Badvertising: Meet Vincent; Advertwat

Sometimes in life, we come across people who we know straight away are going to be immensely successful.

These people are able to take the most crippling disappointments in their stride without ever deviating from the belief that they’re anything other than the greatest people to ever walk the face of the earth.

These are people like Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, the successful Apprentice candidates who don’t end up crying about their weight or selling double glazing to large commercial clients.

They’re not always famous though. Sometimes the people who have the biggest influence on your life can be completely anonymous to you until they make themselves known.

This is the case with Vincent Midgour, account executive at a leading advertising agency.

Hecklerspray wanted to find out everything they could about this man who influences so much of our buying behaviour so, as part of?Badvertising decided to give him his own little webseries.

So watch this, even though you’re barely worthy of such greatness.

Oh, christ.