Batman 3: Catwoman & The Penguin To Remain Unemployed

The Dark Knight has whipped up such a hype frenzy that we wouldn’t be surprised if it cured the blind and healed the terminally ill.

In fact, people are going so potty over The Dark Knight that they’ve started to pretend that they’ve already seen it just so they can move onto speculation over Batman 3. So we may as well do the same. It’s not like we’ve got anything better to do.

Batman screenwriters David Goyer and Jonah Nolan have responded to claims that the baddies in Batman 3 will be Catwoman and The Penguin by saying that the baddies in Batman 3 definitely won’t be Catwoman and The Penguin. They’ve got a whole raft of other villains to chose from, so why pick the two most obvious? Especially when nobody’s put Lola Lasagne in a Batman movie yet.

Believe what you read and you’ll hear that The Dark Knight is as good as The Godfather II, that The Dark Knight is so profound that your life will be changed forever by two and a half hours of watching a man in a silly rubber costume riding a bike, and that Heath Ledger‘s performance as The Joker is so perfect that all Oscars past present and future should be posthumously given to Heath, melted down and made into a single giant Oscar that does the dance from 10 Things I Hate About You every hour on the hour.

Is The Dark Knight that good? Buggered if we know, but we’ve been suckered in by the hype as much as anyone else. So, to try and combat our feelings of market-manipulated vulnerability, let’s try and take control by starting up a bunch of hype about Batman 3.

Christian Bale is already keen to make another Batman movie and, so long as Christopher Nolan decides that he wants to, it’s pretty much a done deal already. Which begs the question – which of Batman’s villains will feature in Batman 3?

Obviously the two main choices are The Penguin and Catwoman. They’re just as iconic as The Joker and they’ve as yet been ignored by the Nolan Batman series. However, we have our reservations.

For example, The Penguin is usually seen as a comedy character, and Christopher Nolan would rather cut his balls off than have a moment of light relief in one of his Batman films. And as for Catwoman… given what Nolan has done to The Joker, we’re not sure that we’re ready to have our life-long Catwoman fetish ruined by a scar-covered mess with matted hair and a freaky make-up job.

Luckily, Batman writers David Goyer and Jonah Nolan agree with us, although their reasoning has slightly less to do with the preservation of a slightly unnatural sexual fantasy than ours. Totalfilm reports:

“In the first movie we use Ra’s Al Ghul and The Scarecrow, who had not been in the movies before, and had not been in the sixties TV show before. And there are dozens if not hundreds of other characters that fit that bill. Everyone says its gotta be The Penguin or Catwoman… well I completely disagree.”

Of course, there are hundreds of various Batman villains that could be used in Batman 3, so we’ll just have to sit and wait to see which ones get used.

Needless to say, we’ll never be happy until Schwarzenegger reprises his role as Mr Freeze, because if there’s one thing that Christopher Nolan is shit at, it’s the ice-based pun.

What would you rather have – a critically-acclaimed immersive crime drama or a great big European guy painted blue shouting things like “You’re not sending me to the cooler!”? Mr Freeze wins every time. It’s not even a contest.


  1. joeyb says

    with as dark as the dark knight is suposed to be, i actually would be very interested in seeing nolan’s portrayal of the riddler…

  2. Ra’s Al Ghul says

    it should be Ra’s Al Ghul again along with his daughter talia. that would be good and it would complete a trilogy. and of course two-face because he doesn’t die.

    ne1 who says clayface should be in is a retard fanboy, no way would clayface be in a nolan film.

  3. Ra’s Al Ghul says

    the whole Ra’s Al Ghul sstoryline could involve some sort of global warming thing since ras is an eco balance type. also given that his body was never found it woul dbe legit

  4. Markie says

    From the look of the trailers, give Ledger’s make up man his best actor Oscar – Ledger just seems to be Ledger with a scary looking face on.

  5. gir says

    “ne1 who says clayface should be in is a retard fanboy, no way would clayface be in a nolan film.”

    I’d ask you to explain what this means, but I’m sure the answer would involve a lengthy justification of saying something as irredeemably dorky as this while simultaneously considering yourself not a “fanboy”. Therefore, I shall just chalk it up to your complete lack of self-awareness and move on.

  6. AT says

    I haven’t seen the pre-releases yet and will see it this weekend, but who says the Joker dies in this one? the joker could be a running baddy even if it’s not heath ledger and played by someone else. The Joker can always come back.

  7. Rob Delaney says

    Indeed. Witness his various deaths in the comics by helicopter crash (death in the family), speed boat (original first ever strip, I believe) and others, I’m sure.

    Until he broke his own neck in Dark Knight Returns. No coming back from that one. Except perhaps as a cyber ghost or something.

  8. says

    It’s a no-brainer: Bookworm and King Tut.

    The losses of Roddy McDowell and Victor Buono will make this difficult, but surely someone can step in (hint for Mr. Nolan: Richard Simmons and Tom Arnold have free time and low salary expectations).

  9. Michael says

    It seems people are forgetting about some killer bad guys. Personally I think two face is going to be in the third one but I would love to see BANE.

  10. Kristy says

    Once you’ve seen the movie (yup, its out here in Australia and I saw it last night) it will be a bit more clear not so much as to who will be reappearing in the second one but definitley who wont

  11. says

    there was an allusion to catwoman when bruce asked lucious for a new suit that will be good against dogs…

    and lucious says something.. like .. .. “it should stand up to a cat”

  12. M says

    I’m going to plum for Harley Quinn + the riddler/joker.

    Awesome combo. Simply great in my playbook, Harley is always the more ‘kabloowey’ type to the jokers bonkers side while a good interaction of the joker finding -something- unusual in himself in finding he cares for Harley can be mined for content.

  13. Studiorex says

    Hugo Strange or Black Mask would do well in Batman 3. The stage has already been set for their inclusion and they are not too disimiliar from the type of advesary that Bale’s Batman tackles.

  14. gir says

    The criticism by parody vis a vis Milton from Office Space has taken on a life of its own. And it has had almost no measurable effect: retards still post about their worthless ideas for whatever, nerds still get a rectal bug over minutiae, self-important twats expound at length on their overpriced-at-free advice, and nobody reads anything.

    It’s enough to make one despair.

  15. Bluzulu says

    julio Says:
    July 17th, 2008 at 8:53 am

    there was an allusion to catwoman when bruce asked lucious for a new suit that will be good against dogs…

    and lucious says something.. like .. .. “it should stand up to a cat”
    Oh you’re right. That totally went over my head. Very good observation. Well we definitely know Cat Woman is going to be one of the villains in the next one with that reference. I’m betting the Riddler and Cat Woman.

  16. Bigguy68 says

    I read somewhere that Nolan wants to keep the Villains in the criminal underworld. So I think they would have someone take over the mob. Who, maybe Penguin, the Ventriloquist & Scarface or Black Mask. How about David Tennant, aka Doctor Who, as Riddler.

  17. michael says

    While I like the female villains of Batman, I think that it’s unlikely that they will appear in the next movie. These are supposed to be dark films – not ones that establish a continuing romantic interest in rather seductive characters.

    Also keep in mind that some characters (Harley) are comparatively new to the comic series as they were created during the animated show. I think they are even more unlikely to appear as headlining villains.

    Jervis was supposedly mentioned in the movie (and I can’t remember the scene) so maybe Mad Hatter would be a possibility? I think it’d be fantastically dark.

  18. Martel says

    I think them saying no Catwomen or penguin is just a smoke screen. I heard that ther waere some talks of Penguin making a cameo in TDK and Philip Seymor hoffman intrested in playing him.That could be intresting. With Rachael Dying there is gone be room for a femal lead ie Catwoman. All superhero movies have a female lead. And since is part 3 then i think we could even see three villians including Bane. Every knows what Bane does to Batman and with this being the end of a trilogy it coould set up some real intrigue.

  19. cris says

    how about poison ivy like uma therman (kill bill) and catwomen as angelina jolie or catherine zeta jones or maybe jessica alba

  20. Noone says

    I personally feel that (with enough work) Poison Ivy and Bane would make a fantastic combo. Ivy would be the “major villain” that is that major point of much of the plot, while Bane takes up as secondary villians. Both can be adapted to have a more scientific explaination and can fit in with the gritty realism Nolan is going for.

    Catwoman could work, but I hate her. Riddler should never be brought up again unless played by Jim Carrey. Clayface, while cool, would be difficult to work in without major work on modifying the character.

    Most of the other “fantastic” character types (Croc and such) really don’t fit in. Either not realistic enough or too silly (see Penguin).

  21. Aron says

    Cris have you not see any other batman? Uma Therman was poison ivy in “Batman and Robin” she will not be poison ivy in a different franchise sequel.

  22. avan -luckié- says


    Mad Hatter was never in a Batman comic. He was just a bad guy in one of the cartoons.
    So we can exclude him.

    Bane cannot be a main antagonist. He could only be a secondary bad guy.
    I totally agree w/ machernucha’s link.

    Also, they might not introduce Robin, but they might introduce Batgirl; given they have mentioned Barbara. Although, I’m not sure how Nolan will include her in the storyline.
    Though, I’m confident however he does it will be gold!

  23. avan -luckié- says

    Besides, TDK is not a typical superhero movie or any action movie at all.

    Bad guy(s) in this movie actually delivers what they said they were going to do. Joker is awesome! HL did a great job.

    Maybe I’m just a fan of Batman. I have so high an expectation for this movie and it still exceeded it!

  24. Joel says

    I think Nolan could put a good spin on Poison Ivy. Get rid of her supernatural powers and make her a good ole fashioned eco-terrorist.

  25. sean says

    NO Robin. NO Batgirl. NO CAMP. Get that outta your heads right now guys. Now, Nolan said no Penguin and Catwoman and I believe him. Frankly I don’t want to see them on screen again (I’m too big a fan of Burton’s Returns) but done correctly (say as a fear toxin insane cannibal sewer dweller eating children or something) Croc could fit. Mad Hatter maybe as a pedophile. BUt what I wanna see is Batman trapped inside Arkham with Two Face and Joker like A Serious House on Serious Earth. Great wrap up to those two character’s stories… while outside Arkham Mr. Reese (Mysteries? duh the Riddler) and Hush (Rutger Hauer’s character from Begins) and Pamela Isley start blowing up Wayne’s boardmembers to revenge Bruce’s respective wrongdoings against them…

  26. says

    I would love to see Naomi Harris as Poison Ivy, Milla Jovovich as catwoman, I really want to see Harlequin but I dont know who would be good to play her

  27. Harry oswald says

    i think penguin would be a better villain. His weird, crippled, bad childhood background can make it really2 dark character and sadistic. and it will be a cool costum design. Penguin and catwomen is nice, the catwomen would be a cool acrobatic girl.

    3 icon of the universe is there..maybe in the end of the movie you can see a glimpse of superman flying by hehehhehe

  28. blackprince says

    The Joker hasn’t died; this Batman refuses to kill his villains, meaning that the Joker likely will return at some point – though probably not in the next film.

    The death of Ledger doesn’t preclude this, in fact, the story could be written that there’s one Joker Mastermind locked up at Arkham who is training diffeent Jokers to torment Batman.

    That would explain the necessarily slight change (or mass deviation if neccessary) from the Heath Ledger Joker. I think I hear a Riddler and a Harley Quin comin’! or how about one of Batman’s more obscure villains, like Brain Hobson?

    Also, after the WonderWoman movie and another Superman, I think there should be a Justice League movie (complete with the Green Arrow, Green Lantern and the Flash) just to spice things up and introduce a host of villains from all of their worlds and cross-polinate the franchises.

  29. blackprince says

    They didn’t have to kill off Rachel Dawes…they should have cast Jessica Alba! (Smokin’!!) and kept Dawes alive.

    I think they should have stayed true to the comic story of twoface, where Harvey Dent gets splashed in the face with acid in the courtroom while trying a case against Salvatore Maroni (Eric Roberts’s character).

    I think one way Nolan could make the film interesting is to let the villains from the previous films make brief cameos in the following installments (but this is obviously a problem where Ledger is concerned).

    For example, the Scarecrow should have been in the beginning of the Dark Knight and gotten killed off, maybe, or shown getting locked back up at Arkham Asylum…making threats about his next plot.

    Let the villains communicate with each other…the Joker tells Scarecrow what a failure he is and says, “watch how it’s done1” or something like that.

    Catwoman? That’s reserved for Angelina Jolie. Bring her in the fifth installment, maybe.

    If they ever have a batgirl? Charlize Theron

    Mr. Freeze? Bruce Willis

  30. dmarrow says


    (a different blog with good points)

    .i totally agre with Naomi Harris as poison ivy.she would be great and it would add diversity. she was scary as hell in pirates and given nolans input she could be great they could change ivy around. and i agree with the tattoes which could symbolize her obsession with plants seeing how in today would people get tattoes for reasons. but these markings could be covered when she is isley. but adding he whole cr8z environment-al chick would fit into nolans world and having giving her poison in which she uses on anyone in the way of her cause would be kick *** if done right. the poison could cause demonic illusions of ilsey being poinson ivy with the whole plant control going on but not really happening. or maybe she could get her plant powers[which i would really hope for] without being silly. but i think Naomi Harris would be great instead of jolie im tires of seeing her.let her raise her kids.

    anyone who feels the same way. spread the word.
    you never know what could happen.

  31. witt says

    Charlize Theron as Poison Ivy. Gotham City meets the pastural. Batman’s melancholy over lost love turns into nightmare.

  32. mikey says

    Villians: Bane as main villian
    Mafia villian:Black Mask
    Side villian (only one or two):Deadshot, Riddler, Anarky, Hush, KillerCroc
    Women villians: Harley quinn or Talia al Ghul (who knows maybe both)
    Sidekick: Nightwing or Robin (Aud. probably wouldnt like robin thats why start him out as Nightwing which he eventually becomes anyways)

    Reasons behind these villians:
    BANE: Bane outmatchs batman in toe to toe and is a strateigic genuis
    Having bane trying to take out batman would be perfect.
    Bane would take the whole situation that the cops are chasing batman and use it to a perfect advantage.

    BLACK MASK: A scary Mafia boss who is one of the best, it combines the mafia and a so called “Freak”. He would take control of the underworld as batman is being chased and dealing with other villians.

    Deadshot(slade): Slade is known to have the best aim in the entire DC universe. He has a complete messed up moral code. He is a hitman and will take out any person as long as the price is right. But he also has a daughter and wife that he is trying to support and keep safe. He would be able to maybe go after ppl who batman would need to protect or he can be a hired gun, or kill people for whatever reason and maybe they can show his wife and daughter and show him as a regular father and the audience can connect with him maybe.

    Riddler: Even though he seems to be liked, any movie with him as the main villian would be pathetic and would leave the critcs and audience ashamed of the movie. Riddler is a genius but one of the weakest batman villians. He leaves clues that batman always solves and then ends up catching him. He would be fine for a side villian that gives batman annoyance. It could take batman time to take out the riddler which would make batman not be at his best to fight the main villian which in my opinion should be Bane.

    ANARKY: Anarky would be a very good side villian (anti villian) He could be the one who sticks up for the little guy who commits crimes only to survive while batman would stop them from commiting crimes. He would be the champion of the oppressed and Batman being almost like a champion of the Law and only upholding the law. Which would leave batman and the veiwer wondering who is really doing the right thing. This would be a great point in any batman film.

    HUSH (Tommy): Tommy and Bruce were best freinds when kids. Tommy eventually becomes a Villian known as Hush who wears bandages around his head. He would be a perfect villian because we would get to see more of bruce wayne in his childhood and learn more about him. plus it would make for a good fight.

    KILLERCROC: He would be ok. It would be fun to see him running around and killing. He is stronger and faster then batman and is able to regrow any limb cut off. He would make for great fight scenes. he would also leave batman guessing as to his whereabouts and when he will commit his next murder because he never makes a plan he just does.

    Woman Villians:
    Harley Quinn: Everybody seemed to love the joker, thats why without having the joker (Since ledgers death who knows if they will ever recast him) she would be good. Harley quinn though first appeared in the animated series because she was so popular came into the comics.
    She is Jokes right hand woman. She is almost just as crazy as the joker although only half as smart. Joker also has paid for her to go through med school, she is a theorpist but she went crazy. She is in love with the joker but joker feels nothing for her (or does he we never know). She believes in all of jokers theories. She is also an acrobat.
    She would be good as a woman villian because we havent seen a performance from her and she would add that “jokerness” that everybody is attracted to (including myself).

    Talia Al Ghul: Daughter of the villian in number one:
    She can take over the League of Shadows. she is smart, sexy, and in the comics Batmans one true love.
    She would add the spice to the movie of batmans falling in love.
    Batman has one weakness giving his heart to others and she can be his true weakness in the movie

    Robin/Nightwing aka Dick Grayson:
    AS Harvey Dent said in Number 2 Batman is looking for someone to take up his mantle. Robin/nightwing that person.
    He could adopt him because he sees his parents death and he connects with him. He doesn’t even have to ever wear a suit the entire time like in the Haunted Victory storyline. Make him not know that Batman is Bruce Wayne until later in the storyline he reveals it to him. He understands what he is going through and that would be why he lets him fight, but not without training. Dick Grayson is an outstanding Acrbot though, and even when he becomes Nightwing he has a different fighting style than Batman.
    They don’t have to even use him in the movie but i think they should even if he adopts him at the end leading for another movie.
    They could even just have him not adopted and just created himself as a hero when hes in his teens and he is running out fighting crime and batman runs into him and eventually takes him back I dunno just speculating random things on my mind for a Robin because it is hard to do him well in the movie.

  33. mikey says

    Also for Killer Croc if they made bane the main villian and Killer Croc as the side villian they could have Bane and killer croc fight and bane win and that sending Killer Croc trying to find batman for a rematch. I dunno also just some random thoughts

  34. Tindytim says

    “For example, the Scarecrow should have been in the beginning of the Dark Knight”


    …he was.

    I personally think that Nolan should stray away from a scientist for the next movie. And if Two-Face returns (even thought he’s presumed dead) I don’t think the Riddler would be a good idea, since that would be two character with obsessive compulsions (Two-face with chance and his coin, and the Riddler with his intricate schemes and need to leave riddles).

    However the villains would depend on the theme. Hell having to compulsive character might work well with a message.

  35. johnny says

    clayface played by the rock and at the end batman 3 he gets a card and it has a ? on it riddler batman 4 the lets have a batman super man movie like 2011 why not lol

  36. dorkknight says

    i personally think that if ever nolan pursues another batman flick and possibly his last, i bet he’s gonna close the trilogy with the a great fight with batman’s super villain the, cthulhu. imagine them fighting. this will definitely be a blast. seriously.

  37. gir says

    I have my own proposals for Batman villains, and I think mine might provide some fresh direction for this innovative series of films:

    The Papparazzi: Batman battles a gang of roving photographers hell-bent on taking pictures of people…Without even paying them any money!!! Watch as these anarchistic nihilists snap with abandon, spreading misery and littering the streets with many-pocketed vests. John Travolta stars as The Shutterbug, the leader of this dastardly terrorist group, whose childhood pictures decorate the walls of his mother’s nursing home. The irony is she can’t remember who he is because of advanced Alzheimer’s!

    The Comic Book Nerd: Batman uses the awesome power of the BatComputer™ to engage The Dork Knight over the internet. This one would have to play out as a psychological cat-and-mouse thriller, since the comic book nerd never leaves his house.

    Jason From The Friday The 13th Movies: This is just a no-brainer…The crossover appeal of two dudes in impractical and frankly ridiculous masks is undeniable. Plus it would get Jason out of another Friday the 13th movie, and anyone would jump at the chance.

  38. gld 87 says

    I think the next batman villan should be with out doubt . the Riddler and get jonny depp in the role

  39. kierran says

    I know where talking about the bad guys… However if chris nolan was to introduce ‘Robin’ Matt Damon all the way!

  40. Dazmond says

    hehe Bale has stated he’d rather chain himself to the wall and refuse to go to work than act in a Batman with a Robin.

    My personal preferance for villains would be The Riddler (much darker than last time) and played by Hugo Weaving (ala Agent Smith, V).
    Then a tougher villain to take on Batman physicly, like…..Bane or Hush

  41. Talamos says

    I think the riddler could be perfect for the next movie. he likes the attention, sees it as a game of cat and mouse a contest of intelect. Sounds an awful lot like a serial killer to me and thats exactly what he should be. Make the Riddler a serial killer and like many real life serial killers you’d have a reason behind his games. And as mentioned above I too think Jonny Depp would be good as a seriously twisted riddler. I watched TDK for the 2nd time today, I thought the hype was all sympathy and yet still had high expectations that were exceeded. I can’t get over how good Ledger was.

  42. Talamos says

    But personally I still think Two Face will be in Batman 3. If we’re meant to believe that he died then the Joker won twice, he turned Dent, and made Batman kill him. Nah, Two Face is alive and doing time secretly in Arkham.

  43. Lian says

    They keep putting the same bad guys in. I think calender man should be the next bad guy. He is and always was the most interesting badman character.

    They would be stupid if they didn’t choose Calender Man

  44. gir says

    I think they should choose Triangle Man. Triangle Man hates Particle Man. They had a fight. Triangle won.

  45. joker says

    I think It’ll deffinatly be the riddler and two-face no doubt about it …

    As for catwoman ..lmao (thats all i gotta say about that)

  46. Jezza says

    I doubt they’d bring Two-face back, his death seemed kinda final to me. And I’d be disappointed if the Joker was re-cast; no-one could do it justice after Heath’s performance.
    I’m not confident they’d choose the Ridler because I think he’d just be too much like the Joker; they’ve been trying hard with this series to keep their characters very separate and individual and I don’t see how the Ridler could be separated enough from the Joker in terms of personality and mannerisms and so on. I do like the suggestion of Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the Penguin, I’m sure they could take that somewhere, but, although maybe a petty criticism, I think the name “the Penguin” is a bit weak…
    And they absolutely will not do:
    Mr Freeze, Catwoman, Robin, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, etc (I ackowledge that not all of them are villains, I mean characters in general here)…
    Simply because those characters are kinda lame and difficult to make gritty and realistic which has been the aim of the new films.
    So having negated most of the serious suggestions made here (sorry guys!) I’d probably be inclined to say it’ll be:
    a) an obscure villain from one of the comics, and
    b) someone like Bane; a more normal and human type of character, who has been drugged with Scarecrows stuff and is locked up in Arkham to act as a secondary villain. You’d have to radically change his costume though!
    That’s just my thoughts, I’d love to hear what other people say, but if I were making the next film I think that’s how I’d approach it.

  47. Tom says

    I’ve stated that Clayface or Firefly be the villany of Part 3. You also can’t rule out that Ra’s Al Ghul, at some point would return. I could see Ra’s Al Ghul making a stunning appearence, it occured to me while watching TDK.

    Ok so we know from Batman Begins that there’s a potiental hint of Ra’s Al Ghul being immortal. And we saw him perish supposily in that train wreck…But he could transfer his soul into another person, someone close to Bruce Wayne or Batman (eg Alfred, Gordon, Fox) as the League of Shadows would give a decent explanation as to be capable of performing extradorinary things. The story could be taken of Ra’s Al Ghul proclaiming that events taken in from TDK where a direct result at overcoming the fear even more…not mention the wake of Rachel Dawes death to put Bruce Wayne/Batman to the ultimate test of compassion to see who he really is. A lot of possibilites.

  48. BodaBin says

    I would Love to see Catwoman I think they could make her work but NO HALLEY BARRY!!!!!! NO!! NO!! NO!! she ruined it. Persoanlly I think Michelle Phiffer was the best cat woman ever and I think she might be hard to beat, Angelina jolie would Fit But I say no to her because something about Angelina says it dosnt really blend well, We need a white,athletic female with black hair and fair skin to fit how she really look Putting Halley Barry was wtf to me I think Posion Ivy could slip with the skin changing and story bending but not Catwoman. Harley Quinn would also be great to see. But I hope they plann On Using CatWoman SOON!!

  49. Samaville. says

    The Riddler would be a great villain for the next film, who says they have to stick to his comic persona. What if he were to be like “JIGSAW” from the SAW films? Kidnapping and holding people ransom, pushing batman to solve seemingly impossible riddles.

    The thought of Batman being face to face with a victim trapped in a puzzle with their life on the line and “NOT” be able to solve it, seeing them die before his eyes would enhance his inner darkness ever pushing him more and more to insanity. I think the next film should explore the psyche. Whilst Bruce Wayne can build evermore sophisticated armour to protect his body what defences does he have to protect his mind? The stress of all his battles and the demand of leading two roles should be explored further. Perhaps Bruce could do a stint in Arkham……..just a thought

  50. James says

    Catwoman definitely. She could be like an s/m prostitute of the underworld that will use her traumatic experiences to get back at 9 Mob Bosses…. you know like 9 Lives.

  51. Jezza says

    Ra’s Al Guhl is a very good suggestion, he could certainly play a part… but who knows.
    That construction of the Riddler is brilliant, I’d actually give that serious merit despite what I said before… if they could do it like that he would make a very very interesting villain. I love the concept of a villain who exploits Batman’s weaknesses psychoogically, which we really saw emerge in the Dark Knight.
    The concept of Batman focusing a lot on his own turmoil is certainly something I think the new film will focus on, as he deals with Rachals death and the questions the Joker put to him about his morality and his values. Don’t forget that he’s the bad guy and he’s being chased by all of Gotham Ci in Arkham could definately be on the cards… is he offered a chance to escape by someone like the Riddler? Perhaps he first encounters the Riddler inside…
    And I hate to disappoint but there is NO WAY Catwoman will feature in any of the new Batman films, however the construction offered does have some merit I just can’t see the writers pulling her into the series…

  52. bob joe anonymos says

    i think halle berry should play catwoman because she was originaly her in her movie and because i thought she was very good in that, that would be purrrfect.

  53. gregory says

    2 face is dead,
    joker got caught if u remember at the end and they wont recast some one else
    i think that catwoman played by halie berry should be a neutral caracter and i would love to see mr. freeze come in and during the movie have cutsceens of how robin begins but not get him the suit and shit just introduce him and piolet him for the next movie

  54. VoteRiddler says

    There are only two options for the main villain.

    1. The Riddler.
    – There is far too much potential for this character and to be honest, there is no way Jim Carrey could ever play this role a second time. He is too comical for these new films.

    2. The Penguin.
    – I wasn’t much on reading the Batman comics but if the Penguin follows the whole Mayor campain story line from Batman then his lead in is already done. The Joker did take out the Mayor after all.

  55. Jamie says

    personally i believe that the main villain will be catwoman played by cher and as a half good guy half bad guy the riddle played by jhonny depp…

    This is plausible because the catwoman is a theif and in the plot she could pull off a major heist and gets away with it, until the police contract edward nigma or the riddler to help them solve the case even tho his methods are… questionable.

  56. soulsultin says

    Black Mask is perfect for Nolans world, he’s dark, he’s creepy and he’s smart. The riddler could be helping the cops hunt down batman.

  57. Yep says

    Who ever it is the movie will be based entirely on the new villan. Remember, Batman is now the bad guy. The city believes he’s responsible for all the corrupt police deaths. The movie will have to swing from the creation of a new “Good Guy” who is here to catch Batman, then he must some how morph into the villian and close that the city needs Batman again. Just my thoughts… I believe the villian to fill those shoes will be Black Mask. Read that story line, it is very interesting.

  58. Daniel says

    Kate Bakensale=Catwoman
    she’s britsh, she has martial arts skills
    i think she’s pettier than jolie
    f@#$ jolie she sucks except tomb raider seires
    jolie is nothing like catwoman all she can use F@#$ing guns…..and she can’t fight. i know Catwoman she can fight
    why Bakensale? if u seen underworld….she can fight
    however…. i want to see HARLEY QUINN,
    HARLEY QUINN should be in movie
    i think Catherine Sutherland could play as HARLEY QUINN, maybe playing as a power ranger got her insane
    and she’s blonde like HARLEY QUINN herself

  59. Oram says

    I’m not saying either way whether or not they should put Robin in or not – I’m sure that Nolan will make it work whatever he decides – but if they do do Robin, at least do him properly and cast a teenager like he’s supposed to be. I allways felt that Chris O’Donnell was far too old (wasn’t Robin at college or something?).
    Also IF he were put into a film, who would you choose to play him. I have bo idea who would be good, but I bet we’d end up with someone like Shia LeBeof!

  60. says

    Poison Ivy!
    Poison Ivy!

    I want Poison Ivy!

    I’m bored of the guys.

    Id we have to have a guy, then what about ManBat?

  61. C says

    A young Mad Hatter, possibly the son of a wealthy businessman who loves Lewis Carroll and hates society and authority, so attempts to bring down Gotham. Because we all know Joker’s not coming back, have the Mad Hatter destroy Arkham Asylum with the Joker inside, because he hated how the Joker was ‘trying to send a message’, feeling ‘true’ anarchy needs no meaning.

  62. Oram says

    I just read an interview with Nolan, in which he stated that if he was forced to cast Robin he would go with Frankie Muniz!! I assume he was joking!

  63. sean says

    did christopher nolan watch batman returns?
    he is probaly scared to attempt to top danny devito’s performance.
    why would he rather cut is own balls off then to bring comical relief, when the joker’s part was as much funny as it was cynical( i find insanity to be hilarious)

  64. R says

    stupid fucking critic. why dont you watch the movie and then complain about it. you have no ground to stand on. I think we all agree we loved batman as we remember him growing up, but Nolan has shed new light on batman. Its more profound and realistic. Its fuckng bad ass! at least he didn’t turn it into shit….
    stupid review. your source is probably a sham. thought I could get some real information. guess i’ll go elsewhere.

  65. Jim says

    “Batman 3 definitely won’t be Catwoman and The Penguin. They’ve got a whole raft of other villains to chose from, so why pick the two most obvious?”

    Forgive me if wrong, but wasn’t the Joker and Two-face pretty obvious too.

  66. says

    i think that two face will come back,cus without him there is no robin, because 2 face killed dick grason’s parents so ta-da.

    and the villans will probly be 2 face and someother guy who want revenge and all that great stuff

  67. Jim says

    Two-face is very unlikely,because Christopher Nolan confirms that he died at the end of the film. So who ever the villain will be; it most likely won’t be him.

  68. wilfred vriesch says

    Well interesting, Catwoman can be only played by a real catwoman like Lucy Liu, who can jump and fight liker her? Nobody. And why not the Pinquin, Danny DeVito can reprise the role or is he too old? In the comics he is old. And with this director can be a fantastic movie.

  69. Silverstone says

    Well, Hush would be interesting, along with the Riddler. I’m sure the director will stick to the realistic villains, so, count Croccy and Claybutt out.

    I’ld say Hush, a less they have Health hidden in some deserted place somewhere… waiting to surprise us on the big screen. Doubt it.

  70. says

    the jokers performance is obviously to recreate so they shouldnt bring in man bat because not much realism not robin because it’s too dark but maybe knight wing someone who is the batman essientially

  71. double T in the morning says

    I think that they need a villin that would be more realistic in the world. Not like catwoman or Mr. Frezze cause really that would never happen. Or maybe make a hole new villin like they did with Ras Al Gouhl in Batman Begins. Although since batman is pretty much a bad guy they should put him in Arkham and have a new villin aprouch and have say catwoman pretend to be a badguy for the time being. Then turn bad and run amuck with the new villin and have GCPD let batmanout of Arkham to stop them. And personaly i think the hole series will be ruenied if they have like a batgirl, night wing, or robin, etc, Cause that would just ruin it.

  72. double T in the morning says

    when i said have catwoma as a badguy for the time being i ment to say i goodguy…….i made a type-o……………..sorry :)

  73. says

    On the I Believe in Harvey Dent website, theres an advertisement for Croc Jones. Killer Croc is really named Waylon Jones. PROOF!

  74. JohnH says

    Ra’s Al Ghul & Two-face are considered dead byNolan, they’re not going to recast Joker(4this movie anyway)(also ruling out Harley Quinn), and they really don’t like the Penguin, or apparently Catwomen(…or Robin).In addition, Bane & Hush turn up in the comics way later when there’s the 3rd Robin+ Nightwing, so they won’t be in it either + Mr.Zsasz has already been played in BB by a nobody.

    That still leaves afew characters though. TheRiddler has got to be the favourite, whilst maybe Black Mask, Calender Man(Hannibal version),Deadshot,Poison Ivy or Hugo Strange(+Scarecrow again).
    Killer Croc,Clayface,ventriloquist,blockbuster& mad hatter are too unrealistic, though i think man-bat,kgbeast ormr.freeze could maybe be good(though unrealistic,they got to start using these kind of villians eventually;just make manbat gothic,mr.freeze ultrasympathetic).

  75. JohnH says

    O yeah, i’d also love Anarky to be considered but I doubt he ever will be for the same reason why he’s never been adapted in any other media: He represents Anarchism (SO controversial, even when portraying as a villain(!?))

  76. Party In The USA Miley Cyrus song says

    MAN ALIVE IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Gerhard van Staden says

    I agree with your view about the darker version of the riddler but he should be played by Johhny Depp

  78. Gerhard van Staden says

    I think what they should do is have a duo of villians in Harley quin and the Riddler. The Riddler should be a dark phycopath (Jim carry was crap)probably played by Johhny Depp (anyone remember secret window?) Now ok here is a plot for Batman 3. Joker gets the electric chair(You cant recast Heath, he was brilliant) before he dies he leaves a message for Gotham that he has just pulled the ultimate joke. Harley Quinlan (Who was his phsyciatrisy while he was on trial) emerges as Harley quin and riddler joins her. Whoever is gonna play Harley has got to be pretty but at the same time a total maniac, a devil in a dress. The joker reincarnated.

  79. JohnH says

    Dude, they are NEVER going to have harley quinn without the joker. It would be like having a Batman movie with just Robin and no actual Batman. harley quinn is basically the jokers sidekick + this is still kind of the beginning of Batman, and harley quinn appears way later

  80. Jason_Todd says

    Okay as good as these ideas sound, Here’s the reality(I hope you can accept these truths):
    Two Face? Dead. Buried. Rigor Mortus. Worm Chow. Sorry guys.
    Catwoman: played by Cher. Why? Catwoman is a vampy trashy whore of a woman. Screw sexiness because in Nolans Gotham, No one is sexy.
    Joker: In jail. Like Crane, He’ll probably only get a mention.
    Clayface, Killer Croc, Bane etc: Sorry but no. Nolan wants it to be REAL. No magic potions, weird mutations, just no.
    Robin: Nolan says he wants a serious Batman. But he is missing out on an opprotunity. When people hear “Robin” They think Grayson. Newsflash: HE WAS NOT THE ONLY ROBIN. There IS a version who fits in Nolans vision of a dark gritty real Batman. Jason Todd a.k.a Robin a.k.a Red Hood a.k.a the gun weilding Batman. Look him up. He’s perfect. Teen, pychotic, questions Batman’s tactics, uses GUNS! Hello????
    Riddler: More likely Johnny Depp due to Secret Window as opposed to Doctor Who(the most sanest time traveling alien ever) You call him weak? I say he can be a genius. Gotham hates Batman now. So let Eddie Nashton be the hero, then take it away midway through the film.
    Harley Quinn: Closest you will ever get to reincarnated Ledger. Do it.
    Black Mask: He Pass
    Hush: Also Pass
    Scarface: That’ll be hard considering the only real ventriloquist is Jeff Dunham. Though it might serve for a good middle credits scene.
    Talia: No. Batman can’t be happy. Sorry. She has to stay out.

    Here’s how I see the film going:
    Batman is hunted by a task force which includes Nashton and Hugo Strange(Like an assistant). Eddie tries to find Batman and put him away, slowly enjoying the fame as being “The only true genius to catch Batman”(Maybe a little Kayne West ego boost) Joker spills the beans about Harvey while in Arkham. Batman is pardoned, Gotham decends into more chaos but ol’ Eddie boy snaps. If he isn’t the hero, what’s left? The villain. Going all JIGSAW on Gotham, he constructs the deadliest games to test Batman. Meanwhile Harley acts on Jokers behalf to make sure Gotham stays in anarchy untill he gets out(Which we won’t see), Batman saves Gotham from Riddler, Ed goes to Arkham but not before Hugo admits he knows who Batman is(a bit of irony there) and the film ends with Batman trying to restore peace in Gotham.

    Things I want to see: Jason Todd as A sort of Anti Batman hero, killing villians. I can see him doing a drive by on Calender Man as he robs a bank(Sorry but I think Calender Man is a pompus asshole)

    So before you say “Robin will ruin the serious!” Remember Jason Todd. The boy who pretended to be Batman as an excuse to shoot you dead.

    But thats just me.

  81. Jason_Todd says

    Damn in that rant I forgot to add Penguin.
    Penguin: More likely a seedy nightclub owner. No need to make him a freak. Just a normal guy whose nightclub is themed. Mention him at best.

  82. JohnH says

    Generally likeyour ideas, except for Harley Quinn & Robin. Having Harley Quinn without the Joker would be the biggest gimik u could possibly have after Heath’s death. Harley Quinn is no more than the Joker’s sidekik(she’d be way worse than catwoman)(though definatly not if Cher is catwoman). Also, your fogetting Jason Todd was by far the most unpopular Robin out of all(5-6?) of them, so much so that they killed him off because of that. He doesn’t become Red Hood or try to be Batman till WAY LATER then the 1st years of Batman(which ar what the mvies r about)+ u can’t just completley ignore Dick Grayson aka.1ST Robin aka.Nightwing Batman?what’s so bad about that? (though of course he needs to be shown in a very different way to the Schumacher films). Everyone thinks of Robin(/DG)from the tv show+ the old batman movies, but people forget before Nolan&Bale, we thought the exact same thing of Batman, so I think there is a way to do him well(though as i’ve previously said, nolan doesn’t like Robin anyway, so he won’t be in). Definatly like your ideas on Riddler+Hugo Strange though, maybe those 2 would be enough(though th last 2 mvoies have been 2h1/2, maybe include scarecrow again somewhere)(though NOT Ventriloquist/Scarface=in Nolan’s realistic/serious universe…really?)

  83. obie says

    I could see charlize theron being a catwoman because she has talent beauty.She would probaly have a onscreen connection with cristean bale

  84. Louis S. Carrozzi says


    Here’s what Nolan SAID he WON’T do because he doesn’t like the character:

    Cat Woman.

    Are you KIDDING ME?!? Cat Woman (Done Christopher Nolan style, of course) would be the absolute BEST character to have in BM3. I can’t believe that a director and writer as brilliant as Nolan would rule out Cat Woman as a major character. She would be PERFECT for BM3 and here’s why:

    Remember the scene in Dark Knight where Bruce Wayne is stitching himself up after getting bit by a dog and he’s talking to Alfred? I can’t remember if the line is “Bat Man has no weaknesses” or “Bat Man” has no limits” but either way this is a perfect setup for what should happen in BM3. Obviously, when it comes to money Bruce has no limits, he physically has no limits (he kicks the crap out of everyone) and he mentally has no limits (he is ninja trained after all), so what is Batman’s weakness?


    (They even mention CATS in that very scene!!! Go back and watch it again!!!)

    LOVE. Love is Batman’s ultimate weakness! He would give anything to have his family back, but he can’t, and he’d have given anything to save Rachael, but he failed and now she’s dead. He sacrifices “Batman” as an icon of justice in order to protect the integrity of Harvey Dent in the public’s eye at the end of the Dark Knight because having people retain “hope” is more important in the long run than Bat Man. He’s lost EVERYTHING that was important to him.

    So we get to episode 3. Batman is on the run, he is vilified, and he is hated. He is all alone, he has lost everyone who is important to him – save maybe Alfred. The psychological and physical challenge for Batman is to somehow clear Batman’s good name, but at the same time his past is driving him mad because what he would really like to do is retire Bat Man and just try and have some kind of a normal life. But, doing so is a next to impossible task with criminals like [insert your favorite bad guy here].

    Now, along comes Cat Woman. She may be on the wrong side of the law, but she is much like him in many ways, and he can’t help but be attracted to her. She is beautiful, powerful, sexy, smart as hell, and there really isn’t a ton of difference between them except that crime forced him to become an agent of justice, but crime forced her to take care of herself.

    That’s his downfall, or at least the challenge he needs to overcome in order for him to defeat whatever “bad guys” are in BM3 and restore his name.

    The ONLY weakness Bat Man really has is fear of being alone and without a family. It’s what made him become Batman in the first place, and if he had a temptation to fall in love and find a way OUT of that fate, even if it’s with the wrong woman, I’d say that would be the hardest demon for him to fight.

    Cat Woman would be Bat Man’s “last temptation”, and I couldn’t think of a better way to REALLY put Bat Man in peril than to fall in love with a dangerous woman.

    We’ll see what Nolan does, but if the “Cat” reference in Dark Knight was an “accident” and he doesn’t pick up on that in BM3, then he has totally missed the boat – in my opinion.

    Somehow I think Nolan’s got a plan up his sleeve, but, we’ll just have to wait and see…

    Come on! I don’t want a really good Bat Man 3, I want an AWESOME Bat Man 3.

    Cat Woman is the way to do it. Totally.

    Peace. Louis.

  85. says

    i think that david tennant will make a great riddler villan with crispin glover joker ,and with halle berry catwoman, and with aaron eckhart as two-face /anarchy, with reba mcentire as mercy graves , with the arkham inmates in 2011’s batman 3 dark victory
    that will be great, and with chris o donnel as robin, and with christian bale as batman,

  86. topk says

    They want to end the triology that’s why Cat and penguin couldn’t join the party. Because it will be ended. Sadly Nolan couldn’t use joker anymore. Probably the ninjas will return in Batman 3

  87. Julia Palmcook says

    I have an idea to do a graphic novel about Penguin girl- a chic for the Penguin from Batman. I write and illustrate both…if you want to help me pursue this please contact me at or 715-675-2061, thanks-Julia