and want to kill the people that did that too him watch the (3rd) batman with jack nicholson as the joker.

  190. jordan says

    I totally agree. All hail Joker. even if he is dead. he completed the role. and made it more then just a movie

  191. Jim says

    “Look at catwomen she is a person who is in love with cats and somehow just by magic or vodoo or something she gets 9 lifes like a cat does.”

    That is her origin in Batman Returns; that is not her origin in the comics. In the comics she has a more realistic origin like Batman. She was an orphan raised on the streets and as a result turns to a life of crime. I

  192. Riddler says

    Riddle me this. I have to say that this article is a load of bullshit. I hate people who don’t respect the riddler. He is nothing like the joker. Maybe if you read a comic book in your life you would understand. Fucking dumbass!

  193. ana says

    i hate the idea of catwoman, she has been used in movies to many times. i think the ridler will make batman more interesting and the story will be able to be continued in batman 4 and mabye even 5

  194. Jim says

    “i hate the idea of catwoman, she has been used in movies to many times.”

    So has the Joker, but they brought him back for The Dark Knight. The Riddler has also been done as well.

  195. Jim says

    I think Catwoman would be great addition to franchise and I do believe that Nolan would at least consider the idea of bringing her into his Batman universe. I believe Catwoman would an easy character to bring into the films, because she is one the most realistic. She is the most realistic in the 1940 comics, where she didn’t wear a skin tight or purple costume. She just wears fancy clothes and establishes herself as a high class criminal. If Nolan were to bring her into the franchise it would my best bet that he would base his interpretation on her first appearance in the comics.

  196. nasty nate says

    I really think Jim Carry should play as the riddler. As he did in the earlier films.

  197. Jack McPartlin says

    Ok everyone listen up! Christopher Nolan always has a twist. No one will every get it right to what is gonna happen. It gets annoying when people say they know whats gonna happen. Christopher Nolan told a reporter he isn’t even thinking about doing another movie. Their may be no more Batman. I would hate that! I think the whole world would be pissed off! The joker should be brought back. Heath would have wanted that. They should hold off on The Penguin, The Cat woman, and The Riddler. They still have so much things they could do with Two Faced. And another thing, I only saw The Dark Knight first and I loved it. Then I saw Batman Begins and it was just horrible! I wonder what will happen to The Wayne’s mansion. Will that be built? Well thats all I have. I hope they come out with the next Batman soon because I will be the first to run into the Theater. I CAN’T WAIT!

  198. Raab says

    Why is everyone so convinced that the next movie will even have the riddler.. or robin? don’t forget theres still mr. freeze, bain, poison ivy, scarecrow can still return, penguin and others. so.., think about that.

  199. WarnerBro1 says

    It doesn’t matter what character or characters they put in Batman 3 they will not be able to live up to the performance of Ledger’s Joker. Ledger played the role so well that it is too tough of an act to follow in such a film. The next Batman film is almost guaranteed to fall short. The writers know that, and are starting to walk away. With all of the rediculous talk of adding Robin, Cher as Catwoman, and Mr. Freeze to the next movie, maybe they should. The writers are saying that if they do make a part three it may not be until 2012 or 2013. Read this,

  200. Jim says

    I believe the talks of Cher being Catwoman and bringing back Robin are just rumors. Nothing has been confirmed just yet they are just rumors. There is good chance that Nolan will return, but there is also good chance that he won’t return. It’s all up in the air right now and I think it is a bit too early to rush to conclusions.

  201. Jim says

    “They still have so much things they could do with Two Faced.”

    But didn’t Christopher Nolan confirm that Two-Face died at the end of the movie.

  202. scott says

    Well jack, two face died in Dark Knight so there is nothing more they can do with that. i agree that no one wants Batman to end though.

  203. CK says

    There is one way you could make Robin work.

    First, don’t make him a sidekick. Or even living with Batman. Make him just another copycat vigilante working in the city who Batman doesn’t know but maybe has met his real persona.

    Second, make him have deep personal problems, maybe he was an abused child or watched his fiancee being murdered or some such.

    Third, instead of being a circus performer, make him a high school gymnast who just got back from a tour in Afghanistan a member of Marine Force Reconaissance.

    That is how you make a more realistic Robin. You heardit from me first. Don’t bite my idea. I want my check!

  204. andy says

    There wont be a robin! Johnny Depp is only “supposidly” the Riddler. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart both signed a two year deal with the Batman movies, so I expect to see a flashback of Rachel Dawes in Batman 3 and possibly a “I’m not finished”-type beginning with Two-Face. Cher as Catwoman is redic!!!!! 62 year old Catwoman!?!?!? Get outta here!!!

  205. Superman says

    Hopefully the pick a guy with a nice ass to play the role of Robin. Robin is known for his nice ass – trust me.

    Batman + Robin = Hot!!!


  206. Seamus Hawkins says

    This what I think is going to happen. You know how scarecrow was in the beginning and somewhat in the end. thats what i think they would do with riddler and catwoman. Because they didn’t start out bad just yet. They had jobs riddler worked at wayne enterprises and catwoman I don’t remember. well we know that morgan freemans character resigned right. That means the riddler will be in charge of wayne enterprises. the riddler will in it but not bad yet not until the end of the third. This is why like what jack mcpartin said they still have joker to do because he is batmans arch nemesis. other than that this my list of actors that should be villians.

    the riddler=Johnney Depp
    catwoman=Anjelina Jolie
    the penguin=Philip Seymour Hoffman
    harley quin= Megan Foxx
    poison ivy=Tilda Swinton
    mr.freeze=Hugo Weaving
    the joker=Timithy Olyphant or Andy Serkis

  207. T Man says

    I believe Lucius Fox will probably be back as the man in charge of Wayne Enterprises. He said he would not work there as long as the cellphone sonar machine was still there so at the end, when he entered his name it destroyed the machine. Dont count on Edward Nigma running the show there, but if he is in the 3rd movie he will possibly be a leading scientist again he makes a dangerous machine that gets turned down.

  208. Seamus Hawkins says

    Can anyone see jake galenhael or shia lebouf or maybe elijah wood being robin.

  209. Seamus Hawkins says

    if no one agrees with hugo weaving being mr. freeze. what about tobin bell the old man that plays jigsaw in the saw movies.

  210. Seamus Hawkins says

    Okay batman fans obviously mr.freeze is an unrealistic character right. well did anyone like ironman? just curious because ironman man is somewhat like mr.freeze because of the armour. If mr. freeze is going to be in any batman movie he should be kind of like similiar to ironman.

  211. andy says

    Nolen has already made it clear he isnt using the more fictional characters like freeze, poison ivy and penguin. So, with that said, riddler and catwoman are the best choices as of now. Nolen has also been quoted to say that he doesnt necessarily think the idea of robin would be good for the series. I tend to agree, robin was worthless and I hope they dont add him to “Nolen’s Trilogy”. I agree with T Man sayin that Fox is still workin at Wayne Inc. and if Edward Nigma is added to the third movie then I think that he will take over Applied Science Department because Fox got a higher job at the end of Batman Begins (Batman 1 of the series). Riddler is a very high possibility in my opinion, now…just who would be the best to hire for the character????

  212. Jon says

    Sorry Shoes but i completely disagree.

    1. There didn’t necesarily have to be a sequal to Begins. Nolan Originally set out to rewrite Batman’s origin and that was it. After the huge success of Begins it was obvious that there would be a sequal because theres so much money in it, not because he left it open for a sequal.

    And whos to say DK wasn’t left open? Batmans on the run from the law, Two Face may or may not be dead, and Someone else knows Batmans true identity (Mr E).

    2. I personally felt DK wasn’t as good as the first film. Don’t get me wrong it was brilliant, but so was Begins. Dark Knight Won’t be that hard to top by Nolan of that i have no doubt.

    3. Really more of a casting thing than anything else. Although i personally am glad to see her out the way. Batman is one of the few Super Heroes who never really needed a love interest yet they put one in every single film for some reason? Besides the actress playing her in DK was terrible. The character was completely different to the Person she was in Begins. Her Death hopefully means we won’t have to see a love interest get in the way in the next one. And LoL “Nor do we want to see Bruce Wayne spend the whole third movie brooding” it’s Batman xD

    4. Yes it’s Tragic, Watch “A Knight’s Tale” it’s my personal favourite Heath film other than Dark Knight. But when it comes to making movies it doesn’t really matter. They can show a shadowed joker played by someone else in Arkham for 30 seconds in the next film to show where he is. The Joker may be The Batmans Nemesis, but there are stronger foes, and smarter. The series doesn’t necesarilly have to begin and end with him.

    5. HAH look up on Wikipedia all the Batman villains, there are plenty that will quite comfortably fit in Nolans world. The Riddler being the main example and Nolan could probably do it to anyone of them anyway. Look at Two-Face, One of the wackiest villains in The Batman Universe (wears half normal half messed up suites, bases all decisions on the flip of a coin, his face was half burned by acid turning him insane) and Now he’s a believable character…almost.

    Perhaps Nolan Won’t make the next film but this Arc is far from over, Christian Bale is signed on for atleast one more, (as much of a short tempered ass hole he is he’s played batman better than anyone else thus far) and the rest of the cast have said they’d be glad to reprise their roles.

    I Honestly hope We’ll be seeing another batman Movie soon, as Nolans Batmans, the new Wolverine and iron man are the only Comic Book movies i as a fan have really enjoyed so far :/

  213. Serious says

    The second installment in Nolan’s trilogy (notice how i say TRILOGY) was a huge hit. Yes when Heath died it sort of screwed it up for the Joker, but to anybody who has read a batman comic book you would know that the Riddler is nothing like the Joker. the Joker had no name, no other alias, no prints, no record, no nothing. The Riddler on the other hand is Edward Nigma, works for Bruce Wayne, and is more fallible when it comes to being defeated by the Bat. Therefore if the Riddler was going to be used, there would need to be another villian, and is much as i hate to say it, Catwoman would fill the role.
    I personally hate the Catwoman, but the love interest in Batman’s life has to be renewed, and she would accomplish this. Plus, having Batman deal with the Riddler, then Catwoman, then the fact that he’s an outcast vigilante would make an incredible film. Who know’s maybe the reason Nolan made batman an outcast in the end of The Dark Night was so that one day, he would find himself desperate for help because of his overwhelming circumstances and possibly that is where we could see the part of Robin coming into play. i’m not sure how this would happen but it is a possibility. But one thing is for sure…. The Riddler remake will have to be dark, disturbing, and flat out scary for him to beat out the Joker which is already almost impossible, yet i’d like to see Nolan try.

  214. Serious says

    Oh and by the way Christopher Bale, Maggie G, and Nolan all signed for three movies so that is why there has to be a final installment. It might take awhile to get to theaters but it WILL get there, and when it does i think all of us Batman fans will be pleased cause Nolan has done a great job so far, even though Heath completely dominated the The Dark Night, single handedly making it a hit. Let’s hope another great actor gets the part of Riddler, so as to even have a hope or a prayer comparing with Ledger.

  215. andy says

    Franchise isnt over! Nolen will do another and i’ll put money on it being riddler as the villian. Joker wont be in it at all, no recast, no thought about it. Of course all of Batman villians are crazy, thats what makes them the villian in evey Batman comic. But I agree with your point about Rachel, i cant see that playin into the next movie at all, although Maggie Gyllenhaal signed a two year deal with Nolen & the Batman franchise along with Aaron Eckhart. So, I see Two-face making a camio such as what Scarecrow had done in The Dark Knight, I just dont see how Rachel could be in the next movie. UNLESS! Rachel somehow survived the bomb, or Joker gave a false address and never intended on blowing up Dawes….she could come back as….catwoman…because Batman and catwoman had somewhat an attraction. So, maybe… Just literally throwing that one out there to ponder…

  216. Rocket Shoes says

    This is a pretty spirited little debate. I like it.

    Okay, round two.

    First, on the franchise, if Christopher Nolan leaves, that IS the end of this Franchise. Dead man walking. Nolan has it in a lock. It is his. Sure, WB will eventually find someone else to make the next Batman movie, but it will either be stand alone, or the start of a new franchise under some new director. And we all know what happened when Joel Shoemacher took over after Tim Burton. We can debate the meaning of the word franchise all day. If Nolan bails, its over.

    Second, I would not put much stock in all the 2 and 3 film contract talk. Nothing in Hollywood is set in stone, especially contracts. That could mean a million things. Rachel and Harvey could show up in a flashback for 10 seconds and fulfill a contract. And as for Christian Bale, other than Nolan, he is holding all the cards. If he doesn’t like the next script, or they change directors, or any of a million other reasons, he can walk. I’m sure he can afford it. And if they do all agree to do another Batman film without Nolan as the director, as I’ve already stated, the franchise is still done.

    Bale also said, “If Robin crops up in one of the new Batman films, I

  217. Rocket Shoes says

    Robin, a Force Recon Marine? I don’t think you have to worry about anyone biting that idea.

  218. LEah says

    First Usually i dont write in english, so pleese, dont be harsh with me.

    I think the Batman franchise is not over. Why?

    1. I’m very sad when I knew the death of Heath Ledger, He was the best and I think it will be a big mistake is they want to put antother actor for Joker. I beleave the joker is death with Ledger.

    But we have other Vilains. And for me the only one who can make a feature film like the Dark Knight is Johny Depp. Yeah i’m a huge fan of his work. All Character who he play is unique, special and fabulous. If he play the Riddler and if he play it like he want. We can have a wonderfull Riddler. He can make a miracle with everyting.

    My dream Cast Krew

    RiDDler: Johny Depp
    Poison Womam: Angelina Jolie
    Clown Woman: Helena Boham Carter

    Joker: Voice off like the voice of Heath Ledger

    Double face: Same of Dark knight

    Just with that and a great scenario it will be nice

  219. Rocket Shoes says

    Hmmm. These things are getting pretty long. I appreciate you taking the time, Jim.

    As far as the franchise being over, you are taking the easy road. OF COURSE Warner Brothers is going to make more Batman movies. OF COURSE they are. They just made a half BILLION dollars with TDK. They could choose any director in the world, who makes the worst movie ever, they will still make all their money back opening weekend. That is NOT in dispute. I totally agree that we have not seen the last Batman movie. What I’m saying is, that the Christopher Nolan franchise, the one we all like right now, is finished.

    You say the actors signed on for the sequels, but Nolan was reluctant. Everything I read online says that Nolan isn’t anywhere near committed to a 3rd film, let alone having a story for one. That’s just more proof to back me up.

    Going back to our points:

    1. The Sequel.

    Gordon’s talk with Batman at the end of BB does NOT establish anything. All throughout the movie, Bruce and Alfred discuss the consequences of Batman’s war on crime and how it will get worse, before it gets better. (That whole scene at the end of BB sets up the sequel, and more importantly, the Joker. That conversation alone GUARANTEED that the sequel’s opening night would be completely sold out.) Batman was still new on the scene. As far as the citizens of Gotham knew, he would disappear as quickly as he had appeared. It’s not until the beginning of TDK when time has passed, that Gotham’s underworld are afraid, and the citizens have hope in the future. Then, at the end of TDK, THAT speech by Gordon sums it all up. Only then has Batman has become the shadowy outlaw that he has always been.

    2. Topping TDK.

    Jim, I’m unconvinced. The fear toxin scheme in BB was clever. And Ra’s Al Ghul’s motivations were clever, but it was topped easily by the Joker’s maniacal exploits because all of Gotham watched them happen. The Joker shows up on television and murders people, judges, a police commissioner, and cops by the bushel! He almost murders hundreds of people in the hospital, and on the ferries! He had the whole city in a panic. Ra’s scheme was treacherous, but nowhere near the havoc the Joker created! That’s what I mean by heightening the stakes.

    My question remains, what can the Riddler (or ANY other Rogue’s Gallery villain, for that matter) do to be a greater challenge?

    I think we both agree that Catwoman would not deserve a movie of her own. I don’t think she would even get a Harvey Dent style tragic arc because we’ve already seen that in TDK. Nolan’s not going to repeat that. At most, she would be a brief cameo. And if she was in it, it would be in her catsuit. No one has cared about 1940’s high class, fur coat wearing Catwoman since the 1940’s. In BB, the League of Shadows had their swords and ninja suits. Joker wore his purple suit, and Two-Face had his half clean, half burned suit. Ordinary criminals like Sal Moroni have no place in the Batman world except as cogs that keep the machine going until the next big villain appears. We expect more from our Batman villains, and Nolan knows this.

    3. Rachel Dawes.

    You could not be more wrong about her and Bruce. Their relationship was very carefully constructed. They both express their feelings toward each other at the end of BB. Its obvious that they both love each other very much, but there is too much in the way. We see Bruce with countless supermodels and ballerinas, but when he sees her, the playboy attitude is GONE. And in TDK, when it looks like Harvey Dent will take over as the city’s protector, Bruce asks Rachel to leave with him, because he has wanted her all along. And she almost does! We haven’t even seen the effect that Rachel’s death has had on Bruce. They weren’t just a fling, they are a major theme running throughout this story.

    4. Heath Ledger.

    I think we both agree on this one as well. The Joker ship has sailed, and with it, the ability to properly explore the aftermath of all he’s done. Themes I think Nolan would have relied on to do a third film.

    5. The Rogue’s Gallery.

    Let me present this one another way. You’re Christopher Nolan. With BB, you’ve made arguably the best “Super Hero” movie EVER made. A movie NOT JUST FOR COMIC BOOK FANS, but loved by all movie goers. Then, you bring out your biggest guns and make TDK, which is definitely the “best Super Hero” movie ever made! And the highest grossing! And the most Oscar winning! And again, NOT JUST FOR COMIC BOOK FANS, but all moviegoers! What do you do now? Where do you go? Who do you introduce? You’re going to go with Black Mask? Or Hush? Or The Mad Hatter?

    I don’t think so.

    NO ONE will care about those villains. NO ONE. If you hope to make a movie even half as good as TDK you know you’re gonna need some serious villain clout. But none of them, not even the Riddler or the Penguin, Batman’s two biggest remaining villains can measure up! What do you do? You go out on a high note, that’s what, and that’s what Nolan will do.

    How many movie trilogies can you name? Now, how many movie trilogies can you name where the 3rd movie was the best one? Any? Trilogies never end on the highest note, Nolan knows that he’s blown his wad, and he also knows that he as made two of the greatest Super Hero movies ever. he has nothing else to prove. He is not going to make #3 for the money. He will make it if he thinks it will be awesome, and judging by his hesitancy to jump on board, he knows he’ll fall short.

    You say there is no reason that Nolan can’t turn the Riddler into something we haven’t seen before. I agree totally. But the problem remains, and I know I sound like a broken record, what can he turn the Riddler into that will be more menacing than the Joker!? The Joker was uncompromising. The Joker didn’t want money. The Joker didn’t want fame. He wanted CHAOS! He couldn’t be bought, or controlled. Nolan can’t do that with the Riddler because he’s already done that with the Joker.

    Jim, forget everything else. This debate comes down to just one thing. IT IS ALL ABOUT HEIGHTENING THE STAKES. I’m sure Nolan could give the Riddler a pretty nifty death trap, which is the Riddler’s thing, but after what Batman just went through with the Joker, that would be like swatting flies after you just slayed a dragon.

    The bottom line is, nothing Nolan does will top TDK, and he will NOT want to be the guy who ruined a good thing. He will make the decision as an artist, and as a storyteller, and he will walk away from this.

  220. andy says

    I agreed with you Shoes on many points but i have to disagree with Nolen not making a 3rd movie. I believe it was you that said “Nolen is an artist” and if this is true, i believe that there will be a way that he will push himself to be better that TDK. I can see how u think its over with TDK due to how well The Joker was protrayed but i think it has a lot to do with the untimely death of Ledger. Everyone liked Heath, everyone saw the movie because it was, supposidly, Heath’s last movie. A lot of people saw it for that reason, not just Batman comic lovers. I think what won Heath those awards and what made TDK so huge was due to the fact that Ledger had died. Dont get me wrong, he played the best Joker topping Jack Nicholson but I hate to say it, but i believe that had a lot to do with it. To me, i think Nolen could make the Riddler more twisted, dark and crazy. As the Joker? I dont know, its possible to make the Riddler that chaotic. As much money Nolen has made from TDK and his resources that he could get his hands, its very possibly to create a villian worth making a movie about. Granted, I DO AGREE that Catwoman wont be worth a full movie or even a cameo.

  221. Rocket Shoes says

    Yes, I did notice you said “trilogy.” And since YOU said it, it MUST be true.

    The “love interest” does not need to be renewed. Rachel Dawes is the only woman that Bruce cares about. They are not going to bring in some flavor of the month like Catwoman to replace her when she was so intimately woven into the fabric of the first two films.

    Stop helping. I’m serious.

  222. Rocket Shoes says

    This is my point exactly, Andy. Christopher Nolan IS an artist. And artists don’t make decisions based on money. Warner Brothers will probably give him any budget he asks for, because they know they’ll make it back. But no amount of money in the world is going to make a better Batman movie than TDK when you consider what Nolan has left to work with! The Joker is gone, and I’ll admit, that the Riddler is his next best option. But that just won’t be good enough.

    The Riddler’s character is not as dark, twisted, or even remotely as crazy as the Joker is. If so, HE WOULDN’T BE THE RIDDLER! Just another version of the Joker. And Nolan can’t do that. Not twice. People would walk out of the theater saying, “That wasn’t the Riddler, it was the Joker all over again.”

    The Riddler is a character of great intelligence and refinement. He thrives on crafting brilliant schemes that require control and restraint that the Joker just doesn’t care about. The Riddler can’t go around blowing things up and murdering people on a whim like the Joker. The Riddler’s whole thing is his skill for solving, and more importantly, creating intricate puzzles for his enemies to solve.

    To stay true to the character of the Riddler, Nolan would have to make him less dangerous than the Joker. And we want more from the next film, not less.

  223. M says

    ok but we are talking about the movies not the comic book look at any book you read if you read a book not a comic Harry Potter 4 for example that movie was totally different from the book so if catwomen is raised on the streets as a orphan then how does she get her 9 lives and how is that not stupid

  224. M says

    “She is the most realistic in the 1940 comics” you said it your self she is realistic in the comic books not in the movies do you think she was realistic in batman returns so other characters are realistic then twoface because he doesnt have any powers just because they dont have powers doesnt make it more or less realistic

  225. M says

    Jim carry was the a bad riddler but i am putting him up against the only true real Riddler Frank Gorshin

  226. M says

    cher is not going to be catwomen and there is going to be no robin and Johhny Depp will be the riddler he has CONFIRMED that

  227. M says

    First robin is not a copycat viglante he is BATMAN SIDEKICK and thats it

    Second he already has deep personal problems like batman he watched his parents get murdered

    Third he and his family are cirus performers and thats how they died and making him be a gay high school gymist or a marine from afghanistan is supposed to make him more realistic

    Fourth your a idiot

  228. M says


    ok yea the last batman movie was good but there is no way in hell it would have sold that much if Heath Ledger didnt die so i do think they can and will top it

    so what she is dead who cares that has nothing to do with the story line the only reason i can think of them putting her in the movie was to be harvey dents girlfriend in the second film

    There is still a possiblity that they will cast his role and continue with the joker just because heath legder is dead doesnt mean the character is dead which if you noticed they didnt kill of his character

    it is not about non realistic characters its about the comic Mr Freeze, Bane, Poision Ivy, Catwomen they are not realistic characters but they still put them in the movies and i can GUARANTEE that if the Joker returns then Harley Quinn will be in the next movie

  229. Rocket Shoes says

    I’ve got you on the ropes, Jim! I’m hearing a lot of “this COULD happen,” and “that COULD happen.” “It MIGHT be this,” or “it MIGHT be that.” Hopes and dreams don’t pay the rent, man. Nolan MIGHT come back for a third. He MIGHT also make it about Batman in Space! There are a billion mathematical possibilities. So saying that something MIGHT or COULD happen isn’t going to win a debate.

    My WHOLE POINT is that Nolan is leaving. So if he is replaced by ANYONE, then I’m right.

    WB WILL make more Batman movies. That is a GUARANTEE. But this “franchise,” the “Nolan franchise” is over.

    1. The Sequel.

    Nolan WAS able to heighten the stakes after BB, but I’ve said from the beginning that BB was destined to have a sequel. In TDK, Ra’s al Ghul is not even mentioned, and the Scarecrow is proven to be a joke whom Batman can easily defeat. Harvey Dent locks up most of the gangsters in the city. Batman defeats the Joker and Two Face, AND he and Gordon manage to save Dent’s reputation, which, according to the Mayor, is what will keep all those gangsters in jail.

    How can Nolan escalate beyond that, WITHOUT REPEATING HIMSELF?

    I didn’t mean that Catwoman should get her own movie, I meant that she should not get her own Batman movie. She should not be the only villain. I think we both agree on that.

    What exactly, has Nolan done in BB or TDK to make you think that he is somehow “inspired” by 1940’s Catwoman?

    Batman wears a costume. The Joker wore a costume, as did Two Face, and the Scarecrow. IF Nolan brought in Catwoman, she’s going to have a costume because no one but you cares about 1940’s Catwoman. THESE MOVIES ARE NOT JUST FOR COMIC BOOK FANS, but regular people. If regular people see “1940’s” Catwoman, all of them will ask, “Who the hell is that? That’s not Catwoman! CATWOMAN WEARS A COSTUME!”

    And Nolan is NOT going to bring her in JUST BECAUSE she’s a “femme fatale.” He has bigger things to worry about than a film noir checklist. You are reaching, Jim. I smell desperation. 😉

    3. Rachel Dawes.

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You don’t think that Bruce was “tormented” by the situation with Rachel? You are forgetting that in TDK, she tells Bruce that she meant it when she said that she would be with him if Gotham no longer needed Batman. Only AFTER THAT, she sends him a note (the one Alfred never delivers) to tell him that she changed her mind!

    He loved her, he believed that she loved him, and she DIED while he tried to save her. How much more torment do you need? A man who goes through that doesn’t just jump into something with another woman! The love angle is CLOSED.

    4. Heath Ledger.

    We will never know. What we DO know is that Nolan does not have the Joker anymore. One less thing that he has, and one more reason why he’ll leave the series.

    Dead or alive, Heath Ledger DESERVED that Oscar. The Academy has too much integrity to give an acting award to someone who didn’t deserve it for their acting achievements. Shame on you for even saying so.

    5. The Villains.

    Okay, this is the final word I’m going to say on the “Rogue’s Gallery.” You are probably a much bigger Batman comic book fan than I am. I’ve read plenty of comics in my life, and loved Batman: The Animated Series…

    …but I have NEVER HEARD of the Black Mask. And if I haven’t heard of him, then your typical movie goer has DEFINITELY never heard of him, and WILL NOT CARE about him! Just like we don’t care about 1940’s Catwoman, Hush, Bane, or any other obscure “fans only” favorite.

    I’ve gotcha. For the same reasons I started with…

    2. Half a billion dollars? An Oscar? Nolan CANNOT top TDK!

    3. The love interest is dead!

    4. He can’t bring back the Joker!

    5. His next best option, The Riddler, won’t make a better movie!

    All this says just one thing, man. Nolan is out!

  230. Rocket Shoes says

    “Batman in Space.” You do understand sarcasm when you read it, right?

    To say that my claims are wild speculation is untrue. I’m the only one around here actually using facts:

    FACT: Nolan has not committed to a 3rd film. Why? The tickets will sell themselves, and he’ll make a fortune!

    FACT: TDK was ridiculously successful. More than ANYONE thought possible. It will be impossible for Nolan to make a film that is as critically well received as TDK. The expectations are just too high.

    Whether they were in a relationship or not, whether she was going to run a way with him or not, Rachel Dawes is dead, and the one grieving scene that you speak of is not enough to illustrate Bruce Wayne’s feeling of loss. So the FACT is that if Nolan comes back and does finish the story he began, a new love interest will throw the trilogy off balance.

    The Joker can not be in the third movie. The FACT is that the Joker is Batman’s best, and most recognized nemesis. And with Heath Ledger’s death, all those possibilities. Batman has plenty of enemies, but in THIS story line, in the context of THIS trilogy, the fight with the Joker is THE defining moment.

    As stated above, the FACT is that the Joker is Batman’s best villain. That means that all the other villains that Nolan has now will not be as good. No one can dispute it. It’s simple logic. If Joker is the best, then the Riddler can’t be, and that means a movie with him in it CANNOT be as good. FACT.

    Everyone on here seems to think that Nolan can just waltz in and make Batman 3 as good as, if not better than, TDK. But the FACT is that there is too much standing in the way, and THAT is why Nolan hasn’t signed on for the next film.

    So if I’m wrong, and my facts aren’t factual, then why hasn’t Nolan signed on to do number 3?

  231. brandon says

    just to let the stupid people of “heckler spray” know, the riddler is not like the joker, completely two different characters of the batman franchise. the joker wears make-up, his clothing is a collection of colors, purple, green, white, the riddler wears completely green clothing, no make-up. the joker is more demented and disturbing in his character. the riddler is alot more of a goofy and giddy type of character. but i guess with your simple minded opinions would say the same exact thing between poison ivy and catwoman. again, two very different characters, catwoman of course is wearing all black, a mask, tie wire wrapped around her fingers, for her nails. poison ivy wearing green and some purple, having red hair and using a poison vapor to seduce her victims. the only thing in which these two female villions have in common, are in their own way seducing their victims. thats it!!!! no, your the idiots and your wrong. and then trying to compare and relate the possible third batman to sweeny todd, to which they might make batman 3 a musical, goddamn you people are dumb. and im just gonna leave it that.

  232. Rocket Shoes says

    Fair enough, I’ll only claim to be psychic if Nolan bows out of making Batman 3.

    I don’t mean to ruffle anyone’s feathers. I enjoy debating things for that fact, regardless of subject matter. My wife hates this, and refuses to debate with me for it. So please excuse my little jabs. They’re meant to keep things feisty, and I always enjoy return fire. Its all in good fun.

    Did you ever see “Thank you for smoking?” A great Aaron Eckhart film in which he brilliantly illustrates my debate style. It’s not about being right, its about making the other person say something that you can prove is wrong, because then, if he’s wrong, then whatever I say, however unlikely, sounds right. It’s a brilliant film, and if you haven’t seen it, you definitely should. Very poignant.

    Personally, I would LOVE for Christopher Nolan to come back and do Batman 3, 4, 8… Even if he did “Batman in Space,” it would probably be better than Joel Schumacher’s movies.

    It surprises me that he hasn’t jumped on this. I mean, think about it. You are in charge of the BATMAN FRANCHISE! What filmmaking job could be cooler than that? Who wouldn’t want to do that? I’ve heard he was doing “Inception,” and wouldn’t have any time to work on anything else, but the fact that he still hasn’t committed to #3, even if its just on paper, makes me suspicious. I read online that Michael Caine says #3 won’t be out until 2011 or more likely, 2012.

    If Depp played The Riddler, that would be pretty freakin’ sweet. I don’t think he would need Depp, but Depp’s gotta huge following, which would then sell even more tickets. Batman fans, action movie fans, comic book movie fans, Bale fans, Nolan fans, and now Depp fans? He’ll probably top TDK easily with those kind of numbers. Of all the people I know, and I know plenty of people in the movie industry, I was the only one excited about Heath Ledger being the Joker. Everyone still remembered Nicholson’s version, which was pretty awesome. But I had faith, and Ledger did not disappoint. Some people say that 90% of directing is casting, and Nolan knows how to do that. I’ll bet Nolan and Co. could come up with one hell of a death trap, regardless of who played the Riddler. But it is up Depp’s alley, and he even said it would be “fun.” If I were a betting man, I’d say Depp was a pretty safe wager.

    Despite all I’ve said about Catwoman, there is a part of me that would love to see what Nolan can do with it. Most people who mention it on this site say Angelina Jolie. I don’t think he’d do that in a million years. Sure, she brings on a whole different group of fans, but I think she also brings a lot of baggage. I just imagine a younger Catwoman. What I would do, is introduce elite socialite Selena Kyle in number 3, but not Catwoman. She could be the first woman we see with Bruce Wayne that isn’t just a supermodel that he’s using to sell the playboy disguise. That way, you could introduce a POTENTIAL love interest in #3, without rushing Bruce Wayne into the sack with someone so quickly after Rachel. And then in #4, its game on.

    With regards to villains, there is also one other thing that we haven’t seen. There are probably a lot of bad guys that can actually stand up to Batman in a fight. The Joker never could, neither could the Riddler or the Penguin. The only ones I can think of are guys like Bane, and a bunch of supernatural ones like Killer Croc and Clay Face. Ra’s al Ghul did well in BB, but Batman was eating League of Shadows goons for breakfast 4 at a time in BB. Even in the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher movies, his toughest fight was always with a handful of minions. Is Bane the only guy on the list?

    I also read somewhere that Bale’s contract called for a “crossover” Batman movie. I don’t put too much stock in Hollywood contracts these days, but Marvel is spinning Iron Man towards the Avengers, and it would make sense for DC to try and follow suit. There’s a new superman movie on the books for 2011, which can’t possibly be any worse than Superman Returns. It seems like pieces could be falling into place.

  233. Rocket Shoes says

    Wow, man. Thanks for the info. You must really be some kind of Batman expert!

    How ARE the accommodations in your mother’s basement? Sweet Dragonball Z poster over your bed, by the way.

  234. nibblenubbs says

    Ok… so am i the only one who thinks that Ledger as The Joker was overrated? I mean, don’t get me wrong… he did a great job as an insane villein with a messed up face but, that was not the joker! I can’t help but feel that he is getting all of this praise because he has passed (and it is a loss that we all should morn). The bottom line here is that The Joker was and is the Clown Prince of crime. Ledger as the Joker left out a whole side of The Joker that will be missed by all true Joker fans. With that said… Depp as The Riddler? I think he would make a much better Clock King…

  235. Rocket Shoes says

    Yes, you are the only who thinks Ledger’s performance was overrated.

    Which “whole side” was not present in Ledger’s Joker?

    Johnny Depp is an actor with incredible versatility. He could probably play any of Batman’s villains, and do it with style.

    That said, the Clock King is a stupid villain. I’m beginning to think that most of the Rogue’s Gallery came from guys dealing with writer’s block.

  236. Rocket Shoes says

    Jim, I’ve got to know. Why do you keep calling it Batman’s “mythology?”

    Bob Kane wasn’t L. Ron Hubbard or anything.

  237. Rocket Shoes says

    Okay, I take it back. There are two of you who think Ledger’s performance was overrated.

  238. Rocket Shoes says

    Sheesh, you guys take my numbers way too literally. I’m sure there are more than two people who think that Heath Ledger’s performance wasn’t as good as its being touted, but what more proof do you want? You saw the movie. For his performance, he was given the single highest award this planet has to honor an actor’s performance.

    On top of that, the entire country groaned in unison when they first found out that Ledger was going to be the Joker. He was never given a fair shake. Instead of starting at 0 and scoring 100 on this test, he started well below 0 in public opinion. He made believers out of everyone.

    I think you guys are asking too much.

    “Batman’s mythology is his other villains and his other stories.”

    Do you know what the word mythology means? The study of myth. Batman is FICTION. Not myth. Not folklore. Bob Kane was just a guy who wrote detective stories.

    I’m not usually one to debate semantics, you just keep using that word over and again. If you want to call it “mythology,” that’s just fine with me, but you’re using the word wrong.

    Moving on, you’re saying that the Joker is overused. Why do you think that is? Burton’s first film had the Joker in it, and now Nolan has immortalized him. I think its because as I’ve been saying all along, that the Joker is Batman’s best, highest profile villain, and if you want to sell a Batman story to the masses, and not just “Batman fans,” you need to use the Joker.

  239. Musicman says

    Joker: Heath Ledger
    Riddler: Elijah Wood
    Penguin: Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Catwoman: Angelina Jolie
    Two – Face: Aaron Eckhart
    Freeze: Hugo Weaving
    Poison Ivy: Scarlett Johanssen
    Harley Quinn: Michelle Williams
    Bane: the Rock

  240. karl says


    Just a casual by standard in this conversation.

    Just to keep this in perspective. Batman Begins and TDK were fantastic films, surrounded by tragedy and greatness. They were successful and will undoubtedly be classics for decades to come. But simply, let the argument go. In reality these movies don’t matter. I would love to see Gotham (or whatever the third installment will be called) come to theaters, but if it doesn’t we don’t lose anything.

    And to just put my two cents in:

    Batman’s feeling of loss over rachel is shown in multiple scenes, sometimes implied, sometimes verbally explained. Example: Batman is watching the remains of the demolished building, batman explains his loss to alfred, batman comments on his loss to dent when dent has gordon’s kid hostage.
    I think these instances provide the necessary feelings of loss and remorse in the allowed time frame without detracting from the overarching theme and story line.

    On another note:
    In regards to ledger’s performance, was in and of itself perfect for this film. I feel that so far Nolan’s work on the past two movies, BB and TDK, were in no ways comparable to any other Batman films. Ledger showed a depth of character seen only in some of the greatest actors of our time. Was it the best portrayal of all time, no. But I firmly state that no other actor could have portrayed THIS JOKER any better.

    Best of luck to all.

    BTW, Jim my compliments on the sarcasm you employ in your articles.


  241. mr man says

    Wow, you guys talk waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.
    seriously, its leaving a “COMMENT” not an ESSAY!

  242. VJ says

    While I am not saying that Heath was not a bad at

    playing the Joker, still my favorite Joker will

    be Jack Nickelson. As far as the Riddler goes I

    perfer Jim Carrey, yet I do think that Johnny

    Depp will do an ok role in protraying the Riddler.

    Now for the catwoman I would pick the lovely Miss.

    Brad Pitt. However, you can’t forget the penguin

    I would cast Jack Black if he would agree to do it

    The Batman’s partener would be tricky, providing

    they would ever considering using Robin. Thats my

    two cents. I don’t claim to be a casting director,

    just because I believed that Michael Keaton was the

    best Batman not so much he played him, yet the way

    he protrayed Bruce Wayne. Well see you at the movies!

  243. :) 1616 says

    i’m not a big comic book junky but i do watch a lot of the movies!

    and from what i have found in watching a ton of movies that were once books or comics is that they are always going to change something. and thats just how it is! if you didn’t like the movie thats fine. its your opinion. but TDK was one of the best movies made, you can tell by how well it did in theaters. people will “praise” Ledger because he did die and a lot of people(not everyone) thought he did an amazing job.. and i am one of those people. in my opinion no one else could have done better than what he did.

    -this is only my opinion! i’m not trying to start anything but discussion!

  244. :) 1616 says

    i’m sorry but i really dont think you can replace two-face…. thats just dumb….

    and second the rock is not a good chose for a villian!!

  245. says

    i think that jim fuckin carry should play ridderl and not gay johhy depp he not the batman type he should stick to action movies like john diger or nigger ok JIM CARY FUCKS U ALL!!!!! lolz lolz lolz lolz lolz and stfu and gtfo lolz soi soi soi

    With loving intentions

    Barrack Obama
    im going to inslave the white crakers of the USA go black opression screw the man!!!!

  246. jay says

    wow dude, you’re like, the biggest fuckin idiot I’ve ever seen ramble on any website ever. I hope you know all your theories and thoughts and quips and judgements are not only wrong, but STUPID. PEACE, FUCKER

  247. Austin Garrett says

    guess what pinhead. David Tennant is playing riddler. kristen bell is playing harley quinn. marion catillard is playing catwoman. and anne hathaway is playing batgirl. now dont ever write a bunch of paragrphs of what you think might happen, it aint gonna happen! and finally, get a frickin life.

  248. Austin Garrett says

    by the way, jim carrys cool and all but he looked stupid in the riddler costume and i hope he never does that again. so “master chief” four lines up, your stupid. and i hate you. and that pretty much rapps things up

  249. cmck says

    I think that the title should have to do with the Dawn. How when Harvey Dent says “it’s darkest right before the dawn” because the second was “The Dark Knight” it could be a play on words. The third should have something to do with the Dawn

  250. Bob says

    Ledger’s performance as the Joker was not over rated. Hell, he won an Academy Award for it. Who would have ever thought that someone could have won an Academy Award playing the Joker in a Batman movie. All of the rumors about Batman 3 are just that because there will probably be no Batman 3. Ledger set the bar too high in TDK and the writers know that they can’t top it. They (Nolan and crew) want to go out on top and are walking away.

    Goyer will probably be by himself with Batman 3, if he doesn’t walk away too, and it will suck just like his Blade 3. The Batman 3 died when Ledger died.

  251. says

    The only way to make Batman 3 worth seeing – is to not have Johnny Depp in it. I like him and all – but he never strikes me as an evil guy – and this film needs it’s really evil guy – more evil than the joker (if possible)

    I would like to see Daniel Day Louis play the Riddler. If he plays him crazier than Bill the Butcher -that would take the cake. From Gans of New York – he’s got the nonchalant yet crazy way to kill people with a smile on your face down. I would be scared to see him play a Batman villian if he pulls it off. In other words -they need someone that can pull off close to an oscar worthy performance – or just a really plain creepy one that people talk about for a long time to even come close the TDK

    Killer Croc – a big wrestler with croc scale tattoos??

  252. Mr. Trick says

    I agree with most of what you said, and the guy you are arguing with is an idiot because he mistakes rumors for facts. Let me first start out by saying that Johnny Depp is not the Riddler, because number one, Nolan is creative enough that he looks past the three most over used actors in the world ( Depp Le Bough, and I guess Bales doesn’t count because he wasn’t really super famous until after Batman) Number two is because Nolan doesn’t rush films, if there is to be a third batman it won’t be for a long time.

    But I must say, I believe there is still a way to make a third one that would be up there with the first two. Now of course TDK will always be the best one, but I think if there is a third one it could be good enough that fans can accept it (give Nolan some credit, he is very talented.) Also the way TDK ended there is still an opening for a final film.
    For example, the third film could focus on Gordons fake pursuit of Batman, and this is where The Riddler could come in. The Riddler has always been the Villain that is known for discovering batman’s identity, which is why he is such an important villain. Now for this Riddler, we will have to move away from the Gorshin/Carrey version and more towards a laid back, calm, very egomaniac person. Also, we would have too lose the green spandex suit, and the green suit all together. If he has to wear green, give him a very dark almost black looking suit.
    Now, to avoid trying to compete with Ledgers joker, I don’t think Riddler should go after Batman, he should instead have a separate goal with no intention of attracting the batman, there are a lot of possibilities.

    But who knows I am just saying its possible, and Riddler is my favorite villain so it would be nice to see Nolans version of that character. So all we can really do is sit tight, wait, and hope that all the idiots out there saying Johnny Depp is or would make a great Riddler die.

  253. Steven says

    hey Depp. So whats the news, are ya goin’ to play the riddler? and are they gettin someone ells to play da joker

  254. Milk says

    Jim. Nolan is inspired to have a 1940’s Catwoman, because he used the comic “Batman: The Long Halloween” as a basis for the previous two films (mob run gotham and so forth) and Catwoman appears as Selena in the afforementioned comic.

  255. Jim says

    “you said it your self she is realistic in the comic books not in the movies do you think she was realistic in batman returns so other characters are realistic then twoface because he doesnt have any powers just because they dont have powers doesnt make it more or less realistic”

    I’m sorry but that doesn’t make any sense at all. Catwoman is realistic in the comics much like Batman. To denounce her as unrealistic you

  256. Jon says

    Christopher Nolan is out? Are you kidding me? He BROUGHT BATMAN BACK FROM THE DEAD and now you are giving up on him? You are accusing the author of saying things without proof yet you say that the Caped Crusader has no chance at topping The Dark Knight. Hypocrite? Yes.

  257. Nolan says

    Deep would be a good Riddler. But it dawned on me this past weekend when talking about movies who would be perfect for the role. He’s a very good actor. He’s played good and bad guys in movies. Experienced. He’d be unexpected choice but my pick would be, Ewan McGregor. I can see him playing a menacing, very dark version of the riddler. This article says the riddler is the joker with a outfit change. Not So. Not in my vision he isn’t. Think of the Riddler as the original puzzle master. Like “buzzsaw” character only smarter and with a true intention of not only learning batman’s identity, but then killing him. People might say, they ‘copied’ of of Saw. False. Those deathtraps that were in the saw movies… Well the original deathtrap was designed by the riddler to kill batman. Look it up! So they copied the deathtrap idea off of the riddler if anything. But here are my top choices for the Riddler.

    1) Ewan McGregor
    2) Jude Law
    3) Johnny Deep
    4) Me
    5) Michael Rosenbaum (darkhorse pick)

  258. Greg says

    You sir, are an idiot.

    Just because the Joker is the Batman series’s most recognized villain does not mean there can never be a better movie than The Dark Knight. It’s not just about who the villain is. There are far more important factors in justifying how good a movie will be, such as plot, emotion, transition, and the actual acting. Want an example? Spider-Man 1 had the most well-known villain in the series, the Green Goblin. However, Spider-Man 2 topped its predecessor by far. People who judge a movie’s potential solely on who the villain will be and claim it to be “FACT” do not actually understand the essentials of a good movie.

  259. Taties The Bum says

    Mr. Heritage you are one of the least credible journalists I’ve ever know of for writing this article. If you knew anything about comics you would know that the Riddler IS NOTHING LIKE THE JOKER!

    Jim Carrey’s portail of The Riddler was the most deplorable thing to happen to comics in the past two decades (Yes even worse than Ghost Rider and the fantastic 4)!!!!

    The Riddler is a genus mastermind who wouldn’t have a seconds hesitation to blow up an orphanage but make you figure out a puzzle to stop him.


    And extremely angry Joker loving comic guy

  260. says

    Johnny Depp would be sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than Heath Ledger!!! He is a weirdo! And Johnny is awesome!!! I hope he plays that part. I hate batman and I would go see it if he played in it.

  261. Bman fan says

    First off I am a big fan of batman. Begins really laid the foundation for a great run and tdk was the best sequel any fan couldve hoped for. As far as a part 3 though, I can understand why Nolan wouldn’t return. I truly hope he does but tdk raised the bar to a level we haven’t experienced in thus genre. Nolan says that he wanted to make everything as real an beleivable as possible. With that said he really only has a few options as to who will be the villain. The riddler would be nice but like someone mentioned I dont think depp would be the best choice. Catwoman would be interesting because she has almost always been some sort of love interest for batman and with Rachel gone the movie will need that. My idea for part three would be the hunting of batman and ras al ghul returninng. They left it open for him to be alive in bb so him returning is possible. Even though he isn’t as popular as joker or as appealing, he IS batmans greatest adversary in the sense that he can go toe to toe with him. Also his daughter Talia was the most popular love interest of batman/ Bruce Wayne and they even have a son together in some storylines. Regardless, if Nolan and co. Return to do a part 3 I am sure it will be a great film. As long as they keep robin out, and have bale, oldman, Caine, and Freeman reprise their roles i’ll be content and I’m sure u guys will too

  262. J Stewart says

    You know who I think would make an AWESOME riddler…..How about Jim Carey? I bet he’d play the shit out of that role…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  263. says

    If they cast Cher as catwomen they are making a grave mistake, Making a women like cher wouldn’t atract as many viewers. Yeah cher was hot in the olden days, but she is probably like what 55 now? no one wants any 55 year old women playing catwomen who is supposed to be some sexy and intriguing women, Cher is no sexy and intriguing women anymore.

  264. says

    I agree he really brought the batman from dead and i love the new realistic films!!!!! I can’t wait for the third film:)

  265. forthehorde says

    I think that having the riddler come in after the joker is too much of a downgrade it would be like if it went venom then dr oct in spiderman

  266. vicarious says

    OK,OK,OK. I think some of you have missed the point of the “Nolan” batman movies. they are made more for a realistic theme than a comic/cartoony movie. Batman forever anyone?

    So most of these rogue gallery villains will not work in his movies for the simple fact it would destroy the revamped franchise.

    Bane pumps some form of liquid into his body and grows to an enormous size. cartoony

    Poison ivy can control plants with her mind. cartoony

    Mr. freeze, well that just speaks for itself

    These are just examples and if you were to go through the back story of most of these villains you will see that they just will not fit into nolan’s style of batman movie. However catwoman and the riddler both make perfect sence for a nolan style batman movie because if you think about it they could be real people and not some thought up craziness.

    Catwoman for the new love interest and riddler for the insanely genius person keeping the action going in the movie.

    Let us not forget that batman is the greatest detective in the world and we have only seen bits and pieces of that in the first two movies and riddler would an awesome choice to make as the villian in the third for that simple fact

  267. says

    I agree with you, dude.

    The idea of the Riddler be more of a common criminal, minding his own business and by doing this attract Batman is great.

  268. Batboy Dude says

    Batman 3 should be different from what everyone thinks; Pick up days after the end of TDK, Batman needs to be hunted and arrested. Criminals are declining as villians are rising. Ra’s al ghul needs to come back for like a final showdown or something, the joker should just have small scenes, where maybe all you hear is his voice, and not see him. I think bringing the riddler in would just be another take on a joker type character, bring in a villan that hasn’t been done before, or perhaps bring in two or more villains to “team up” against batman or something.
    I think that Chris Nolan realizes that there’s pretty much no way in hell to top TDK. Not unless he gets someone who can blow Ledger’s performance out of the water. Now I’m saying it is possible to be as good as Ledger. To be better, I don’t know though. But anything is possible… If he got someone to portray him, do some nice editing, they could probably make him the spitting image of Ledger’s Joker.
    Because I think that the only way to top TDK, is to have Nolan do more Batman films, not a trilogy. You can’t just give up, it’s almost his kid, you don’t abandon it. Once he started something, he should see it thru. Because the Joker in TDK opened possibilities for anything in the batman world.

  269. Mr. Agadzi says

    What you say is very logical. And just to add, it would be stupid and impossible for Mr. Depp to be the Riddiler because when Heath Ledger died Depp was the stand in. So unless Depp will be dual rolling (yea right) he will probably be stuck as the joker.

  270. Jared says

    I think Johnny Depp or anybody else could NEVER replace the awesome performance by Jim Carrey in Batman Forever man. I mean that Jim Carrey is funny and looks a lot like the Riddler in the comics. Im surprised that they didn’t hire Jim Carrey again. Maybe because he is older? Tsk. Tsk. I think they just want to change it up to somebody completely different then him. The two people that could do the second best jobs are Johnny Depp or Vince Vieluf. If either of them are not hired this movie takes a dip in the poo man!

  271. Jared says

    I disagree sooooooooooooooooooooo much lol. Heath Ledger was the best Joker. Jim Carrey was the best Riddler. Danny Devito did an okay job of the Penguin Man but there are better people out there. Heath Ledger was a weirdo but that is what makes him so great! The Joker is also a weirdo duh. What do you like worship Johnny Depp or something? I think most people would disagree with you!

  272. Brendan says

    Where is all this shit about Johnny Depp turning the next movie into a musical coming from? Is Sweeney Todd the only movie any of you have seen from him? He has done a really good job in alot of other action films, as the dark demented type, the protagonist, the eccentric character, the cop, the robber…come on.

  273. romero's zombie says

    all i know is that i for sure do NOT want cher playing catwoman. i mean come on! she probably wont even live long enough to see the completed movie. shes so god damn old

  274. Robyn says

    Oooh, I LOVE it when Stuart baits the fanguys . . . when they bite, the satisfaction is delicious!

  275. mr kb says

    i hope its not a musical it will spoil the fun of batman and like romero’s zombie said cher is way 2 old 2 play catwomen!!!

  276. the comedian says

    i really hope they done mess the 3rd batman. recast the joker? fuck that. heath did a badass job. ill say the only one that quiet possible tob him is johnny depp. but as him play the riddler. depp is a coll actor and really gets into his roles. and as for catwoman. no fucking way cher will be her. id prefer catwoman to be like jessica biel or vera farmiga. and for anjelina jolie as poisen ive bcuz ppl will like to kiss her lipz.

  277. Bob says

    If they get someone else to play the Joker and tey to act as a spitting image of Ledger playing the joker the film will flop. It will be a joke. Ledger won an Academy Award Johnny playing the Joker in TDK, which was the second highest grossing film ever made.

    BTW, Johnny Depp has never won an Academy Award from any of the dozens of movies that he has been in.

  278. AndyUK says

    Yes you are, Ledger completely turned the character of the joker on its head and transformed it from the giggling pile of s**t that has been portrayed in recent comics and cartoons, into something dark, sinister and obviously crazy but still holding onto the “clown prince of crime” side.

    Ledgers joker is possibly the best screen adaptation of the joker and resembles the joker from certain milestone comics such as “death in the family” and of course “the killingjoke”.

    I have to agree though im not sure about Depp as the riddler.

    Bane or Hush are needed in this next film!!!!!!

  279. LLoyd? says

    Christopher Lloyd in Batman 3??
    I read as Hugo Strange. He makes an amazing villain and starting a new Villain instead of reworking recently used ones like The Riddler is a decent idea. But having a big name like Carry or Depp might sell more tickets.

  280. Bookworm says

    catowmen is next villian..

    they hint at this in dark knight when mrogan freeman is showing off the new batsuit to bruce wayne. says it should hold up pretty good against cats…. hint hint…

    that dont mean riddler wont be in it too..

    it has to try and be bigger then dark knigh and to do so,ya gonna need two villians. they wont top DARK KNIGHT and know this,but will make a decent flick,like batman begins was at least.

    good enough..

    could just be catwomen,and riddler for batman 4

    be cool at the end of batman 3 they show joker breaking out of arkham…lol

    you could use an actor that looks like ledger and can mimic the joker as he played it,or super impose his face with computers.

    the young actor from the tv series 3rd rock from the sun??
    perfect for taking over as joker. he looks like ledgers younger brother. same type of face and he can act too.

    im sure he would be perfect for the new joker.

    i doubt they will use joker tho,out of respect for ledger.
    such a shame too.. CATWOMEN is for sure.

    she will slice and dice.. poke eyes and slit throats.
    and be one crazy bitch who escapes from arkham i bet.

    or is involved with a mob boss,who wants to take over and kills her mob boss hubby too.. could be brutal.

  281. TheOne says

    Can you get anymore stereotypical in your choices? Please lets just hand it over to mostly hack actorss. Mr Hoffman is the only actors actor in that group. Ill give you that one.

  282. says

    I hope to god that Johnny Depp will not be allowed anywhere near Batman or any real role. He cannot act to save his life – he does himself, which is to act like a drunken twit and to rape the role he’s put in. NOT acting.

  283. Riddler says

    The Riddler is by far the most intriguing villain he likes to mess with the psychologic and mental capacity of Batman not just being stupid and crazy like The Joker.
    But the riddler will only be good if he is based on the serious “The Batman” not any other series for this is the best ridder and all the others look the same , this one has a unique dark feel to it and should be recognized as the dark riddler.

  284. Jon says

    I’d rather like to see Ras Al Ghul return as the mastermind behind all of these events. It would be cool if Rachel is actually alive and reveals herself to be his daughter, Talia. It would be neat if Bruce’s life and career as Batman were completely orchestrated by the Demon.

  285. Greg says

    I like The Riddler, I think he is one of the best Batman villains out there, The Joker is nothing like him. The Joker has dementia and really doesn’t know what he’s doing but that’s what makes him so deadly, The Joker is unpredictable and violent, He killed Robin and paralyzed Batgirl and had a smile while doing so. But The Riddler is a villain who plans everything out to be precise, he toys with Batman for fun, if you can solve the riddle then you deserve to catch the Riddler. I like Riddler better because he is not over done, where the Joker is very over done, I love the Joker but he is over done.

  286. Tony says

    Well, the third movie should have batman on the run, as the “villain” and the true villain should appear to be the hero. At least for te first part of the film….a job perfect for the riddler.

    I would prefer to see cat woman left out entirely. (too many villains ruin a good film (Spiderman 3??) As they too need room to develop and grow as characters.

    Riddler though should be played more dark, cynical, and egomaniac and should NOT be “funny” or wearing a green suit with question marks on it. For a good voice study, play Batman Arkham Asylum, and listen to how the riddler speaks to batman. You don’t see him, but his voice acting shows that superior condescending attitude without all the cartoony riddler camp-i-ness that would just turn this into ruined super hero movie.

    OH! Leave out Robin…. stupid. Just build on batman as the dark night. Develop him further.. show him tormented . .and driven by Rachael’s death. Show him persecuted as a villain. Have the joker come in as the White night . . and turn on the populace late in the movie…the turn would need to be done in a way to vindicate batman as the true hero….

    Just my two cents on ho not to ruin this film and turn it into batman and robin, or batman forever….or spiderman 3

  287. Daley says

    Hey guys just an idea Johnny Depp to play joker and David Tennant as the Riddler. it makes sense i remember seeing Tennant in Harry Potter and he was really good at being a nutter but also in doctor who he is really good at talking in riddles. what you think?

  288. Bill says

    they shouuld try to do a movie based on the new batman game!
    i mean joker wouldnt have to be one of the main characters, harley quinn could be the new villain!

    once the joker has been placed in arkham asylum, dr. harlyeen quinzel will look after him and fall in love with him as we all know. but soon she becomes harley quin and could lead a break out from arkham asylum. she would be the villian we see the most and we would still see the joker but only in short moments when batman would see him on television screens around arkham asylum!

    feel free to comment and critise

  289. OO says

    Dwight Shultz should play The Riddler he’s the perfect age to suit the current batman flicks and he’s tailor made for that character you remember Howling Mad Murdock right ATEAM

  290. tvy says

    u may as well believe the exact opposite to what this guy has written, did any1 read his post when they announced heath ledger as joker ??? he thought it was a terrible choice, so he turned out 2 b completly wrong. mayb cher will b the best person to b a villain, cos the guy who wrote this article doesnt think so

  291. Hggff says

    Riddler is my favourite I think jonny depp is excellent to play him, if you’re going to say that the riddler is like joker than they’re all like joker because the only thing they have in common is they’re crazy. You can’t do any more after the riddler because you want to end on something smart and funny there are no other famous villains like this a chance was taken in the first one with rhas a gul and zsasz. No penguin he’s stupid, no harley because you need joker and it will be hard to replace Heath ledger, bring back two face with another actor he doesn’t need to be dead. Use a good business man but also evil like ray liotta. No monsters like man bat or killer croc or bane, no poison ivy, maybe a mister freeze, I would love a robin who suits the new batman, and a batwing. More scarecrow. Do not introduce arkham asylum yet.

  292. Josh says

    hey guys sorry to burst your bubble but david tennent is playing the riddler i will agree that johnny depp would do an awsome job seeing how he can change character for anyrole. But as Daley is right david tennent does an sweet crazy. i also think that marion cotillard is also in play either harley quinn or catwomen though i dont see catwomen mixing with either the riddler or harley quinn so i hope she is a big no no. otherwse the riddler and harley quinn could just end up being just like TDK playing with batmans mind but also batman have the whole gotham city police department against him would make it a bit more interesting hoping with all this batman might just have to brake his 1 rule No killing anyways thats all from this nerd laters fellas

  293. Maverickx says

    This is the biggest crock of shit, bullshit excuse for an article. “OMFGZORZ he’s interested so he is going to do it!!” ” GASP, BATMAN 3 the MUSICAL!!!”

    Just because someone expressed interest doesn’t mean they are doing it. There were like 10 people who were INTERESTED in playing the role of Joker for Dark Knight.

    Joker should not come back. There should be no reoccurring characters except for possibly Two-Face if there is something good, logical and quite frankly, interesting.

    The third movie storyline should NOT be based on Arkham Asylum. It should have a tone like Mask of the Phantasm. Everyone thinks Batman is a criminal and everyone is chasing him. the theme should be REDEMPTION.

    Cher as Catwoman? That’s about as bad as Eddie Murphy playing the Riddler. Johnny Depp or Guy Pierce should play the Riddler, Kate Beckinsale for Catwoman and Philip Seymour Hoffman for Penguin. If Joker was to be brought back, make it either Paul Bettany, David Tennant (maybye) or even Adrian Brody. Johnny Depp as a last resort (though they should leave Joker alone). After Scarecrow’s pitiful cameo, any other would just be wasted.

    And to all of you who have posted saying what’s what. Your facts are about as credible as an 89 year old woman with down syndrome and alzheimers. Why? Cause you have no supporting evidence, references or anything of the kind.

    Again, I dub thee worst and most pointless article EVER….peace

  294. Kane says

    You can’t have Harley Quinn without the Joker, that just wouldn’t make sense, as good as a character she is, she’s just not stong enough to pass as the primary villian. She may have been lined up for the third movie if, as originally planned the third movie still had the joker in it. Even then I can’t quite see Nolan’s vision of the Joker including Harley.

    I like the redemption plot, seeing him trying to win back public opinion.

    I would like to see Bane in the third film, not the cartoon they had in Batman and Robin but the REAL Bane.

    Any thoughts?

  295. :P says

    u didnt just say the Riddler was the worst villian and was like Joker, he is nothing like joker, the Riddlers a fuckin genius for christs sake, and when Jim Carrey played him in Batman Forever(WB’s third batman, 1995)he was hilarious. and people just because the villians look like freaks, doesnt mean they shouldnt be in it, with the exception of man bat(can you say ugly).

  296. Spencer says

    Okay… Just An Idea… Why Don’t We Bring Back The Classic Riddler, Jim Carrey… I’d Like To See Him As The Riddler Again, And Now With A New And Better Screen Play, Maybe It Would Look More Impressive And Maybe Johnny Depp as The Joker… But Just An Idea

  297. joe says

    I think penguin should be in he awesome he would kick batmans but. Also poison ivy should come back but not like in the old movie she was gay in that she should be more creative. if the riddler is in it, it should be jonny depp cause hes the best actor in the world in my opinion. I dont know much about batman vilians but i think helen bohman carter should play someone crazy i mean look at harry potter shes awsome as bellatrix.

  298. him says

    harley quinnshould should def b in part 3! shes a pretty key character, and u could make the small plot harleys revenge. kramer would b a good joker(mayb 2 old) and depp as riddler! but cher as catwoman? shes to old!!!!!!!!!

  299. Allen says

    The Riddler is a great villian. He is not a carbon copy of the Joker in any way. The thing that makes the Riddler great is that he challenges Batman’s intellect. Batman has to deduce what the Riddler is going to do by reading his riddles. None of the other Batman villians, great as they may be, can do that.

  300. Anakin says

    Jim Carrey is the best Riddler ever! It will be very hard (but not impossible) to fine batter actor for that role!

  301. jeremy says

    i agree with DALEY
    put johhny depp as the joker but like as a riddler bring back Jim CArrey
    or even put Johnny Knoxville as thsat character
    THe riddler is a trick playing character
    a phsycotic Character
    that does things to get in peoples heads
    johnny depp deffenetly joker

  302. luke says

    Why not actually write a decent script for the Scarecrow and let Depp or Guy Pierce have that part. Batman finds his redemption while battling a city’s nightmare’s and facing some of his own. I know the Riddler’s a popular character(one of my favs)but I would like to see a villian you don’t see often-let’s light a fire under Scarecrow and make him as interesting as Ledger’s Joker-just a thought.

  303. Marcus says

    Ok guys what are you doing? There is a reason none of you should be directors/writers or anything of the sort, you are all horrible, with the exception of Maverick who is the only one who made sense. Harley Quinn? Are you joking? First off the Joker will never come back because Heath did an amazing job and that will never be duplicated. Second off you have to have characters that fit with this Batman Universe (Dark, twisted, real)not sidekick cartoony villains. This is what should happen. Like Maverick said earlier, it should take a redemption style theme, where the law is Batmans enemy. As for villains. A dark riddler would be fantastic, challenge Batmans intellect and show the side of Batman thats really been missing. Also Catwoman should really make the movie as well because Batman has no love interest. DUH. Think about it. Would could be morally challenging then to fall in love with the girl he must take in? Remember these themes have to follow Batman Begins and the Dark Knight. Dark, sinister and twisted. Maybe Catwoman can be dismissed. I dont want this movie to turn out like Spiderman 3.

  304. Johnny Depp says

    Hello there, I have not been told about the movie, batman gotham city 3 but i just wanna tell u if u belive this u just GOT PWNED BY ME lololololololol


  305. Riddlez says

    right well i want to see scarecrow but i want him to be more twisted because so far in the movies they have made him look like a push over, if they dont do that i want to see the riddler and i want him to be smart like he was in batman the animated series i dont want a hilarious riddler i want a riddler thats gonna go into ur head and mess you up like i think he should be played because hes supposed to be a joker clone hes supposed to be a brilliant trickster that no one can figure out but batman, i liked jim carey i guess but he didnt play true to what i think the riddler should be like. and harley quin could be ok i dont really want to see her but if she is in the movie i dont want a joker there i just want him to be behind the scenes like since she was his psychiatrist hes telling her things to do in there sessions or something like that. but no catwoman, shes boring. if not those villians um maybe mad hatter might be cool, or um scareface i think would match up with some of the dark themes

  306. Michael says

    Why not have Michael Emerson star as the Riddler? I don’t know if anyone here watches LOST, but on the show he plays Benjamin Linus, a manipulative, lying sociopath, and quite possibly my favorite villain/anti-hero ever. He’s intelligent, unpredictable, and always one step ahead of everyone else. Here is the URL address for his character page, if you are interested: [[]]. I personally think he would be great.

  307. Shadowind says

    They should get jim carry back. no one could be better than him. johnny depp sucks! he would be lame!

  308. John Roberts says

    You know who I’d really like to see play the Riddler? David Tennant. I think he’d actually bring more to the role than Depp.

  309. A definate yes for depp says

    The more you think of any sphycopath character like The Joker, and The Riddler, Johnny Depp is the best choice for any of those roles.

    But as soon as The Dark Knight came out, nobody could have done better than Heath Ledger. But in Johnny Depps case, look back in his early years. Jack Sparrow, Sweeney Todd, Willy Wonka, and Edward Csissorhands, who are nothing but crazy out of the box characters. Whats the difference between them and The Riddler. Nothing! I know The Riddler is a lot alike between The Joker, but when you have a great actor like Johnny, you give him that chance.

    On the other hand, Robin and Catwoman will be a cheeseball move to put them into the 3rd installment Batman with Christain Bale. The 2 movies together are too serious for a gay spandex cat girl, and some sidekick to the main character.

    Only bring in Johnny Depp as The Riddler, and maybe Phillip Seymore-Hoffman as the Penguine. But not too Danny DaVito penguine, Phillip should make him a bit more dark.

    Maybe have helena Bonham Carter in this film as an option for a vilain. Look at her, she’a alot alike Depp, thats an All-star cast.

    What you want a cheesball batman like Batman and Robin, heck no. I just don’t think you should have more than 2 villain in 1 film, that will cause a lot of confusion of who will be the ultamite challenge for Batman, to bring redemption back becoming the caped crusader hero.

    This should how it be

    Christian Bale
    Michael Cain
    Morgan freeman
    Gary Oldman
    Johnny Depp
    Phillip Seymore-Hoffman
    Helena Bonham Carter

  310. Evan says

    First off why Batman Begins is better than the Dark Knight. First reason is because of the Gotham/Batman feel to movie. Christopher Nolan definitely worked hard on a Gotham city in Batman Begins with Artdeco buildings but in the Dark Knight it is Chicago and Hong Kong with all modern buildings. I recently went to Chicago and found at least a dozen places that were clearly in the Dark Knight. Also the Bat cave is lost and so is Wayne manor and I know they are both destroyed but at least in the third film they should bring those back. Second reason is because there is a more variety of villans in BB and you feel like he is almost cleansing the city, which he also does not yet succed. You expect that in the Dark Knight but you get a lighter feeling rather than a dark cruel city that needs saving. Filming mostly in the daytime really affected the film. Also the only villan you get is the Joker (i guess Two-Face, but you do not get them at once) and he is just one person trying to make the city his. The villan is to clear, you do not get a dark and confused world. In BB you have Scarecrow, Victor Zsaz, Ra’s Al Ghul, Carmine Falconi, and Henri Ducard. Thridly I have heard that the reason if any why they did not like the Dark Knight is that there was too much action. The action scenes were not even remorable in terms of hand to hand comabt, which there were few of. All the training he got seemed to go to waste against the Joker. Now about the movie. This cast is also stacked like the Dark Knight. Batman Begins is a great and entertaning movie especially for the comic reader. I first saw the movie before I read comics and played videogames on Batman. Watching it again, I was blown away, absolutley amazed about how much detailed was put into the movie , which the Dark Knigh lacked. This was Christian Bale’s best movie yet. For a third movie it would be awesome if they did not let go of the Joker, but instead get a Heath Ledger look alike to play various cut scenes of him escaping Arkhum Asylum and ruling Gotham. This time it would be harder for Batman to get to him becasue this time the Riddler and the Penguin are in his way. The Riddler is forcefully employed by the Joker and the Penguin is persuaded. The Riddler should be a Jigsaw type character ,spying on Batman and making him solve his riddlers. The Penguin on the other hand is almost tricked by fighting Batman because he has started racketering and buisness fraud which he come across Wayne Industries. The Joker is ruling all of this. Maybe a thrid villan would come in handy. Also, bring back the Gotham look and it should be the start of the Batman we all know, the Great Detective and the Dark Knight. When he becomes “Batman” instead of “The Bat-man.”

    ***CLICK YES***


  311. says

    i was expecting this and it’s a great to know the Johnny Depp is coming to rock the Bat man 3. I am in to theater work and as an actor Johnny Dep is source of inspiration for me but the think. heath ledger ruled in Bat Man he was the biggest sign of attraction for audience but i feel SAD Holly wood lost the champ right before the movie was released.

  312. Dan says

    I think The Joker must be recast for the third movie. I appreciate the loyalty that some people are showing towards Heath’s performance but saying it can’t be topped is nonsense. Daniel Day Lewis (arguably the greatest character actor ever) would do an amazing job. I reckon the story should feature The Joker being treated in Arkham Asylum by Dr. Harleen Quinzel (aka Harley Quinn), with him slowly manipulating her to become his pawn on the streets of Gotham, and with her mainly attempting to finish his intentions of killing Batman. I also think The Penguin should feature in it. Not Tim Burton’s stupid portrayal of him, more like a ruthless mob boss who has taken full advantage of Gotham while Batman has been laying low from the authorities. Possible cast: Harley Quinn – Brittany Murphy (Girl, Interrupted proves her psychotic credentials). The Penguin – Philip Seymour Hoffman (there should be no disputing this).

  313. says


  314. Harlequin says

    I absolutly love the idea of Johnny Depp as the Riddler. But your an idiot for saying the Riddler is like Joker. Reading this it doesn’t sound like you know too much. Joker is a crazed murderer, Riddler is an obsessive compulsive clue maker. He’ll challenege Batman intellectually. While Joker is sick and Twisted, Riddler is cooky and sly. While Joker is raw and ‘grungy’ Riddler is well kept,charming and a smooth talker. ‘unknown’ is also an idiot, and obvisouly dosn’t know the first thing about acting.
    I don’t like the idea of replacing Heath…I think I’d rather let it stand alone, however I am torn to the idea of introducing Harley Quinn, (only is Nolan does it right,) But A good way Nolan should go is having 1 villian per movie. He can do a lot with Catwoman in future movies. The series isn’t dead without Joker, even though it could have been a lot better with him. But if anyone ever ha a chance of replacing heath…it would be Johnny. But I’d rather Depp make his own character with Riddler.

  315. Harlequin says

    A Jim Carrey Type Riddler does not belong in the Nolan Batman universe. Johnny will do a good job.

  316. Andrew says

    For some reason I’d really like to see a Killer Moth appear 😛

    Johnny would do The Riddler justice I think, although I’m sure their are plenty of actors that could suit the job just fine.

  317. gsodvl says

    this is actually a really good idea

    the only downfall is that you would still have to cast a joker

    this is a pretty solid idea, if Nolan’s coming back he can do it

    the breakout is a major event from batman’s story

    I’m all up for this, but if there’s a robin in any of the batman’s to come I’m blastin my t.v. and the movie theater screen

  318. Tony Bologna says

    Whoever the jackass is who said Johnny Depp sucks balls is a complete moron. If he thinks the original film with Carrey is better than what Nolan will put out, then he sucks balls. I don’t think Nolan can top Dark Knight, but if he can, Johnny Depp is the only actor out there to get him there.

  319. Ryan says

    Okay, well to all the people claiming that another Joker should be casted, stop. Having the Joker be an active role in Batman again should not even be considered. All this would cause is a lot of pissed off people. As far as the Riddler, yes he has high potential to be a very lame villain but Johnny Depp would play this role very well I’m sure. Personally I think the Riddler should be a small time villain if anything. I just cannot see the Riddler as being a logical follow up to the Joker in TDK. One thing is for certain, whoever it is that plays whatever villain has some big shoes to fill after Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker.

  320. Ryan says

    Oh, and P.S. I personally feel that there will be another appearance of Dent whether or not it will be in Batman 3 is beyond me, but it seems a bit odd that Nolan would allow Two Face to fall, break his neck, and die off screen. It seems like that fall could easily go either way. To sum things up I would love to see Dent return and frankly it doesn’t seem so far fetched.

  321. nikola says

    i totaly agree…johnny depp ia an fantastic acter and i think that he will be much beter as the joker…i mean lec fase it he was perfect as that maniak at sweney todd…

  322. nikola says

    jim carey is an comedian…johnny depp is an real actor so lets be real………………JOHNNY DEPP RULES!!!!
    jim carey is good to…

  323. Bullet (: says

    Why are we so sure that Johnny Depp will play The Riddler in Batman 3? Because Johnny Depp recently briefly mumbled something desperately ambiguous about it possibly being quite fun to maybe play The Riddler during a local radio interview with his band.

    He didn’t say he is playing The Riddler, he said it would be fun. There is no other evidence to say that he is playing The Riddler.
    How is that stone cold evidence? He didn’t say that he is playing The Riddler.

    Until there is REAL evidence of him playing The Riddler, then I’ll believe it.

  324. crazyboy says

    i think depp will make an excellent joker not as good as ledger though and i think alissa milino would make a better catwoman and
    ray liotta the man of a thousand faces

  325. josh says

    Hey first things first. Your an idiot. The Riddler is nothing like The Joker. The Joker is a violent pyschopath who gets his jollies by blowing shit up or killing people or burning shit down. The Riddler is a cerebral villian whos one joy in life is outwitting Batman, he has this compulsion to prove he’s smarter and thats why he can’t bring himself not to leave a riddle before a crime. Sure he’s willing to kill to accomplish his ends, but he’s not really a violent villian like the Joker is. He is in fact the least violent of all Batman villians. So before you start saying stupid shit about Batman villians maybe you should learn something about them. Read a comic man. Hell if your that lazy just watch Batman: The Animated Series, the episode: If your so smart, then why aren’t you rich. Well thats about all. Enjoy being stupid. Have a nice day. :)

  326. Crazy4CaptainJackHarkness9906 says

    NOPE johnny depp just wouldn’t be the right person for this part…most of his characters are nore sinister and johnny doesn’t pull off “completely psycho Nerd/scientist carving attention” Jim Carrey did that perfectly HOWEVER David tennant would pull it off fabulously

  327. jammyjimmy says

    Riddler after Joker can’t be good because they’re surely so similar.

    The other supervillains are ridiculous: Mr Freeze, The Penguin, Catwoman… can ayone think of a character that would be interesting?

  328. jammyjimmy says

    Josh – stop being a retard. They are similar and that’s a fact. Do you know what the word similar means? Its better to have a very different villain, from a financial perspective or the franchise will DIE.

  329. Dani says

    I don’t know why so many people are hell bent on the idea of one villain in Batman 3. What’s not to love about the possibility of mayhem of all kinds? I’d like to see Rhona Mitra as Catwoman,Marion Cotillard as Harley Quinn, Dominic West as The Joker and I’m not familiar with David Tennant but his acting credits seem ok, so maybe him or Johnny Depp as The Riddler. But please God, no Robin or lame ass Batgirl !!! That would suck!!! I wouldn’t mind seeing Bane too, but not the mindless drone from the Joel Schumacher films. Or maybe Croc. Nobody’s had the balls to do him, but that character could work.

    To all the people that didn’t like the Dark Knight, it is abundantly clear to me that you don’t appreciate scripts with actual story lines.Also filming in the day time did not take away from the feel of the film!!! And a bunch of you need to learn how to spell!!! What the hell is “sphycopath” and “remorable”?????? I think you might have meant ‘Psychopath’ and ‘Memorable’.

    Spell Check is your friend. Use it.

  330. Deuce Wayne says

    With out a doubt The Dark was the gereatest Batman film yet! Yes Heath was a great part of that but Bale was the reason the series has flown so high! he did as well as ledger! u cant deny that! now to a 3rd installment villain choice bring joker back, have harley quinn , n riddler in it! plus the gotham police are after Batman if thats the case u need harvy bullock he despises Batman more then any cop ever has as much the villains themselves! u dont need romance it kills the movie! so no catwoman!now ur prolly wondering who my choice of actors are for the cast! well for i have a few! yes heath did his thing and it sucks so much he has passed cuz if he hadnt we wudnt b talking about this right now! but he’s gone and may R.I.P but it can be done again! the same was about jack nicholson’s joker and poof heath came along! i beleive Joker is much needed just as Batman is cuz the line in TDK we can do this forever set it off! i got chills wen i heard that line! best part of the movie was that whole seen between ledger and bale! so y not bring him back it is his arch enemy! thats like superman w/o lex! it doesnt work! my first choice though i hate some of his movies this dude can really act Leonardo Dicaprio! he’s got the look he’s similar to size of ledger and he can make his own!!!!!!!! 2nd choice he received great praise fron many yes hes been a villain in a diffrent series but his guy died in the lamest series of super heros 2 date spiderman, James Franco! he looks almost like ledger and he can act also! 3rd choice heathe twin almost Hayden Christianson looks identical can act and its just almost perfect! last but not least depp! he can do a sick job but him s riddler wud b fun 2 see wut he did w/ it! dont think of burton wen u think of depp think perfect actor! Crispin Glover as riddler wud b creepy! Nolans Riddler done by Crispin wud b as good as ledger’s joker!!!!!! now i saw 23 and i loved it and if u didnt then ur just a hater! yes this man is a comedian but the Man can act! Eternal Sunhine Of The Spotless Mind is just awesome!!!!!!!!!! yes u guessed it Jim mother fucking Carrey the man can do anything! n if Nolan gave him the riddler his way Jim wud win his first oscar no lie!!!!!!!!!and also a possible Joker yes he hasnt been it shit 4 a long time but wen was in kit he killed the role! Macaulay Culkin can I Dont Care wut ya’l think but his father destroyed him! The dude has mad talent! for harley quinn! Britany Murphy cud do it but i wud have 2 go w/ Natalie Portman she is one of todays brightest most talented stars! i think she wud nail that like Jordan did basketball! the woman can act her ass off! also Christina Ricci! but i think she can do a better catwoman if theyt did bring her into the series! but Christina cud do harley she is amazing! Micheal Madsen can do Harvey bullock hes just has the look for it! so does Clive Owen he is a badass dude and can play a tough asswhole like bullock is! or Mickey Rourke wud do great also! hes an tough s.o.b also! n can fit the part! and his acting is out of this world! you know wut throw penguin he can be in but not as often jus like w/alfred his parts are small but precise and awesome wen he is in it! the more the merrier! make penguin Phillip Seymore Hoffman or my personnal favorite the talented underrated Paul Giamatti that dude is scary n creepy n a psycho kind of way in movies! very eerie and thats wut Nolan is! burton is 2 but very dumb and retarded w/ it! Nolan is like Hitchcock w/ his shit that is my director right there! well thats how i feel about The Dark Knight sequal! once agin they dont need romance cuz it kills a franchise look at spiderman need i say more just kill Mary Jane already! if they have it keep it low like they did w/ Begins and Dark Knight! well at least Batman is Cool again! think you Nolan and Christian Bale,R.I.P Heath you are greatly missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  331. Deucer says

    IF there is going to be a Riddler character in the next movie, I’d personally like to see Daniel Day Lewis (Will Be Blood, Gangs Of New York)cast. He’s got a quiet intensity with the flawless demeanor and confidence The Riddler invoked; somebody of high intelligence with maniacal tendencies. As much as I like Johnny Depp, I think his Riddler might be a little too cartoony, and not as gritty and real as the rest of the film would exude.

  332. Deucer says

    PS David Tennant would not make a good Riddler. His “Barty Crouch Jr.” role was laughable, his little tongue lashes cheesy, and I thought he was terrible in that movie. A big-name draw isn’t needed; give it to a proven character actor who can provide a Ledger-worthy performance.

  333. says

    What about these Ideas?
    1st, Joker is in Arkham years later and it starts with a news report that the Joker was Killed by an inmate (one of Murones men).
    The back story is that he has been under treatment with a Dr Quinn and they had fallen in Love, and this sparks revenge by Harly Quinn on Batman and Jim Gordon for putting The Joker in Arkham and as she has a History of working with Nut Jobs picks a Genuis master criminal in the Riddler who she sees as an equal to the Joker and her best chance of Revenge…..?

    2nd, Brue Wayne has semi retired due to the last film and now being a figure for Hate in Gotham.
    Bruce falls in love with a sexy woman and all is well untill his new girl makes it known she is there for revenge for her farther Raz Al Gul and knows he is Batman and with the help of master criminal the Riddler sets out to OUT bruce wayne and bring down gotham….?

    Would Love to hear what you guys think?


  334. says

    Sorry but think this set of films will be amazing and the 3rd should be the last, so there is room to kill off the joker and bring in equaly as twisted bad guys.
    Depp as the riddler and Murphy as Harley Quinn and bring back the scarecrow for good measure.

    I hated Maggie G as rachel as they changed it and it was the only bad bit in the Dark Knight dont do it again and not after what Heath did for the part.

    Nicholsons Joker was a whole diffrent film and era it would be too soon to replace heath ledger.


  335. Bruce Wayne says

    I definitely think that I, Bruce Wayne- will not be doing anything related to BATMAN if that pansy- ROBIN, comes into play.

  336. ramesh says

    i have never seen such a movie like batman darknight,the joker character which is performed by heath ledger is wonderful

  337. Tobias says

    That would be pretty awesome, but I think the joker is done with. The actor is dead so let’s leave it at that. There will never be another joker. His story had already happened let another villian have a chance.

  338. Jamie says

    Nah, not Johnny Depp, he is in what seems like every movie, at least a few every couple of months.

    David Tennant would be good, he can play all kinds of different characters and is a really good actor. it would be a great role for him, too.

    Although they have to have the Joker in unless the movie takes place in another city…

  339. mas says

    you’re a retard, him saying it would be a fun gig for a while does not mean Johnny Depp will play The Riddler, it doesn’t even mean he’s been asked,it’s not confirmed until someone actually says the words, and i hope you were joking about Cher, she’s 62,she would make the worst Catwoman, she can’t even act.

  340. Sarenace says

    Wow, every now and again a post comes along on the internet that just shows me how stupid people can be. Yours is 1 such post. Now, the original article is not such great literature that I feel the need to defend it, but you have completely missed the point. The author of this piece was laying on the sarcasm so thick with his writing you would have to be blind, deaf dumb, and retarded to not get it. You are clearly one of the least intelligent specimens of humanity walking the planet. Sterilise yourself and do natural selection a favor.

  341. Jim says

    I just recently realized that a lot of people would disagree with for many reasons. The first thing that I want to address is your inconstant statement that Catwoman wouldn

  342. Jim says

    I had a lot of time think about this and I would like to say that I didn’t mean that Heath Ledger wasn’t as good or that he didn’t deserve the Oscar or anything like that. Heath Ledger wasn’t just amazing as the Joker but as a well rounded actor. I am sorry that he is gone, and I wish he could do more as actor and director. I still believe that the TDK Joker is overrated. I could be wrong but I believe that alot of people saw the TDK for all the wrong reasons. As soon as Ledger passed the media were saying how playing the Joker may have contributed to his death. I think that a lot people believed that and went to saw the movie as some of morbid spectacle. I don

  343. Jim says

    “Heath did incredible job of course he deserved the Oscar. It is the true that most of the nominations were technical achievements for the expectation Ledger performance as the Joker.”

    I’m sorry I said expectation when I meant exception.

  344. darkfan66 says

    there should NOT be a batman 3 nuff said,,, the dark Night is the oNLY film that held a candle to greatness (topping titanic,,almost)LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!!!!!! WALK AWAY. Undoubtedly those assholes at Warner Bros. will want to fill their pockets ,,so it will be done bat 3 will happen!! but we will see it and Hate it, they will make some coin but we will hate it Bastards!!!!!!!

  345. Jim says

    The Dark Knight was a great movie, but if Nolan believes there is a chance that there is more story to tell then he should be given a shout. No one knows if the next film will be better or worse then the TDK and to say that they shouldn’t even try could take away a chance on great (or even better)
    Batman film.

  346. LiveManiacAus says

    I agree with the last comment, give them a chance, i feel myself that the batman story can’t end there as he is the hero and not the bad guy. It could turn out to be a great movie or a peice of sh*t that u wasted 20 bux to go to the cinames and see it.

  347. Brian says

    Yeah your right, look at all the others….Terminator, Spiderman, X-Men. Each of the third movies were complete garbarge…

  348. says

    I think you mean Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the penguin, not Dustin, i wouldn’t like the penguin in the 3rd Batman outing, but after playing Arkham Asylum i’d love to see Harley Quinn in the next film, Johnny Depp as the riddler = PERFECTION, I’ve also seen alot about David Tennant being The Riddler, which be a horrible choice because he’s such a bad actor.

    I hope we see a 3rd Batman film, we only need for Christopher Nolan to confirm he will be directing the film.


  349. Caller says

    Spiderman 3 sucked, X-Men always sucked (Except Wolverine), but Batman Begins and Dark Knight have been groundbreaking films. Warner Bros. would be fools to not make a third film. Is it a law that the third installment is always crap? Because the Dark Knight was better than Begins. Aren’t there still enough fresh minds behind the new Batman that the third could even top The Dark Knight? I’d bet everything that, if directed by Nolan and Batman played by Bale, the third Batman will become the most popular movie ever made in the history of mankind. The Dark Knight has almost made more money than Titanic… and it’s ten years younger.

  350. Jokerfan420 says

    I want them 2make another joker and keep it goin jonny depp should be the joker of course no1 can b like the first joker but they should keep it goin!!!

  351. otto818 says

    everyone wants to see nolans imagining for all the villians, even if it is cher, PSHas the penguin or anybody Nolan will give them a slight comicbook twist but with a reality check. no ones gonna be bopping around looking like a Divito penguin, hopefully not. but casting Depp as the riddler, kinda reminds me of burtons batmans. might as well cast Helena Botham Carter as Catwoman. I dont think nolan will let his masterpiece fail. perfection takes time.BATMAN ENDS

  352. Arkatoothpaste says

    Perhaps it’s time to step away from the usual villians for Batman. A more down to earth villian for the third film with some foreshadowing of the next big comic book villain to come in a fourth and fifth installment. Take a step away from the Joker, have Harley show her face…. AVOID PENGUIN AND RIDDLER ATLEAST FOR NOW!!! Nothing will have the impact that Ledger’s Joker had right now. Take a new direction for the third film them come back all guns blazing for a fourth and perhaps final film.

  353. Batman says

    no idiots im Batman i actually have a realistic costume and my dad has the old Batmobile and i drive it all the time even tho its not street leagal

  354. Batman says

    ok who ever wrote this page is an idiot ok the joker and ridler are very simmaler ut the joker has a bunch of knifes and guns, the riddler has exploding puzzle peices and an ober genious theres a diference idiot

  355. Jim says

    If you read the comics, Catwoman is one of Batman’s most enduring love interest. Also Rachael Dawes was nothing more but an potential love interest for Bruce and it was obvious in the film that she had more of a connection with Harvey Dent then with Bruce Wayne the man of secrets. Rachael Dawes was a great character, but bringing in Catwoman would add more depth in the next film.

  356. Mr Wayne says

    If there’s gonna be a 3rd film put Harley Quinn in it, have her start out by trying to get inside the mind of the joker (who’s face does’nt have to be seen when being interviewed by Harley or others) then over time falling for him and doing all his dirty work on the outside maybe even with help of another (possibly Hush or even Scarecrow (again) who makes Batman believe he is to blame for everything that has gone on in Gotham.

  357. Mike says

    Erm, The Riddler is exactly like the Joker but with a green hat? You quite obviously know ‘nothing’ about Batman then…

    The Joker is a psychopath who does things simply for the hell of it. Heath Ledger played him to perfection. He has no reason for doing what he does other than to cause as much chaos as he can.

    The Riddler on the otherhand, is a genius in terms of intellect. He is cold, methodical and a sociopath to boot. He doesn’t do things at random, he plans them methodically and due to an obsessive compulsion caused by his fathers continued berating/beating of him as a child, has to leave a clue to prove that he is more intelligent than the law authorities.

    If you can see the same as the joker in that then you sir, are the idiot. Not the people who like the Riddler.

  358. Mike says

    Jokerfan420, you do realise that Heath Ledger was not ‘the first Joker’ don’t you?

    Jack Nicholson played the Joker in the original Batman – The Movie. Any person who grew up with that film assumed that Heath Ledger would never top Nicholson’s performance, yet we were proven wrong with that.

    Heath did a great job yes. But that doesn’t mean that others cannot do an equally, or even better, job. TDK went to show that already.

  359. steven says

    I think that the idea of angelina jolie as catwoman is OUTRAGES she is not qualified to do such a role!…in my honest opinion that jessica alba or nikki reed has a better chance of attracting more of a fan base than anything you hve ever seen…im a writer myself and i think you guy’s are making a big mistake and your going to lose alot of fans if you dont attract them with somthing new and fresh.. ~Steven A. Graham Jr.~

  360. Matt says

    There’s so many rumors floating around at the moment, it’s very unlikely that this could be true. For instance, another popular rumour is that David Tennant aka the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who will play him, and has been backed up by a very convincing poster, but this poster could still be fake.

  361. Joanne says

    This is crap its DAVID TENNANT play the Riddler you slow git do more research before posting rubbish!!!

  362. Radculas says

    most of the comments posted on here are sort of against the making of the third movie, or isn’t really looking forward to watching it. But I sort of want to have faith in Christopher Nolan.
    I mean, the whole casting and the success of the joker (thanks to late heath ledger) was such an unexpected phenomenon! I think we can do with another surprise. batman is like an american classic, it’s deep and has a lot of things to be explored. I think nolan has enough ingredients to make the next movie as exciting as the last.
    all i can say is i hope he won’t let us down 😉

  363. laz says

    Wa-Wa… maby there wont be B-man 3… yes there will, with Johny D as the riddler… Oh damn no, its going to be that other bloke from Britans got tallent… wa wa wa.
    do you lot do anything but windge and moan.

    I have a life, i would love to see batman 3 but it wont kill me if they dont make it.
    Will it be better than the last one (Dark Knight) if they have a joker then prob not, we ladys and gents We have seen the best joker and no-one new will live up to his example.
    but if they keep up the good work B-3 (or 8 if your counting) will be great and I will love to see it.

    But please dont windge and moan about it… life is too damn short. get up off your big but and smile… go outside and remember that life is to live.

  364. yancy says

    Batman 3 would be a great idea. Depp as riddler on paper sounds great! Lets hope it is not a wonka/madhatter version of riddler. Nolan has an excellent track record so far and i expect this film, if made, to be just as good as the first 2.

  365. Mark Brady says

    You should go with all unknowns or very barely known actors for the next BATMAN Movie. Icannot decide if you should introduce the ROBIN character or not. And out of the three obvious choices for villains-Riddler, Catwoman and Penguin, again I cannot decide on which one or combinations of the three that you should havein the upcoming Blockbuster. Always trying to top the last movie is really a challenge is’nt it?

  366. J.J says

    I think they HAVE to have harley quinn in the next movie but the riddler should be the main villian cuz harley would need the joker cuz she’s a side kick.

  367. Tj says

    Yeah, I’m a HUGE harley fan. If she made it to Arkham asylum, then she should make it to this movie!!!! Also, Just because Jonny Depp said that… it seems like more of an opinian. And he shouldnt be the riddler. The riddler is described ‘tall and lanky” wheareas Jonny Depp is kinda tall, but… buff, you now? the riddler uses gadgets and riddles, and genius Not fighting. But I am also a big fan of David Tennant. He is good at acting, being smart, and hes tall (very) and lanky. As for a catwoman, Catwoman is crappy!

  368. Tj says

    Yeah! David fits the description way better! and hes good at fast – talking, as far as im concerned the riddler does that…. alot.

  369. Tj says

    yes. I too have complete faith in Chistopher Nolan. And also i think its gonna be great! the first 2 were marv, why not this one? And- HE WONT DEFINTILY NOT LET US DOWN!!!!!

  370. Tj says

    Sorry, I just have to say that if they dont make it….
    I AM GOING TO ABSOLOUTLYDIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i m positive about it.

  371. Tj says

    I agree, Harley would be gret but david tennant fits the description. depp wouldnt be half as good! harley would be great but replacing heath ledger…:'(

  372. Tj says

    ha. but both depp and tennant said similar things. sooo…. THE COMP is ON. was that over the top?

  373. Batman says

    No. I’m Batman! I use all the correct punctuation! My utility belt beholds the following; Batarangs,two-way radio, Batline, infra-red flashlight, smoke capsules, fingerprint dusting kit, minature camera, lock pick tools, tear-gas pellets, Micro-processor power source, Micro-cassette recorder, Batline reel, laser torch, plastic explosive grenades and an underwater rebreathing aparatus. And… BATSNACKS!

  374. GiantMonkeyMan says

    Having the Penguin would be a perfect follow on to the Dark Knight. With all the mob bosses dead or in prison there’s a power vacuum left to be filled and since Batman can’t work with the police anymore, the Penguin would have a greater chance of staying under the radar. I’m sure Nolan could work up something a bit more realistic and gritty than the camp and, frankly, pathetic versions of the Penguin shown in the past.

  375. WizKid68 says

    why get the Riddler if they could do BANE :-)
    now that would be a good fight for Batman.
    And No dont bring in Robin, that would ruin the movie

  376. David Tennant says

    I’ll clear this up for all of you, according to the posters the Riddler will for sure be played by David Tennant. And let me just say that he is without a doubt one of the best actors in existence.

  377. shatley says

    doesn’t if you must use poor grammar. The apostrophie replaces missing letters so “does’nt” doesn’t make sense.

  378. Robert Moxley says

    Christopher Nolan I think Should have done the third batman movie called SHADOW OF THE BAT you need to do villians who have not been done yet like Clocks Worth the time keeper,Killer Croc,Mad Hater,Egg Head, The Man-Bat creature.Because we have already seen Joker, Riddler,Two-Face,Penguine,Mr.Freeze,Bane, and Catwoman.But you could have mad a better Batman and Robin movie.

  379. Robert Moxley says

    I think no body can nor will ever top Jim Carrey as the Riddler plus Danny DeVito was one hell of a Penguine.They should combine the Batman Saga like they did to StarWars.But I think every one will agree that that Batman and Robin movie could have been better and should be done over.

  380. Jack says

    I hate to sound like a douche, but Nicholson wasn’t the first Joker either. There was a Batman movie prior to the 1989 version. In the 1966 movie the Joker was played by Cesar Romero. I agree that the role improved throughout each actor, but let’s never forget the old school.

  381. luis-riddle me this says

    Well I think Neil Patrick Harris would make a good riddler he has a similar body build to the riddler from the comics and Harley Quinn would be another excellent choice and a totally new never before seen villian which presents a new challenge for batman


    How is David Tennant in anyway a bad actor? Oh wait… he’s not he actually a great actor.

    The Riddler sucks the only way Johnny Depp will make it work is if he dies post production due to a drug overdose. The Penguin isn’t a very scary villain just a small man with a penchant for umbrellas which incidently I’ve never seen a real penguin use. As for the Harely Quinn thing yeah she’s viable however i don’t think they should use her too soon simply because it’d be like watching the Dark Knight and feeling slightly attracted to the villain. There’s not many decent bad guys after Two Face and the Joker, I mean the Mad Hatter? Killer Croc? that would be a killer croc, a killer crock of shit. I’m thinking Hush or Bane preferably Bane and this time hopefully he’ll be true to the comics and not just a steroid junkie in a gimp mask. Anyway I Digress, the batman franchise I feel is running out of viable villains fast. Thanks for reading.

  383. sam says

    youre fucking stupid. tennant is a HORRIBLE actor. there are plenty of villains to use in the new movie, im guessing the riddler (since thats been all but confirmed by caine and certain producers involved) and perhaps the black mask. scarface would be a good one too, but hes too unrealistic. i like the idea of having the riddler almost like jigsaw in saw, trapping victims and making them have to escape by solving puzzles. pair him with maybe a penguin, two face (if hes really still alive), catwoman (though im not sure nolan is keen on that character), or some other villain that leads a bunch of cronies.

    running out of viable villains?? you never read the comics much, eh? nolan is brilliant, and he likes realism, so you can count out the likes of freeze, ivy, killer croc, and all the ridiculous superpower villains. who wants another 2 hours of really bad “ice” puns by arnie? “ICE TO MEET YOU.”

    but i digress. tennant sucks balls.

  384. CC says

    I know johnny depp is going to be a great riddler!!!! he is a great actor…so who ever that is hateing on him keep on hateing…because he is going too be the ridder nomatter what.


    you suck balls, I like David Tennant as an actor, he’s very good at his job hence why he is so popular. Watch Hamlet and come back to me. Batman 3 may have a cameo of superman in it, supposedly due to the justice league movie set for 2014

  386. Jacob Charnick says

    There is defenatley not going to be a batman 3 at the moment as christopher nolan (director batman begins, dark knight) Is helping with the superman reboot, yes, superman reboot, i ALSO think it will fail. But chris nolan has not even thought about doing a 3rd movie, he hasnt written it, he dosent know the plot and in Q&A He said he would not use johnny depp if he did make a 3rd

  387. jessedidit says

    with the way things are going on now such as the green movement and like “avatar” it would be best to include Poison Ivy in the next movie along with Depp as the Riddler. and at the same time keep the realism in and not turn this into a carrtoonism screneplay like “Batman Forever” also there should be a good setting of Arkham with small features of other villains like Two-Face, Scarecrow, and yes the Joker. R.I.P Heath Ledger but if Joker shows up in the movie he should be brief and not redo the charactor with another starting actor…

  388. Will says

    I think we all know that this is just a rumour and theres no official villian, or actor that has been announced yet. I would love to see Phllip Seymour Hoffman play the Penguin, but that also looks like it aint going to happen. I think Catwoman will definitely play a part because 1) the francise now needs a female villian. 2) Its been hinted with Lucius Fox saying in the movie “Should do fine against cats”. and 3) they killed of Rachel Dawes, finishing any love interest. When i heard that Heath Ledger was going to play the Joker i was very surprised, as i didnt really rate him as a great actor, but he proved me wrong. So i trust Nolan with whoever he casts for any role in the next movie. The Riddler i would leave out personally because its not different enough. This sort of villian has been done before in many different films.(obviously, not as strange as the Riddler) Leaving Riddles and clues to his crimes just sounds a little boring to me. Too murder mystery. Unless Nolan can explore and gives us something new about the character, i wouldnt be too excited to see him in the movie. I would like to see the Penguin done in a realistic style that Nolan does so well, and if i had to pick a different actor other than Phillip Seymour Hoffman id go with Joaquin Phoenix.

  389. Harley Quinn Jr. says

    yeah, having Harley would be cool but what’s Harley Quinn with out the all time best Joker! Heath Ledger WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE US!

  390. Harley Quinn Jr. says

    None a yeh are the real Batbrain!
    The Joker is better anyways, he doesn’t need a little birdie to fly around with him! I’m better!

  391. Will says

    Theres no villians confirmed. They’re just rumours. If you want to keep up with whats going on with the next bat flick go to

  392. Rob says

    Nolan wants a Dark Riddler not the Comic Book Version, There are rumors about David Tennant, Jude Law and Michael Emmerson but my personal choice is Johnny Depp even though he`s no longer portraying Riddler My second choice is David Tennant.

  393. He-Man says

    Now then people, These films take time. With the likes of chris nolan at the helm of it your sure to get a well thought out film and not something rushed! Think aboutit, plan the story around what happened at the end of the darknight??? Now we al know batman won’t stay an enemy to the public for long sooo what could be better then having a real chance for Two-Face to become the criminal he should of been i the 3rd installment! It could be the way around in which batman gets proven as innocent via everyone licks his ass again. Also as Two-Face seems quite the psychotic now, not really using his head! Wouldn’t it be great too see a very manipulatie character such as the riddler teaming up with Two-Face again! Only this time more serious characters. Maybe someone to play a kameo for joker precisely to keep him alive! Expect this knd of idea in the 3rd film, As i’ve noticed nolan has got some real genious about the way he thinks.

  394. Ryan Casta says

    This is for all the people who think The Joker should die with Heath Ledger, there is no actor bigger than the character. Joker is a master villian who has different personality within himself. This is a perfect time in the big picture to bring a different actor to shakin things up in Gothom. And brings A deeper relationship with Batman like a Hannibal style side story. These comic book stories are bigger then any actor. It would be a shame to just kill of The Joker knowing that he was kept alive by Batman.

    Please make a comment if you agree or disagree with my thoughts on that subject.

  395. Neatface says

    I like the idea of Scarface as a small part competing with Penguin’s rise to control organized crime in Gotham. He could have a puppet that looks like Cher. It would be cute.

  396. stephen conner says

    Ok here is my take on the new batman, if u go back to the batman:the animated series show, when they introduced clayface they had him masquerading as bruce and other characters, same way with this movie, have batman doing all this weird stuff, bruce trying to kill lucious, basically have it in suspense for the movie, then in the end show the showdown, have him morph into scarecrow,joker, twoface, have an awesome showdown that’s just my thought, like to hear what others think

  397. jimmyc says

    Yo. You’re an asshole for believing, like every other asshole that believes, that the riddler is a clone villain. The Riddler, for one, is obsessed with knowledge and always knowing. The Joker is obsessed with chaos. Destruction. Anarchy. The Riddler believes that everyone should know the true identity of Batman and the Batman doesn’t deserve his secrecy and that he is actually a criminal himself. The only reason you’re arguing the rumor that the Riddler is a Joker clone is, 1) you cannot form your own opinion. And 2) they wear the same colors, although slightly inverted. So suck a dick. You’re worthless as a critic.

  398. Will says

    Harsh! I agree that theres no comparison between the Joker and the Riddler, but keep it nice will ya! Jeez! I disagree with bringing back the Joker. He came into the film with his background obscure and unknown, but now he should exit the same way. Its a pity what happened to Heath Ledger, and i would of loved to see him in the next movie, but i really dont want to see another actor take up from where he left off. It kinda ruins the illusion of such a big character. It worked changing actresses for Rachel Dawes because she isnt really a main character like the Joker. I understand that the character is bigger than the actor, but imagine they made more batman movies and changed the director Christopher Nolan…He isnt bigger than the franchise, but you wouldnt want any other director in charge.

  399. says

    I do not think we will hate it. I just think it will be good as batman begins or even better. Obviously the Dark Knight will one of the greatest batman movies until we die.

  400. says

    It will not be like that at all because the joker in the 1989 version looked goofy until the dark knight. So I think they will be creative in that.

  401. says

    Will think of it like this. the James Bond movies they’re are now 22 of them and they did not have the same actor for every one of them. Think of it like this heath ledger did not always play villains. He always played a good guy. So I think some one could do just as good, or even they might be better.

  402. Will says

    I hate James Bond haha! Its so ridiculous. Please dont make comparisons for crying out loud!! The fact that they change actors for that role makes it so unbelievable, just as James Bond is. You dont take James Bond seriously do you?? Heath Ledger wasnt my ideal choice for the Joker, but he nailed it. If they change actors now it will ruin the continuity and integrity of the character he created.

  403. lunardaddy says

    haha dip shit, im sure johnny depp is going to be the riddler FAIL!! eddie murphy as already signed up, the only good realistic baddy that can keep the dark trend going is victor zsaz he shud be the next 1

  404. Oscar winning writer!!! says

    What if Batman was the villain? What if Batman was hunted by the GCPD and real Suprhero, Such a vigilante as VIGILANTE! Whilst the Batman was trying to capture the REAL villain of the film Riddler and Penguin or whoever… Then the two heroes could team up setting up for the JLA SUpermovie in the coming years! I’ll take my Oscar now thank you!!!

  405. Neatface says

    I believe Johnny Depp is playing Killer Moth. I just said it, and it’s on the internet = true.

  406. Hawkdaddy says

    Funny, Nolan said that he wasn’t going to use villains that have already been in films. So you and your article are retarded and should be deleted.

    And fuck Johnny Depp, he would make a horrible riddler.

  407. Pete says

    Why the fuck is JD suggested on every bloody rumours site?


    Just because he plays slightly unhuman roles in films:

    Willy Wonker

    So why again does he need to be touted for a role that requires a lot of make up?

    PLEASE – Anyone but him!

  408. rep31983 says

    I personally heard online that they were talking about either Halle Berry replaying it or going with Jessica Alba or Jessica Beil but either one would be good but my question is how long do we have to wait for Poison Ivy, Hell why not have the two villains be female for one, if anyone is man enough for it, its Batman

  409. rep31983 says

    update people I wanted to see if my last report was correct and what I got was more confusion, now I’m hearing Cher and Angelina Jolie. I’m so confused right now but don’t worry I’ll check one more source who usually clears this stuff up so I’ll check back in another few hours and let you know what I find out.

  410. rep31983 says

    Ok from my sources there is nothing certain for the new Batman movie, and truthfully all i can add is that Megan Fox was added to the list of names for a possible Catwoman if they actually decide to include Catwoman. Only sure things about the movie is the Riddler, and that nothing else is for sure.

  411. David Stern says

    Bullshit, Tennant is a great actor, he was voted the best Doctor in the English Sci-Fi drama Doctor and is an excellent stage actor as well. Also he fits the description of the Riddler perfectly right down to the personality.

  412. dollar says

    yeah your right but look at it this way. the third installments of those movies all had different directors for them. one of the biggest reasons that sucked!

  413. jason says

    thats so untrue!!! jhonny is the shiznit he is good in every movie he plays in how could you sy that about him?

  414. jack says

    I think the plan was for the joker to be in it agen, i forget that he dosent die,he’s just left hanging unfortuantley when heath ledger died, i think they decided not to do it because heath ledger as the joker is probably the best acting i’ve ever seen and nobody could ever play the joker as good as him. Oh an Johnny Depp as the Riddler would be the best choice.Or if this turns out to be the end of the batman trilogy maybe batman could capture the people who shot his parents

  415. Gabe says

    Depp as the Riddler would be pretty cool to see. But like the “Dark Night” there should be a 2nd villian. Say…The penguin? Philip Seymour Hoffman maybe. I donno but the penguin would be another cool villian to see.

  416. Underling says

    So I guess Heath Ledger can be the Riddler? Did you see his work in the dark knight? awesome.

  417. jproberts says

    first off underling, heath ledger passed away.

    But i would like to see maybe a copycat couple reprise the joker, and bring in harlequin, Joseph Levitt Gorden and Kristen Bell would be interesting to see pull that off. Plus you can easily change the actor for the joker and bring in a new dynamic.

    As for the riddler i would love them to bring back Jim Carey and make what he did darker and more twisted. jonny depp is just going to play the same character as jack sparrow, willy wonka, and the madhatter. Danny Devito’s Penguin would fit brilliantly into the new batman universe.

    But i really want to see the riddler or catwoman

  418. DazUK1 says

    First of all, icantseemyass is right – you guys are just killing it, you may as well squirt lemon juice in my eyes and make me watch the very first Batman with Michael Keaton, and while the sting sets in I could pull the skin at the side of my eyes and pretend it was a different plot and cast all together. Get a grip of yourselves and blow your noses.

    Batman 3 needs to continue the theme as the last two proper, this would keep the momentum going as the all new Batman suggests, not go retro, what a wash out that would be and a total waste of time. the new Batman theme needs to keep its head and be just as innotavive as the Dark Knight Returns, making die hard Batman fans and to those of us who like to dip in and out of that fantasy world a real edge, especially towards the fact of it’s gotta be about the gripping storyline and not the muchos dineros.

  419. Bat Tank says

    *************major spoilers, inside info**********
    everyone must remember two things first off when david nolan made the dark knight he knew he was making a sequal also chris nolan always likes to stay ahead of the audience also this is chris nolan’s batman world and not the comic world he is directing so there are some major differences,but because of heath ledgers death some tweaks were made. I received so much good info from my source i don’t know where to start but here we go.

    the movie starts about a year after the dark knight, batman is now a wanted criminal because of this wayne has shut down batman temporarily and is working at wayne trying to do good with medical research and not military research.
    during this time period gotham is again in chaos but a controlled chaos led by semi gangster oswald copplepot called the penguin (has not yet been casted) because of his stature. he is a arms dealer and controls all crime but is also very political and yes he will have a weaponized umbrella that we will see throughout the film but only used at the end. here’s where it gets interesting

    the riddler is definitely in the film and has already been casted. this was the suprise news i received. chris nolan already snuck him in the last film. He was the man named coleman reese, in the dark knight he finds batmans identity. he was snuck in as a easter egg,get it coleman reese-Mr.Reese-Mysteries. in this film he will call himself the man of mysteries. they will show a backstory about his life being ruined and the loss of his family because of the joker threat.he ends up being a murderer highly sophisticated almost like from the movie saw. he is physically a nobody and will have no physical confrontation with batman in the entire film but he will kind of be batmans mental superior and tormenter since he also know batmans identity. at all his murder scenes he will leave behind riddles that appear to make no sense to the murder till the end. the riddles are not riddles to the murder but to batmans identity as bruce wayne. he signs his riddles with the term the man of mysteries, he gets the name riddler from the joker who he sends letters to at arkham. the joker in this movie receives the riddles signed ? before the murders happen.

    the joker is in this film, originally he was to escape but because of heath’s death they found a new way to add him in the film which makes total sense. he will be a patient at arkham and in the

  420. Matt says

    Maybe you weren’t paying attention, but Joe Chill, the guy who shot Batman’s parents kind of died in the FIRST movie outside the courthouse after he tried to give evidence on the crime boss

  421. Underling says

    Guys, we are all forgetting Heath Ledger here. He’s the one who placed the Dark Knight on top of the charts. I’m sure he can reprise his former role as the joker. Maybe he’ll escape from prison or something.

    Ledger rules!

  422. z-dog says

    he’s dead you idiot!! he was still bummed from doing the Brokeback thing. he is deader than dead, but he is not taking the joker with him! honestly i think we could do better. OK, he did a good job as being the unpredictable, crazy, bad guy. But he’s the joker for crying out loud! He’s suppost to throw a pie at some one, have a bomb that looks like a jack in the box, have a squirting flower that spits acid, a hand buzzer hooked up to a 12 volt battery! To me Heath Ledger didn’t look like he was having any real fun with what he was doing. It was more like a poor emo kid who wanted to get revenge, not the guy who doesn’t give a puck unless he’s having fun or getting attention. The Clown Prince of Crime has now become the Serious Citizen of Death. Boring!!!

  423. z-dog says

    Oh yeah and again Underling, Heath Ledger is DEAD!!!! He killed himself. Look it up. He ain’t coming back. He left his mark but he didn’t go out with a bang. He died a sad and sleepless man and now he can get all the pucking sleep he wants!

  424. z-dog says

    Also if you look at the posters for the Batman 3 the Riddler is not Jonny Depp but the guy who does the new Doctor Who show. Besides, I would want Jonny Depp to get a better part than that. Not that it is better but it would be funny as hell if he played the Mad Hatter in Batman as well.

  425. z-dog says

    ok never mind, i might be wrong on the Riddler cast thing. But i am not wrong on the Heath Ledger dead thing.

  426. Underling says

    interesting concepts, z-dog. I reckon you’re just another heath ledger hater. let me guess, you’re bummed from his role in brokeback mountain because he played a guy attracted to another guy? what, you can’t accept guy-love? let me tell you that what he did in there was an acting job worthy of an oscar. i just don’t understand why you would resort to making up something that has no basis.

    Ledger rules!

  427. guitarguy says

    Heath ledger is dead you moron. he died shorrtly after filming for the dark knight finished. look it up if you dont believe Z-dog. You’re just making yourself look like a complete ass…

  428. Underling says

    DAMN. i just can’t believe there are guys like you who spread this bullsh**. Stop hating, people. Keep it to yourself if you don’t like him.

    Ledger rules!

  429. gall86 says

    johnny depp wouldn’t be right for the riddler, chris nolan will pull out another casting suprise like when he cast heath ledger as the joker, expect someone like ryan phillipe, ryan gosling, joseph gordon levitt etc.., also heath ledger gave an outstanding portrayal of the joker and cannot be replaced bt ANYONE(at least not in chris nolan’s batman films), and there will be no fourth film chris nolan has already said that he will not keep expanding the story. i noticed the coleman reiss thing also from TDK but the riddlers name is Edward Nashton.

  430. z-dog says

    Sorry! I would have figured that since you were such a big fan of Heath Ledger that you would have at least heard something about that. It happened before the movie even came out. Also, I am not a Heath Ledger hater. He was a good actor. BUT!….If you can’t handle playing, acting, as a crazy guy fake killing people then maybe you shouldn’t be there. That is what makes me mad about the whole thing. A retired army man kills himself because he is depressed from being ordered to kill kids, we call that sad. A movie star kills himself because he’s not happy playing as the Joker, we call that a tragedy! It’s not a tragedy, it’s ridiculous and embarrassing.

  431. josh350 says

    oh no… This just ruined the new batman films for me… Johnny Depp will be another big failure playing the riddler just like jim carrey. thanks johnny depp.

  432. GAAALF says

    The riddler will be in it and it’s will not be Johnny Depp. It will be Doug Jones, it’s only a rumor on Imdb, but their rumors often go straight to the answer.

  433. Keeper says

    The people behind Batman do not know what they’re doing. Period.

    1. First off, there is a way to bring back the Joker. He’s called Mark Hammil, and he’s been doing the Joker longer than anybody else has. He’s the best Joker. Just make him lose weight and put on some makeup. You can’t tell how old he is. Boom. New Joker.

    2. Riddler was never meant to be a copy-cat of the joker. He’s meant to be a Mad-genius. Like in the animated series. Jim Carrey, although a decent performance, played him like Jim carrey. Whoever plays the Riddler in the new movie, needs to be completely opposite. Smarter, cunning, mad, and fearless. Johnny Depp seems like a good choice, but he’s been too off on his performances lately. I just saw Alice in Wonderland the other day, and again he’s doing another English accent. He was doing like five different characters throughout the movie. I think I’ve seen Jack Sparrow in seven movies now. Michael Emerson from LOST should play the Riddler. He’s good at looking the part.

    3. The Dark Knight to me will always be a great movie, but overrated. Casting for every movie is way off. Batman is way off. His voice is way off. Kevin Conroy should have dubbed over, ha ha.

  434. z-dog says

    I am a huge fan of Mark Hammil. BUT, these guys already ruined it with Heath Ledger so they would have to have someone just as bad as Heath. Mark Hammil diserves his own movie. Also I agree with you on the Riddler thing.

  435. Sylentwolf says

    The Knight Crusader… The Dark Crusader… The Caped Crusader… Gothams Crusader… Gothams Knight… Gothams Knight Returns…The Dark Knight Returns…

    and my NEW favorite title… ‘The Prince of Darkness’

    Christopher (Nolan) should surprise us all… Berry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan, Unknown, Enemy of The State) might be a good surprise as the Riddler, or maybe someone a tad bit older.

    Please, I say NO to Johnny (Depp) or Robert (Downey).

    Maybe others will agree, I’m just a bit tired seeing them on screen.

  436. kenneth says

    I will be the joker. I’m trying to think of something really funny. Newt gingrich president thats not funny. Ummm next time

  437. whatever says

    underling if your taking the piss your not funny if you really dont know where the hell have you been living under a rock Heath ledger is DEAD i LOVE Heath ledger but really your a numty

  438. z-dog says

    heres one for ya. So this guy runs into this bar right…now his face is busted. Haaa ha ha ha ha ha!

  439. thenightwatch says

    Batman 3

    While Batman is being hunted down by the police and military, Raz AlGul, who was rescued from the train crash that seeming killed him, actually has been healed using one of his Lazarus Pits, is is again secretly planning to destroy Gotham. Batman, becoming aware of this, but not wanting to attract attention to himself, devices a way to deal with Raz by employing a reformed Riddler, who together form a very public but fake plan to destroy Gotham City that distracts police attention away from Batman and simultaneously confuses and forces Ra’s hand to the point that Ra’s himself tries to make a deal with The Riddler which in turn leads him privately in the hands of Batman. In the meantime, The Riddler’s fake plan to destroy Gotham is real and he plans to carry it out. During all of this Batman has been trying to rehabilitate Harvey Dent which turns out to be successful to give Gotham it’s ‘white knight”. Batman now back in the public’s view begins an intense and trying battle to stop The Riddler. Batman, wanting to stop The Riddler but not wanting to be hunted down anymore stops The Riddler yet allows himself to be mortally wounded in the process knowing that a women, who’s identity is not yet identified takes Batman to one of Ra’s Lazarus Pits.

    Note: Although this closes the story it also leaves it open ended in case of a Nolan Batman/Superman or Justice League.

  440. george says

    yea batman 3 was ment to be the trial of the joker bail signed for 3 at that point they werw thinkin a colaberation with another superhero from d.c but alas after ledgers death talks died down. Now do not think johnny will be riddler that is a none defo statment anyway. would think they will bring in some1 who will be a suprise. Just like heath was

  441. tabooizm says

    Batman lets the joker live, due to character morals. Nothing to do with Heaths death. If you really think a mask painted character who occupies less than 1/4th of the film is the “best acting” you’v ever seen, then you have allot of cinema education to undertake.

  442. Gretski says

    OMG you guys are all nuts.
    Obviously NO ONE knows anything about the next movie to come and your all speculating your hopes for the actors. Fair enough you all have opinions who should play who etc but stop slagging each other off about it and leave heath legder alone. These guys jobs are to act and they make alot of money doing it.
    Who are we to judge them and how can we when we are the ones who are watching there movies, not working them.
    I would love johnny depp to play the riddler and phillip seymour to play the penguin but thats my opinion. We all have different tastes and we shall have to wait and see when it comes out.
    Until then keep your nasty comments to yourself. Im excited to see what the next one brings.

  443. wayne says

    personally i think heath did a good job and even if just for continuity resons he shouldnt be replaced. instead he can be in Arkham as a behind the scene man, can be shadowed and not fully seen also voiced by mark hamil. who uses his nurse/girlfriend (harley quinn) as his link to the outside to create or recruit the riddler to follow in his chaos footsteps. But the riddlers behaviour is messing with the riddlers “king pin” gangster boss antics who then tries harder to become THE boss of the city. With these 2 villains competing against each other for crime lord status, batman has to battle both crime lord (penguin), jokers plan for chaos which includes the riddler and also the media, law and the public to get balance back in the city and win over trust of the city. This way it can “end” with bruce finally gaining control over crime. Riddler, harley in arkham and maybe the death of penguin just to keep it “dark” This is a way to also keep it real and gritty like the last two were as it looks at gang warfare on the streets and how society copes with it.

  444. LN says

    they should have megan fox play catwoman and the whole johnny depp as the riddler is freakin stupid

  445. Benjy says

    This is painfully harsh… i suppose this other cinema you are referring to is the political dross acting we usually get in the oscars? Heath’s Joker was a beautiful performance… to simply dismiss it just because he wasn’t the main character is ridiculous… i dont agree its the best performance ever but man its up there :)

  446. Jonathan O says

    i agree with david, this is a terrible story you conjured up. you fail on all levels considered.

  447. Jonathan O says

    mark hammil ? dude you’re a moron. his voice was fine for the animated series and the game. and that’s that. the only story i feel would be perfect as to closing out the trilogy would have to be somewhere along the lines of the actual frank miller “dark knight returns”. if they can tweak that around without a robin the premise of the graphic novel would suffice. you guys are beyond stupid.

  448. Pieville says

    Everyone talks about all the well known characters such as The Riddler, Catwoman and The Penguin but what about those who aren’t too well known such as Black Mask, he would be a great villain in the movie.

    I was also thinking The Ventriloquist and Scarface played by one of the more crazier actors, (Jim Carey would be perfect for the role, one minute he could be a nervous wreck the next he’s scarface)

  449. thugbuggayfag4848 says

    you are all a bunch of fags… super heroes don’t like cock sucking nerds like you.

  450. says

    According to the first Batman film and the comics. The joker (Jack) is supposed to have killed his parents but these interpretation is being done very differently and it could sway either way.

    Just so you know, Bale signed a contract for 7 batman films (heard it on the radio after the first film was released) so I doubt this is going be a trilogy.

  451. DH says

    Oh my gosh underling why the hell cant u get it through your f*cking head that Heath Ledger is dead! I mean he beat jack nicholson and that other actor from 1966, but he died! He was a great actor. He really was, but had a crappy role. Nothing was cheesy, like the real joker. He overdosed on sleeping pills. OMFG

  452. DH says

    Good joke, but Ive heard it bfore.
    How about a Christmas one?
    Why r there only 25 letters in the Christmas alphabet?
    Bcause theres noel
    (No l)
    But who knows if the joker is jewish?
    I guess he does
    but hes feictional!
    oh, WTF

  453. DH says

    I think the Black Mask would be cool, but I think that The ventroloquist is a good choice. As I have noticed, all the villians in all the batman movies have been in Lego Batman. Even the black mask is in Lego Batman. I bet that is coincidence, but I think it is cool. But isnt scarface al capone? Jim carey already plaayed the riddler anyway, so I dont think that he would be a good cantidate for anybody.

  454. DH says

    the hell u taking about? that has nothing 2 do with anything. plus superheroes aren’t real.

  455. DH says

    oh man I can’t wait to prove all the predictions above wrong. All I heard was that the riddler and Harley Quinn were in it. That is it. This is not a prediction about what will happen. Just wait and see.

  456. DH says

    I just found out that this is a british website. That is cool. I have only been on american websites b4 now

  457. DH says

    bruce wayne killed joe chill with a random gun he found. he hid the gun inside his sleeve and shot him. the gun ended up at the bottom of the ocean.

  458. brandon says

    i dont think replacing the joker or bringing in harlequin would be a good idea
    harelquin would not suit the grim atmosphere of the series and if a new joker was brought in then the entire movie people would just be comparing his acting to heath’s in the dark knight

    i think the penguin could be a good addition especiallly if they made his character extremely dark, and intelligent, someone who could fight batman on a more strategic level

    i personally dont like the idea of the riddler itd feel like a wannabe joker witha more theatrical approach to crime

    one idea i have is that the penguin is the new town mob boss kinda and he hires a team of hired professional killers to take out batman this would provide opportunity to bring in some of the villain assassins from the comics

  459. Caleb says

    i really think Depp as the Riddler would be awesome, but we cant overlook Penguin. i really think he should appear in this film, bcs there are always two villains. so Depp can play the Riddler, and i think personally Michael Keaton would make a suitable Penguin (that is assuming Nolan wants to go dark with the penguin).

  460. Scott says

    I’d love to see Depp as Riddler, but even if he’s up for it that doesn’t mean they’ll cast him. Nolan has done it before…

  461. Talsnens says

    No offence but you should watch that movie agian it wasnt Bruce it was some Chick sent by some Mobster (cant think of their names right now)

    But Bruce DID think of killing Chill but he didnt

    and then he became Batman kicked some ass and now we’re here…and David Tennant plays The Riddler

  462. Shreddyfender says

    I’ve honestly seen a little too much quirky Depp. Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd, Willie Wonka… I have a different perspective of the Riddler all together. Bare with me. Now seeing as how the newest installments of the Batman legacy have returned it to its “gothic” and “dark” origins, why not try something a little more sadistic with the Riddler, mich like they did with the Joker… that was some messed up shit. I pictured The Riddler as being a disgruntled, disfigured, abductor, who resides in a basement, sending letter bombs and such to buildings around Gotham. He’s weak, and in as I said disfigured, but he’s intelligent. Batman could get into the action reels with another villain, and all the while the Riddler is down below causing havok. Just a thought. Oh, and the actor to play him… my choice would be Daniel Day Lewis.

  463. Stratifire says

    Wow saying that this is an official confirmation of the casting is RETARDED he only said “that would be fun” not “I am definatly going to be riddler in the next batman film” I mean they just BARELY started writing the script for Christ sake let alone cast it

  464. Batman says

    Actually I am fairly certain Johnny Depp said nothing about it, because he does not know. Don’t believe me? Check out IMDB for the “Untitled Batman Project”

    or look Under Johnny Depp

    The last rumor I heard was that Doug Jones / Abe Sapien from Hellboy was also a candidate for The Riddler.

    Personally I would love either of these guys, and although I believe it will be one of them, Nothing has been confirmed.

  465. Batman says

    I completely agree- Depp’s personality matches a surreal kind of Goofy. Edward Scissorhand is fairly close in the fact that he was dark and dreary..Captain Jack Sparrow’s personality..maybe? But I do not know if Depp can pull off being The Villian…? I’d love to see him try though.

  466. Stumpy99 says

    I agree with Underling, Heath Ledger is very much alive. I read it on wikipedia! It is all a conspiracy to harm his career because of all the Heath Ledger haters.

    Dont be ignorant people look it up.

  467. says

    Jim carrey was a great riddler, but that story with him being friends with two face sucked! They could dig up Frank gorshin somewhere if he is not too busy playing george burns on broadway.

  468. TROE says

    Ok youre an idiot Stumpy 99. Heath Ledger is definitely dead. Wikipedia can be accessed by anyone. Anyone can write whatever they want on wikipedia. I havent looked at it yet but if that is really on there its not true. Heath Ledger died. Face it and get over it. He was a great actor but shit happens. And what happened was he died.

    Now for the whole cast thing for Batman 3. All of these ideas are great and everything from all you people. But the fact of the matter is, NONE OF THE CAST HAS EVEN BEEN PICKED YET!!!!! ya they might have ideas for the roles but none of them have been picked yet. I think that Chris Nolan will make the thrid batman great. I cant wait to see it.

  469. JJ-Cool-G says

    Warner Bros. president of production Jeff Robinov hopes a third film will be released in 2011 or 2012. Nolan had originally not committed to another sequel, explaining that he does not normally line up projects right after completing a film, noting

  470. matthew says

    ya jack. i think people need to stop telling every one what they should do in there moives and who they should cast. no johnny no blunt, and no harvey dent is not dead.

  471. James says

    Ok… you agree with Underling, but yet your not seeing the whole picture… I’ll even look up wikipedia if you want me to, but the facts are the facts. Why on earth would it be posted all over the news and all over the world actually that he did die cause of a over dose. Heck… if you look at imbd you’ll see that even they have it on record that he is dead… now why would a fan base site like that jepordize they’re reputation on saying something big like that before checking the sources to conferm that. If what you say is true then my respect for the news and sites and everything that said he was dead when he wasn’t would be gone and I would from this day forward only believe what I see and/or only family and friends. Now look it up yourself stumpy or are you a hypicrit and to ignorant yourself. Oh one more thing to say on the record I hope you both realize that making a mockery of a dead person being alive is not only disrespectful but also pretty f***ed up if you ask me!!!

  472. James says

    Now before any other idiot on here decides to say anything like Stumpy which by the way I looked up Wikipedia and it does indeed conferm that he is dead… look it up yourself. Now stop with this stupidity of Heath Ledger is alive and its a conspiracy and make up bs that Heath Ledger is being hated on when in fact he did play the Joker the best out of anyone I’ve seen even Jack Nickolsen in which at the time I even thought he was the best before Ledger. May he RIP and be left be and let him go out with people praising him and not talk sh*t about him and/or say he’s alive when he isn’t to make a mockery out of him. The show is over… now let him quite litterately Rest In Peace. Also for the record Z-dog your facts isn’t completely truth and your no better then Stumpy and Underling by saying he killed himself cause he couldn’t handle the acting roles when the fact is… Ledger over dosed cause of his break up with Michelle Williams… so that drove him over the edge and maybe when he played the role of Joker it might have been the straw that broke the camells back, but wasn’t the main reason… even Nolan and everyone who was in Batman said the same thing. Now who ever plays the Riddler lets just hope he can do a great job and lets just leave it at that and look forward to the next installment to the Batman franchise!!!

  473. DK says

    You’re all idiots. Can you honestly not see that guy is trying to wind you up? And to be fair to him he’s done a good job!

  474. jokerfanatic says

    Agreed. Jim Carey is cool and all but he only fits the comic book style of the Batman movies. The recent movies are much darker and realistic. Johnny Depp is a bit of a repetative actor but I wouldn’t be quick to judge. Remember that Heath Ledger played a hopeless romantic (10 Things I Hate About You) and a gay cowboy (Brokeback Mountain). So I have faith that Johnny could take this role of the Riddler in an etirely different direction. As for the Penguin. He is the new political figure. This is the way I see it playing out. He starts running for mayor and promises to bring in the Batman since he is now a public menace. He hires the Riddler who is posssibly an associate of or Coleman Reese himself. (Remember the Riddler worked for Bruce Wayne and knew he is Batman) The Riddler and Penguin use their influence in the Political world and underground world of Gotham to try to bring down Batman. But now we need another love interest for Bruce/Batman. That is where Catwoman comes in. This attraction through masks only makes Bruces need to be Batman even deeper. And since she is a burgelar this is how their paths cross. Batman is stopping her from commiting a robbery and then the police show up and they both bolt together. Phillip Seymore Hoffman would be the best penguin I can think of because in these movies I dont see him as being a Physical threat but more of a mind game kinda guy. As for the Riddler he may seem like a bit of a Joker wannabe but he has his own twisted problems. he is a narcasist so this makes his crimes much less obivious as to the point of them and he is wanting the entire city to be involved in trying to figure out what he wants. I think it would be awesome if The Joker made an appearance but the only way I would be ok with it is if they had a person who can do the voice very well with his back turned and in the shadows in Arkham. Maybe Batman goes to the most twisted mind he knows to get a little insight as to what the Riddler is trying to do? This is my take on the matter.

  475. jokerfanatic says

    I kinda was upset that there wasnt any of the Joker antics in the Dark Knight but i do think they definatly got the darker side of him. but u do forget that he did pull a few practical jokes. The Grenade in the bank at the very begining. It simply smoked. Classic. And the pencil magic trick. and finally the whole phone inside of the guy thing. Not as much as it could have been. i would have liked an electric hand buzzer but it may have just been too wacky for this genre of movie

  476. jokerfanatic says

    Dude he didn’t kill himself. It was an accidental medical overdose. Look it up. He was Fucked up in the head after playing the Joker. The Joker is one of the most twisted characters to ever be thought up and to immerse yourself into the role the way the Ledger did (secluding himself in his hotel room for 2 weeks only to be heard laughing or talking to himself like the Joker) would fuck up anybody. Jack Nicholson warned him that the role would mess him up and that he needed to be carefull. When first asked what he thought about Heath’s death Jacks imediate reaction was “I warned him.” Clearly this is a messed up role. Jack himself had to have therapy after playing the role. Heath moved on after the role and filmed Dr. Parnassus (which by the way he still had alot of his Joker mannerisms in) but he was sleep deprived because his head was all fucked up from his previous role. He couldnt sleep without alot of lunesta and eventually he was taking 4 and only getting a few hours of sleep. So in his sleep deprived state he took too many and overdosed. Dont disrespect the guy because he took on a role with more passion than should have been. not to say he is the greatest actor ever, but he did do a good job as the Joker and it is unfortunate that he lost his life because of it

  477. James says

    We’re all idiots huh… just in over our heads and thats it and to to be fair to him he’s done a good job of making us look bad. So let me guess… you agree to him saying all this shit and to talk about someone dead when that someone who is dead can’t back it up… who’s the idiot here… its not me… I’m just trying to keep the record straight and make sure people like Underling or Stumpy know for sure that yeah they’re talking they’re cr*p and we’re just here for they’re entertainments, but its not funny to make fun of the dead and its surely more better for someone to actually defend the dead when they can’t rather then to just sit here and watch them do it. So I ask you one more time… who’s the idiot here? Cause I don’t see it as me but rather you who think we should feel foolish on defending someone who’s dead like that.

  478. James says

    There you go… from one of the greats to what could have been if life was more better to him. This is called respect people… when another fellow actor and/or actors/actresses say they’re peace to someone rather then put them down, cause whats that accomplishing and to be fair doing for you besides making you look like a fool by saying sh*t about them? The fact is he was coming up as one of the best actor’s and I’m sure if he was still alive Heath would have continue proving for a fact he can act with the best of them. I believe in the line if you want respect to give it as a living fate that what goes around comes around and vise verse… so by talking about someone dead like that your only disrespecting yourself and proving that you have no respect for life there forth life will roll around and bite you in the a** in the long run. I’m glad you showed this JJ-Cool-G… by showing this maybe it will show what respect really means.

  479. Rishikesh says

    Dude it was FALCONI’S chick dat killd joe chill….not bruce wayne…..!!!

  480. ThisTurbulence says

    If they were to bring back the joker then in terms of looks, the actor from 500 days of summer would probs be best. Weather or not he could act the role is questionable.

    Jonny depp should not be casted.
    Riddler should be… Russell brand? PFFT! I’m just shittin’ ya :)

    I’d like to see more scarecrow

    I personally would hate it if robin is brought in. Especially as iv heard it would be shia lebouf (its just what iv heard, I highly doubt it)
    I think that if they were to do robin then they should cast the actor who played robbie in war of the worlds. I’d rather thy left thr character out however

  481. clarkie says

    The new Joker will be played by Christian Slater. No word on the Riddler, but it looks like the guy who played Coleman Reese, who also was in Ironman.

  482. Adam says

    Have we all just literally lost our imaginations, Johnney Deep as the Riddler! Jesus its so typical! Every time a strange, mysterious and freaking character pops up Deep is put into consideration and just given the part thanks to the fucking movies of Tim Burton(Edward Ecissorhands, CATCF and Alice in Wonderland). I mean he’s not a bad actor, I loved him in Fear and Loathing – not thats good casting – but honestly it seems as though people want him in the part to make it just as good Ledgers or something like, why? Ledger stole the joker role and won countless applause for it, deep would be doomed from the start if he was attempting to match it. So people what I’m saying is he is not a bad actor, jesus no, he is just over used , especially in this teen culture thing that he is somehow sexy in movies! Thats another point why is he so damn good looking? I’d see the point if he was know for his attraction out of screen, however he is more know for his roles in movies. For christ’s sake he ate toe nails and had matted hair in Pirates of the Carribean and looked like the living dead in Scissorhands. But there is me ranting on about him, look the main point is that he is only in consideration because he is in every oddball role under the sun and he is largly attractive thus giving the impression, from the number of roles he’s been in, that he is a good actor when he is only a mild one. WOW THAT WAS LONG

  483. Brad says

    Johnny Depp is one of the greatest actors of excentric characters that today’s cinematic world has the honor of being in the presence of. Bickering about the Riddler’s credibility as a villian aside…look, if nothing else, we are all disheartened by the fact that Heath will not reprise his famed role and most of us probably can’t see this movie taking precedence over the billion dollar sequel, and unless the execs at Warner have been living under a rock…they know that too. What better way for Warner to wash any and all blood off of their hands then to cast said legendary actor of excentric roles to play a “Joker-Esque” Riddler in the final installment? Frankly, I can’t see them doing it any other way. Listen, Nolan and his team are more than capable of finding the story for Riddler…finacialy and creatively, we owe them that assumption based on the first two movies. This, in any event, would be a great ode to Ledger’s work and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Johnny Depp would give one of the performances of his career with so much riding on him.

  484. Brad says

    wow, that actually sounds really feasible especially considering how sneaky nolan is, he actually dismissed penguin particulary in an interview if im not mistaken but not ACTUALLY when u think about it he only ragged on penguin’s ‘comicy’ character…he didn’t say, and as u have so quaintly pointed out that its possible, that he couldn’t modernize and un-comic penguin and put him into this new realistic batman world. and the coleman reese thing makes perfect sense too, think about the dark knight and how scenes sumtime just end as if they were cut off too short….that’s how nolan does it. he actually carries over the story like he shot all the movies at once and hes just editing out the parts as he sees fit to put into the next film, dude thats awesome. like the scene from dark knight when reese is asked by lucious if he was gonna ‘blackmail a guy who spends his nights beating criminals into a bloody pulp’ i mean C’MON that shoulda been a slap in the face to us, that is obviously gonna be riddler there’s your motivation and everything omg i can’t believe i never saw that….nolan is such a crafty bastard, now i wish i hadn’t read your comment lol now that i know the jist of the story and yes i obviously believe you that sounds like noloan’s writing perfectly man has to be. the way it puts realistic takes on the characters and just…wow, batman 3 is gonna be good…even without depp that story is rock solid.

  485. JJ-Cool-G says

    @ThisTurbulence, Christopher Nolan explained in an interview that as long as he is directing, Robin will not be appearing in the franchise because Christian Bale is still portraying a young Batman, which meant Robin

  486. Kyle says

    Crispin Glover should be the riddler, much cheaper then Depp and would probably do just as good. These dudes who said Depp is offically gunna be the riddler are idiots.

  487. Newton says

    “JJ-Cool_G”: Good post. I like the fact that you do your homework and document your information. Excellent!

    Also “Bat Tank” you provided excellent information/scenarios which (to me) are consistent with the thematic culture and genius that the Nolan Brothers have created in this round of the Batman franchise. IF and I repeat, IF your sources are correct, then we are in for one hell of a ride in this next installment of The Dark Knight.

    And as any great performance goes, an encore will surely be deserved. A “Trilogy” would not do this franchise justice. The genius of the Nolan Brothers deserve a ranking exceeding the popular trilogies of our time (Star Wars 1 & 2, Indiana Jones, etc) and therefor SHOULD produce the fourth masterpiece as an encore installment.

    The Nolan Brothers should go down in history as having produced the finest thought provoking/action packed films in movie history. A 3 film trilogy is what the rest have produced. A 4 film quadruplet series of masterpieces is reserved for the best: The Brothers Nolan.

  488. fo says

    god it realy makes me laugh , people getting angree about it, its just a film n no matter what, you will still watch it who ever is in

  489. tomas says

    i think depp would fucking ruin the movie…. i would much rathed choose somebody like sam rockwell or daniel day lewis they surely would kick ass on the screen as batvilliains

  490. Hatter says

    “Seems like it’d be a fun gig for awhile.” is not an official confirmation. It’s not even an unofficial confirmation.

    “It’d” is a contraction meaning “it WOULD”. The word “would” does not mean “will”.

    Regarding the comment “If that’s not an official confirmation, I don’t know what is”— clearly, you don’t.

  491. Ben says

    I think we are all in agreement that Johnny Depp is not as multidimensional an actor as one would assume by looking at his filmography and that he wouldn’t be the best choice for the next Batman Villain. However, your distasteful bashing of Nolan’s take on the Batman Universe is pathetic. Just because you can’t stop thinking about Adam West in blue tights doesn’t mean the rest of us weren’t thoroughly enjoying the REAL batman in the Frank Miller comics.

    You strike me as one of those guys that just doesn’t get it. You think Batman is a happy go lucky boy scout. Granted, the character has been taken that direction by comic book writers in the past but just as every preteen has an “awkward phase,” so did Batman. The mature Batman character is dark, rough around the edges, and much more real than the tight touting baffoon in the sixties TV series. I get it though, you never got into the whole “Batman thing.” And that’s OK but these movies weren’t made for you, they were made for fans.

    For all of us fans of Batman, Nolan and Burton are the only ones who have even come close to putting the true character of the hero on film. That being said, the style is not for everyone so go watch Iron Man or Super Man, get over yourself, sit down and have a drink- I’ll even buy you one next time your in SC.

  492. T Bone says

    I’m okay with Johnny Depp playing a substandard Riddler as long as he keeps up with the tradition and kills himself after he’s filmed all of his scenes.
    I think if the past is anything to go on with Christopher Nolan then the most likely and best suited Actor for the Riddler would be Tom Hardy. Nolan often picks talent for his big projects from other films he’s done in the build up to them. Just look at the films he’s done before the other Batmans. I guess if he finds it easy to work with someone then he’ll give them more work. He’s working with Hardy on Inception and the man is notorious for playing a mixture of characters in the past that fit into Riddlers background. Edward Nigma isn’t a crazed killer, he’s obbsessive compulsive, a malignant narcisist, Hardy has played compulsive thieves, he played Picards clone and spent the entirety of it in a mind game with the starfleet captain and he played Charles Bronson whose future was premapped at a young age through witnessing violence.
    Perfect for the role.
    Come to think of it, I’d probably do alright myself, If only I had Nolan’s number.

  493. Logan says

    I’d have to agree with Hatter. Really, if you read what he said in the interview before jumping to conclusions.

    Host: Hey Johnny, a listener called in earlier said you have to ask about the rumors on the internet of you doing the Riddler.
    Depp: Oh yeah, I heard about that. Not that I know of.

    obviously, Not that I know of is pretty straight to the point. It means hes not playing the riddler.

    really, quit trying to hype people up.

    until WB, christopher nolan or christian bale say its johnny depp, then obviously its not.

    good day to you sir

  494. says

    I think Johnny Depp would play a good part for the Riddler. because him&christian bale. have been in a movie before. Public Enimies i think he would be good. for the role. the Penguin I don’t know

    I have to go with Philmour seymour Hoffman, and Catwoman either Gomez or Kathrine Heigle either one Angelina okay for the part. but not megan fox

    from Christa

  495. sarah says

    i completely agree with you tomas no johnny depp and yes to same rockwell he would be a so much better riddler and cher as catwoman seriously fools you are seriously gonna ruin this film if you cast those two

  496. J-Money says

    EW CHER as CATWOMAN! EW! need someone way better than that… JESSICA ALBA for CATWOMAN! :)

  497. Margot says

    I think Daniel Day Lewis is too good an actor to be in Batman. It would be like Denzel Washington playing James Bond.

  498. Lozmond2005 says

    I really hope they don’t nring catwoman or johnny into the eation. I mean Cher? Seriously? I’m happy if they bring riddler in but someone other than Johnny D. I like him but no. I see the riddler as someone who speed talks and gets annoyed at stupid people…like you stewart. The Riddler i think would be an awesome baddie – he has a high iq, like batman. Riddler is not like joker at all. Joker is the COMPLETE opposite from batman – except iq. The Riddler is alot like batman – he just has a completely different view on the world and its rules – that is the same as Joker. I would like to see a new p. ivy yet i don’t think they will. Nolans concept of batman is realistic and a woman contolling plants may not fit. Even joker he made realistic – scars and make-up instead of acid as in real life, people would die falling into acid. thts my view anyway xx

  499. sherri says

    Love Depp, I think he’s a great stock character actor. I do like it when fascinating unknown talent is used, though
    , too. Granted, Cher looks good for her age, but I still think she’s too old and unbelievable for the part of Catwoman or a Batgirl type part. Not a good choice in my mind. But, that’s only my opinion, and I do get the whole Batman idea and I love it!

  500. Y SO SRS says

    I prefer Depp as Riddler, yeah I said it, I like Depp as an actor. Deal with it, what the hell is with this sudden hate of Depp? Just because he IS famous and IS a good actor and DOES have a large fan base people hate him now? It seems the only thing human beings can do anymore is hate something when it becomes too liked by too many. Soon all of you will hate Batman once you find out your neighbor likes him.

  501. ali says

    it is not announced that next villan is Riddler..i hv a feelin that penguin is a batvillan in batman 3..if it is so then the rite choice for penguin is philip hoffman
    as for riddler they should find somebody other than johnny depp…but nolan should make it clear that the batvillan in batman 3 should be more dreadful & scary than joker of dark knight

  502. Justin says

    You’re all a bunch of idiots who have only seen Johnny Depp’s new work. Including the writer of this article. Johnny Depp is one of the most multidimensional actors in his field. He has played every kind of role there is and pretty much blew them all out of the water. You need to stop thinking about pirates of the carribean and his new movies because that’s not who johnny depp is. As for denzel being too good to play bond. Denzel is a horrible actor. Every movie all he says is “my nigga” given a while back he had one or two quality films. i.e. virtuosity. Depp would fit the role of the joker quite perfectly. As for cher, she has the dull monotone voice that catwoman is supposed to have. She is tall talented and hpefully will bring back some of her old spunk to fulfill her needs in the roll.

  503. Person says

    He would not ruin the movie i think he would do great

    He made alice in wonderland

    He is a great actor and i know he can pull off Most roles if not all of them

    i think he would be a GREAT riddler

  504. batfan says

    You guys are not all thinking rationally. It HAS to be the Riddler. This Batman series has been the real deal. They’ve tried to make it seem like an occurrence that could really be happening in today’s world. Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, The Penguin and Cat Woman are all way too comic book-ish to exist in the ‘real world.’ The Riddler will take the form of a man like the zodiac killer who teases (perhaps with riddles published in the newspaper) a befuddled Gotham police force who refuse to call on Batman for help because of the way The Dark Knight ended. Batman will be conflicted; wanting to help while studying the Riddler’s moves but feeling spurned by the way Gotham and it’s media have turned on him after all he’s done for the city. He’ll struggle mentally to come to grips with his decision to play the bad guy without Rachel. Alfred will struggle to keep the Batman’s rage and darkness in perspective. Copy cats will be gone b/c Batman is now a pariah.
    Clearly for continuity’s sake Harvey Two Face will not be out of the equation, they never showed a funeral of any sort, just a public address calling him ‘Gotham’s white knight.’ Remember also that the Scarecrow is still alive; albeit a limited character.
    I think they’ll use some sound-bytes of Heath Ledger’s Joker laugh at Arkham Asylum to show he is still alive but under wraps.
    As for who’ll play who; while Johnny Depp is a clear favorite to play the Riddler it feels too obvious, not to mention too close to the feel that Heath Ledger left us with the Joker. I think it’s got to be someone unknown, an up-and-comer. I think you guys need to stop looking at the person to play the Riddler as a ‘gimme’ actor and start looking at the opportunity to play the Riddler as the role that brings an actor into true acting glory, a break out performance.
    I’ll end it with this, whatever the plot, whoever the actors, it’s going to be epic. I’d prefer to not know a thing about it until I sit in the theater with a solid buzz, ready to enjoy.

  505. whothehellcares? says

    ”This is a stone cold truth. You heard it here first.”
    Well, all these rumours have been debunked and it has officially been stated that johnny depp will NOT be appearing as The Riddler.
    Although I think its a fasinating idea, YOU jackasses have no right to come up with such vague rumours on no basis.
    Turns out you douchebags were wrong.So much for overconfidence.

  506. dbal says

    Ironically I think Gary Oldman is one of the best villans, but hes already in the movie, too bad. I really think they need to bring in more characters than just repeatting the same ones. The comic book has so many characters not used. Another bit of irony is the fact that the Mad Hatter would be a good villain to resurrect, and who else to play him but Depp. Maybe they could do a mad hatter riddler combo. And what about TUT, although i dont see him as a real good villain for a real life movie

  507. Liz says

    Oh my gosh, are you serious? Yes, Johnny Depp could play a good riddler, and yes, he thought it would be a fun role. But come on! Just because Johnny Depp mumbled about something does not mean he is “definitely” going to be The Riddler in Batman 3. Don’t you guys have anything better to do than spread news that you don’t even know it’s true?

  508. Kenna says

    Oh wow. That is retarded. He freaking mumbled under his breath that he’d think it’d be fun. Geez even I would think it’d be fun if I could play it. And even IF Johnny played riddler… I’d like it. That’s right. You jerks who hate Johnny just because he’s Famous and a good actor. I bet he’s better then you. Johnny has done many movies, and every role he takes on.. He can totally become that character. You can’t see anything from previous roles. Jack sparrow and Edward scissor hands..? TOTALLY DIFFERENT!

  509. bec says

    I love Johnny Depp I do but I think David Tennant would be a better actor for this role.
    Besides something tells me this role might be a little to usual for johnny XD.

  510. LiL Nino says

    The only logical casting for the riddler (if they choose to make it the riddler) would oviously be leo dicaprio…..think about it hes already played an sadisdic obsessive cumpulsive man in the aviator and now he just came out with a psychological thriller called Inception with director chris nolan….dicaprio is the shit n would make a kick ass on the ege n dark character for the riddler…get that jonny depp gay shit out of ur heads…nolan’s to smart he wouldnt cast willy wonka to be a violent genius. n also catwomen has been done 2 much 2 put her in…fuck that bitch…i would like 2 see 2 face come back….he had 2 much of a quick roll 2 be done….the only thing is they already did a movie on them 2 so idk….arkham asylum would be sick…put that shit in the movie n harley quin plus a whole shit load of villians that nolan prefers in their n mayb recast the joker even know that mite be edgy….ohh well fuck it im waisting my type with this fuckin comment…

  511. paul ray says

    Whats with all of the Depp hate? JD, is one of the best actors of our time, and he stays humble about it. So what if chicks think he’s hot? That’s no reason to be a jealous douche. “No more Johny Depp”? What does that even mean? He hasn’t been in that many movies. And other than Once Upon a Time in Mexico, I can’t think of one bad one he’s done. He’s a great talent, and I for one hope he does get the riddler part. Don’t like him? Don’t go see the movie… There’s your solution right there.

  512. Me says

    Are you being serious? this is the stuipdest article i’ve ever read… i read on to see if it could get any more retarded and it did. “it sounds like it would be a fun gig” and you think he has signed contract.. are you a moron? causing your not be ambigously stupid your being straight up about it. And people thinking the peguine will be the next villian shut the fuck up! do you really think christpher nolan would pick him as a villian. he chose his characters on emotional depth and commom purpose with the struggles of now not some fat guy going qack! This is not one of tim burtons terrible additions of the batman series so johnny deep would be pointless. He was great in pirates if the caribeen but alice in winderland and charlie in the chocolate factory were fucked up with his weridness. He should be killed and put in a wax museme.

  513. shady1 says

    its got to be either johnny depp or jim carey to play the riddler he played it perfect first time round!

  514. Anonymous says

    Okay so…no. Some of you people are so out of this, and completely wrong, or just straight up lying. There has barely been any movement at all with Batman 3. No name, no script, no villians, the only thing that was given out was a release date by warner bros to give Nolan a little push to start getting his ass working on it. Will Depp play the Riddler, its a possiblity, has anything been said about it…at all, no! The rumor of Eddie Murphy playing Egghead was just like this and that was debunked. So you people can just sit down, shut up, get a life and stop making shit up, and just wait like everybody else until some REAL news comes out. The things I have stated are 100% true facts from a 100% legit movie website with actual interviews from the people who work there with actors.

  515. Anonymous says

    Oh and one more thing was announced, the Joker will not be in the 3rd movie.

  516. Ariana says

    I think David Tennant would be amazing in the role. I also think he would be easier to attach to the project than Depp. I’m not taking anything away from the brilliant work by Depp (Alice in Wonderland was HIS film), but Tennant is something American audiences need to be exposed to. He’s my pick.

  517. DickRipper says


    IM GAY!!! :)

  518. DickRipper says



  519. steve says

    I think Keanu Reeves should be the next batman villain. I hear he’s a great actor. He was in The Matrix. He should play the Riddler, in fact, because the Riddler was also a great villain.

  520. Chase says

    Your question was “what the hell is with this sudden hate of Depp?”

    Your answer is from “The Dark Knight”…”You either die a hero, or see yourself become the villian”

  521. wolfey71 says

    seriously the riddler…do me a favour we want to see bane and we want it based on ten nights of the beast…..or at least to keep it going for a few more years then war games or fugitive….c’mon deliver what we want…..not the riddler or penguin…..

  522. blab4 says

    wel i agree with batfan, we do need a crazy serial killer type guy. and also jim carry? that would be awesome if they could bring him in again, but probably shouldnt. because its all a new an different batman. as for depp? no! i dont hate him, i mean they could do ALOT BETTER than depp, and i thank they could of picked a better person for the mad hatter. in alice n wonderland all i could see was “Captain Jack Sparrow” he walks the same in every move, he talks the same in every movie, he IS the same in every movie!! as for the riddler or any batman villan they need good actors that are crazy on the edge an a little ugly looking! not poeple like depp, reeves, tennant, or decaprio! honestly sam rockwell would probable so pretty good as a batman villan.

  523. Jimbo C says

    If I was to put the riddler in there it would be Neil Patrick Harris. He would be like the jokers contrast as rther than the scruffy anachist who is in hiding, he could be a smart slick dandy, with intellegence as his weapon. Right there in the public eye all the time sticking in the back of Batmans mind. Where Batman has to hide from the public everybody regards Edward Nigma a a brillaint and heroic crime analyst.

    What do you guys think?

  524. RAY says

    I don’t care for Jim Carey but he was awesome as the Riddler. Why not bring him back??? I don’t see Johnny Depp as having the personality or energy for such a flamboyant character.

  525. Mo says


    Cher may be the least popular choice, frankly I would love to see somebody like Brooklyn Decker play Catwoman, but remember when Nolan chose Heath Ledger to play the Joker, EVERYBODY thought that Ledger was going to ruin the movie….and look what happened!

    Nolan has chosen the right people for the character. I think Joseph Gordon-Leavitt would make a WAY better Riddler, he has that psycho look on his face.

    Seymour Hoffman would not be the right choice for the Penguin. The Penguin is the ultimate mob boss/politican. Somebody like Michael Douglas could probably pull it off.

    Daniel Day-Lewis would actually steal the show if he were to play a character like Mad Hatter.

  526. says

    I have difficulty seeing Johnny Depp as The Riddler, but then again I also had trouble seeing Heath Ledger as The Joker.

    Depp’s a great actor, and one of my favorites, but I don’t care much for The Riddler so I hope they have a different villain, period.

    But Cher as Catwoman.

    GOD NO.

    Not to be a dick, but she’s way too old. That would freak me out, badly.

    How about Pauly Perrette as Harley Quinn!!!???

  527. Alex says

    Johnny Depp is a character actor, it’s what he’s best at. Which is why I’m confident he’d make a great Riddler. I had my doubts about Heath Ledger playing the Joker but his performance shut me up. So maybe Depp will prove those who are against him wrong.

  528. Olivia says

    Yes! Bring on Harley Quinn! Why oh why hasn’t she been in any of the batman movies with the joker??? Harley is like the jokers left arm! I sure miss Harley :(
    I would love Johnny as the Riddler!
    Cher as Catwoman? Geriatric Catwoman maybe….

  529. Olivia says

    Lol! Sorry, I could not imagine “Ted Theodore Logan” as the Riddler! Falls out of chair giggling 😛

    Then again, I could barely see him when he played Neo… I kept hearing the Wyld Stallions chant in my head 😛 I still love you Mr. Reeves!

  530. Natasha says

    I think that David Tennant should be the Riddler. And I don’t think that catwoman is going to be in the next movie. I think that it’s going to have the Riddler and maybe Harley Quinn. Nolan seems to put more realistic villans in the movies than Catwoman.

  531. Imalwaysright says

    Too bad Jim Carey gave the best Riddler performance ever in the old batman 3. It would be too cheesey if he did it again but man that would be awesome to see him play the part without Val Kilmer ruining the movie. Not saying Val is a bad actor just not right for batman. I say let Carey do it again.

  532. Victoria says

    You are an idiot!!!! You post the conversation he has with the radio host and he never said he was going to be the riddler. If you go to he is not on the cast list. Not even as rumored to play the riddler. Get your facts together man. You are excited about Johnny playing the riddler and then you bash him? I will never trust anything this website posts. Especially anything that this guy writes. It’s a waste that you were the first result on google. Complete waste. You suck.

  533. guy says

    why do you say that it’s going to be somebody up and coming? who is the previous flims have been up and comers as far as main characters?

  534. FRF says

    I don’t think Daniel Day would even consider the role. He, unlike his fellow great English actor Gary Oldman, does not do roles along that line. From my understanding, he was offered the role of one of the vamps in “Interview with a Vampire” but said no. It would be quite a departure for DDL to do. He was evil in his last film “Let There Be Blood” so who knows. But I would say no.

  535. John says

    what are you talking about? Johnny Depp is a great actor and probably the best character actor of our time. Johnny Depp ruins no movie.

  536. Jenn says

    Ughh, noooo, i dont want depp to play the riddler..i want JGL to play him )))): i hope joseph gets the part, that would make the movie 100000x better, he looks like a better riddler, and i think he deserves it cause he’s a great actor and underrated for far too long.

  537. .yeliaH says

    Who should play the riddler? I personally think it should be David Tennant. He fits the Riddler role perfectly. Mysterious and Insane. Certainly could me scarier than the Joker, imo.

  538. Underling says

    I thought Heath Ledger already bagged this role? He’s certainly good enough, isn’t he?

  539. tom says

    look the dude is a good actor that has been overused to the point where people hate him. Blame tim burton for that and to say he ruined edward scissor hands is laughable, yes im sure that the film would have been as much a classic as the godfather if any other actor played it lol.

  540. tom says

    okay t bone for somebody that can string so many words together you are actually suprisingly stupid:
    as long as he keeps up with the tradition and kills himself after he

  541. JasonVonGoogle says

    Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart are all better than Daniel Day-Lewis. He can’t be too good.
    And Johnny Depp would of course be great

  542. awesomeness says

    I think, no sorry I kNow Johnny depp will make a great
    Riddler, not only because his my favorite actor but because
    He has made so many character unforgettable and he does such
    a great job on that!! He brings out the best on all his characters a
    whole new prospective On them,something that we wouldn’t think
    Its possible. And. If I’m wrong than y is he one of the best pay actors
    Ever!!!!!! So I think he should play the riddler, he would make a great
    Riddler, plus he looks super SEXY on his green riddlers custom!! XD

  543. dillon says

    Honestly I think Depp has just as good of a chance of playing the joker. Yes you heard correctly, Nolan himself along with Caine have stated that the character of the joker was not ended in Dark Knight on purpose. And “the riddler” Can that honestly be the villian? with as much depth as the joker? I understand for the “realistic” of the villian, but for the life of me I can not wrap my mind around the riddler being a serious villian. What about Victor Zsasz? Serial Killer could be a really dark character, I think the villian has just as much chance as the riddler

    Really I don’t see Depp in the movie at all he is Tim Burton’s BFF and that would kinda be a slap in the face to him, and we all know Burton is emotional lol

  544. Someone says

    Johnny Depp is a great actor, he would be great for the part and would probably bring his own twist to the character like he does for most of his roles.

    Plus he is smoking hot and will probably draw in a large cround due to his incredably large fan base. I mean who wouldn’t want to watch Johnny on the big screen in a movie that will undoubtably be amazing.

  545. C. Fish says

    Theres already a batman 3, its called “BATMAN RETURNS”

    Stop making new films and giving them old film titles, its pathetic and stupid and ruins the classics,
    I already know this film will be a fail as the makers cant even come up with an ORIGINAL title.

  546. Joacim says

    How the 3th movie can be diff from the other movies but still be a succes is the question. I hope they take me by storm again, I love these new versions!

  547. YouWish says

    Its called Batman 3 at the moment cause they don’t have a title yet. When the film is ready to to be promoted they’ll have a proper title. And you’re right, Batman 3 is Batman begins. But its not called Batman 3 is it.

  548. says

    johnny depp riddler/ sarah michelle gellar /harley quinn/ micheal kane as alfred,
    christian bale as batman and i want crispin glover as the joker, aaron eckhart as two face, gotham city thugs, robin williams as the penguin, and micheal ansara as mr. freeze,
    in the 2011 movie batman 3 shadows of the bat, and please get rid of that david tennant
    guy, please, mister nolan, get rid of tricia helfer, and that bob hoskins, please,

  549. Docs Da Name says

    the batman 3 you are talking about is not bataman returns. Batman returns was the 2nd movie, and michale keatons last stint as batman. You are thinking of Batman Forever, with val kilmer. Bashing movies cause they are stealing titles, ok. How many movies are actually remakes, and tv shows for that matter. Without sounding like a complete douche or starting in on how you’re confused, i’ll leave it alone.

  550. says

    micheal ansara as mr. freeze, and christian bale as batman and crispin glover as the
    joker, halle berry as catwoman, and with the arkham inmates, and victor zzasz, tim booth, and with sarah michelle gellar as harley quinn, in the 2011 movie batman 3 the dark knight returns, and with aaron eckhart as two face, i want it filmed in chicago, aka
    gotham city,

  551. sdtriller says

    your dumb if your CERTAIN that depp is going to play the riddler then why is the dude from inception rumored in? ASSume some more dirtbag

  552. Hater says

    The movie hasn’t officially been declared so the people talking crap PLEASE SHUT UP when the dark knight came out and heard heath ledger was the joker didn’t think he was gonna be good but he surprised the hell out of me now i think he he was the best guy for the job and no one i mean no one can probably or should i say can do it better than he did so the people that you don’t think will be good for the part might or just WILL surprise you and yea if you don’t no your batman movies then shut up cause who ever watches and likes batman should no batman forever is 3 not returns is so YOU NEED TO SHUT UP OK

  553. Jimmy Savile's Pants says

    Batman and Batman Returns were good movies. I enjoyed Tim Burton’s take on the Batman thing. Joel Schumacher made a lame effort. Blue lights stuck on everything, ridiculous overacting, crap story lines, useless. The new take on the series starting with Batman Begins, in my mind, is a seperate series altogether. Just like comic books. Therefore in my insignificant little opinion, the forthcoming Batman movie would indeed be the third film.

  554. Tokio says

    I actually think David Tennant would be Excelent riddler. And i think johnny would be better as a diffrent character. but david tennant would deffinatly be an amaizing riddler. or just bring back the original XD and have jim carrey haha

  555. marketmama says

    Dunno why there’s so much hullabaloo about the remake, titles etc. This was a great piece of entertaining write-up and deserves credit to create a news piece out of nothing! Good work! Musical it is then! :)

  556. Bluejay says

    Please, NO Catwoman (especially NOT Cher!) or The Penguin or Mr. Freeze, they’ve already been done! (and the latter two NOT well). No Two-Face either, he’s been done too – and is dead. I could see Depp as The Riddler definitely. I suggest introducing a NEW character for a change – like The Scarecrow. Don’t know who for him though? I think it would be much more entertaining and with more surprise if you have new characters (i.e. The Scarecrow), at least you wouldn’t be comparing performances all the time, and you wouldn’t know what to expect. Although having Depp as The Riddler would be a welcomed do-over from Carey’s version (awful). Sarah Michelle Gellar as Harley Quinn would be fine.

  557. Ranting Thespian says

    Christopher Nolan has now stated, there will be NO Riddler.

    There is only 1 villan cast so far. Tom Hardy has been officially cast as a “villain”, but it is not revealed what his character is. It is also known that there is casting for 2 female leads going on. One part is a part of a “villain”, and one is a part of a “love interest.”

    I say it will be Tom Hardy = Black Mask, Female Villain = Catwoman, Female Love Interest = Talia Al Ghul.

  558. water kangaroo says

    Are you kidding? I’m hoping to God that David Tennant will be the Riddler; he’d be absolutely amazing! The Riddler isn’t (as) crazy as the rest of them. He’s more into intellect and classy green suits, which DT definitely seems better at =]

  559. caveman says

    Who is the “LIMEY” prick that wrote this article any way? Johnny Depp is a fantastic actor and would be great and I could see Cher pulling off Catwoman. I would like to see a new character come in though.

  560. Jonnyhutch says

    I personaly, would like to see a new villian brought out of the comics other than the Riddler the Pinguin , or Catwoman . Also with NO Johnny Depp at all . That would make the best Batman 3rd movie ( awaiting new title ) Huge Batman fan !!
    Just keep Christian Bale as ” The Batman ” !!

  561. Jamie says

    First of all, to the dude that was talking about The Scarecrow…he was one of the Villains in Batman Begins, and he made a very short cameo in Batman: The Dark Knight. Dunno if I am missing something, but The Scarecrow would not be a new villain…he’s already been done. Johnny Depp as The Riddler would work only because he knows how to twist a character and make that character his own, and completely unique…case in fact, the way he played Jack Sparrow was NOT scripted, he added everything from the “drunkedness” to the accent and was scolded for it during the first film, and begged to repeat it in the next ones when he sold it so damn well. Knowing Nolan, he would twist The Riddler into something FAR MORE sinister than his comical counterpart in the previous movies and comics. But it seems there will be no Riddler. Nolan’s character choices would be tough at this point, given he has taken great lengths to try and keep them on a more realistic level (even pushing it with Two Face). Villains like Black Mask, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, etc. would be a difficult task to make realistic enough to conjure suspension of disbelief when compared to his earlier films, but to succeed at it would easily make it the best attempts possible at this point. Villains like Catwoman, Talia Al Ghul, Riddler, Harley Quinn (which would obviously bring back The Joker, and The Joker being transferred to Arkham in Dark Knight would be the obvious way to introduce her given she was originally his psychologist in the Asylum when his visionary ideals made her fall in love with him and release him), would be the most realistic choices. Especially the female ones, given there has yet to be a female villain in Nolan’s movies.

  562. jinxxx420 says

    WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?! Riddler is the CRAZIEST of them all….and Johnny Depp will NOT be playing the Riddler because the Riddler is not going to be in Batman Dark Knight Rises. Dr Hugo Strange will be the baddy played by Tom Hardy. Where do people get some rediculous facts…and how does Johnny Depp saying that would be a fun roll confirm anything?!?! Poorly written article with terrible research.

  563. DarthJinxxx says


  564. batman_kno_all says

    i herd the David Tennant will be the next Riddler. that would be a much better choice than johnny depp. john is a good actor but i feel he does not have the right mind set for the part. as of david.. he has more of a smart/ interesting side.

  565. mani says

    eh…very simply I believe the villain is probably gonna be a character not already used in the previous movies…to make it more original…rumored that Tom Hardy has been added to the cast to be a main character…rumored Dr. Hugo Strange. Would make sense since a lot of people don’t know that character unless you read the comics…also there has been a casting call for a lead woman role…possible for a Catwoman or Talia Al’ ghul…it would make sense comic book wise to add one of these characters that was a love interest to Batman. In any other way this is the last installment…I hope this will be one of the best!!!

  566. jcruzz says

    I read somewhere that Marion Cotillard is being cast as one of the female villians. And with Nolan’s history of recasting actors from his other movies (she was the dead wife in Inception) I figured there’s probably some truth in that. But than again everything is just rumors right now.

  567. DERP says

    i think if black mask is involved in the third movie he should be played by that guy who played the green goblin in spiderman!

  568. says

    I know some of these have already casted but these are the actors who I would have casted as the villains before the already casted villains.

    Brad Dourif – Joker
    Johnny Depp – Two-Face
    Crispin Glover – Riddler
    Tim Curry – Penguin
    Scarlett Johansson – Catwoman
    Jake Gyllenhaal – Scarecrow
    Samuel L Jackon – Mr. Freeze
    Kane Hodder – Bane
    Kristen Bell – Harley Quinn
    Gary Oldman – Mad Hatter

  569. Read ! says

    Seriously !
    Johnny Depp as the two-face ? or the riddler ?!\
    Do you guys even know batman ?! have you ever read a comix or seen the cartoon ?!

    the riddler is already there in The Dark knight ! Damn pay attation if you wach a movie !
    Joshua Harto is the riddler in the dark knight ! (only yet he has to find it out himself)
    the real name of the riddler in the comics and in the cartoons is Coleman Reese !
    so.. there you go…
    pay attation to details if you watch a movie. or just don’t watch it if you aint gonna look at it !

  570. Craig Irons says

    Are you fuckin crazy bud, eminem is a stupid actor and he is not the guy for the role at all. He can’t sing and he can’t acted. He would be so stupid. Johnny Depp would be right choice to play the riddler. This David Tennant they are talking about, he would be a awesome riddler as well. It should be ( Christian Bale /Batman Micheal Kane/Alfred AAron Eckhart/Two-Face Johnny Depp/The Riddler Phillip Seymour Hoffman/The Penguin Sarah Michelle Gellar/Harley Quinn

  571. flip says

    not to be a a-hole but are some of your comments serious? Batman 3 as a musical? Are you Serious? Depp knows how to bring truth and mystery to his roles, why wouldn’t he exceed expectations in the Riddler? C’mon man, wake up.

  572. nice yo says

    Nice one on the coleman reese guy, didn’t even phase me as the riddler, that would make tons of sense since he got madly screwed over by the inventor guy. Two face came gone in the last one, why is anyone even talking about him? I can’t see how that nerd Joshua Harto could serve to be as baddass as the joker character though…

  573. BM says

    You guys are all fucking lame, just let the movie come out and see how you like it.. Yeah all the old movies are great but i love the new ones to so stop with all the back and forth shit.

  574. SouBieT says

    Bah. Johnny depp… The only true riddler is Jim Carrey. They should have choosen him again for this role. Oh well. Batman rocks anyways. So its not that bad. But i would have choosen Jim for sure.

  575. Tiffany says

    oohh I do hope so. I love the batman films well only the last one because it had Heather Ledger in but he isn’t here now…sigh… It wolud be good to have him in becasue he himself said he only like to play strange and weird roles but it suits him and thats what his good at.

  576. Tiffany H says

    The scarecrow WAS good the guy he played him has been in other films his stunningly good looking. He was called Cillain Murphy. His also been in Girl with a Pearl Earring.

  577. tiff says

    Johnny Depp would be perfect. He himself siad he only does strange and weird roles. So it suit him. OHH his eye candy aswell. I like batman films anyways.

    The scarecrow WAS good the guy he played him has been in other films his stunningly good looking. He was called Cillain Murphy. His also been in Girl with a Pearl Earring.

    Chistain Bale is quite good as the role as batman but his got a temper as everybody knows. Naughty Naughty. But his fit though.x.x.x

  578. The News says

    this is not true johnny depp isnt playing the riddler in this movie they alredy have posters for it david tennant is playing the riddler and yea they shuld have gotten jim carey 2 play the riddler again

  579. Chris Buckley says

    If anyone should play the riddler it should be a skinny jack Black! Now if only we could get Jack Black Skinny. and since we cant, try eric from that 70’s show, haha.

  580. BecciBoo says

    Anne Hathaway will be playing Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Tom Hardy will be playing Bane…so that cleared that up! No Riddler…Not in this movie!

  581. miss K says

    I really believe Charlei sheen Would be a awsome Joker or riddler “WINNIN”!!! With his Goddesses or the next James Bond

  582. DC/Marvel Mad says

    I agree David Tennant was the BEST at being doctor who. And I think he’ll be the best Ridler too. David Tennant will conquer the puzzling role of the riddler better than any other man could. He’ll even be better than “funny man” Jim Carrey and he was exellant at the role of the riddler, But he wasn’t the best. David Tennant will be.

  583. rutchell says

    well i personally think that depp is great for the riddler roll..its like a combination of don juan de marco and the character of jack sparrow..he had worn a hat and mask costume in his don juan de marco movie before..And he looks so raavishing with the hat and mask!!

  584. seriousboutthebat says

    the Riddler’s real name was and has always been Edward Nigma. when his 1st name is reduced to an initial, it becomes E. Nigma. i. e. enigma.
    the following is pasted from wikipedia: “An enigma is a type of riddle generally expressed in radical or allegorical language that requires ingenuity and careful thinking for its solution.” David Tennant had to resign as the famous Dr Who due to back problems. I’m not sure he’d be up for such an action role as the riddler. However in my opinion, he’d be great at it. Johnny depp is such a versatile and creative actor, he’d pull it off great also! still remembering, all is speculation at this point

  585. Kathy Young says

    Yeah, as of now it’s confirmed that Johnny Depp is not the Riddler, b/c there is no Riddler n the 3rd & final installment: The Dark Knight Rises! Tom Hardy is Bane & Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyly aka Catwoman. Also, Marion Cotillard(or however u spell it~lol!) as a Wayne Enterprise board member & Joseph Gordan-Levitt as a beat cop under Commissioner Gordon! Nolan is n & I think it will b great! I hope so anyway. It’s going 2 b really tough 2 top The Dark Knight w/ Heath Ledger as the Joker!

  586. That Batman Nerd says

    actually robin williams is getting the part of Hugo Strange, plus Danny DeVito was the best penguin ever and i would personally use him again

  587. Jess says

    I completely agree. He was the BEST Doctor EVER!!! It would be really awesome if he played the riddler. Hi would just be so perfect!!!

  588. musicindsoul says

    “Johnny Depp will DEFINITELY play the Riddler in Batman 3”
    suckers.. choke on it.

  589. little dick rick says

    hahhaha its been 2 fucking years since anyone commented and the movies out and nooo johnny depp wasn’t fucking on it !! it was tom hardy as bane which side tracked the fuck out of everyone haha. Im pissed it wasnt johnny depp as the riddler who the fuck wants bane? but oh well !

  590. Alexandria says

    The riddler is my favorite batman bad guy and Johnny Depp would do great, as always, but I would love to see David Tennant play the riddler