Bad News Guys, You Can’t Send Ke$ha Any More Human Remains

Kesha 2

If you ?think you can hear sirens blaring in the distance, it’s because Ke$ha’s rehab stay has just been crashed by the fun police.?

What’s the world coming to, when a platinum selling musician can’t ask her legions of fans to send her their own teeth so she can keep busy with some arts and crafts while she whiles away the hours in rehab??Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Centre, where the singer is staying while she battles an eating disorder, has stated that they can’t accept any ‘human remains’ because there’s a chance that the human teeth Kesha asked for might just be bio-hazardous.

I suspect there are a few parts of Kesha that might be considered bio-hazardous, I just never expected one of those to be her artwork. Since there is also a Twitter ban in the centre – they really are cutting out all the essentials, huh? – Kesha’s friend took to her Twitter account for her to keep everyone updated on her condition and ask her followers for any spare bone fragments.

Kesha tweetHowever, the treatment centre has different ideas, telling TMZ:

“There is always a risk that it could be of bio-hazardous material so we are not able to bring in anything that’s real.”

But they can accept falsies, if anyone fancies breaking into their grandma’s bathroom cabinet in the name of art. You might want to rinse them first though, to get all the All Bran off them.

This isn’t even the first time that Kesha’s used human teeth for something other than chewing and prying the cap off a bottle of Bud. In 2012, she appealed to fans for their gnashers and worryingly, received so many that she managed to get a bra, headdress, necklace and earrings from them. What’s wrong with good old fashioned macaroni and glitter glue?

Kesha teeth headband

That’s the tooth headdress, by the way. You don’t even want to know where she got those feathers from. Who knows what she was making this time, but have fun imagining Kesha sat cackling in a rec room surrounded by glitter and human teeth, while the other patients are glumly sticking pipe cleaners on to notebooks.