Awesome or Off-Putting: Washington DC’s Demon Cat

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As most know, Washington DC is a terribly boring place full of people who hate anyone who is not on their stupid team.? Also, their license plates say something like’ Taxation Without Representation.’?? That’s every fact about the place you need to know.

Really, you’ve no reason to ever go there. Unless you like freaky multi-sized phantom cats. If those are your thing, then you should probably get a move on.

Hecklerspray has told you about many a ghost, many a haunted doll and even about that one time an an elephant ate an entire man or something. But this story – well this story probably isn’t as good as the man-eating elephant tale, but it’s still pretty weird.

Did you know that Washington DC has a phantom cat? Stories of it go back at least as far as Abe Lincoln. You see, some time ago DC’s underground labyrinths were full of rats. Cats were brought in to help take care of the problem – and one was bitten by a radioactive spider or something and never left.

The Demon Cat is a harbinger of doom. It shows up kind of like the Mothman – just before a horrible disaster. Here’s what Wikipedia says of the matter:

“According to legend, the cat is seen before presidential elections and tragedies in Washington DC, allegedly being spotted by White House security guards the nights before the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. The cat is described as fully black and the size of an average house cat; but witnesses report that the cat swells to “the size of a giant tiger”, 10 feet by 10 feet,when alerted. The cat would then either explode or pounce at the witness, disappearing before it managed to catch its ‘victim’.

Is that not specific enough? Do you want names named? Well you’re in luck then. Because one witness, named ‘anonymous’, tells us his story in extraordinary third or fourth hand detail.? As found on

“One guard who saw it wants to remain anonymous. It happened on a January night in the 1970s. As he was walking through a passage way, he saw the black cat approach. The phantom appeared to get larger as it walked toward him. Its eyes had a reddish glow. The guard was afraid to move. Finally, the phantom reached the size of a tiger and its meowings changed to roars. It crouched and sprang and all the guard could do was to pray and close his eyes. Nothing happened. When the guard opened his eyes, the cat had vanished.”

Though the cat had disappeared completely, we’re told it did leave a giant translucent hair ball all over the guard’s left shoe. That’s a welcome fate when the alternative is getting manhandled like an open can of tuna.
Some say the last authentic Demon Cat sighting was in 1940 – a looooong time ago. Did it finally walk into the light? Or since it’s a?feline – a glowing cat door? Probably not. We’re willing to bet that if it’s ever been seen – it will be seen again.
If you’re heading down that way, don’t forget the catnip.


  1. Maggie says

    How could the last siting be in the 1940s when the story you included about the guard witnessing the cat occurred in the 1970s?